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Personnel FileR-o5.png
Position:Executive Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Height:178 cm
Weight:64 kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Halle Berry
Writer:Auctor Lucan
The Teachings of Kolinahr
2302-2320: Acolyte-from-Birth, Temple of Kolinahr
2320-2350: Acolyte, Temple of Kolinahr
2350-2360: Master Acolyte, Temple of Kolinahr
2360-2361: Trainee in Command, Vulcan Space Command, Ministry of Defence
2368-2370: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2361-2365: Sublieutenant, Vulcan Ministry of Security, Vulcan Security Directorate Vessel T'magena
2365-2368: Subaltern, Vulcan Ministry of Security, Vulcan Security Directorate Vessel T'magena
2370-2372: Ensign, Vulcan Fleet Command Liason, United Federation of Planets
2372-2374: Lieutenant JG, Instructor, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Starfleet Academy
2374-2377: Lieutenant, Security Officer, USS Goshawk
2377-2380: Lieutenant Commander, Chief Security Officer, USS Harbinger
2380-2381: Commander, Executive Officer, USS Harbinger

T'Rena was First Officer on the USS Harbinger from 2380 until her death in 2381. T'Rena aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command at first, but betrayed that cause when she committed mutiny against Captain Jien Ives together with her own Commanding officer, Declan Vasser.


T'Rena was born on Vulcan in 2300, to the House of D'maga. The family were strong supporter of the Kolinahr. Hence, after her birth, the Vulcan child was given over to the temple for indoctrination, early on shedding her of emotional impulses. While at the temple, having spent just a few months there, the House of D'maga was almost entirely destroyed by an accident that caused several containers of anti-matter to detonate - wiping out T'Rena's home.

Left orphaned, T'Rena grew up and became a member of the Kolinahr Temple. They trained their young members with focus on logical thought, and the rigid control of emotions that made their school of hand-to-hand combat the most effective. T'Rena thrived in this environment. Like most members of the temple, she underwent rigorous physical exercise, exhaustion being one of the key techniques to wipe the mind clean of emotion. By the age of fifteen, T'Rena was incapable of feeling happiness, fear or sadness. In 2320, she became an Acolyte. She spent the next forty years of her life with the monks. Her first contact with alien races away from Vulcan space came eventually, experiences that showed her the illogical nature of other humanoid species. She thought them the source for most of the disruption in the galaxy, and when raised to Master Acolyte, she taught the young the same for almost ten years.

Yet T'Rena's connection to the Masters of Kolinahr ended abruptly when she was travelling to one of the monastery outposts. At this time, brigands decided to attack the outpost, resulting in that twenty monks were slain. T'Rena rallied the survivors and attacked the brigands herself. Her skills in hand-to-hand combat and her callous fortitude saved her life and those of other monks. She managed to kill nine brigands and gravely injure ten more before phaser fire scarred her face and injured her legs.

She spent much of the following year recovering from her wounds, trying to decide on a new path in life - having learned that prayer was not enough. As Master Acolyte at the Temple of Kolinahr, her political power might be small, yet it was enough to convince the Ministry of Defence to let her train in the Vulcan fleet. Yet before that, she participated in the Kolinahr, to ready herself further for the interaction with the universe at large. Even though the Kohlinar Masters did not feel her chemical and psychological eradication of emotion to be as valuable as control, T'Rena passed the rituals, and proceeded to join the Vulcan Defense as an piloting trainee. T'Rena spent a total of eight years with the Vulcan Defence Ministry before giving up, since she found the pace and slowness stifling. For it was clear that Vulcans were not interested in policing space, disrupting crime, smothering chaos in nearby systems. No, they appeared to her self-centred, leaving such things in the hands of the human-dominated Starfleet.

T'Rena's career with Starfleet thus began. Her attendance at Starfleet Academy as a Cadet was formality. She achieved extremely high marks in tactical and command, yet, as instructors ceaselessly pointed out, she already had several years experience as a leader to augment her teachings. She graduated first in her class, entered service immediately - as a Ensign liason to the Vulcan fleet.

After a year, she was promoted to Junior Lieutenant and became a hand-to-hand combat instructor at Starfleet Academy, a position she used to incorporate Kolinahr teachings, this particular among Vulcan Cadets. While unemotional, she had managed to develop something beyond the lack of emotion. Not humour, nor sarcasm, yet a way to use her utterly dispassionate view on everything. For while neither frustrated nor angered, patience endless with slower students, she came to realise she could use her own remoteness as a deception - to act like she felt and needed things. Her inability to fit in with most of her fellow instructors, added with her strong political and philosophical views, was remedied as soon as she began to charm and manipulate her Commanding Officers. Deception led to promtion to Lieutenant and a new commissioning. She was posted as a Security Officer on the USS Goshawk in 2374, and then recommissioned to the USS Harbinger three years later since they needed a Chief of Security. She was by then holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Aboard the Harbinger, T'Rena was nicknamed the Winter Queen, as she appeared almost an archetype of a passionless Vulcan with her rigidity and logic. Attempts to get some kind of emotional response out of her whilst she was on duty failed completely, provocations put down coldly and effectively. Yet when it benefited her, and off duty, she remained the deceiver and charmer that she had become in order to get ahead.

And while Captain Declan Vasser, the Commanding Officer of the USS Harbinger, was not exactly fooled by her ploy, he found merits in her standpoint on several issues. Thus, while his aged Executive Officer withdrew from service, T'Rena was promoted to Commander and made his replacement... as the cold Executive Officer of the Harbinger. This was one year before they discovered the true nature of Starfleet Command, and began the escape from the Alpha Quadrant.

By Captain Vasser's side, T'Rena was the voice of cutting logic and the brutal right-hand that seized whatever advantages were to be found during the escape - morality and forbearance obstacles sliced away. Whatever baby-fat remained around the wits of the Senior Staff, the Executive Officer scraped it off with her tongue - instilling absolute need as their primary drive. She resorted to deception and charm, seduction and coitus, whatever needed... as long as the word of the Captain was obeyed.

For she knew the price of mutiny in a situation such as theirs.

After the Harbinger made contact with the USS Theurgy, T'Rena calculated that the chance for success against unknown odds were infinitesimal. She convinced Vasser that they should flee Federation space with both ships and use the crews from both to breed a race of genetic augments to take back the Federation in a generation or two. As many women as possible should be impregnated and alterations could be made to the fetuses while they were in the womb to match Vasser's genetic augmentation. With is approval she used her telepathic powers to alter the loyalties and ethics of as many different people on both ships as possible, and managed to program Ensign Cir'Cie to do the same.

Just before the mission to Starbase 84 was to start, T'Rena and Vasser made their move, taking Ives hostage and assuming command of both ships, giving themselves each a promotion in the meantime. The altered morality of their converts made it easy for those who weren't mentally conditioned to take sides. Frustrated at the amount of resistance they faced, T'Rena hunted down Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent, the most vocal of her dissenters herself. Trent, Master Chief William O'Connell and a handful of junior officers had barricaded themselves in the Theurgy’s Vector Three Battle Bridge. T'Rena attempted to lock the challengers in and eliminate them by pumping out the air, but Trent managed to override the doors. T'Rena responded by charging inside, killing Trent's battle bridge officers and nearly Trent himself before she was shot and killed by O'Connell. Before she died, she had indirectly caused a number of deaths matching those inflicted by the USS Calamity, including the destruction of her own ship.

Personality Profile


Given her background, training in emotional control, and the somewhat extreme beliefs of the Kolinahr, the best way to describe T'Rena's personality is to illustrate it's absolute cold lack of it, or so she would have one believe.

In her file, it is stated that T'Rena has repeatedly shown no empathy and she would appear to have no moral qualms about following any of her Commanding Officer's orders. This regardless of how morally putrid or illegal the orders might be. On several occasions, she has been close to being defined as the Vulcan equivalent borderline sociopath. She applies logical thinking to every single interaction she is involved in and considers those who cannot operate under such rules inadequate. She does not, literally, have a sense of humour. Her emotional control is great enough to use callously, and to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. She may appear charming when she wants to, yet she is in reality dead inside - taking advantage of the leverage she knows she has over emotional men and women with her sharp wits and physical attractiveness. Given this personality trait, T'Rena is surprisingly adept at diplomacy and dealing with emotional beings, though, because of the abyss of distance from which she can regard an issue objectively. Her control of her emotions was not absolute, however. When faced with resistance and the exposure of her crimes by Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent, she murdered Hannah Slaverton simply out of frustration, despite the fact that the young ensign was under her control and assisting her at the time.

Physical Profile

The scar upon her forehead was kept as a badge of honour from the time when she fought to save her fellow monks at the Kolinahr outpost.