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Name:Vinata Vojona
Position:Head Nurse
Gender:Female Biologically - Sex change forced at hands of the Savi - (Identifies as Male still)
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Dejino- The fifth colonized planet of the Ovri.
Height:5'7 or 170cm
Weight:149lbs or 67.6kg
Hair:None but he has a Pentagon with a basic image of a mortar and pastel inside it.
Eye color:Dark Brown
Played by:Mischa Barton (voice)
Vinata was a free spirit, liking art and works of fiction, he took up fantasy writing when he was younger before moving on to becoming a basic medical worker.
He was much more social than his sister Hylota and quite enjoyed dancing and keeping up to date on current events.
He likes the feeling of water on his skin and the feel of other soft things.
As well, he takes a great interest in seascapes painted by all the different species seeing how they compare. Since life originated in the water he wanted to see how others depict the sea.
He was quite flirtatious with both genders though in most cases it was harmless and he didn't always intend to follow through. If there was mutual interest however he wouldn't hold back. While attracted to both genders, he was fascinated by the males of almost every other race since he is male, and his body would be considered female to almost any other race. Additionally, he was interested in the Vulcan race and how they have cast off emotions.
General Ovri Medical Schooling
Service Record

Ensign Vinata Vojona was a registered nurse who served aboard the USS Harbinger before transferring to the USS Theurgy in 2381. He was the brother of Hylota Vojona, who served as the head nurse aboard the same vessel. Vinata Vojona aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Vinata was born into a clutch of 4 children on Dejino. Dejino is a planet similar to earth, it is not as humid as the origin planet of his people and it was the planet that had been the reason for his people's push for genetic advancement through science. This fact was something that was made known to every hatchling on Dejino from a young age. The Ovri people placed a great deal of emphasis on doing their best on any task they seek to accomplish, be it big or small.

While the Ovri on Dejino like other colonies mastered skills in technology, art, combat, and many other fields their primary focus was in the medical fields of study. To ensure that this most valuable of fields was excelled in clutches would be encouraged to compete with each other at young ages, offering rewards to the most well-performing child. Vinata was not that child, he was ranked third, just below his twin sister who placed second. Considered middle children with decent futures they were both enrolled in basic schooling and sent to the same school.

This defeat had weighed heavy on Hylota's shoulders, while Vinata was not as drastically impacted, how showing the same competitive drive as his twin, despite this, he could tell his sister wanted to be the best, and he was not about to get in her way. For Vinata the middle rank was not bad, he was alright coming in second or third against his sister. He never felt that he was in the same league as her anyways, while Hylota adapted and learned well enough, he had to work hard every day to get close to Hylota's level. While Hylota pushed to excel, Vinata got to know his classmates and made friends. As they advanced in their studies things began to get difficult for Vinata, Hylota suffered a self-inflicted accident and as she was recovering Vinata remained with her and kept her company. As the incident fell behind them Hylota began to assist Vinata in his studies ad encouraged Vinata to do better than just average.

From then on Vinata and Hylota were tied together on the same course, both entered the medical field and pushed through their classes always being towards the front of the curve thanks to Hylota, when they reached the end of their basicmedical courses for the Ovri schools, they were approached by the elders of their planet. With the recent contact and admission into the Federation their people were eager to prove their worth, so they were gathering the best from the most basic fields and they were organizing to send them to Earth to enlist. They figured the basic fields would be able to learn more advanced information more easily with their less specialized schooling and would be able to give a good first impression of their race to the Federation. A little uneasy about this Vinata was only convinced to go when Hylota took the assignment and he was taken along for the adventure of a lifetime.

As they made the exodus to Earth the two spent their time learning everything they could about their new home and the races they would meet. Mostly Hylota learning, and Vinata lagging along behind her as usual. As they arrived they were quick to start their classes. As Hylota hit a hurdle with the new medicine and information, Vinata took it like hitting a wall. He could not get past the drastic change in medical focus, so much understanding of small wound treatment that would usually be sterilized and allowed to be amputated for an Ovri was no longer an option. It seemed that no matter how much he worked on his own, he could not ever seem to catch up to the rest of the classes, his own prior schooling was hindering Vinata. However, when things got hard, Hylota was there to help and slowly, but surely he began to catch up to the rest of the class.

Star Trek Thuergy: Season 1

With the improvement that they showed, Hylota was offered a special opportunity aboard a Starfleet ship, and with some insistence, Vinata was allowed in as well. The two were eventually stationed on the USS Harbinger before it was sent out on its mission to go after the USS Theurgy they had been on board for a short period of time and were expecting to be let off soon enough to return to their schooling. As the ship went out to take on the Theurgy the two were just another pair of ensigns that were stationed aboard the Harbinger, and they were overlooked as the mission began.

As things began Vinata was always trying to find out what was going on an what the full story was so he could keep his sister up to date thinking it would not be a long mission, but an interesting one. But as the true nature of Starfleet was uncovered the two siblings found themselves now branded traitors and they withdrew from the rest of the crew. The two knew that when the news got back to their people they would not understand, it would be reasonable to assume that unless they survived to make it back that the Starfleet report would be the only held opinion until they could explain themselves they would be outcasts. But they understood why they had to stay, they were tied to the fate of the Theurgy and the truth it held.

As time went on Vinata became familiar with the medical staff of the Harbinger and he started to find his place among the crew, in time he hoped to do the same for Hylota. But then the events with Calamity ensued and things all fell apart. Just like Hylota he had been chosen for the team working at the triage center. He had been stationed apart from Hylota since he had a better bedside manner and he was considered a better choice for being sent to work with the injured crew. During the caregiving, things were going well for Vinata, but a camp began to come under fire and things went to hell, Vinata was caught going between stations. And that was when things went to hell for him.

While he was running trying to save some of the critical supplies from the crumbling planet things took a terrible turn for Vinata as he was almost hit with a jet of hot gasses and he found himself losing consciousness, the immense heat was doing terrible things to his body and as it tried to compensate. Eventually, he could no longer remain awake and he passed out, falling to the ground and became covered by the falling wreckage of the camp. If not for his com-badge Vinata would have died there on the planet, but he was able to be beamed up and stabilized. Due to the nature of the modification the Ovri had to allow them to survive on dryer planets his body had tried to survive the immense heat by slowing the rate water would be removed from the body, in the hours following his rescue things were rather touch and go, but eventually he stabilized and was put through a hydration program before being put into a cryo pod for transfer to the Theurgy where his treatment would be finished when things became less critical.

SD 57519.98 - 24th of February: Two days after leaving Theta Eridani IV, having used two new cloaking devices developed on the planet to escape TFA (this was also when the Soup Sandwich virus of Trent's design was used), the Harbinger and the Theurgy met up again and remained hidden in an orange nebula in order to regroup where the Calamity may not find them. On this day, Vinata was awakened from stasis, undergoing regenerative treatments into late at night. He was briefly conscious and spoke with Hylota alone, but then rested. Zenozine wasn't writing Vinata yet, only focusing on Hylota. Taking the opportunity to do so, one of the civilians aboard - Rihen Neyah - arranged a Festival of the Moon upon one of the Theurgy's holodecks in order to let the two harried crews have one last "shore-leave". Hylota attended this briefly, but Vinata was in no shape for it.

SD 57522.49 - 25th of February: Unbeknownst to the crews of the both the Theurgy and the Harbinger, the Harbinger's first officer, Commander T'Rena had convinced Captain Vasser that resisting the evil that had taken over Starfleet was futile. Deciding to hijack the Theurgy and take the crews of both ships into unknown space, T'Rena used her Vulcan touch-telepathy to brainwash key members of both crews to come around to her way of thinking. At noon the day after the festival, Captain Vasser sprang a mutiny against Captain Ives, overtaking the Theurgy, deactivating Thea, throwing Ives and First Officer Edena Rez into the Brig, and killing people who opposed him.

Vinata Vojona was in the Recovery Ward in Main Sickbay when the hostile takeover began. Four mutineers seized control, led by a brainwashed Cir'Cie, them searching for Sarresh Morali because of his unique abilities. Cir'Cie left the ward, but two mutineers remained, and one of them thought Vinata was a woman. He bent her over a biobed, and when Nurse Maal tried to dissuade him, the mutineer forced Maal to stand on the other side of the biobed to keep an eye on him. Playing with poor Vinata, the mutineer forced Vinata to perform oral sex upon him, and then Maal while holding the Klingon at gunpoint. Doing this, the mutineer sodomized the Ovri. When the chance came and the mutineer was distracted, Vinata broke free and shot his rapist twelve times. Fortunately for both the setting was on stun.

Those loyal to Captain Ives had nearly managed to secure the Theurgy when the Calamity intercepted them. A great battle was fought both aboard the Theurgy as well as against the Calamity, but in the end, Captain Ives prevailed thanks to the people still loyal to him, and the Calamity was destroyed when ThanIda zh'Wann, Amelya Duv, and Chris Slayton piloted the evacuated Harbinger on a collision course with the Calamity, destroying both ships. The three escaped via an escape pod before impact. During the fighting, both Captain Vasser and Commander T'Rena were killed as well as many Starfleet officers and crew, both brainwashed and still loyal to Ives. Vinata was shaken by his experience, and more so when he was in the same room of another firefight, taking place in the CMO office, where the Harbinger's brainwashed SCO - Phantom - was accidentally killed in the crossfire. Vinata ended up pinned below his bleeding body. It was one more traumatic event he's had to endure and it's given him a mild case of claustrophobia.

SD 57540.09 - 4th of March: During the week between the battle against the Calamity and the Battle of Starbase 84, Vinata gradually recovered. During this week, he met Rihen Neyah, the same Risian that had hosted the shoreleave on the holodeck, and she helped Vinata's mental recovery. She also helped him accept how different he was, looking female to the crew even though he was male. Neyah's open and warm nature helped mend a lot of mental scarring, and they met regularly. Neyah used her body to restore Vinata's confidence in himself after the event in the Recovery Ward, and always on Vinata's terms. During this week, and his return to duty, he was confident enough in himself to enjoy himself with Doctor Lucan cin Nicander, the CMO of the Theurgy. This sexual encounter happened in the CMO office, which was the same room he had been pinned under the dying Harbinger SCO.

During this week of repairs, a search-and-rescue operation was launched from the Theurgy to find the crew that had abandoned the Harbinger in escape pods before it was destroyed. This was also where the Theurgy visited the Black Opal and the base's staff came aboard. Vinata was not involved in either of the events aside from serving in sickbay.

SD 57547.63 - 5th of March: With Episode 03 over, the crew of the Theurgy prepared to undertake a daring mission to Starbase 84. Situated at the edge of Romulan space, the station was fitted with a 'whistleblower' system - a wartime device capable of broadcasting an unstoppable signal alerting the Federation to an imminent Romulan invasion. Ives planned to use the system to send a message detailing the truth of Starfleet Command. Outside the starbase, Task Force Archeron arrived in full force, and Ives gave the order to call for aid from the Asurian fleet, which had been cloaked yet present during the battle - a hidden ally made with the help from Dyan Cardamone. The Asurians gave the Theurgy time to sent the Simulcast, and to have all fighters dock with the Theurgy. Unfortunately, the sacrifice of the Asurians was in vain, since Edena Rez' former host - Jona Rez - had tampered with the message, sending out a false recording of Ives threatening the Federation rather than warning them of the parasitic threat in Starfleet's ranks. The mission failed, and with the help of Vivian Martin and F'Rell, the Theurgy could escape the sector.

During Episode 04, summarised above, Vinata treated the injured crew in Sickbay. At the end of the battle, the Deltan Engineer Nolak Kalmil had suffered radiation poisoning, and Vinata treated the man with iodine inoculations in one of the decontamination chambers in Main Sickbay. One thing led to another, and the two ended up having sex in the decontamination chamber. Nolak recovered, and Vinata resumed his duties after the battle. He also learned that his sister - Hylota - had an egg during the battle, and helped in her recovery. Maal, was previously known, was the father.

SD 57546.23 - 6th of March: After the Battle of Starbase 84, the Theurgy had escaped into the Azure Nebula, undergoing repairs for 3 days. The Devoted of Morali grew more aggressive, and tried to take over the ship on the second day (6th of March, AKA Day 02). Both Rihen Neyah and Nolak Kalmil were victims of this event. Both were caught in a sirilium gas detonation caused by the Devoted. Rihen ended up in stasis, and Nolak Kalmil died. Vinata's reaction to this - still meeting Rihen Neyah irregularly - was never detailed on-screen, but since Neyah had played a big part in Vinata's mental recovery and acceptance of his body, surely this was a big impact on him. Vinata continued to see Doctor Nicander, however, and sought a deeper relationship with the Câroon, not knowing Nicander's true nature. On the last day before Episode 05, Vinata encountered Maal, and after the event in the Recovery Ward, they spoke and sorted out Maal's guilt. Ovri being open in their sexuality, Hylota not being bothered if he did, Vinata showed Maal how he'd forgiven him by having sex with the Klingon in his quarters. During this time, Vinata's former superior officer Amelya Duv was comatose after the joining to the Rez symbiot, the outcome of the joining uncertain. Despite the loss of Rihen Neyah and Nolak Kalmil, Vinata was in a good mental place... until the Savi found them.

SD 57547.63 - 7th of March: While the Theurgy conducted repairs in the Azure Nebula, she was intercepted by the Asurians that sought vengeance for the defeat at Starbase 84. Yet they weren't alone since they brought reinforcements in the form of a dreadnought never seen before in the Alpha Quadrant - an advanced ship that belonged to the mysterious Savi. Here, I suggest you read the Prologue of Episode 05, followed by the Supplemental in which Vinata learns the truth about Nicander and is abducted - beamed out of the Theurgy. Later that day, Vinata briefly came to in a Savi lab, where he was due to undergo gender correction, overseen by the Savi named Sclergyn qi Versant. Dosed by anesthetics before the Correction began, Vinata succumbed to unconsciousness once more.

SD 57552.66 - 9th of March: Two days later, Vinata awoke in a dark room. A Savi observation pen. An inoculation cannon folds out of the ceiling, shooting Vinata and another person in the room. The other person was Hi'Jak, a Science Officer from the Theurgy who's not only missing the Klingon ridges on his forehead but an arm and an eye. They were both inoculated with strong aphrodisiacs, and the purpose was for the Savi to determine if Vinata's gender correction was successful, monitoring how Vinata's female genitals performed during coitus. High on drugs, the two specimens in the observation pen continued until they fell unconscious.

When Vinata came to next, both he and his sister Hylota were in a starship shuttlebay, and they were informed by a Savi voice that they were to don uniforms and await memory wipe and release from the Savi ship. They two Ovri headed to sickbay together, Hylota more angry than Vinata, and bid their time in the holographic starship Enterprise-E until Commander Nerina - introducing herself as the First Officer of the Theurgy before she had been put into stasis - picked them up for the joint effort to escape the simulation. The Ovri and all the other abductees take up arms and enter Main Engineering firing upon the warp core until the simulation is ended in the detonation. They are all in a Savi observation pen the next moment, told by a Savi voice that they were to be recycled, but when they were beamed out, they instead ended up in a hideout, their host being an abductee that has survived on her own aboard the Savi ship.

SD 57555.17 - 10th of March: The next morning, after sleeping in the same storage room both the Ovri undertook the mission to recover Hylota's egg from the Savi. They got help from Commander Nerina, Khorin Douglas, K'Ren and a couple of NCOs, and they successfully recovered the egg from Sclergyn qi Versant, and Hylota spared the Savi's life, letting her leave the lab. Soon after, the group encountered a Scion, and Nerina is killed in action. There was nothing Vinata could do to help the woman.

After hearing a strange speech by the same voice of the Savi that had spoken on the intercom the day before, all the abductees were transported to the Savi ship's bridge. While the Savi meant the abductees no harm anymore, they were reluctant to take them back to the Theurgy. Thea seized command of the ship for Captain Ives, and Vinata helped treat the injured until the last moment when they could finally transport aboard the Theurgy during the Battle of the Apertures. Last seen, Vinata transported himself and the dying counselor from the Endeavour - R'Rori - to Main Sickbay, while Hylota ran to safety with her egg.

SD 57557.58 – 10th of March: Vinata said goodbye to his sister Hylota who made the decision to depart the Theurgy with her egg and return home to Dejino. While Hylota was surprised that her brother had made the decision to remain on the Theurgy and not return home with her, she wished him well. The two siblings finally exchanged words in open honesty about their relations with Maal and Nicander. There is a mutual understanding between the two and all is forgiven.

Aldea Prime Anthology

SD 57558.63 – 11th of March, 2381 (Day 01): V9 released a communication to the Theurgy crew, having offered to revert the species/gender mutilation of those who suffered at the hands of the Savi. Vinata almost immediately replied to the android with a definite “Yes, absolutely, yes!”.

SD 57561.35 - 12th of March, 2381 (Day 02 - 1200 Hours): Memorial Ceremony - Vinata's reaction to Captain Ives' shipwide broadcast. He has an emotional recollection of deceased Theurgy crew members who had befriended and acknowledges their loss.

SD 57566.01 – 14th of March, 2381 (Day 04 - 0830 Hours): Seeking Guidance - Vinata braves a counselling session with Lieutenant Rhys Williams in order to process some of the grief he had experienced. In conclusion - Vinata makes a decision to pay visit to and confront Dr. Lucan Nicander.

SD 57566.01 – 15th of March, 2381 (Day 05 - 1030 Hours): Marija's Thaw - Vinata oversees Ensign Marija Ferik's recovery in Sickbay as she thaws from stasis. He provides her both medical and psychological support through this process.

SD 57566.01 – 16th of March, 2381 (Day 06 - 1420 Hours): Matters of The Heart - Vinata visits Dr. Lucan Nicander in the security centre. A heartfelt discussion takes place between the two - past transgressions are forgiven and Vinata feels much more at peace, ready to move on from the dark history between them. The meeting goes well - Vinata is able to process a forgiveness towards Nicander, much to his surprise. Nicander also helps Vinata explore the implications of not undergoing gender-reassignment by V-Nine and remaining biologically female. Vinata wants desperately to be close to Nicander again but the two accept the impracticality of such an undertaking at present.

Star Trek Thuergy: Season 2

Episode 01 - Advent of War

SD 57649.11 – 16 of April, 2381 (Day 01 - 1115 Hours): Sickbay Recovery and Reaction - Vinata provides rehabilitation care to Hi'Jak in the rehabilitation gym - reaction follows to the events of Prologue: Palais de la Concorde the bombing in Paris, France.

SD 57650.39 – 16 of April, 2381 (Day 01 - 2202 Hours): Once it's Gone (Vinata NPC'd) - Vinata provides care to LtCdr Fisher after the injuries he sustained in the Spearhead Lounge bombing. He recruits LtCmdr Rutherford to assist in recovery care, while playing 'match-maker' of sorts before continuing about his duties in the Battle Sickbay on Dec 07.

SD 57650.41 – 16 of April, 2381 (Day 01 - 2210 Hours): Incipient Sabotage (Reply) - Vinata tends to the wounded in from the Sperahead Lounge bombing in the Deck 07 Battle Sickbay. He received an emergency transport of a severely injured LtJG Jovela. Vinata is unable to stabilize Jovela and makes the hard decision to withdraw care due to the ethics of futility.

SD 57650.61 – 17 of April, 2381 (Day 02 - 0005 Hours): QongDaqDaqQotbe' tlhInganpu'. <Klingons do not lie in bed.> - One of the Klingon patients in the Battle Sickbay on Deck 07 becomes delirious and wounds themselves further. Vinata contacts the Main Sickbay and assists Dr. (Lt) Foster in emergency surgery to save the Klingon's life.

SD 57651.25 – 17 of April, 2381 (Day 02 - 0610 Hours): Carrying The Torch - Vinata is requested to meet with Doctor Tyre in his office - he stops in on his way off duty after a long nights work treating and mending victims/patients of the Spearhead Lounge bombing. In this meeting, Doctor Tyre promotes Vinata to Head Nurse of the Theurgy.

SD 57651.29 – 17 of April, 2381 (Day 02 - 0635 Hours): An Impromptu Visitation - Vinata vists Dr. Lucan Nicander in need to releasing news of the prior nights events (although in a limited fashion). Nicander is made aware of Vinata's promotion to Head Nurse but also the death of Nurse Jovela. Emotions are high and the two engaged in a moment of intimacy with one another.

SD 57651.86 – 17 of April, 2381 (Day 02 - 1200 Hours): The Klingon Admirer - After having finished assisting in a follow up surgery, on a Klingon treated post-Spearhead lounge bombing, Head Nurse Vojona and Dr. Kate Foster share a lunch date to help further development of their friendship. It is quickly interrupted by a Klingon warrior, whom Vinata had been acquainted with years prior - an interruption which was not the most welcome.

SD 57654.16 – 18 of April, 2381 (Day 03 - 1000 Hours): Revealing the Repugnant - Vinata heads to Holodecks 1 & 2 with Dr. Kate Foster in order to assist in manual scans to look for any imposters which may have link to the bombing event on Theurgy.

SD 57654.62 – 18 of April, 2381 (Day 03 - 1425 Hours): Triage and Tactics - Sickbay comes under invasion by Gorka forces. Vinata and a band of medical staff / patients fight for their lives during The Battle of the Houses.

SD 57655.07 – 18 of April, 2381 (Day 03 - 1840 Hours): A Battered Welcome - Vinata welcomes some direct medical personnel to Sickbay who are transfers from the USS Oneida.

Personality Profile

Vinata was a social person has overcome an earlier issue with nervousness. He had the body of what was commonly perceived as a female to other races, so he did not feel comfortable around females of other races or males who have mistaken him for a woman. This hindered him in his earlier years, but he became comfortable in most situations and was something of a social butterfly. He liked to get to know people and hear their stories He felt it enriched both him and the person he's speaking with and that it will make him a better medical officer. He would rather be the kind nurse everyone knew instead of the solitary doctor.

He had a strong sense of family and really wanted to make his sister proud. He didn't want to be a burden to her. So whenever she needs his help he gives it he'd always there for her.

He was an optimist and always tried to see a bright side to things. He liked to be part of a group, he didn't like fading into the crowd. He actively sought out conversation and friendship with those that he was around.

Vinata's personality has become more jaded since his time on Theurgy - having suffered multiple traumatic events and loses (e.g. loss of nearly all the friends he had made). Despite this - he remains quite loyal and dedicated to his job and his fellow crewmates.

Physical Profile


Vinata was an Ovri male, distinct for a more effeminate figure among other races, his skin was smooth and soft, he was warm with slightly scaly skin, his knees, elbows, and other joints were more hard and scaly than other points of his body. His hide color was a base of a bright vibrant blue color with spots of vivid red all over his body, most notably was a red spot over his right eye. Like his sister, he had a pentagon on his scalp with a basic mortar and pastel inside it stained onto his skin in white. He has dark eyes, with two eyelids covering each eye. One gives them a milky coloring but allowed sight, the other is a more solid lid that covered her eyes like human eyelids.

He dod not have ears, instead, where ears should have bee he had tympanum. He had four fingers on each hand, with webbing going halfway up the digit, except for his pointer finger on his right hand. There the webbing had been removed to allow the pointer finger a wider range of motion, a common practice among Ovri medical personnel.

His fingertips were larger than a human's and made for getting a better grip on a wider range of surfaces. He had an ample chest, with large breasts without nipples. Breasts are a sign of health among Ovri so it was common for large breasted males to mate. Although male, Vinata had a feminine build like all males of his race, his shoulders are narrow and his waist thin. He has a round soft bottom. He has wide hips with thicker stronger thighs than humans.

All of his joints were quite flexible and he could bend more easily than an average human. His legs were digitigrade and his feet were fully webbed with a similar setup to his hands with bigger toes for gripping.

His cock was fully hidden inside of his body, hidden away in a sheath and his balls are fully internalized as his lowed body temperature did not harm the sperm. His cock is the same length as an average human's but shaped differently with a more tapered appearance starting out thick and then growing narrow at the tip. It emerged covered in a natural lubricant and had a pinkish color. -- Due to the sex change surgery that Vinata endured under the hands of the Savi he no longer has a cock. Instead he has a vagina identical to that of any Ovri female. His vagina appears flat and smooth until aroused when it gets increased blood flow and swells up parting the lips.

He could produce a sweet-smelling substance that be uses as a perfume. It contained minimal amounts of pheromones, unlike a female he did not have a concentration of these pheromones created in his mouth as he did not have the same glands. -- Due to the sex change surgery that Vinata endured under the hands of the Savi Vinata now produces peromones like that of a female Ovri.

He had no teeth but had a band of hard cartilage where teeth would go, and when he needed to eat he pushed the band out from his gums revealing the sharp band that was used for ripping up prey. His tongue was also different, it had a long-range of reach, able to lick his own eye with it.

He wore a standard uniform with a special internal lining to keep him warmer since his species does not hold onto heat very well. The downside was he was prone to over-heating him in hot places.

He had a necklace made of three different metals made in the shape of a double helix of DNA. He also had a badge indicating his graduation from his own people's medical corps. Normally, he wore his uniform or casual Terran clothes, but he owned two of his outfits from his homeworld. One is a looser garment worn like a toga that is bright blue. The other is a traditional male outfit consisting of a thin silky tunic that has a long piece of cloth wrapped around his waist, breasts and then thrown over his shoulders in a way that covered his body and flows loosely. It was made to draw attention to him and his coloring when he dances.