IKC Rotarran

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The IKC Rotarran

The IKC Rotarran was a Klingon Negh'Var class warship starship in service to the Klingon Defense Force in the late 24th century. In 2381, the Rotarran was the personal flagship of Chancellor Martok. The Rotarran was named after the IKS Ratarran, the Klingon Bird-of-Prey that had served Chancellor Martok so faithfully during the Dominion War.

Four days after the battle at Starbase 84, the IKC Rotarran encountered the Theurgy’s second stardrive vector known as the “Sword”. Unwilling to accept acting commanding officer Wenn Cinn’s explanation of the the situation, Chancelor Martok ordered the Rotarran to attack in order to avenge the loss of the IKS Hakkarl and its commanding officer, Drex, son of Martok.

(The IKC Rotarran should not be confused with the IKS Rotarran, which was apparently decommissioned or destroyed at some time between 2375 and 2381. Apparently, famous or influential starship commanders are able to insure that their next command has the same name as their previous command. If both James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard managed to command two ships with the same name, it is not beyond the bounds of reason that current Chancellor of the Klingon High Council couldn't name the next Negh'Var class warship constructed and claim it as his personal flagship.)