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CH06 Battle Log: Triage and Tactics [D03|1425]


STARDATE 57654.62
APRIL 18, 2381
1425 HRS

[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Reception Area | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring


Ducking as a bat’leth was swung at her in a horizontal arc, clearly meant to decapitate the blonde Chief Surgeon, Kate peered up at her assailant as he struggled for a moment to wrench the blade free from the bulked in which it’s points had become stuck. Only a minute or so earlier, amidst the shuddering of the deck plating beneath her feet, there had come an overhead warning that a gap in the shields on Vector 02 had been torn. She and the rest of the medical staff that hadn’t been assigned to either of the other two Vectors were busy enough treating the myriad of patients that had still remained from the ‘Spearhead Lounge’ bombing just a day earlier. They were also being besieged by additional injuries as this new battle waged. There were broken limbs caused by the lurching of the ship as it was hit by weapons fire. Burns and lacerations brought on by overloading EPS conduits and consoles. It was all well within the purview of what Kate, and the others were expecting when the ‘Red Alert’ klaxons began sounding. It was what they’d been trained for too. But when the shields failed, she assumed it was only a matter of time before things in Sickbay became decidedly less routine. An assumption which was proven correct almost immediately, as materializing from out of blood-orange energy beams had come a cadre of armed Klingons.

This one, had charged at her at the onset, and only her small size and relative quickness had spared her losing her head.

“Sickbay to Security! Intruder alert!” she’d only just managed to slap the combadge on her chest as the massive armed and armored attacker had wrestled free his bat’leth from the wall. Stammering backward from him as he glared at her with malicious intent, Kate retrieved the dolphin-nosed phaser from where it had been at her waist, and fired it, striking him just above his left shoulder. It caused a momentary delay in his approach, though he growled in anger as the energy dissipation no doubt stung. Raising the weapon once more over his head in advance of an attack, Kate pointed her own at him a second time and fired another ruby-beam at his torso, then a third, and finally a fourth as he finally doubled over unto the carpeted decking. Exhaling, she backed herself into the bulkhead behind her to catch her breath, only for her attention to shift as screams began sounding throughout the rest of sickbay. The other intruding forces had dispersed and were now in the process of laying waste to the rest of her friends and colleagues. Pushing away from the wall, she stepped around the body of the massive Klingon that had attacked her, unknowing as to whether or not she’d stunned or killed him in the process of shooting him. Checking her phaser, it was set to maximum stun, but given how many times she’d shot him, and how close they’d been, there was a chance he’d died.

Not wanting to know in the moment, Kate clutched at her phaser as she tenuously approached the corridor which led down toward the Chief Counselor’s Office, where she knew at least three of the Klingons had ventured off toward.

“Karen!” Kate called out as she spotted one of the surgical team nurses laying on the carpeted deck-plating, unconscious and bleeding from a wound on the left side of her forehead. Peering about, she spotted a retractable locker panel which housed emergency medical kits, and hastily ran toward it. Behind her she could hear shouting as well as weapons fire scorching against bulkheads as fighting was going on near where the head Nurse’s duty station was located. Dropping down next to her injured colleague, Kate opened the medical kit and retrieved the tricorder from within, giving Karen a quick scan to check for vitals. She’d been bashed by one of the Klingons and sustained a fracture to her left orbital. Relieved that she wasn’t dying, Kate plucked a hypospray from the kit and programmed it to deliver a mild dose of a neural stabilizing agent to combat the effects of concussion and pressed it against Karen’s neck. She then placed a cortical stimulator against the side of the poor woman’s forehead to further stabilize her against the potential of brain damage. Lastly, she quickly ran a dermal regenerator over the wound, just enough to get it to stop bleeding profusely.

Just in time in fact, as turning back to face her was one of the Klingons that was invading sickbay, evidently coming back to check on his brother that Kate had subdued just an moment earlier.

“Shit!” Kate exclaimed as he began stomping aggressively toward her.

Fumbling for where she thought she’d set her phaser down, the blonde surgeon failed to find it as panic set in and she scampered to her feet in an attempt to try and run. Before she could however, the lumbering hulk descended upon her with both hands, gripping at either side of her shoulders and thrust her against the wall just adjacent to the door which led into Commander Hathev’s office. Thrashed by the violence of the attack, Kate’s head smacked against the wall, the second such time so far today, and she was momentarily dazed. Though, her attacker was on her again soon enough, as he attempted to grip the slender blonde up. Slapping away his hand, Kate tried to fight, but it only angered the much bigger Klingon, who brutally back-handed her as punishment. Again, dazed by the sudden strike, Kate regained her faculties enough to once more try and resist against the warrior as he seemed interested in giving her a good beating prior to whatever else might have been at play in his mind. Her hands found his face, and she pressed her thumbs against his eye sockets, though he shifted his grip to that of one that found her slender throat, where he began to squeeze.

“Nnngh! Gnnnh!” Kate struggled against his grip as she felt him trying to choke the life from her.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Hathev| Chief Counselor’s Office | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Hathev was in her office when the intruder alarms sounded.  Although she could have, she had not attempted to make it to the bridge when the ship went to Red Alert.  Given the number of patients, the logical choice had been to stay in the vicinity of Sickbay to assist the medical staff if needed.  In this moment, however she had stepped back into her office to retrieve her phaser. 

As a rule, she did not carry one, even during Red Alert.  In general, it went against her preference for non-violence.  As both a Vulcan and a Starfleet officer she had been well trained in the martial arts and the practices of self-defense.  During her career, she only used the weapon as a last resort.  During the Dominion War, she had only used the weapon twice.  The fact that she had been stationed at the Academy at the time, had everything to do with that, and it would come as no surprise, she surmised, that both times she had had to fire during the war had been on the day of the Breen Attack on Earth.  The second reason was that a ship’s sickbay was no place for weapons.  To have them here would be the antithesis of everything the medical professionals in this room stood for.  However, when Thea had warned that the Vector 2 shields had been penetrated, she immediately reconsidered and retreated to her office to retrieve her sidearm.

She had just set the weapon to maximum stun when her office door opened, revealing three Klingons.  Hathev brought the weapon to bear on the lead Klingon and fired, the beam hitting him center mass and sending him staggering back.  She may not have had cause to use the weapon, but she had kept up with her training and certifications.  The Klingon recovered and stormed into her office, flanked by his comrades who spread out to the corners of her office, effectively blocking her exit and trapping her within her office.  The soldier on her right lunged at her, swiping at her with his D’k tahg.  She turned to fire at him, but she was too slow and he struck her wrist, forcing her to drop the phaser. 

For his part the Klingon recovered quickly from the inadvertent collision of their arms and swung at her again.  This time, she was ready, and her hands locked around his wrist and she pulled him off balance.  It did not provide her with much, but just enough to force him to overextend and leave himself exposed as her fingers clamped down on the base of his neck.  She let him go as he dropped to his knees and then to the deck.  She was not foolish enough to think he had been permanently neutralized. But for not, at least, the odds were now two to one against her.

Seeing his fellow warrior drop, the second Klingon, this one wielding a Bat’leth charged for her.  Her fingers clasped around the handle of the D’k tahg.  Against a trained warrior she had next to no chance in a direct confrontation.  But this fighter was easy to read, his attacks almost a scripted choreograph.  He went for her head.  She ducked.  He followed up with a slash; easily sidestepped.  Recovering himself, the Klingon thrust forward.  She jumped back, sucking in her stomach…. And lost her balance.

Her butt smacked against a surface she, hadn’t anticipated, leaving her exposed when the back of the Klingon’s hand caught her right temple and laid her out on top of her own desk.  A warmth ran down the right side of her face and she knew instantly the Klingon’s strike had caused her to bleed.  Hathev looked up to see the Bat’leth slicing down at her like an ancient executioner’s axe.  Instinct took her as she rolled to her right, but she cried out in pain as the tip of the weapon sliced through her uniform sleeve, cleaving a patch of flesh from her left tricep.

She hit the deck hard, mere centimeters from her fallen weapon.  But movement behind her drew her attention.  The Klingon stood above her, his Bat’leth ready to deliver a killing blow. She did not offer him the opportunity.  Her foot shot out, catching the Klingon square in the knee, stunning him and turning him just enough to allow her to sweep his feet out from under him and drop him on his ass.  Pain laced through her arm as she grabbed her phaser and rolled over the first Klingon she had fought, who started groaning as the affects of her nerve pinch wore off.

She pushed herself to her feet and came face to face with the third Klingon, dropped low in a fighting stance, his knife held in an icepick grip ready to stab down into her chest.  To her right, the one she had dropped on his ass picked himself up and turned towards her, lurching around in a display of unbridled rage.

nItebHa' chomunlu'meH mIw choyaj'a'?

He leapt onto the desk, giving him the advantage of height, but at the expense of tactical positioning.  She dove through the gap he had created, but only succeeded in pinning herself into the opposite corner as the first Klingon slowly returned to his feet.  What little she had managed to whittle from their advantage over her melted away.  If she wished to live, she had only one option.

“Thea!  Hathev Omega 1”

There was no verbal response from Thea, nor was one expected.

“bival 'e' DatobmeH bIghoSnIS,” she spat as the transporter beam took hold of her. 

The Klingon leapt off her desk diving head first for her, but he was too late and he passed through her dematerializing body just too late.  As she re-materialized in the corridor outside of Sickbay, she caught the corner of her mouth raise in a smile at the thought of the sound his head and neck must have made when he smashed himself into the bulkhead.

Phaser in hand, she rushed back into Sickbay and drew on the first Klingon she saw.  His back was to her and he would consider it a dishonorable attack.  She did not care.

She fired.

The beam hit him in the shoulder and he staggered back, turning towards her.  She fired again, hitting him in the stomach.  The third shot hit him in the chest, dropping him.

Only then did Hathev see Kate Foster.  She had collapsed to the deck and by the looks of the marks on her neck, the Klingon had been trying to strangle her.  Hathev approached the Lieutenant and extended her hand.  “Are you all right Lieutenant?”

nItebHa' chomunlu'meH mIw choyaj'a'? - You dare to play with me like I was a mere child, you Vulcan whore?
bival 'e' DatobmeH bIghoSnIS -You shall not win this day, you honorless coward.

OOC - For anyone writing a security character:  The Omega 1 protocol Hathev used will also send a security alert that there is a violent crewmember locked in her office.  Feel free to play off that as you see fit.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Reception Area | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Swift

The ship was sure taking a pounding she thought as the bulkheads around her were making structural moans and aches. Escorting Crewman Solmno to sickbay was not what she imagined she'd be doing today. He was leaning on her as she held him up with one arm over her shoulder as she guided him from the turbolift to Sickbay. She saw crewman with phaser rifles standing at attention down the corridors firing on Klingons who were transporting in with crimson energy materializing their bulking forms. Panic began to set in her mind as she realized this was yet another war and she could be captured again.

Lauren shook her head as she entered Sickbay only to find a few downed Klingons, Dr. Kate Foster on the ground and Counselor Hathev checking in on her. She couldn't be of help to them until she got this crewman over to the medical bed. The man limped along as she held him up and finally released him to the bed. He laid out on it and she tapped the control to strap him down. His burns from the bulkhead explosion weren't critical but unless they got to him soon, there would be significant scarring and a need for reconstructive surgery.

She closed the distance quickly between the doctor and counselor on the ground. "What happened? I was in the shuttle bay helping out some crew moving cargo when the ship reeled from several attacks and then this guy" she motioned over to the downed man, "He got hit as the bulkhead ruptured. He has some serious burning but nothing you can't repair. Knowing we were on alert, and you were likely preoccupied, I brought him here. I just didn't expect the intruders to have made it here of all places." She appraised the situation. Sickbay was slightly scorched in places and damaged from Klingon weaponry. She took note of the Klingon behind them who was now getting back up and growling. Without hesitation, Lauren pulled out her type-2 phaser pistol, set it to Level 10, and not really thinking, she fired. The Klingon charging them vaporized as the ground left singe marks beneath where he previously stood.

Realization struck her as she knew that the kill setting was not allowed on board but at this point, she was on survival mode. Having the trauma of a possible capture overtaking her, she sat somewhat panicked on the ground but almost hyper-aware. Another beam appeared behind her and she grabbed the Klingon soldier at close range with her cybernetic hand as soon as he materialized which took the intruder off guard. She punched him hard, sending his body hurtling towards the wall of sickbay. She dove over near the other two officers.

"Are you okay?" She said still stuck and panicking. Her breathing highly elevated with both fear and her Cleithrophobia. "I...I'm sorry sirs for firing in sickbay on the kill setting no less. I just...couldn't let them capture us." Her eyes teared up and she sat scared before them despite her best attempt at trying to keep it together for the sake of the crew. She almost hoped that they would find something for her to be useful and to help her put aside her phobia and make a difference.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Reception Area | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce @P.C. Haring @trevorvw

With vicelike hands gripped around her slender throat, and as the passage of time seemed to slow to a proverbial crawl, Kate wondered for the first time since the battle of AR-558 if this was to be the moment in which she would die. Back then, as she had been left alone to lay bleeding out from a vicious wound torn through her midsection by a Jem’Hadar bayonet, she had contemplated whether anyone would miss her, and if she had made any difference at all in life. Here and now, as she felt a burning within her lungs caused by waning oxygen levels and a rise in carbon dioxide; as blood struggled to find its way to her starving brain through the tightly constricted arteries of her neck, she too began to consider if anyone would care if she did succumb. Would Scruffy care? Or Tessa? Vinata? She had made friends where she could and hoped that her sudden disappearance from their lives would be at least noticed. That she would be missed by them even a little bit. Especially since she was certain that her brother wouldn’t shed a single tear over her death. It wasn’t that she’d necessarily wanted the few friends she’d made since coming to Theurgy to hurt over her, but rather she wanted to know that in some small way she had mattered to someone. After all, in the absence of love, it was the best she could hope, and all she could really ask for.

‘No! Don’t you just give up, Kate!’ she screamed at herself internally for having so readily accepted the idea that this was it.

Gritting her teeth in defiance of the Klingon as he continued to squeeze her throat, she once more pressed her thumbs into his clenched shut eye sockets in an attempt to gouge them out, or at the very least give him something other than her neck to focus on. She heard him grunting aggressively in reaction to her inflicting a considerable amount of pain unto him, and for an instant his grip loosened enough to allow her a short but raspy and desperate inhalation. A small victory which would stave off the reaper for a moment longer, she hadn’t yet turned the tide of the war in her favor however, as he soon shoved her back against the bulkhead in a violent thrashing, essentially hefting her small body up until she could barely feel her toes touching at the carpeted decking beneath her. A dull ache settling in at the back of her head now, Kate realized that this situation was likely worse than it had been an instant earlier, as she was forced to remove her hands from his eyes and latch them onto his wrists in order to support the weight of her body which was dangling perilously from his grip of her neck. The relief of her assault on him, allowing his efforts to refocus on strangling her, and his grip indeed tightened until she could feel the edges of her visions starting to blur and darkness creep into her periphery.

“Ungh!” Kate crumpled unto the floor as suddenly her would-be murderer released his grip, seemingly waylaid by someone who had arrived just in the nick of time to save her life. Gasping painfully and coughing uncontrollably as she tried to keep from passing out, Kate peered up in between fits as her savior phasered the Klingon twice more, dropping him to the floor.

“I’m... I’m okay... th-thanks...” she accepted the Counselor’s hand, and gradually stood up on her unsteady legs.

Of all the people she had expected to save her in the moment, the Vulcan Chief Counselor had probably been near the bottom of that list. After all, their impromptu meeting from earlier in the morning was still relatively fresh in her mind and had stirred to life a whole host of unpleasant memories and emotions regarding her past with her brother. She had in fact hoped she would have been able to avoid Commander Hathev for quite the foreseeable future at the culmination of their little session.

But here she was, and Kate honestly couldn’t have been more appreciative.

From her left, she heard an Ensign approaching and remembered that there simply wasn’t any time to dwell on recovery. As much as her neck ached and was likely reddened and starting to bruise over to a pretty hue of purple, she knew that until the situation in Sickbay was contained, she couldn’t take it easy. A fact that was reiterated a moment later as after explaining the reason for her visit, the young red-headed Ensign drew her phaser and fired it at one of the Klingons that had regained consciousness and was charging at Kate and Hathev. Surprised by the growling commotion he had created, Kate watched as he was suddenly blazed out of existence as the ruby phaser beam vaporized him in an instant. Staring at where he had been just a second earlier, Kate shifted her attention to where the panic-stricken Ensign sat and blinked out of a notion of awe as a new intruder materialized behind where she had been, only to be subdued in an almost equally succinct fashion. “No... it’s umm.... it’s fine.” Kate absolved the poor yet clearly battle-hardened girl of any guilt she might have felt, even if it might have been out of place for her to do so. Then again, Kate had just nearly been choked to death a moment earlier, so her sense of sympathy for these dishonorable would-be murderers was at a low point.

Pressing a hand to the side of her neck, Kate stammered forward a little as she spotted her phaser, left laying where she had set it down. Groaning as she bent down to pick it up, she looked back to both Hathev and the red-headed Ensign before spinning back to hear the sound of screams coming from just down the hall. “That’s the recovery ward! C’mon!” she took another wobbly step forward, placing a hand against the corridor to steady herself.

“I’m fine.” She pre-emptively dismissed the concern she knew was coming and shook her head to try and clear the haze in her head.

Proceeding down the short corridor, she approached the corner which would lead into the recovery ward with caution, spotting scorch marks and destroyed equipment strewn about her. The Klingons weren’t discriminating in the damage the wrought on Main Sickbay; be it living or inanimate, they were destroying anything and everything they could see. Peering around the corner, Kate tried to muster up some of that courage which had driven her on in the past when dealing with these kinds of situations. As a scream emanated from the open doorway, she’d found it and Kate stepped through with weapon at the ready to try and intercede in whatever horror was being unleashed. What she saw however, was more than she could necessarily handle. If anything, it was more than either her, Hathev, and even the red-headed Ensign could, as there were six hulking Klingons awaiting her. Two of them turned immediately to Kate, their bat’leths at the ready; another three were further down toward the end of the room, and the last withdrew a D’k tahg from the abdomen of a Vulcan woman whom Kate immediately recognized as Lieutenant T’Panu.

“You fucking cowards!” Kate cried out as T’Panu felt to the carpeted flooring, her green life’s blood spilling from a series of deep gashes.

Firing her Phaser at the nearest of the Klingons, momentarily dissuading his approach, Kate was very much aware of how outnumbered she was, but a plan suddenly formulated in her mind as she spotted an unconscious force equalizer laying in the closest bio-bed. “Stall them!” she cried out to Hathev and red, charging toward the bio-bed in question, fumbling for a hypospray as the other of the two closest Klingons began hulking toward where the three women were standing, Kate quickly programmed the setting on restorative stimulant in her hands, and pressed in in a panic against the muscular bicep of one Commander Kai Akoni. “WAKE UP!” She shouted at him as the Klingon’s drew nearer, knowing that her shout wasn’t necessary; after all, she’d just given him a dose which would have stirred a Rhino from the deepest of slumbers, and which would likely stir the Chief Security Officer into a relative overdrive.

It was exactly what the Doctor had ordered, in fact.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Swift  @Pierce  @P.C. Haring

”WAKE UP!” came a yell from the blurry figure standing beside him.

It was a yell that didn’t need to happen, as whatever he received, caused a surge of adrenaline to dump throughout his body, coursing everywhere in a matter of milliseconds. Kai felt the adrenaline and medication taking hold of his body, making him feel stronger than he ever had before. He also became acutely aware that if he had a real heart, it would certainly be beating to the point of exploding by now.

”What’s goi..”, he started to ask before he could hear yelling, screaming and phaser fire from nearby. Kai got off the bio-bed in a flash and immediately surveyed the surroundings.

He noticed six Klingons, two of whom were very close to their current position. One was midway across the ward, with, what appeared to be a body, at his feet. Three more were at the far end of the room. The large man glanced around where he was standing, looking for anything to use as a weapon. Unfortunately, he didn’t see anything that could be used. Kai decided in that moment to just to take one of the Klingon’s weapons.

He moved to position himself between the advancing Klingons and the young Lieutenant that had woken him up.

”Let’s dance, you cowards!” Kai said in their general direction before adding to Lt. Foster, ”Make sure you shoot them, not me” he finished saying as he charged towards the two closest invaders.

The large man noticed that the two immediate Klingons were armed with bat’leths, so he decided to go after the smaller of the two first.

He launched himself into a dive towards the smaller one, apparently catching them off guard as he was able to successfully hit the smaller one. It briefly reminded Kai of playing 21st Century American Football on the holodeck. It was like a tackle, but this was a little more life and death. The impact hardly fazed Kai as he’d done this sort of move hundreds of times, but it did send both of them tumbling to the deck plating, causing the bat’leth to fly out of the Klingon’s hand against the bulkhead.

Akoni, free of any clothing, except for the hospital gown which was open at the back, was the first back to his feet. He managed to scramble to the bulkhead, which the bat’leth had come to rest against. He picked it up and managed to swing it back to his left as hard as he could. He wasn’t sure if he was going to hit anything, he was just hoping it would cause the Klingon’s advance towards him to be delayed just by a second or so.

As it turns out, fate was on his side. As he swung it, about halfway through its arc, it stopped with a sickening combination of crunching and gurgling. He then noticed that the point of the Bat’leth had firmly imbedded itself in the torso of the Klingon, causing him to drop the deck plating. As he watched that Klingon drop to the deck plating, he noticed the other Klingon raising his bat’leth to attack Kai.

All of a sudden, a phaser blast struck the Klingon in the side, causing him to stumble and drop his bat’leth which, thankfully, managed to give Kai the upper hand. He dove towards the second Klingon as he did the first. The impact sent them to the deck plating, however this time, Kai remained on top of the Klingon.

He started raining punches down into the Klingon’s face. Each landed with a hard thud. Each punch also feeling squishier with each subsequent punch.





As Kai reared back for a fifth punch, he was momentarily slowed by the sharp sting of something along his left bicep. He noticed the Klingon had attempted to stab him. However due to the blood now filling the Klingon’s eyes, he was unable to land a direct stab thankfully. This caused him to just create a small 8cm laceration on Akoni’s bicep.

The larger man stood over the Klingon on the floor. He then grabbed the head of his opponent and gave it a sharp and quick twist to the right. As he did this, he heard the sickening breaking of bones which accompanied the body going limp.

Breathing heavily, he turned towards the other Klingons in the room. He swallowed hard as his mouth had become dry due to all the adrenaline.

He arched his right eyebrow while facing the rest of the invaders in the room.

Pantingly, he said, ”Alright…now who’s next?”

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Hathev| Main Sickbay | Deck 11 |Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Swift , @Pierce , @trevorvw

Hathev turned, surprised by the sounds of Klingon disintegrating to her right.  She turned back to her left and saw a young woman, an ensign with whom she was not acquainted supporting a fellow crewman who had been hurt.  Based on the image in her personnel file, she recognized the young woman immediately.

“You owe no apology Ensign Pierce,” she said as she hefted Foster to her feet with a grunt.   “You were acting in defense of this ship, and of your crewmates.   While non-lethal force is preferable, these Klingons are resilient and current circumstances may warrant additional necessary force to contain the situation.  That said, I would advise you to set your weapon no higher than level 6.”

She re-set her own phaser accordingly.

Hathev and Kate Foster heard the noise in the recovery ward at the same time, but instead of following Kate, Hathev’s attention was drawn to the main sickbay entrance door.  She turned, bring her phaser to bear as she placed herself in front of Ensign Pierce, protecting the younger woman from whomever was about to enter the section. 

She thanked her Vulcan discipline for allowing her to hold her fire until she identified her would be targets.   They were not Klingons, but rather a pair of ship’s security personnel who Hathev immediately recognized as Petty Officer Varder Ridun and Ensign Inej Avirim.   Both men carried Type III phaser rifles and had hand phasers holstered to their hips.
“Commander Hathev,” Avirim said. “We received word of intruders in your office.”

Hathev motioned to her office door behind her.  “Three Klingons locked in.  It would be logical to assume they are trying to break out.”

“We’ve got it from here.  Stand clear, Counselor.”

Hathev held her place by the reception desk while the security team took their places.   Ridun took up a position at the side of the door, rifle in his left hand as his right hovered over the controls while Avirim took a position a few meters from the door bringing his weapon up and ready to fire.  On the Ensign’s cue, Ridun slapped the controls, opening the doors. 

Three Klingons burst out from the now open door, rage and bloodlust burning in their eyes.   One swung his Bat’leth to the right side, his weapon striking the bulkhead with such force that the blades pierced the bulkhead but clattered uselessly to the deck as the Klingon wielding it fell dead under the assault from Avirim’s phaser.  

The second Klingon swung left, his strike so fast that Hathev almost couldn’t see it until that Bat’leth came to rest having impaled Ridun burying the sword up to the swoop in his gut with a sickening crunch of bones, made only worse as the Klingon followed up the fatal strike with a punch to the dying Bajoran’s face, turning his head so violently that not only did the bones in his jaw break, but so too did the bones in his neck. 

Hathev felt her own jaw tense as the anger rose within her.  She leveled her phaser and fired, striking the Klingon in the head.  He fell to the deck, his face a burned mess, leaving his Bat’Leth to hang where it had pinned Petty Officer Ridun’s body to the bulkhead.
Turning her attention to the last Klingon and Ensign Avirim was a different matter.   The Klingon towered over him, his batleth pressing down from above blocked only by Avirim’s rife held horizontally above his head.  By the looks of things Avirim was losing the battle but just as Hathev was about to intervene, he pivoted to the side, using the Klingon’s own downward pressure to drive him off balance.  Pulling his rifle away Avirim followed up, swinging the butt of the weapon into the Klingon’s head.   He staggered back and gathered himself for another strike against the Starfleet officer.   The strike never came as Hathev, taking advantage of the opening leveled her weapon and fired, striking him square in the back.

“Thanks,” Avirim said as the Klingon dropped to the deck.  

Hathev offered a nod, aggravating her facial injury.  She made the mistake of rubbing at it and the back of her hand came off covered in her green blood.

“We must keep moving,” she ordered.  “Lieutenant Foster and I heard screaming in the recovery ward.  She was headed there when you arrived.  We must assist.”

Avirim powered up his rifle once again. “I’ll take point.  Stay behind me, Commander.”

Phaser in hand she deferred to his expertise in the matter.  

He had taken barely two steps when five more Klingons beamed in in front of them.  As soon as the transporter released her, the lead Klingon lunged forward, her Bat’Leth swinging down toward Avirm’s head.   The Risian had good reflexes as he darted back and again brough his phaser up to parry the strike away from him.  He recovered faster than her and snapped the phaser back to it’s ready position.  His finger pressed against the trigger, but the weapon clicked and shorted out in a misfire.   He dropped the weapon and kicked it towards the Klingon, giving Hathev the line of sight needed to see were the repeated use of the rifle as a defense against swords, had cracked the casing and damaged the emitter coil and power cell rendering the weapon all but useless. 

Avirim reached for his phaser but the weapon flew across the room, still gripped by his hand.  The limb, severed by the swing of the Klingon’s weapon did not come off the phaser until it bounced off the wall and flopped harmlessly to the deck.  Avirim screamed for the briefest of instants only to be cut off when the weapon embedded in his rib cage.   The Klingon growled, savoring her kill before wrenching the blade free, and sending Avirim’s body to the deck.

“jaH! taH!” She ordered. 

The group split off, two retreating down the hall toward the recovery wards, the remaining three holding their position content to cut Hathev off from her support and make her their next victim.

She lunged at her in a wide and easily avoided swing.  Hathev dove back towards her office, picking up the fallen Bat’leth as she landed.  She rolled to a knee and raised the weapon in front of her.

chay' Duj chovwI'pu' DaleghlaHbe'chugh? choquvmoH 'e' vIqIH!

The Klingon screamed at Hathev in a rage, her honor insulted.   Now she had their undivided attention.   That was good news as it meant they would not be attacking the injured or the medical staff.   However, despite her training both as a Starfleet Officer and a Vulcan in the martial arts, she knew very little about the fighting techniques required for Klingon bladed weapons.   Even so, there was one basic lesson she had learned….
Stick them with the pointy end.

“jaH! taH!”: Go!  Kill them All!

chay' Duj chovwI'pu' DaleghlaHbe'chugh? choquvmoH 'e' vIqIH!: What dishonorable coward murders the sick and wounded in their beds?  I've met Ferengi with more courage than you!

((OOC - NPCs of Inej Avirim and Varder Ridun used and abused at the direction of @Auctor Lucan ))

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Reception Area | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Swift @trevorvw [Show/Hide]

Lauren looked up at Hathev following her stunt with the phaser. The fact that Hathev also knew who she was was surprising in itself. The matter that she had just been given acceptance for the use of the kill function was passable but she nodded in agreement with the Counselor for her assessment on changing its level down to Level 6. She was still trigger-happy after the tension in sickbay but felt at ease as the Vulcan woman stood in front of her to take on whatever was to approach.

Thankfully that had happened as Lauren saw two security officers step into view with phaser rifles in hand. Apparently, they were ready to play exterminator for the counseling office. Utter terror hit her as she saw the three Klingon brutes burst from the door as it opened. She peered around Hathev who stood at the ready despite seeing one Klingon soldier fall dead. She ducked however when the Klingon blade sliced into one of them like a butter knife into the man's torso. The sound was sickening to her ears as she had heard things like that in the past too.

Seeing the Klingons downed now, she stood up and unholstered her phaser to be at the ready. Her pace stayed steady with Hathev's to provide added back up after seeing the poor crewman lose his life. This was bound to be a day that none of them would forget anything soon. Surprise struck her as she staggered slowly behind them, which turned out to be good as the other security officer's life ended as well. The sight of the Vulcan picking up the bat'leth at the ready, insults thrown in Klingon, which she couldn't understand. Unwilling to let Hathev face them alone, she waited in hiding to throw off the Klingon soldiers who were now distracted by the Vulcan's taunts.

Her hand poised to fire on the Klingons at the nearest moment that Hathev would step aside. Her hair was now messy from the various movements that she'd been doing. Pushing it aside, she recalibrated her phaser to emit wide-beam fire in the event she needed to fire, it'd be best to take them all out at once...hopefully. For now, she watched and waited for her opportunity to strike.

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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Swift @P.C. Haring @trevorvw

Vinata had been sifting through the nursing roster at his head-nurse duty station, busy reallocating the nursing staff appropriately around the department. He too had jumped in to provide some care and guidance to an ambulatory patient with pretty bad burns that had walked in a few minutes prior. The damage had been caused by the rupture of a nearby conduit that the Petty Officer had been near - a common theme for the patients their unit had received since the battle with the Klingons had ensued.

There was a tension in the air, but with that a determination which was equally as palpable from his colleagues and even the injured crew members which had made their way to Sickbay. It was when Theurgy was truly challenged, that Vinata admired the crew he served with even more - they were a brave bunch, the whole lot of them.

The Ovri heard commotion coming from the reception area, and quickly took note of the Klingon intruders - it was clear to understand that these were not the allies they had on board. Vinata un-holstered the small phaser he had equipped himself with and ran towards the Primary Care Unit adjacent to his desk. If their area had been compromised, their patients were quite vulnerable to assault and injury. Yes - the Intensive Care Unit would have those most vulnerable, but Vinata knew there would be little he could do to protect or move those patients if the time came. It was a matter of triage in his own mind, albeit the reality seemed ever so dark.

“We’ve been compromised.” The Nurse quickly tapped on the entrance door nearest the emergency entrance to lock the doors. He was certain that Klingons would power through in no time, given the proximity to one of the main entrances to Sickbay (emergency entrance). “Arm yourselves and guard the entrance!” Vinata was quick to move towards the other end of the PCU, nearest the medical staff entrance but before he could reach that doorway it swished open and welcomed two large Kligon officers in its frame - both of which looked ravenous in their need to slaughter. They had obviously breached the alternative staff entrance to Sickbay as well.

FUCK - Vinata screamed this to himself as he aimed and fired his phaser at the first of the warriors. Thankfully his aim had been true and he hit the Klingon man in his lower torso causing the warrior to fall to the ground. The second warrior behind him swore at the Ovri before he held his own disruptor to the nurse closest to him in the room and fired, causing the young female crewman to vaporize.

“You…. No!” Vinata held his phaser up once more and fired, but sadly due to a shaky aim he had missed the second Klingon which had managed to dodge the bad shot. One of the patients had managed to get up and tackle themselves against the warrior, which caused him to drop his disrupter. The much smaller and injured patient did not stand a chance, as the Klingon tossed him aside like a rag-doll.

“You will all die today, you miserable scum!” The Klingon grabbed ahold of his bat’leth and drove it through the patient that had managed to disarm him. Vinata had been able to re-aim his phaser in that moment and fire, this time hitting the warrior directly in his side. The Ovri closed the distance to that entrance and locked that door as well.

“Thea… Primary Care Unit has been secured for now. Two dead crewmembers. I think the Klingons have breached staff entrance as well. Please send help…” Vinata tapped his comm-badge, reporting his situation to the AI. He was uncertain exactly how extensive the breach had been elsewhere in Sickbay but his gut had a certain unsettling feeling to it.

His own attention fell to the crewmember on the floor, who had a bat’leth through their chest. It was clear to Vinata, without need of a medical scan that the individual was well-dead. There was very little he could do in the moment to help them. It was then that a wave of guilt overcame the Ovri - it had been his unsteady aim, that had allowed the opportunity for the Klingon to strike.

I am not a fighter… I am a healer… The Ovri sighed to himself - banging on the entrance door nearest him now had started. Likely another number of Klingons that would breach the barrier in due time. It was a needed distraction from his own self-pity but one that was equally as disturbing too.

“Get ready…. There may be more…” Vinata looked around the room - it was clear to see the fright in those who were able to comprehend what was going on. The remaining two nurses held onto their own phasers with might after having seen to the safety of their own respective patients.
Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @trevorvw @Aharon @Pierce @P.C. Haring

Unfortunately, Kate had been oblivious to the fact that her companions had in reality been waylaid by yet another group of invading Klingons, leaving her as the lone representative of the trio to actually make it within the confines of the Recovery Ward. As had previously been the case for the brazen blonde when faced with similarly combative situations in her past, Kate had again made the mistake of straying ahead with little regard for what was happening behind. It had meant that when she’d called out for Hathev and Pierce to ‘stall’ the two Klingons which were bearing down on her and the then still unconscious Commander Akoni, that instead of watching the pair of them dodge or be struck by a barrage of phaser fire, they only peered at each other in momentary confusion before bounding aggressively toward her with malice ridden intent in their eyes. Thankfully however, Kate’s hastily contrived cocktail of stimulants had worked like a charm in rousing the slumbering hulk of a Security Chief. Stepping back as he had slipped off of the bio-bed, Kate then pointed at the two Klingons just past him, searching for the right words to appropriately explain the situation to the man, but found it wholly unnecessary as his instincts had kicked in accordingly.

Watching in a mixture of terror and awe as the massive man, wearing naught but a hospital gown tore into the intruders, Kate felt at least moderately confident enough that she could now make an attempt to get to the woman who had been left lying on the ground, bleeding out from stab wounds in her abdomen. At least, Kate was hoping that she would get that chance, and so she hastily dropped to her hands and knees beneath the bio-bed in front of her and began crawling underneath of it and the others in an effort to get there. Had she attempted to circumvent them, it would have brought her within the foray of the battle being fought between Akoni and the other Klingons which were now turning about to descend upon him. Kate could see that only two of the remaining four were on their way, while the others had seemingly broken through the doors that led into the rehab changing room. A scream blared out from there, meaning there was someone inside that had been trying to hide, and Kate hoped that whoever they were, that they could hold out long enough for rescue. But that wasn’t her focus in the moment, rather poor T’Panu was.

“Hang on Doctor, I’m here!” she spoke reassuringly to the woman as she was reeling about on the carpeted flooring, green-stained hands clenched at a myriad of vicious punctures that had been rendered unto her midsection. Kneeling at her side, Kate could see a mixture of pain and relative fear in the Vulcan woman’s pale face, as she clearly had an apparent understanding of how bad the wounds truly were. Soon, more fighting began to erupt behind her, so close in fact that she could feel disturbed air brushing against back of her neck, forcing Kate to fight her nerves and the adrenaline pumping heart within her chest as she reached for a nearby Medical Tricorder and began scanning her patient’s body. Yet as the display began to show just how bad the wounds were, and how poor T’Panu’s vital signs were, the woman had extended out to grab at Kate’s hands and held onto them lightly. Confused, Kate’s gaze shifted from the Tricorder to once more check on the woman’s face, but whereas there was terror and anguish before, she now saw only calmness and serenity. Replacing one of her own hands atop of where T’Panu’s had latched onto her, Kate stared back with momentary understanding until just an instant later, that which had been the woman’s essence disappeared with obvious finality, accentuated by a soft whine of the Tricorder as it relayed the loss of all vital signs.

Held bereft for only a brief moment, Kate’s heart sank with sadness for the poor woman, who’s life had been so unceremoniously ended.

Gently, as if she were disconnected from the whole chaotic scene unfolding behind and around her, Kate set T’Panu’s hand gracefully over the other upon her abdomen and reached out to carefully brush closed her still open eyelids, leaving her in a state of relative peace. It was the very least that was due, and it still felt so utterly empty and devoid of thought or care.

“Akoni!” reality dawned on her once more, tearing her away from the moment she’d been lost to, and essentially forcing her to spin about as she stood up to try and get an appraisal of the fight that he had been stuck in, while she had been tending to the dying woman.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Hathev| Main Sickbay | Deck 11 |Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Swift , @trevorvw , @Aharon , @Pierce 

For all her ignorance when it came to the proper way to wield a Klingon Bat’leth, Hathev knew two things for certain.  First, do not use the weapon to repulse incoming attacks.  Second, use the weapon to parry and flow into the next motion.  Between those two points and her own knowledge of the laws of physics, she had managed to hold her own thus far.  The swing came at her from above and she thrust the weapon upward to block and stepped to her side, re-directing her attacker’s momentum downward and away from her.  This drew the Klingon off balance as the weapons slid off one another, freeing Hathev’s for a blunt strike across the Kingon’s face as the Vulcan returned to her full, albeit diminutive, height.  As the lead attacker staggered back, momentarily disoriented from the blow to her head, the two soldiers that had been flanking her stepped forward, their Dk’Tagh’s at the ready.  One to her left slashed wildly at her, an easy attack to avoid, but it gave the one to her right the time he needed to move in closer and swing at her.  This one came closer, but also missed as she brought the Bat’leth up, blocking the swing of the knife just mere centimeters away from her face.

She was in over her head she knew, and it would only be a matter of time before these three warriors, each well trained and confident in their abilities, overpowered her.  But every second they were occupied with her, was another second they were not trying to kill someone else.  There were too many injured and wounded in Sickbay already, to say nothing about the casualties that would continue to arrive the longer the battle raged on.  Too many who could not defend themselves, who would be slaughtered if the Klingons had the chance. 

The needs of the many…

The Klingon continued to press down on her weapon, his knife continuing to press the attack, held in place only by the leverage she commanded with the larger weapon.  Her eyes darted from the blades where they clashed, to the Klingon as he drew closer to her and back to the Dk’Tagh as the geometric implications set in.  A few centimeters was all she needed.  She slid the blade of the Bath’leth down it’s length and pivoted it, using the knife as a fulcrum as she brought the low end of her weapon back up driving the inner blade up through the Klingon’s lower jaw and back out his cheek.

Again, she side stepped as the Klingon collapsed, but his knife slid off her weapon, and drove down with the force of his weight.


She cried out in pain as the dead man’s blade stabbed through her uniform and into her chest, its force carrying the blade downward, tearing a gash in her skin down towards her left breast, knocking her communicator off her uniform.  Another pain lanced into her right flank and she cried out again as she collapsed. 

Time around her seemed to slow and as she fell, she turned to see the blade of a Klingon Mek’leth wedged into her side, just above her hip.  She had time to process the fact that the weapon had struck her from behind, it is handle pointed behind her, not in front.  That was illogical though as her attackers were in front of her.

But as her left hip smashed into the deck, the vibration reverberating throughout her body and the back of her head rebounded from its own hard impact, she rolled onto her back and saw, for the first time, the two Klingons who had been behind her.

…the needs of the one.

She had not heard them, had not sensed their presence, had not even heard the hum of the transporter deploying more boarders to the Sickbay.  But as her body came to rest, her back on the deck, she looked up to see the four Klingons all standing over her. 

She could only wonder which would deal the death blow as her world faded to black.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Reception Area | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Swift @trevorvw @Aharon [Show/Hide]

Lauren still in a traumatized state watched from under a sickbay gurney near a corner. She was rocking back and forth with hands over her head in fear of the Klingon warmongers that currently attacked Hathev. She watched the Mek'leth stab the Vulcan woman in the chest and saw green blood leaking from the deep wound. She saw two Klingon goons attempting to deliver the killing blow to the counselor who was now at a loss of conscientiousness. The red hue of the boarding party transporter appeared in sickbay. Unfortunately, the security officer wasn't present in this area having been separated from them.

It was then that Lauren Pierce heard the call over the system-wide intercom from the fighter bay. 'Warp fighter came in hot! GoldenEye has crashed into the fighter bay. Her Valkyrie is badly damaged. Sending her to sickbay. She's been severely injured and needs medical attention stat!'

The fear that Lauren felt was now gone as anger, and adrenaline hit her harder. The feeling blanked out any semblance of worry for personal injury as she climbed onto her feet behind the Klingon officers that just beamed in. She picked up a Bat'leth with her cybernetic hand as she lifted it behind her head and with an uncanny force, slammed it down on top of the head of the closest trespasser. The air swished as the blade sliced the soldier nearly in two, pieces of Klingon flesh slid from the blade as he slumped over. She yelled a fierce scream of anger at the events taking place and specifically her only friend.

"AGHHHH!!!!!" She screamed again as she used the downed Klingon as a shield before her hand reached out with a phaser on the level 10 kill setting again. "Leave her! It's me you want Klingon bastards!" Her teeth gritted as she fired on two of the newly beamed in Klingons vaporizing them where they stood. Burned markings were left on the carpet of sickbay. Normally a refuge for healing was a place of death...unfortunately.

The other Klingon's left the body of the bleeding out counselor and headed towards Pierce with a renewed lust for battle. 'Ahh...a warrior. You will die with honor petaQ! Your entrails will cover my blade human.

She sneered and flexed her hand again before she blasted one of the final beamed in soldiers in the leg which vaporized his leg but left him screaming on the deck. Quickly she readjusted the phaser to Level 7 for a high stun setting and shot him in the chest subduing him too. With two left, one Klingon charged her and she attempted to stun him which only made him back up. He must have had experience with pain-sticks recently to prevent him from falling down.

Lauren grabbed the Bat'leth from the sliced Klingon once more and kicked the sack of a dead Klingon from the blade as she swung it as if taunting them to come forth. The first barreled forward and met blade to blade. She was capable but not impervious and tried to swerve as the blade caught her cybernetic hand, skinning the synthetic flesh from the surface. Slightly damaged, it now was frozen in the formation of a fist now that she'd dropped the weapon. Taking this opportunity, the Klingon shot forward and she barrel-rolled to the side grabbing a Mek'leth blade with her human hand and lodged it into his spine as he fell to his death.

Almost forgetting she had one left, he attempted to sneak up on her as she stepped closer to the downed Hathev. She looked down and saw on the metal a figure reflecting from the surface and turned quickly. Her arm with the cybernetic hand-launched into a strong and forceful upper-cut that knocked the remaining soldier out cold. His body launched across the deck from the impact. Her metallic hand now completely useless from the hit, she reached down to help Hathev.

She tapped her combadge. "This is Ensign Pierce. Hathev is down and we're locked in a portion of the counseling office and sickbay...I think. Klingon boarding party subdued for now. Medical emergency. She's bleeding out. Send help or tell me what to do to help!" She still rode the adrenaline as she attempted to look for a medkit to help the Vulcan woman.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
@Swift  @P.C. Haring  @Aharon  @Pierce

Kai had heard his name screamed from midway across the recovery ward. It was Lieutenant Foster who had just been behind him before he took on the Klingons. She had apparently managed to scramble her way to the body on the floor. Her scream of his name brought him back to focus. He quickly scanned the room with his eyes and noticed two Klingons descending upon him. The other two, which were at the far end of the room, weren’t there anymore. At least not in the ¼ of a second that Kai scanned the room in.

The advancing Klingons were just a few metres away, giving Kai a couple of seconds to look around him for any weapons or anything he could use. He immediately noticed the Bat’leth laying at his feet, to which he grabbed as soon as he noticed it. He also noticed some wiring hanging down from the bio-bed to his right. The wiring was sparking, only when it seemed to ground itself…which gave Kai an idea.

He lowered his large frame onto the deck plating and grabbed one of the power wires and wrapped it around one end of the Bat’leth while making sure he was only gripping the handles which would presumably insulate him and keep the electricity from grounding itself. He then pulled more wiring out of the bio-bed, just to give him more range of movement when needed.

He had no idea if his idea would work, but it was worth a shot. As the first Klingon approached, he swung his Bat’leth towards Kai. Kai responded with his Bat’leth in an attempt to block the attack. The attacking Klingon must have had his hand slightly off the grip of his weapon, touching the bare metal. As when the Bat’leth’s made contact, the circuit was completed and it sent electricity surging through his attackers’ body, causing his body to violently convulse, while at the same time, every muscle contracted which caused him not to be able to release the weapon.

Kai held the Bat’leth against the other weapon as the electricity continued to surge through the weapons and into the Klingon. After what seemed like an eternity, the bio-bed’s electrical cabling shorted out, causing the electricity to stop flowing. The Klingon collapsed to the deck plating, definitely unconscious. His body and clothing were smoking. Kai wasn’t sure if he were dead, but it didn’t much matter at the moment. Kai scrambled towards the disruptor hanging on the man’s belt. It seemed undamaged.

He grabbed it and pointed it squarely at the other Klingon. His opponent kept advancing, so Kai pulled the trigger. The weapon barked to life and shot a green disruptor bolt towards his current enemy. It hit the Klingon squarely in the chest, however he kept advancing. Kai kept pulling the trigger until the second Klingon fell to the deck plating. This one had a blackened, smoking, hole in his chest.

The large security chief then looked around for Foster, and noticed that the immediate threat was over. He needed to make sure she was okay before they moved on.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @trevorvw @Aharon @Pierce @P.C. Haring

Indeed the Chief Surgeon had missed the entirety of the Security Chief’s resurgence brought to bear against the remaining Klingon invaders that had been in the midst of ravaging the recovery ward, its staff, and its patients. Having spotted the immense hulk of a man after he had just finished dispatching another foe with a series of well-aimed shots from a borrowed disruptor, evidently dropping a would-be assailant to the decking with a scorched hole bore clean through the center of his chest, Kate then swallowed audibly as she tried to regain a control of her rapidly beating heart. A mere moment earlier as she had been attending to the dying T’Panu, time had seemed to slow to a near crawl, and in fact her heartbeat had likewise felt surprisingly deliberate, though in reality it had been pounding away inside of her chest in accordance with the rush of adrenaline being caused by the chaotic situation unfolding around her. Were it not for Kai’s incredible pedigree as a warrior, Kate likely would not have had said luxury of the moment which had afforded her a chance to bring peace and serenity unto the poor woman as she was passing. In a way, it meant that the man had done just as much as Kate to ease the sorrowful occasion, and for that the slender blonde was more grateful and positive that if poor T’Panu could have shared a similar appreciation of him, she would have.

“Thank you.” She said simply as an acknowledgement, before once more the reality of their situation returned to them. A scream erupted from the changing room which had led into the rehabilitation facility. It was where Kate had seen another pair of Klingons breaking into at the beginning of this fracas, and rightfully so she had assumed it was a place wherein some unfortunate and terrified souls had taken refuge. Yet before she could even take a step in the direction of the screams, a chirp at her combadge came in reminding her of the two colleagues that had been waylaid upon their initial attempt to come to the recovery ward. Hathev, the Chief Counseling Officer had apparently been injured, prompting Kate to lock eyes with the big Security Chief in a sense of shock and concern. “I need to go to them!” Kate explained as she snatched up the medical tricorder from where it had been set next to the now deceased Assistant Chief Medical Officer left lying at her feet. “You need to check on that!” she pointed past Kai in the direction of the changing rooms, knowing that there was someone else in need that he could help. The two of them had their respective roles to play now and wasting little time, Kate ran over to grab an Emergency Medical Kit from where it was nestled in a wall cubby, stopping for just a second to turn back to Kai one last time before he could continue the fight to save lives in a way only, he could.

“Call for me if you end up needing medical help, and I’ll come as soon as I can. And Commander, good luck!”

With that Kate jogged out of the recovery ward and turned immediately to her left as she looked to traverse the short distance back to where she had earlier left Hathev and the panicked red-headed Ensign. It didn’t take long for her to find them as she came to a halt near where another Vulcan woman was strewn out on the floor bleeding heavily.

This was déjà vu of the worst kind.

“I’ve got this!” Dropping down onto her knees beside Hathev, Kate threw open the medical kit and instinctively reached for the tricorder so that she could set it to scan for the finer details of what injuries had been sustained unto the Counselor. Of paramount obvious concern were the series of deep lacerations which had run across her slender form, allowing green vitality to leak steadily from each of them. “Ensign! I need you! Come here! Prop her legs up!” She directed Lauren as Kate grabbed at a can of emergency bio-foam from the splayed open kit to her right. “I need to stop her bleeding. Commander Hathev?” Peering into the Vulcan’s face, Kate felt an intense worry settling into the pit of her stomach as she feared that like with T’Panu, she had come on too late to make any kind of a difference in the matter. “Commander, it’s me... it’s Doctor Foster. Kate, remember? I need to stop your bleeding!” The tricorder resting on the decking next to the Vulcan began chirping with an utterly disconcerting series of tones as it had completed its scan of her, and without needing to even look Kate knew what it was telling her. “Shit!” she exclaimed, having been just about to press the nozzle of bio-foam into the deepest gash that had run from Hathev’s left collar bone down near the center of her chest across her left breast.

Returning the bio-foam canister to the kit, since for the moment it was mostly useless, Kate then reached for an emergency deep-tissue / vascular regeneration probe, and without any kind of fore warning plunged it deeply into the Commander’s gaping wound. “Sorry!” she apologized as her fingers, now slick with green blood actuated the device. Kate was desperate to repair an apparent laceration hidden deep within the Counselor’s chest, aware that if she didn’t heal it first, then nothing else would matter because this cut had been slashed against the exterior wall of her most vital of organs, her heart, and with each of its rapid contractions more of the Vulcan’s precious little lifeforce was being pumped into her chest cavity, rather than throughout the network of arteries and veins which kept her alive. “Shit! C’mon, work faster!” She commented as the tricorder chirped again, a different tone this time, which again she recognized the meaning of without having to even look. Vitals were dropping well below safe levels as the Counselor was starting to fall into hypovolemic shock due to her heavy blood loss, which meant a whole host of other problems that would need to be tended to. Small graces however, as Kate pulled the probe, dripping with thick green from the deep gash in Hathev’s chest, and was rewarded by an indicator on the tricorder’s read-out that the laceration to her heart had been healed well enough to prevent any further internal bleeding. Already there was a small but noticeable increase to blood pressure levels, but relieved as she was to have temporarily held the reaper at bay, Kate was still wary of the treacherous path ahead of her as she would treat the Vulcan.

'Petty Officer Wright to Sickbay! I’m bringing in an injured fighter pilot who needs immediate medical attention! Can anyone in Sickbay acknowledge?' came a disconnected voice over the comms.

Slapping the Starfleet delta on her chest with her green coated hands, Kate left more than just a smear of the Counselor’s blood on its surface. “This is Doctor Foster, responding to Petty Officer Wright. Bring your pilot to surgical suite one, and I’ll meet you there in just a minute!” Thinking several steps ahead was a facet of being a Doctor with which Kate had managed to master, despite how she had lacked the same ability in regard to other aspects of her life. Here, among the chaos of triage medicine she had always flourished. “Ensign! Look at me! It’s okay. We’re doing okay so far.” She could see the myriad concerns stricken across Lauren’s face and had hoped to assuage at least some of them by refocusing and reassuring her. Fortunately, Kate hadn’t caught the callsign of whichever pilot had been injured, otherwise she herself might have been just as worried. “Alright... bio-foam!” She snatched up the canister and once more without warning pressed it into one of Hathev’s deep wounds, starting to fill the void. The pale expanding substance was designed to act as a barrier, preventing yet more blood from escaping any deep laceration, while also acting as an anti-microbial. The only problem was that the stuff stung even when touching against skin, and Kate was now injecting it into directly into a wide-open gash. Kate had personally experienced the unique and entirely unpleasant sting it caused back during the Siege of AR-558, and to this very day the sensation haunted her.

Hathev came to crying out and writhing in pain as the bio-foam filled the wound.

“I’m sorry!” She apologized to Hathev but persisted until the chest wound was filled well enough.

Her arm flopped in an uncoordinated flail as she uselessly tried to bat at Kate, but from the look in her eyes, she was delirious.  Her mouth opened and closed as if she were trying to say something, but she couldn’t make it out before Hathev passed out again.

Tangerine-eyes now fixated on the handle of a Mek’leth as it protruded from the Vulcan’s right side, just above her hip, Kate went back to the tricorder to see if it was safe to pull the blade free, or if it would only cause any worse bleeding. The read-out though made it clear that the blade had only just barely missed cutting Hathev’s right internal iliac artery. With a sigh Kate counted her blessings, as if it had been cut, given the blood loss already sustained, it was doubtful that she could have done anything at all to stop an inevitability. Bringing her still green stained hands to her own collar, Kate wrenched the duty jacket free from her shoulders, tearing away the zipper at the front as she set it down nearby in advance of what she needed to do next. Carefully she clutched at the Mek’leth, and with an agonizingly deliberate approach began to pull it free from where it had been stabbed into Hathev’s waist. With it came a surge of more precious green blood, but after tossing the metal weapon aside, Kate quickly pressed the canister of bio-foam into the wound and sprayed. Lastly, she reached for her duty jacket and hastily wrapped it around the Counselor’s slender waist, using the sleeves as makeshift ties so that she could cinch it tightly. Between the bio-foam and now the added pressure applied by the tightly tied jacket, the loss of blood would hopefully be temporarily stymied. The tricorder however, showed little positive change as as Kate snatched it back up and began scanning for more detail.

“She needs an emergency infusion. Badly. And I still need to better suture up these wounds.” Slapping at her combadge, Kate peered at Lauren for a brief moment before speaking her command. “Thea! I need immediate emergency site-to-site transport of myself and Counselor Hathev to surgical suite two! Ener--” stopping herself, she knew better than to leave the panicked girl behind and made an addendum. “Actually, transport the Ensign to my left there too!”

[Yes, Doctor Foster. Energizing.]

Despite the fact that the A.I. construct was coordinating a battle across three separated vectors of Theurgy, there was little-to-no discernable delay to the request that Kate had made, as a mere slew of seconds later she and the other two were enveloped in a sea of shimmering blue light. The world transitioned beyond her eyes as the disarray of the hallway outside of Hathev’s office gave way to the relative calm and quiet of surgical suite two.

[ Surgical Suite Two | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

“Help me place her on the surgical frame!” she ordered Lauren, clutching the wounded Vulcan Counselor around her shoulders as they settled her unto the flat surface of the bed. Out of the corner of her peripheral vision, she could see a gold-collared Petty Officer standing just outside of the door waiting for Kate to keep her promise of coming to aid the pilot he had brought with him. “What’s the pilot’s status? What’re are her injuries?” Kate hoped that the man had at least had the wherewithal to get even a preliminary scan of said injured person. All the while Kate activated a stabilization field on the surgical frame which would further help to slow any bleeding Hathev was experiencing. Stepping over to the wall and pressing open a panel, she began programing in a series of commands which set the computer to replicate Vulcan blood of a universal donor type. “Well?” Kate pressed the Petty Officer to speak as she retrieved a standard tissue regenerator and went about working to close up the various gashes on the Counselor’s body in advance of starting an emergency transfusion. Entirely unaware that her red-head companion had left to go check on the other surgical suite, Kate began reaching for a transfer apparatus that would work to syphon the newly replicated Vulcan blood from storage containers on the open wall panel into the Counselor’s body.

“Umm... mostly blunt force trauma. A broken nose, and I think a fracture to her left orbital. Maybe a minor concussion, I don’t know. I’m not good with this kind of stuff.” Shaking his head, Wright seemed about to head back to surgical suite one and check on the woman he had brought in. “Doctor, Tessa is in need of your or someone else's attention.”

Having only just latched the transfusion brace around Hathev’s left wrist and started the transfusion process, Kate’s face jumped to a sudden realization, though she thought maybe her mind was playing tricks on her. “Wait, what’s the name? The pilot you brought?!” Nearly dropping the tissue regenerator, it soon dawned on Kate that Tessa, her friend, had after all been a pilot. She’d not even contemplated the idea that it could have been her injured, and brought in for emergency medical attention, but now it hit her like a ton of bricks. First Hathev, the woman who had shown a willingness to try and understand Kate’s personal history and work through the psychological trauma she had been enduring for years had been hurt, and now maybe Tessa too? This was all hitting too close to home for the blonde surgeon as she had to grab a hold of her hand with the medical implement in order to stop a sudden tremor. “Tessa Lance? She’s who you brought in for treatment?!” Kate pressed and before the Petty Officer could respond, the blonde surgeon reached out to check on the current status of Hathev, a panic starting to overwhelm her as internally she prayed that the woman was at least temporarily stable. “No! No! No! Shit!” the panel displayed a wobbling level of stability to the Counselor, meaning that it would be a constant juggling act for her.

Hypovolemic shock wasn’t an easy thing to overcome.

“Stay here! Watch this readout, if it starts dropping, you come get me! Right away!” Kate pointed at Wright, then at the viewscreen attached to the side of the surgical frame which Hathev was resting atop of.

[ Surgical Suite One | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Once more slapping at her combadge, though with a little added vigor this time, Kate strode into the other surgical suite and saw Lauren standing beside Tessa as she lay on the surgical frame in bad shape. “Damnit! Foster to all Theurgy medical personnel on Vector Two, I need immediate help treating wounded patients in surgical suites one, and two! There are Klingon intruders besieging sickbay, so be careful making your way here!” Stepping up to the panel at the side of Tessa’s bed, Kate began tapping away at the controls in order to get a fresh scan of her vitals. She tried not to focus on the fact that the woman lying before her had in fact meant something more to her and wasn’t just ‘another’ patient in need of help. As cold as it was, Doctors needed to try and separate themselves from the people they cared for, because sometimes those people didn’t survive. To have developed a kind of personal connection to all of them would have been incredibly taxing on any Doctor and being there when someone died was painful enough. But here Kate was, stuck in between two critical patients whom she couldn’t so easily break a connection to, because they had already crossed that line of mere acquaintance and become something more. “Hang on, Tessa I’m here for you!” She peered to Lauren as hands flexed tightly so as to try and will away the tremors which were quickly getting worse.

Sighing with a desperate exasperation as the scope of Tessa’s injuries began to display for her, she could see that the pilot was suffering from internal bleeding, as in the crash she must have smashed her head hard enough to rupture an artery in her brain. There were other injuries, including minor nerve damage in her neck, probably the result of nasty whiplash. But the primary concern was repairing the artery. “Shit! Hold on, Tessa! I’m going to fix you!” Removing a cortical repair bridge from a tray of tools hidden beneath the surgical frame, Kate then reached out to place it on Tessa’s forehead, but hesitated a moment as she saw the dried crimson which had coated a good portion of Tessa’s bruised and battered face contrasted by the dark green hue which still dyed her own hands. The harrowing image froze her in place, and Kate let a weary gasp escape her as the stress of everything was starting to overwhelm her all at once. A flood of anxiety bursting forth throughout her conscious mind which had broken free from where it had been held at bay by a sort of compromised dam. Nearly having been strangled to death; watching T’Panu surrender to her sad fate; desperately trying to save Hathev; and now about to do the same for Tessa. It was all weighing on Kate atop of the emotional toll she had been dealt by her brother the night before, when he had so viciously induced a grim hallucination in her mind.

“I... umm...” Kate couldn’t move. She couldn’t think. She was stuck, her thoughts frozen as nearly every part of her fell instantly numb.

OOC: Hathev's reactions in BOLD supplied by @P.C. Haring for this post.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Reception Area | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Swift @trevorvw @Aharon [Show/Hide]

Lauren was still struck by the carnage around her in the sickbay. She was used to people being battered but the thought of this nice counselor dying beside her or heaven forbid Tessa, who moments earlier was reported in bad shape, just utterly destroyed her resolve. She was praying for help at this moment when she saw the doctor, Kate Foster enter the room. The sight of the doctor rushing to the counselor's downed body kept her in a state of shock until she heard her rank being called.

Snapping back to attention she looked at Kate. "Yes sir?" Puzzled she glanced at what the doctor could have asked until it hit her. "Ensign! I need you! Come here! Prop her legs up!" Still in shock she simply nodded and did as she was asked. The moment of adrenaline spiking inside her subsided enough for the fear to overtake her again. But Lauren kept her hands steady and lifting as she was told. If anything, commands helped her immensely in situations such as this.

When Dr. Foster asked Thea for site to site transport and almost left her, the terror hit her eyes again, that is until she took note of the doctor's side glance back at her location. Hearing the command to include her too, she was received not to be left alone in this sanctuary of death. Lauren reached for Hathev and helped lift the battered Vulcan to the surgical table before taking a step back to await further instructions when a Petty Officer notified her of another battered woman in the surgical bay nearby. Hearing that, Lauren rushed into the other surgical bay. She couldn't stand the thought of not being there for her friend. Epseically without getting to say hello again after all this time. Had she even tried to find her she wondered. Shaking her head she held Tessa's hand and prayed that the doctor would come soon. Which she didn't have to wait long.

From the look on Kate's face, she was very familiar with Tessa which told Lauren she was among friends here with the one they both were desparately trying not to lose in this battle. The hand tremors on Kate didn't go unnoticed however and Lauren reached to the doctor's hands which were coated in various blood types.

"I have faith in you doctor. I know you can do this. I feel we both have a lot on the line right now and that you care for each of these more than a doctor-patient situation should. Please....tell me how I can help. I can't lose my friend. Not after so long of her thinking me dead. ...I didn't even get to say hello again..." Tears lodged in her eyes as her throat was coarse in the events unfolding. She could feel the doctor's tension release slowly as time seemed to tick by in slow motion too. Time was of the essence and if they were to save these patients, they needed calm resolve and quick action.

"Please Kate, we're counting on you. What can I do?"

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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @P.C. Haring @Swift @trevorvw @Pierce @jreeves1701

As quickly as the banging on the doors had started, it stopped and this allowed Vinata to take his first deep breath of relief since the invasion of Sickbay by their enemy had started. He could only hope he was not being too rash or quick in letting his guard down now.

“Keep alert. I think they have moved on… For now…” He looked about the room as he spoke, his fellow nurses returned to attend the wounded and Vinata retrieved a shroud sighing to himself as her covered the body of the patient who was dead on the floor, who had been impaled by the bat’leth of one of the Klingon invaders.

Not that he took much weight in religion, but Vinata found himself with his eyes closed for a moment and thoughts and intention of peace for the deceased crewmember - he had respected their bravery and the distraction had offered the rest of the area safety and the opportunity to defend and eliminate the enemy. The Head Nurse would certainly make note of the valiant act in the ship's log and the personnel file of their fallen comrade. Their bravery deserved to be acknowledged.

It was then that he heard his dear friend Kate send a plea for help over the comms - Vinata’s own heart seemed to skip a few beats. A rush of adrenaline overwhelmed his senses, Kate’s tone had a sense of desperation to it and the Ovri knew immediately that she needed him at her side. The two had become accustomed to one another not only personally but in their practice as well. It was a great thing when a Nurse and Physician could develop that bond, that trust, that effortless working relationship. Kate and Vinata were that.

“Keep on guard. I have got to head to the surgical suite and help Doctor Foster. Security should be here soon….” Vinata stood and held his phaser tight - had he been thinking clearly, he would have transported himself to Kate but in his quickened reaction to the plea, the Ovri darted in person out of the primary care unit and towards the surgical suites. There had been no Klingon enemies directly outside of the door, thankfully, but about halfway through his sprint the Nurse heard some shouting in Klingon and there were two warriors on his tail - a blood lust in their eyes.

Vinata cried as they gained on him. He turned and shot his phaser, which had managed to strike one of the Klingons in their leg. It did not stop them from cornering him though.

“I will snap your neck and devour your remains!” The larger of the two warriors spat at the helpless Ovri and he smiled and grabbed a hold of Vinata by the neck, lifting him with little to no effort. Vinata tried to scream for help once more but his windpipe had been closed over by the strength of the enemy - the Nurse felt the life in him starting to slip away, a foggy-white-haze overcame him.

“GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU DISHONOURABLE TARG!” There was the familiar scream of a deep-womanly voice - within moments Vinata felt himself fall to the deck plating bellow, he gasped for air and after a couple of seconds was able to comprehend his surroundings once more. To his relief, he saw Krevass strike down the Klingons which had about ended him. She tossed the smaller one clear across the corridor after snapping his spine over her knee.

His last encounter had certainly been both disturbing and unwanted with the female brute. Vinata in that moment could not have been happier to see her though. Krevass made quick work of the enemy and then helped Vinata back onto his feet.

“Thank you… Krevass….” His voice was hoarse for a moment but quickly returned to normalcy. The Klingon warrior bared her teeth and nodded in response. “I need to get to Kate… She is in trouble…” Vinata’s eyes pleaded with his former Klingon lover who growled and rolled her eyes.

“Oh.. Well of course she is... “ Krevass groaned and held her bat’leth out. “Lead the way my little blue friend. I will see you get to where you need without any further interruptions.” As much as Krevass had wanted to see Kate dismembered, her intestines covering the wall, she cared too much for Vinata to interfere or deny his request to aid his human companion.

A few moment later, Vinata burst into the surgical suite, Krevass in tow. “It is okay.. She is a friendly..” The Ovri made sure the room would not take haste action against Krevass. “Doctor Foster.. I am here… What do you need?” Vinata quickly ran over to his friend’s side and took a visual of what was going on. He could immediately sense Kate’s distress, call it a best-friend instinct.

“Listen… You got this… You have me…. We got this…” He grabbed hold of her upper arm and gave it a reassuring squeeze. He also offered Kate a genuine smile - if only to show that he had faith in their ability to handle the situation with ease.
Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

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[ CPO Douglas Marcaida | Security Center| Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] @P.C. Haring @Swift @trevorvw @Pierce @Aharon

-Moments before the Battle-
Chief Douglas Marcaida stood in the Armory of the Security Center issuing weapons to security crewmen. The Theurgy was about to split into thirds, an indication of an upcoming battle. The alert status had been sounded and now each deck would host a security team and key spaces would have a guard posted at their doors. For Marcaida, it meant another shift stuck in the Security Center making sure that the Theurgy's arsenal of personal weapons was secure as were the prisoners in the brig.

"Be careful ensign, these weapons are set to 'keel'" he warned a nervous ensign that shook when issued a phaser rifle. Marcaida's unique way of saying kill inherited from a distant ancestor.

-Shortly after the intruder alert sounded-
The Security Center immediately went on lockdown as did every other room on Vector 2, including crew quarters. Marcaida heard the sound of the security bolts locking in place on the door next to the Master at Arms desk. It would now take a security override code entered at critical entry doors to move around the ship.

"Sithicksss toosss Marcaidasss." Came the hissing voice of a crewmember Marcaida had not heard since joining the Theurgy from Black Opal. He remembered the first time he met the Gorn Sithick. Marcaida was nervous at first working with the "Murder Lizzard" but soon came to respect him.

"Marcaida here."

"Gornsss intrudersss workingsss waysss upsss fromsss Decksss sixteensss viasss Jeffriesss Tubesss. Needsss securitiesss teamsss assistancesss."

"Understood. I'll assemble a team."

Once the channel was closed, Marcaida summoned the reserve team of security officers awaiting deployment. The so-called Omega Team, not because they were the final word in defense, nor an example of the phrase "saving the best for last." No, they were the officers with the lowest proficiency scores. Still competent as individuals, the best phrase for the team was "Strong as an Omega molecule but twice as unstable." Marcaida was a member of the small Starfleet Rapid Response Team based out of Black Opal tasked with reconnaissance, sabotage, and deception missions in and around the Romulan and Klingon borders. With the destruction of the station and the integration of those stationed there to Theurgy, Marcaida had found his place leading this ragtag group of misfits into a half-hazard team.

"Gear up and meet me at the Jefferies Tube access. We are going up against some dangerous Gorn. I need not warn you that their teeth and claws will 'keel'."

[ Mer'kat of the House of Tignar  | Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]

An elder Klingon sat nursing tankard of some alcoholic concoction. He was deemed too old to fight and was tolerated more or less a bard to entertain younger warriors with songs of past glories. While they fought to protect the Chancellor, he would sit and drink. He had heard the red alert klaxons, he had heard the intruder alert warning. When everyone evacuated the lounge for their posts, he remained seated. That was until the holographic barkeep deactivated. Then he moved to the other side and helped himself to stronger spirits.

The doors to the lounge wooshed opened as two Starfleet security officers filed in, phaser rifles at the ready. With a toothy smile, Mer'kat grinned at them and raised his tankard in a toast to them. "'ach pagh ghot tu'lu'1"

Recognizing Mer'kat as one of Martok's contingent, the security guards turn to continue their sweep of the deck. As they were about to exit, the lights in the Whetstone Lounge went dark followed by the sounds of banging and metal scrapings from within the bulkhead. Emergency lighting flickered on and Mer'kat, unphased by the events continued to drink the contents of his tankard. The taller of the two security officers slowly advanced on a point along the starboard wall where the noise was coming from. His partner remaining behind to provide cover.

Mer'kat watched with drunken amusement up to the point that the bulkhead wall exploded outward knocking the approaching security officer back across the room. What emerged from the Jefferies Tube access port behind the wall panel caused Mer'kat's blood to boil with youthful excitement. A Gorn! An opponent worthy of an aged warrior's attention. Martok's men had decided him too old to fight but the only way for an old soul like his to enter Stovokor was through an honorable death by combat. Mer'kat tossed the tankard over his shoulder. "Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!"2

[ Klingon Boarding Party Boqlar Vagh | Corridor outside of Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]

"Chap! Chap! Chap!"3 commanded the team leader of the Klingon boarding party. They were doing well advancing through the Starfleet vessel until they became flanked by a team of Starfleet Security officers and a team of Klingon traitors loyal to Martok. They had wounded in need of minor treatment to continue the fight, so they would execute a tactical withdrawal to the medical bay.

The doors to the Recovery Ward was securely locked. A Klingon technician broke the wall panel and began to work on overriding the security protocols as the rest of the team provided cover fire for him and their injured. Suddenly the power fluctuated throughout the corridor and the doors parted. "Qapla!" congratulated the team leader.

The technician looked back questioningly. It hadn't been him that opened the door, but there wasn't time to argue as the Klingon all rushed into the Recovery Ward.

Klingon Translation
1 "There is no one here but an old fool."
2 "Today is a good day to die!"
2 "Back"

Five additional Klingons have arrived at Sickbay at the Recovery Ward entrance. The Gorn that caused the power fluctuation is about to pop out of the Rehab Lockerroom access to the Jefferies Tube network. His priority target is the Klingons but will attack anyone or anything in its way. These Gorn look very much like the extragalactic Gorn from the 2013 Star Trek Video Game. The one in the Whetstone Lounge will continue to cause problems on the lower decks. A third Gorn is unaccounted for at this time is in the Security Centre.
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CPO Victor vanVinter | Main Sickbay - Recovery ward | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Aharon @jreeves1701 @Swift @P.C. Haring @trevorvw @Pierce

Victor was waking up from his long sleep, the world around him feeling swathed in cotton batting for the time he laid there. The sounds of, was that fighting? Surrounding him? Trying to remember what was going on when he went under, his memories of the Fight Deck foggy and blurred by pain. The heat of the chemical fire and the fumes burning his sin and lungs! The sudden roaring of air as the deck lost pressure vomiting himself and several other crew-persons into the cold depths of space! A cold sweat beading all over his body as his heart begins to race and Victor gasps for air with a violent breath in!

It take shim a moment to realize that yes, he can breathe, and his skin doesn't have that freezing burning sensation to it anymore from the exposure to hard vacuum. He can see, the strange nearly stereoscopic nature of his vision, natural in the right, cybernetic in the left, a vague outline of  temperature displays overlaid with natural sight. Yes, he'd dealt with that for the last five years, that was normal. Things were ok, things would be ok. Those sounds were just the sounds of the Theurgy fighting through the Defense perimeter at Jupiter. They'd get out of Sol, they'd get away from Earth, and then do what?

Bringing his hands up to his face, he goes to rub the cold fear sweat off of his face, and try to center himself. That's when he notices the prosthetic at the end of his left arm. The cool metal, and the slightly warm textured synthetic material providing a gripping surface of his fingers and palm. "That's new, when... how long?" Thinking to himself for a moment, he made a quick list of what he knew in his mind.

1) Time had passed since Jupiter, but not how much
2) He was naked in sickbay apparently having just woken up
3) He seemed in good condition
4) Those sounded like Klingons fighting?

Victor slowly gets up from the position on the bed he was sitting on, and wraps the medical blanket around his waist, holding it shut with one hand as she slowly creeps towards wall panel near the door in what had to be a room in sickbay, his foot steps slow and careful trying not make any real noise. Knowing that the doors would ruin everything, he opted for another way. Activating the wall panel, Victor places an emergency call to Security.

"This is Chief Petty Officer vanVictor in Sickbay, I think I'm in a recovery room. It sounds like there's fighting outside, requesting orders?"

He didn't like making it a question, and he wasn't sure how long a response would be in coming. So Victor stays behind the wall, facing the door into the recovery room. He wasn't going to be the one going 'boldly' into the unknown, naked, and still feeling a sluggishness from a year of stasis and surgeries in that condition. One last utterance made in a sardonic tone of voice that softly rumbled from his throat, "I just wish I knew where I could get some pants."

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[Security Team Eta | Turbolift Approaching Deck 11/Sickbay | Vector 02 | U.S.S. Theurgy] ATTN: @Aharon @jreeves1701 @Swift @trevorvw @Pierce @Tae 

Parsons brought his rifle to bear as soon as the lift doors parted and with a quick sweep of his weapon he checked the corridor.  Despite the damage, and the bodies of the dead, he found no immediate threats.

"Move it," he ordered as he stepped out, his weapon taking point.  He and the other six that comprised Security fireteam Eta took quick deliberate steps as they surged down the corridor towards the medical staff entrance.  Based on the reports, that area had seen the least amount of activity and it would make a good breach point to reinforce the lines from the Klingon and now Gorn intruders.

The doors parted and the carnage of sickbay assaulted them.  Sounds of weapons fire, the screaming and shouting of men and women fighting for their lives. 

"Deploy the generators as planned!"

Behind him he heard Crewman Seals slide the portable generator off the pack on his back and start to work setting it up.    Still, he pressed forward with the remaining team.    They rounded the corner outside of Cryo Stais.


HIs finger twitched on the trigger before the word was out of his mouth and two quick blasts from his weapon struck two Klingons in the back as they worked to break into the recovery ward. 

"Move it!  Secure the surgical suites and finish the deployment.  I'll check the ward."

The team behind him split up and set about their tasks.  Parsons keyed the door open and came face to face with...

"L...Lieutenant Akoni!"

He hadn't expected to see his commanding officer on his feet.  Last he'd heard Akoni had been injured at Spearehead and was still down for the count.  But here he stood, a Bat'leth tied to a power cable in his hands.

"Ensign Parsons sir, commanding Team Eta.  I have the team sweeping the section and deploying portable forcefield generators"

He reached over his shoulder and un slung the second phaser rifle he had been carrying.  "Would you care to change out your weapon, sir?"

OOC - Fireteam ETA is a seven man team.  Their goal is not only to secure sickbay from intruders, but also setting up a localized forcefield/shield around sickbay that will prevent further Klingon beam-ins, while at the same time permitting intraship beam ins for wounded crew to be brought in. 

Obviously there are still Klingons...and Gorn in sickbay and if the portable generators go down... well then I guess the field won't stay online.    IN terms of design the generators are similar to pattern enhancers in that they are cylindrical with a cone top, standing upright on a tripod . 

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring  @Aharon  @jreeves1701  @Swift  @Pierce  @Tae

Kai had clearly surprised the young Ensign by being in action, however the young man quickly got over that and gave a quick rundown of what his team was doing.

The large man quickly grabbed the phaser rifle from Parsons and checked the power pack and readied it for action. While he did that, he managed to spit out a few words to the young Ensign standing beside him.

”Good work Parsons. You’re with me.” he finished as Kai was done checking his new weapon, rather than the rudimentary but effective electric Bat’leth. The two-man team moved towards the end of the Recovery Ward in the usual tactical formation. On the way, Kai noticed another person on a bio-bed was stirring.

There were no apparent injuries, so they kept moving towards the door to the change room. Just a couple of metres from the door, the two men split up so each could be against the bulkhead on either side of the opening. The door wasn’t fully closed so Kai peered into the change room as well as he could. He immediately spotted two Klingons inside. He held up two fingers to indicate to Parson that there were two targets inside.

Kai turned his eyes towards Parsons and mouthed the words ‘stun grenade’ and held out his hand. Parsons reached up and removed one attached to his uniform. He tossed to his big boss and Kai caught the small cylindrical object. He immediately activated it and counted to two in his head before he tossed it through the opening in the door. The two men heard it hit the deck plating with a muted thump about one second before it did its job.

The light and sound immediately erupted from the room, hopefully causing everyone inside the change room to be stunned. As soon as the eruption of light stopped, both Kai and Parsons grabbed their respective halves of the door and pulled, forcing the door open.
Parsons was through the door first, rifle up and at the ready. Kai followed a split second behind him, rifle also at the ready. Parsons went left, Kai went right. They scanned the with their rifles and their eyes. They counted two dead crew members and three stunned Klingons.

”Clear.” Kai said when the room was considered safe. The same reply came from Parsons when he concurred with that assessment.

Parsons had been the first to hear it, but then Akoni heard it too. Talking coming from the Recovery Ward. The two spun around and went to enter the Recovery Ward, ready to take down whatever invaders were in there. As they approached the door, they noticed the talking was in Federation Standard.

As they entered the Recovery Ward, they noticed the talking was coming from the person that had been stirring on the bio-bed earlier. The man was now near the entry door of the Recovery Ward, opposite of where Akoni and Parsons were. The two hurriedly walked over to where the now awake man was. The immediately knelt down next to him.

”Commander Akoni; Chief of Security” Kai said, rapidly introducing himself before continuing on, ”Can you fight? Parsons, give this man a weapon.” he instructed his subordinate before even awaiting a response from the newcomer.

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CPO Victor vanVinter | Main Sickbay - Recovery ward | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Aharon @jreeves1701 @Swift @P.C. Haring @trevorvw @Pierce

Victor still had 'cobwebs' taking up space in his head, failing to notice the large man in the hospital gown. Understandable from having just woken up from who knew how long in stasis and medicated unconsciousness.  Taking a few deep breaths, he nods to the Commander, accepting the situation for what it was. If this beefy gentleman was going to go against Klingons in a surgical gown, then so was he.

"Yes Commander, I can fight. If I survived the Borg, I can survive some random Klingons."
There wasn't any brashness in his rich voice, the sound of it seemingly unusually resonant for a man of his slim stature. Even speaking low his voice carried through the room easily. Hopefully not loud enough for the Klingons to hear.  He took a deep breath to help clear his head, and stood up to his full height, standing a few centimeters over the large Security Chief. Taking a phaser from one of the members of the security team, he adjusted his hand around the grip of it, his right hand, still not sure of his left, not wanting to trust the brand new prosthetic in battle quite yet.

With a nod to the door out of the Recovery ward, a roguish grin comes to his scarred visage.
"Chief Petty Officer vanVinter sir, I've got your back."
 Notably, he didn't give his department, partly because he was unsure if he'd wake up to be re-assigned or not, unsure of the overall ship status. That, and at the moment, the fact he was part of FBO, or had been, was extraneous information right now with Klingons at the door.

Already the adrenaline was starting to flow, feeling a little keyed up already, it wasn't the same as taking a Valkyrie, or even a Peregrine through a slingshot so close to atmosphere that the hull glowed a dull red and the inertial dampeners could barely compensate. But that jolt of adrenaline he was getting woke him up and cleared the last of the cobwebs from his head. There was a look in his right eye, a glimmer of, something that he hadn't quite been able to pin down before. But this, it felt real to him. The ship under attack (again!) and boarded by Klingons. Hopefully it would be a matter of the team storming the room and subduing the Klingons.

Taking a moment to check the phaser, pointing it up, towards the ceiling, he made sure that the phaser was on a heavy stun setting, something that would hopefully manage to subdue a battle thirsty Klingon in a shot or two, maybe. He'd not fought Klingons, but  he'd heard stories about how tough they'd been back in the war, and he dearly prayed that the Federation and Empire weren't enemies... and oh god this was a lot going through his head, was he hyper ventilating? No, Not as bad as the Borg, not as bad as the Borg, nothing could be worse than that had been.

Taking another calm and centering breath to prepare himself as best he could, he 'stacks' up on the wall, and waits for the order from the Commander, giving him a silent nod instead of saying anything.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Surgical Suite One | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @trevorvw @Aharon @jreeves1701 @Pierce @P.C. Haring @Tae

It’d been years since Kate had frozen up the way she just had. Her mind and wherewithal to act suddenly vanishing away as though a great wave had cascaded across the shores of her consciousness and washed away years of training, practice, and most of all resolve. She could only stare into the bloodied and bruised face of a friend as the ship rumbled and rolled about her in accordance with the latest barrage of weapons fire lobbied against Vector 02. Lights flickered over head of her as she heard a voice speaking to her, though it sounded so very far away and disconnected. It was as if an echo had reverberated its way through a cavernous space, only to be muffled and distorted through a veil of confusion that persisted over her. Through her tangerine-hued eyes she struggled to notice how dull the features and details of her world had suddenly become, as an immense notion of panic continued to consume her mind in what could only be aptly described as a ‘fog-of-war’ like sensation. With short, exasperated breaths and a heartbeat that raced like a snare drum within her chest, Kate could barely hang onto the neural bridge in her hand as it hovered just above Tessa’s forehead. The petite blonde surgeon knew that she needed to act in order to save her dying friend, could even hear her internal voice screaming at her in addition to the real one which had been begging her to move, yet no matter how much she tried to will herself into motion, she remained stuck in this place.

The terror of it all. The manner in which this day had so hastily devolved from one stressful situation onto the next, with nary a moment to stop and collect her thoughts or emotions; it was just too much for Kate to handle. Somewhere she had short-circuited as a result of it all, just as the lights above seemed to do yet again.

“What?! I...” snapping back to reality as a reassuring presence touched against her arm, Kate’s whole world returned in an instant.

“Vin?” she asked, a strong sense of confusion lingering for just a moment as the process that had been pre-loaded into her mind surged back to the forefront of her consciousness. “Shit!” She exclaimed as her body responded in a torrent of adrenaline-fueled motion, her body suddenly cold with a sweat that chilled her to the very core. “Internal hemorrhaging of her right temporal and ophthalmic arteries!” she explained to her Ovri companion as she pressed the neural bridge to Tessa’s forehead and actuated it, immediately a high-pitched whine emanating as it worked to stimulate tissue regrowth of the damaged blood vessels. “We need to keep the swelling down lest she starts having seizures.” Peering up at the blue-skinned Nurse, Kate internally swore at herself for having frozen the way she did, but also thanked fate that her friend had arrived when she did, otherwise Kate might never have broken from her dazed state. With a nod, Kate knew she didn’t need to spell out the medications that Vinata would need to administer so as to control the potential swelling inside of Tessa’s brain. A good nurse was worth their weight in Gold-pressed Latinum, and her amphibian friend had more than proven to be that since they’d begun working together.

“It’s okay, Ensign. We’ve got this. Just keep watch. We can’t afford any distractions. Yeah?” Looking up over at Lauren, she knew that giving the panicked red-head something to do would help focus and calm her. It was the least she could do, given the manner in which Lauren  had also tried to coax Kate out of her malaise an instant earlier. “You’ll get to say hello, I promise.” She reassured, reaching for a cortical stimulator to add to the neural bridge already placed upon Tessa’s head, knowing that in addition to the arterial damage, she had no doubt sustained a severe enough concussion to warrant concern. At the same time, Kate caught glimpse of the great warrioress, Krevass, standing guard nearby and afforded her a simple nod of appreciation; a slight pang of remorse stinging at Kate over having lied to the honorable woman the day prior. If they survived this day, Kate promised herself that she’d make some kind of an amends between herself and Krevass in whatever way she possibly could.

“What the hell is going on?!?” she suddenly asked as the lights flickered a third time, bathing the surgical suite in an ominous darkness for a prolonged period before the emergency lighting kicked in. Angrily slapping the still green-stained combadge adorning her teal undershirt, Kate had every intention of letting her self-annoyance combine with the annoyance of their surgical suite losing power when even the emergency lighting began to flicker. “Foster to Engineering! We’re having power problems in Main Sickbay!” Snatching a tricorder from a nearby cart, Kate scoffed with impatience as she flicked it on and began using it to scan Tessa in leu of using the more advanced scanning capabilities of the surgical frame she was laid upon. A second later, with no response to her calls for assistance from Engineering, she slapped the combadge a second time. “Foster to Engineering? Foster to Bridge? Thea?!” There was a delay as overhead came a digitized and distorted voice vaguely reminiscent of the shipboard AI, though Kate couldn’t make out any of the words, or even syllables for that matter. Looking back and forth between Vinata and Lauren out of concern, the sound of something scuttling beneath the decking sent a shiver up her spine.

“What the fuck was that noise!?!” she exclaimed; her hands still attached to the cortical stimulator that she’d just placed against Tessa’s head.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Reception Area | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Swift @trevorvw @Aharon @Tae  [Show/Hide]

Lauren received reassurance from Dr. Kate Foster, who helped to give her a new focus while the medical team took care of Tessa. The jolts of light flickering weren't very inspiring confidence however as the Doctor called engineering to inquire on the status of the power outages. Something was going on more than they were aware of during this fight. Tessa being here was a tell that the ship and her allies were not in the greatest of scenarios.

She looked back at Kate who ordered the nurse to take care of her friend and realized that her friend must have had a similar impact on the good doctor. Something about Tessa seemed to attract damaged individuals and bring them back to the light. This was no different and their anchor it appeared was fading fast unless the equipment continued working. She caught Kate's glance and stare despite the order to keep things secure and manageable in the area. "Thank you. And I can see that Tessa meant something to you too. You'll do it doc."

A few steps from where Kate and the nurse stood, Lauren walked up to her and had planned to put a hand on her shoulder for comfort when she realized that her tangle with the Klingons left her with a damaged cybernetic hand in bad need of repair. She grinned and held it up. "In the meantime, got anything I can work on this while I wait to get back into things?"

Ensign Pierce waltzed over to the control panel and used her good hand to attempt to monitor the situation. Unfortunately not much was apparent other than Gorn and Klingon's running around the ship. With any luck, they'd get out of this alive.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Pierce  @P.C. Haring  @Swift  @Aharon  @Tae

”Alright Chief, follow us” Kai said to the newly awakened and freshly armed man.

Akoni and Parsons stacked up along the bulkhead. Parsons on the left, Akoni on the right with the Chief behind him. He looked at Parsons who gave him a nod in return. He then looked behind him and got the same silent nod from vanVinter.

Kai then held up three fingers for Parsons, to indicate three seconds until they breached the door. They’d be following standard room clearing tactics, without actually talking about it. Repelling boarders is a part of their standard training regimen and everyone that worked in the security department would know how to do it with their eyes closed.




After Akoni had silently counted down in his head, he pressed the button to open the door, which swooshed open just as expected. The large man immediately brought his rifle up to bear and was the first through the door, scanning the left side of the room they had just entered. Parsons was just half a step behind him, with the rifle up scanning the right side. vanVinter was the third through the door and seemed to instinctively have his phaser up and scanner the centre of the room.

Kai and Parsons both waved their hands in front of their face to indicate that the room was clear and there were no immediate threats. There were, however, signs of a battle there as well. Bodies, both Klingon and Starfleet alike were strewn on the floor, scorch marks on the bulkheads and debris everywhere.

Akoni was the first to hear the footsteps coming down the hallway to the right. He pointed to his ear and then in the direction the sounds were coming from. The three then stacked up along the wall and waited for the enemy as the sound grew closer.

When the sound seemed to be within a couple of metres of where they stood, Kai raised his rifle, turned the corner and pointed the business end of the phaser rifle to where the sound had been coming from.

What he was greeted with, surprised him. The rifle was pointing directly at two of his security officers carrying a forcefield generator. Relieved that he didn’t shoot first and ask questions later, Kai let out a big breath which sounded like a sigh.

”Report” he demanded of his two subordinates.

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[Security Team Eta & Lt. Cmdr. Hathev | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | U.S.S. Theurgy] ATTN: @Tae , @trevorvw , @Swift , @Pierce , @Aharon

Petty Officers Jenkins and  Vietri skidded to a hard stop as they came face to face with the business end of a phaser rifle held by,

“Commander Akoni, Sir,” Jenkins barked.  Neither he nor Vietri had heard he was on his feet much less in the fight and suddenly he felt a little more hope that they might come out of this in one piece.  “Sir, we deployed here to set up transport inhibitors.  We’re not sure why the Klingon's are boarding us from sickbay but…”

Jenkins was cut off in mid sentence as the red glow of a klingon transporter appeared behind Akoni, Parsons, and their companion, whom he did not yet know  (OOC - Hallo Victor!)

“GET DOWN,” he shouted, bringing his rifle to bear.

Yet no sooner did the beam release the boarding party, but another red glow encompassed the eight Klingon's.  Even as the lead drew back on his weapon ready to strike Akoni with his Bat’Leth he faded out, a look of surprise on his face oddly matched by Jenkins and Vietri.

“What the hell…”

Then he noticed something else…the deck was no longer lurching below them. 

“They’re pulling out,” came the call from elsewhere in sickbay.  “The Klingons are pulling out!  We’ve won!”

A whoop echoed through the sickbay followed by a moment of cheering before someone else shouted above it all.


Caught up in his own elation, Jenkins stepped around Akoni and his entourage, all thoughts of protocol leaving his head.  He moved through the hallway and turned, stepping through the door to the surgical bays.  He stepped into Bay 2, finding Petty officer Wright standing watch over a badly injured Vulcan.  He’d seen her but hadn’t met her in person. 

“Everything under control here, Wright?”

“I’ve got it in hand, Jenkins.  Is it true the Klingons pulled back?”

Jenkins stowed his phaser and stepped around the bio bed, putting his back against the wall that separated the two surgical bays.  He had no business stopping to chit chat, he knew but after the hell they’d been through the past few minutes he was more than happy to take a moment to catch is breath.

“Thats what it looks like.  Whole squad of them beamed in only to just beam right back…”

The bulkhead curving off to his left exploded outward, throwing Jenkins and Wright to the deck.  Time slowed down around Jenkins, as his ears rang and his vision blurred. 

A green humanoid…no…reptilian…looked like Sithick, though not in a uniform smashed through the bulkhead.  Jenkins’ vision focused enough to see the creature…a gorn, its teeth bared as it reared back.  Phaser fire from from Jenkins right struck the Gorn in the shoulder.  Wright had fired.  The impact threw the Gorn off guard, his arm swiping high.  But he recovered fast and swept back, his claws raking across the stomach and chest of the injured Vulcan. Jenkins thought she had been dead, but she screamed in pain.  This seemed to surprise the Gorn as well who did a double take at the woman. 

This time Jenkins fired, catching him in the stomach.  The Gorn recoiled and doubled over, coiling down.  Before anyone could react the Gorn sprang up, throwing his shoulder into the bio-bed sheering it of it’s mounting, and shoving it, and the hurt Vulcan on top of him.  The last thing private Jenkins heard was the shattering of the bones in his neck.

[Gorn Intruder | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | U.S.S. Theurgy]

The injuries to it’s shoulder and stomach were little more than a mere annoyance.  Even so the Gorn raged against the weak meatsacks that kept it in captivity.  It cared not for the wounded one on table.  Her meat would not be fresh.  But the two on the floor. They would be tasty.  Reaching down, the gorn picked up the table, laving the wounded meat to bleed, and smashed it down on the soft cartilage that connected the head to the body.  Such a weak species.

The second one in yellow began to move again.  The Gorn reared back, roared and bit down, it’s razor sharp teeth tearing through the flesh, crushing the bones, and riping into the spine.  With a jerk the feral Gorn ripped the spine apart and rose to it’s full height, it’s snout dripping in blood and bodily fluids.

Noise from behind drew the Gorn’s attention.  Presisng it’s claws into the gap created when it smashed it’s way out, the Gorn peered through.  More meat…lots more meat.  The human with the short yellow hair had it’s back turned and was hunched over more wounded meat. 

This would be an easy kill. 

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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @P.C. Haring @Swift @Tae @trevorvw @Pierce

It had not taken Kate long to snap out of her state - she had taken notice of Vinata’s presence and as if nothing had been going on, immediately assessed the situation before them. Vinata’s fingers danced along the controls above the surgical-frame-biobed, quickly configuring the biometric set-up and keeping anesthesia controls on standby should they need to be utilized.

The Ovri took notice of a slight increase in intracranial pressure which had coincided with Kate’s own verbal confirmation of a brain-bleed within the young Lieutenant before them. “I got it.” Vinata gave his colleague a nod in confirmation before he drew up some medication which once administered with help diurese some extra fluid around the brain and would facilitate homeostasis. It would prevent the seizure fit - at least he hoped. 

“ICP is down to sixteen from twenty. The medication and neural bridge seem to be working, Doctor.” Vinata provided the information verbally, even though he knew Kate could read just as much as him. He figured the verbal confirmation that they had some control over the situation would lend itself to being helpful for his friend.
In the next few moments, while Kate provided some exchange with others in the room, Vinata worked away on the controls and administered several more varying medications. The effort was smooth, efficient and in alignment with what had become second nature to him over his career. He was the Head Nurse afterall - he wouldn’t have been made so without the skills to back it up.

Just when things seemed to be looking more promising, the lights and controls began to give away. This had caused after several times, a shrieking but frequently power-interrupted alarm signal from the biobed. Vinita's movements seemed less flow-like and much more ridgid now - he knew just how delicate the balance in their treatment of the officer before them was. It was a moment in which having power fluctuations and control issues would certainly add to the probability of an adverse outcome.

It had become desperate enough that Kate had resorted to using her medical tricorder. Vinata used his free hand to quickly pry open Tessa’s eyes, and assessed her pupillary size and response. “Kate. Her pupils are uneven and seem to have an abnormal response to light.” It simply meant that her brain was not happy, clearly the pressure had increased again.

“Is the bridge working?” The power continued to fluctuate. Vinata then felt something beneath them as well, his own gut began to churn - something that usually only happened when something bad was about to happen. However, he could not let himself become distracted by such measures - the life of their patient was dependent on both of them being at their best.

“We could perform a full anesthetic and sedation protocol on her…. Given our current predicament, I would suggest a manual airway with a BVM and not rely on stimulators. It would decrease the workload on her brain and hopefully alleviate some of the pressure.” If that did not work, the next step would be much more invasive and certainly was not ideal, being either a shunt to drain excess fluid or a direct decompressive craniotomy - procedures which were very much considered barbaric in current times. Vinata was certainly not comfortable with it and was very much unsure of Kate’s own skill-level with such.

Either way… The two needed to gain more control of the situation, for Tessa’s sake.

 There had been some horrid noises and commotion which now took over the room, something outside from where they were at present. Based on the sounds of it, Vinata could only hope that whatever it was… Stayed there....
Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

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