The Devoted of Morali

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Image: Junior Lieutenant Sarresh Morali.

The Devoted of Morali were low ranking crew - often NCOs - aboard the USS Theurgy that were desperate for answers, and thought that the Morali had them, even if he was just as much flesh and blood as the rest. They became a following before the Battle of Starbase 84, and after it, they had become a serious threat aboard the USS Theurgy, in how they resorted to violence in order to try and make Sarresh Morali the commanding officer of the ship.

Sarresh Morali was originally from the same time as the rest of them on the ship, but was recruited to serve on the 29th century timeship USS Relativity at a young age. He returned to his original timeline after the Niga Incident volunteering to aid the USS Theurgy on her mission.

Morali underwent MEM (Memory Engram Manipulation) treatment to keep his knowledge of the future from disrupting the time stream. Moreover, he had an implant installed in his head that had tech that could detect a temporal breach. When such a breach happened, Morali regained his memories so that he could try and thwart the enemy threat to the USS Theurgy. This was the reason why Morali was mission-essential in opposing the usurpers in Starfleet Command.

Even though Morali publicly denounced them, some Devoted refused to give up on their faith, clinging to it in desperation and fear.

Living Members of the Devoted after the Battle of the Apertures

  • Petty Officer Dylan Cobb
  • Petty Officer Peter Hildebrandt
  • Crewman Cabrera
  • Crewman Luther Ford
  • Petty Officer McPherson
  • Crewman Rishan
  • Crewman Mirisha Bailey
  • Crewman Linda Smith
  • Crewman Pedro Sanchez
  • Crewman Michael Shive
  • Crewman Jason Fring
  • Crewman Hank Thomas

All of these are confined to quarters, 2 by 2, in Enlisted quarters on Deck 08.

List of attacks by the Devoted

A number of attacks have occurred since the formation of the cult, on those whom the cultists deem to be heretics or a perceived threat to them or to Sarresh Morali. The following are recorded or notable attacks on various individuals:

Edena Rez & Aisha S'Iti

At the end of the Battle of Starbase 84, Jona Rez - a former host inside Edena Rez - made a threat against Sarresh Morali on the USS Theurgy´s Main Bridge. In response one of the Devoted - who was stationed as a security guard on the bridge - ended up killing both Edena Rez and Aisha S'Iti. This was the first time the Devoted took up arms in their faith, and became a threat in the eyes of the crew.

Dr. Lahkesis Saugn

After the Battle of Starbase 84, Michael Shive, Jason Fring and Hank Thomas attacked Dr. Lahkesis Saugn in Sickbay, but she was saved by Sithick before they could do any permanent damage to her person.

Nurse Jovela

PO1 Peter Hildebrandt and Crewman Cabrera approached Nurse Jovela ambushed her quarters, trying to get her help in removing Dr. Lucan cin Nicander from his position in Sickbay because of what he did to Sarresh Morali. She would have been killed when she refused, hadn't Drauc T'Laus not interveened on Jovela's behalf.

Vivian Martin

The new Chief Science Officer of the USS Theurgy was attached by a Devoted by the name Pedro Sanchez

Irnashall ch’Xinya

Crewman Smith instigated an attack on Irnashall ch’Xinya the same day as the Battle of Starbase 84, having three other Devoted assault the Andorian outside a turbolift.


This Human and Kzinti hybrid was attacked in Sickbay by three unnamed Devoted but escaped any harm in thanks to K'Ren, who managed to thwart the attack.

Thomas Ravon, callsign "Razor" & Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost"

In attempt to make the new SCO give access to the phasers in the Fighter Assault Bay to the Devoted, CPO Solito and four unnamed Devoted attacked him and Evelyn Rawley. While Solito was killed, Evelyn Rawley ended up in stasis from her injuries.

Krystal Tancredi, callsign "Meony"

On the second day after the Battle of Starbase 84, the USS Resolve Valkyrie pilot, Meony, had made an excoriating comment about the cult and by extension, Morali himself. This earned the ire of Ian Sanders, Rishan and Mirisha, who immediately plotted her demise and acted on it in the evening.

Attempt to Usurp Command of the USS Theurgy

Using Crewman Dom Fok as bait, one of the leaders of the Devoted - Dylan Cobb - tried to hold the entire Theurgy hostage, threatening to blow up the sirillium gas around the ship if the demands weren't met. In the end, the Devoted failed, and Sarresh Morali even denounced the survivors in regard to their deluded faith.

Dr. Amelya Rez

After the attempt to give the command of the ship to Sarresh Morali, Dylan Cobb was treated in Sickbay for his radiation exposure on the USS Tigris, which was one of Thea's Runabouts. Even though he was restrained to his biobed and not granted any visitors, the Devoted still found a way to free him from the restraints unnoticed, and even provide him with a phaser - which had been hidden in one of the linen closets. After Cobb managed to get the phaser, he vaporised Nurse Maal in front of Hylota Vojona and Zelosa Ejek. Then, he proceeded to try and kill Amelya Rez and Doctor Nicander - who spearheaded the Phoenix Project - but could be taken out of commission before he succeeded.