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Name:Hylota Vojona
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Dejino- The fifth colonized planet of the Ovri.
Height:5'9 or 176cm
Weight:167lbs or 77kg
Hair:None but she has a Pentagon with a basic image of a mortar and pastel inside it.
Eye color:Dark Brown
Played by:Mischa Barton (voice)
Writer:Formerly Zenozine
Hylota is a avid researcher, she ha a love of genetics and how things work, she has fascination in the traits of other races and the possibility to integrate them into her own race.
She likes walking, it does not matter where, but the act is calming and allows her to think more clearly.
She finds music interesting and listens to the musical creations of other races to see if there is anything interesting with their work.
Being wet, despite living most of her life in a more dry environment she has always love the feeling of her body being covered in water.
War, as something not common among her people she has always found it interesting an it is the only part of history she looks at besides medical history, she particularly likes the designs of armor and defenses, as they were something her people did not focus on often.
Sexually she finds most males outside of her race unappealing, and the females interesting. She likes women with more slender bodies and thin legs. She has an embarrassing love of large breasts.
General Ovri Medical Schooling
Service Record

Hylota Vojona was a registered nurse who served aboard the USS Harbinger before transferring to the USS Theurgy in 2381 to assume the position of Head Nurse. She was the sister of Vinata Vojona, who served as a registered nurse on the same vessel. Hylota Vojona aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century, up until she left the ship to take care of her child in March the same year.


Hylota was born into a clutch of 4 children on Dejino. Dejino is a planet similar to earth, it is not as humid as the origin planet of her people and it was the planet that had been the reason for her people's push for genetic advancement through science. This fact was something that was made known to every hatchling on Dejino from a young age. While the other colonies mastered skills in technology, art, military training and many other fields the people of Dejino focused solely on the medical fields of study. To ensure that this most valuable of fields was excelled in clutches would be encouraged to compete with each other at young ages, offering rewards to the most well performing child, Hylota was not this child, Hylota was ranked second with her twin coming third. Considered middle children with decent futures they were both enrolled in basic schooling and sent to the same school.

Hylota was not pleased with her position, Hylota had felt cheated of greatness as the conditioning and emphasis on winning nagged at her and Hylota did not accept her new standing. Hylota took her classes more seriously and excelled in many of them, pushing to the head of several of her classes, but Hylota did not stop there, Hylota took up new studies in private and started her own projects as was encouraged by many teachers. Being young and foolish Hylota tried to improve regeneration of small wounds, a mostly neglected field of study that was more complex for Ovri than it seemed. This foolish pursuit led to a self inflicted wound to her arm in an attempt to make herself the proof of concept for her project, this did not work as planned and resulted in the loss of an arm. This loss had opened Hylota's eyes to the risks of her pursuits and the pitfalls of blind actions and Hylota swore off such dangerous projects. Sobered by her life lesson Hylota went back to classes as normal and instead of experimenting Hylota chose to dedicate her extra time to helping her brother who had been by her side through her accident.

From then on Hylota and her brother were tied together on the same course, both entered the medical field at the basic level, hoping to become assistants and possibly apprentices in higher fields. They both pushed through their classes, always being at the top of thee curve, always aiming to do better, when they reached the end of their base level medical courses within their schools they were approached by the elders of their planet, with the recent contact and admission into the Federation her people were eager to prove their worth, so they were gathering promising graduates from the most basic fields and they were organizing to send them to Earth to enlist in the Federation medical schools. The Council figured the basic fields would be able to learn more advanced information more easily with their prior schooling and less specialized background they would be able to give a good first impression of their race to the Federation. Of the two Hylota proved quite eager to go and meet this new and foreign alliance, the many unusual races were intriguing and exotic, Hylota eagerly signed up and joined on the mission along with her twin brother, both eager to face adventure.

As they made the exodus to Earth the two spent their time learning everything they could about their new home and the races they would most likely meet. As they arrive they were quick to get into their studies. Hylota took a while to learn the different manner in which medicine was applied, working with different systems of the body, compensating for the slower and minimal regenerative properties of other races, but also adapting to their own abilities. So many new races in her classes Hylota had to work twice as hard just to get an understanding of how medicine worked here. Her hard work and determination did not go unnoticed, Hylota might not have been the best in the class, but Hylota and her brother had showed the most rapid improvement as well as voicing many unusual and creative ideas. With possible potential they were offered special assignments on an actual ship to gain more field experience, and maybe form them into proper Starfleet doctors down the line. The two were stationed on the USS Harbinger before it was sent out on its mission to go after the USS Theurgy they had been on board for a short period of time and were expecting to only go out for one trip before being let off at a starbase and being sent back to Earth to resume their courses. However as the ship went out to take on the Theurgy the two were dragged into more danger than anyone could have foreseen, but none the less they prepared to do their job, to them they were just another duo of Ensigns that were stationed aboard the Harbinger they had a job to do and they would carry it out, despite being overlooked as the mission began they fit into place without much trouble. It had not helped that Hylota was a loner who kept to herself and her brother and simply did her job without making much of a scene. As things played out and the true nature of Starfleet was uncovered the two siblings found themselves now branded traitors and without any means of returning to their simple life as students. The two knew that when the news got back to their people they would not understand, it would be reasonable to assume that unless they survived to make it back that the Starfleet report would be the only held opinion, until they could explain themselves, for all intensive purposes they would be outcasts. But they understood why they had to stay, they were tied to the fate of the Theurgy and the truth it held, however with her supply of birth control running out Hylota was going to have to seek assistance in calming her intense biological needs.

During the events of the Calamity encounter Hylota was among the first gathered and sent off to help with the triage center, initially Hylota had been brought on to help treat those injured in the battle, her medical and surgical skills had been put to good use, sadly some were beyond her help and Hylota could only stop the pain while they passed. It was not something Hylota enjoyed, but it had to be done. Her particular set of patients had been the less vital, fewer high priority crew members and more mundane injuries, although Hylota had been performing well she had not been trusted with such critical tasks. However this turned out to be in her favor, when the center came under attack Hylota was able to evacuate her patients more easily, with low priority Hylota was not as heavily attacked and within moments of the Harbinger realizing the dire situation at the triage camp Hylota and her patients were extracted. But her work did not end there, numerous reports of burns were coming in from the situation the planet was in. There was also the matter of her colleagues, some of the triage staff had not been as lucky as her and were now in need of help themselves.

As the two outlaw ships fled the planet Hylota began to panic, among the active medical staff brought back her brother was not with them. Hylota searched in a frenzied panic before she found him, at the back of the medical bay covered in a wet blanket that was hydrating him, the best medical aid that the limited medical knowledge on Ovri could provide. He had been caught up in the fight and separated from Hylota, he had been helping others escape and had been trapped under some rubble after a quake. Her poor brother had managed to go unnoticed and was eventually beamed up, but he was severally dehydrated, his hide scaled and lathery to try and stop the loss of further moisture, he had gone into shock and needed more drastic attention than was available at the moment. The damage was not permanent but her brother as out of commission, the shock was a bit much for Hylota and she drifted though her work supplying aid until she was relived by a different nurse. No longer needing to work Hylota stumbled away and leaned against a wall not far from the med bay and curled up and began to cry. This was to much for her, with her brother Hylota at least had her family, but now with the near loss of her brother and the actual loss of others, the stress was to much, Hylota could not bear the stress on her own.

Personality Profile

Hylota is an independent person, she learned early on that she needed to rely on her own skills to get through thing. Hylota does however have strong sense of honor and family, if Hylota invests in something she gives it her all and will defend her work to the end even if wrong. She will do the same for family, seeking to protect them and see them kept safe. Of course ties are hard for her to make as she is socially awkward, she does not censor herself well and can come off as blunt. She is also naturally pessimistic and considers herself a realist. She also likes to be among a crowd, she will show up to crowded places and just be around others looking around and listening to others as they go about their lives and then she just lets herself get lost before leaving.

Physical Profile

Hylota is an Ovri female, distinct for a more traditionally masculine figure among other races, her skin is smooth and soft when wet, she is warm with slightly scaly skin, her knees, elbows and other joints are more hard and scaly than other points of her body. Her hide color is a base of a muddy red color with leopard frog style spots that are dark dark brown and light tan. Her left arm from the elbow joint down is a faintly lighter coloring due to limb regrowth from her childhood. She has a pentagon on her scalp with a basic mortar and pastel inside it stained onto her skin in a white color, indicating basic proficiency to her people. She has dark eyes with dark brown irises, she has two eyelids that cover her eyes, one gives them a milky coloring but allows partial sight, the other is a more solid lid that covers her eyes like human eyelids. Hylota does not have ears, instead where ears should be she has tympanum that are a darker shade of her rusty skin color. Hylota has four fingers on each hand, each has webbing going half way up the digit, except for her pointer finger on her right hand, there the webbing has been removed to allow the pointer finger a wider range of motion as part of an old medical tradition. Her finger tips are larger than a humans as they are made for getting a better grip on a wider range of surfaces. She has no breasts or nipples as her race is not mammalian and females do not breast feed and males only have breasts as displays of health. Although female Hylota has a masculine build like all females of her race, her shoulders are not very broad and she does not have a narrow waist, she had wide hip to accommodate her thicker, stronger thighs. Although Hylota is not all that elegant, all of her joints are quite flexible and she can bend more easily than an average human. Her legs are digitigrade and her feet are fully webbed and have a similar setup to her hands with bigger toes for gripping, but since Hylota has to wear boots she has them weighted and magnetized to allow her better footing. Her vagina appears flat and smooth until aroused when it gets increased blood flow and swells up parting the lips. Her mouth is a light pinkish color, inside are several glands under her tongue, one set produces a strong pheromone mix used for a making kiss to arouse a mate, or be mixed with her saliva as a lure. Hylota also produces a foul smelling substance that can be used to repel enemies. Hylota has no teeth, but has a band of hard cartilage where teeth would go, and when she need to eat she pushes the band out from her gums revealing the sharp band that is used for ripping up prey. Her tongue is also different, it it has a long range of reach able to lick her own eye with it. Hylota can also extrude the chemicals that are in her mouth from pores on her body, but unless in a moist environment this ability is useless.

Hylota is an ensign and a nurse, she wears a standard uniform with a special internal lining to keep it warmer since her species does not hold onto heat very well, the downside is it is prone to over heating her in hot enviorments. As well as her Ensign ranking on the collar and Starfleet badge on her chest, beside it she has a badge made of three different metals that makes a shape like the double helix of DNA. A badge that indicated her graduation from her own people's medical corps. Keeping with her people's customs she wears a wide scarf made of plain fabrics that can be worn as a scarf or be pulled up over her head to provide shade and be worn like a hood. She also owns on of her people's dresses, a more loose garment worn like a toga.