House of Martok

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It is a truism that any warrior may grow up to someday lead the Empire if his heart is pure and his battle prowess worthy. Martok, son of Urthog, was a low-born Klingon from the Ketha Lowlands whose petition to join the Defense Force was turned down due to his caste. He served as a laborer on a Defense Force vessel where he helped turn the tide against Romulans who boarded the ship. Given a battlefield commission, he quickly climbed the ranks, becoming a general and Chancellor Gowron’s chief of staff – and also becoming a true member of the warrior caste, with the House of Martok quickly becoming among the most respected, for all that its founder and House head was a lowly commoner. (He also mated with Sirella of the House of Kerla, which was a strong but small House, but the two Houses combined into a strong union.) In the waning days of the Dominion War, Martok became chancellor, increasing his House’s prestige even more, especially as he has been a strong leader in the years since the end of the war.