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NameVinata Vojona
BirthplaceDejino- The fifth colonized planet of the Ovri.
Height5'7 or 170cm
Weight149lbs or 67.6kg
HairNone but he has a Pentagon with a basic image of a mortar and pastel inside it.
Eye colorDark Brown
Played byZarah Leander (voice)
Vinata is a free spirit, liking art and works of fiction, he took up fantasy writing when he was younger before moving on to becoming a basic medical worker.
He was much more social than his sister Hylota and quite enjoyed dancing and keeping up to date on current events.
He like the feeling of water on his skin and the feel of other soft things.
He also takes a great interest in the abstract art of all races and seeing how they compare, feeling that the abstract unifies all.
He also is a bit of a pervert, taking a slight interest in looking over a person and trying to picture them naked.
He also is fascinated by the males of most every other race since he is male, and his body would be considered female to almost any other race. He is also interested in the Vulcan race and how they have cast off emotions.
General Ovri Medical Schooling
Service Record

Ensign Vinata Vojona was a registered nurse who served aboard the USS Harbinger before transferring to the USS Theurgy in 2381. He was the brother of Hylota Vojona, who served as head nurse aboard the same vessel. Vinata Vojona aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Vinata was born into a clutch of 4 children on Dejino. Dejino is a planet similar to earth, it is not as humid as the origin planet of her people and it was the planet that had been the reason for her people's push for genetic advancement through science. This fact was something that was made known to every hatchling on Dejino from a young age. While the other colonies mastered skills in technology, art, combat and many other fields the people of Dejino focused solely on the medical fields of study. To ensure that this most valuable of fields was excelled in clutches would be encouraged to compete with each other at young ages, offering rewards to the most well performing child. Vinata was not this child, he was ranked third, just below his twin sister who placed second. Considered middle children with decent futures they were both enrolled in basic schooling and sent to the same school.

This defeat had weighed heavy on Hylota's shoulders, while Vinata was not as drastically impacted, how showing the same competitive drive as his twin, despite this he could tell his sister wanted to be the best, and he was not about to get in her way. For Vinata the middle rank was not bad, he was alright coming in second or third against his sister. He never felt that he was in the same league as her anyways, while Hylota adapted and learned well enough, he had to work hard every day to get close to Hylota's level. While Hylota pushed to excel, Vinata got to know his classmates and made friends. As they advanced in their studies things began to get difficult for Vinata, Hylota suffered a self inflicted accident and as she was recovering Vinata remained with her and kept her company. As the incident fell behind them Hylota began to assist Vinata in his studies ad encouraged Vinata to do better than just average.

From then on Vinata and Hylota were tied together on the same course, both entered the medical field and pushed through their classes always being towards the front of the curve thanks to Hylota, when they reached the end of their basicmedical courses for the Ovri schools, they were approached by the elders of their planet. With the recent contact and admission into the Federation their people were eager to prove their worth, so they were gathering the best from the most basic fields and they were organizing to send them to Earth to enlist. They figured the basic fields would be able to learn more advanced information more easily with their less specialized schooling and would be able to give a good first impression of their race to the Federation. A little uneasy about this Vinata as only convinced to go when Hylota took the assignment and he was taken along for the adventure of a lifetime.

As they made the exodus to Earth the two spent their time learning everything they could about their new home and the races they would meet. Mostly Hylota learning, and Vinata lagging along behind her as usual. As they arrived they were quick to start their classes. As Hylota hit a hurdle with the new medicine and information, Vinata took it like hitting a wall. He could not get past the drastic change in medical focus, so much understanding of small wound treatment that would usually be sterilized and allowed to be amputated for an Ovri was no longer an option. It seemed that no matter how much he worked on his own, he could not ever seem to catch up to the rest of the classes, his own prior schooling was hindering Vinata. However, when things got hard, Hylota was there to help and slowly, but surely he began to catch up to the rest of the class. With the improvement that they showed Hylota was offered a special opportunity aboard a Starfleet ship, and with some insistence Vinata was allowed in as well. The two were eventually stationed on the USS Harbinger before it was sent out on its mission to go after the USS Theurgy they had been on board for a short period of time and were expecting to be let off soon enough to return to their schooling. As the ship went out to take on the Theurgy the two were overlooked and ended up prepared to do their job, the two were just another duo of ensigns that were stationed aboard the Harbinger, and they were overlooked as the mission began. As things began Vinata was always trying to find out what was going on an what the full story was so he could keep his sister up to date thinking it would not be a long mission, but an interesting one. But as the true nature of Starfleet was uncovered the two siblings found themselves now branded traitors and they withdrew from the rest of the crew. The two knew that when the news got back to their people they would not understand, it would be reasonable to assume that unless they survived to make it back that the Starfleet report would be the only held opinion, until they could explain themselves they would be outcasts. But they understood why they had to stay, they were tied to the fate of the Theurgy and the truth it held.

As time went on Vinata became familiar with the medical staff of the Harbinger and he started to find his place among the crew, in time he hoped to do the same for Hylota. But then the events with Calamity ensued and things all fell apart. Just like Hylota he had been chosen for the team working at the triage center. He had been stationed apart from Hylota since he had a better bedside manner and he was considered a better choice for being sent to work with the injured crew. During the care giving things were going well for Vinata, but a the camp began to come under fire and things went to hell, Vinata was caught going between stations. And that was when things went to hell for him.

While he was running trying to save some of the critical supplies from the crumbling planet things took a terrible turn for Vinata as he was almost hit with a jet of hot gasses and he found himself losing consciousness, the immense heat was doing terrible things to his body an as it tried to compensate. Eventually he could no longer remain awake and he passed out, falling to the ground and became covered by the falling wreckage of the camp. If not for his com-badge Vinata would have died there on the planet, but he was able to be beamed up and stabilized. Due to the nature of the modification the Ovri had to allow them to survive on dryer planets his body had tried to survive the immense heat by slowing the rate water would be removed from the body, in the hours following his rescue things were rather touch and go, but eventually he stabilized and was put through a hydration program before being put into a cryo pod for transfer to the Theurgy where his treatment would be finished when things became less critical and he would be stationed with his sister.

Personality Profile

Vinata is a social person with a bit of a issue with nervousness. He has the body of what is commonly perceived as a female to other races, so he does not feel comfortable around females of other races or males who have mistaken him for a woman, this has complicated his wish to make friends. He has a strong sense of family, he really wants to make his sister proud and to try and not be a burden to her so whenever she needs his help he gives it, and whenever she is in need he is there for her. He is very social and liked to know people and their stories, he thinks getting to know those you are around is key to being a good medical officer, he would rather be the kind nurse everyone knows instead of the solitary doctor. He is an optimist and always tries to see a bright side to things. He likes to be part of a group, he does not like fading into the crowd and he actively seeks out conversation and friendship with those that he is around.

Physical Profile


Vinata is an Ovri male, distinct for a more effeminate figure among other races, his skin is smooth and soft, he is warm with slightly scaly skin, his knees, elbows and other joints are more hard and scaly than other points of his body, these areas are also slightly black. His hide color is a base of a bright vibrant blue color with spots of vivid red all over his body, most notably is a red spot over his right eye. Like his sister he has a pentagon on his scalp with a basic mortar and pastel inside it stained onto his skin in a white color. He has dark eyes with dark brown irises, he has two eyelids that cover his eyes, one gives them a milky coloring but allows sight, the other is a more solid lid that covers her eyes like human eyelids. He does not have ears, instead where ears should be he has tympanum that are the same red as the spots over his body. He has four fingers on each hand, each has webbing going half way up the digit, except for her pointer finger on her right hand, there the webbing has been removed to allow the pointer finger a wider range of motion, a common practice among Ovri medical personnel. His finger tips are larger than a humans as they are made for getting a better grip on a wider range of surfaces. He has an ample chest, with large C-Cup breasts without nipples, breasts are a sign of health among Ovri so it was common for large breasted males to mate. Although male Vinata has a feminine build like all males of his race, his shoulders are narrow and he a thin waist with a round soft butt, he has wide hips to accommodate an Ovri's thicker, stronger thighs. All of his joints are quite flexible and he can bend more easily than an average human. His legs are digitigrade and his feet are fully webbed and have a similar setup to his hands with bigger toes for gripping, but since he has to wear boots he has them weighted and magnetized to allow her better footing. His cock is fully hidden inside of his body, it is hidden away in a sheath and his balls are fully internalized as his lowed body temperature does not harm the sperm. His cock is the same length as an average human's, but it is different in shape, having a more tapered appearance starting out thick and then growing narrow at the tip, it also emerges covered in a natural lubricant and has a pinkish color. He also produces a sweet smelling substance that can be used as a perfume, an it contains minimal amounts of pheromones, unlike a female he does not have a concentration of these pheromones created in his mouth as he does not have the same glands. He has no teeth, but has a band of hard cartilage where teeth would go, and when he needs to eat he pushes the band out from his gums revealing the sharp band that is used for ripping up prey. His tongue is also different, it it has a long range of reach able to lick his own eye with it.

Vinata is an ensign and a nurse, he wears a standard uniform with a special internal lining to keep it warmer since his species does not hold onto heat very well, the downside is it is prone to over heating him in hot places. As well as his Ensign ranking on the collar and Starfleet badge on her chest, beside it he has a badge made of three different metals that makes a shape like the double helix of DNA. A badge that indicated his graduation from his own people's medical corps. He only owns two of his people's outfits, a more loose garment worn like a toga that is a bright blue color. And a traditional male outfit consisting of a thin silky tunic that has a long piece of cloth wrapped around his waist, breasts and then thrown over his shoulders in a way that covers his body and flows loosely. It was made to draw attention to a male while they were dancing making the fabric spread out and draw attention to his coloring. Originally designed to help save females from predator by making them go after a male.