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The United Federation of Planets (abbreviated as UFP and commonly referred to as the Federation) was founded in 2161. The United Federation of Planets consisted of over 150 planets plus their affiliated colonies all committed to a single co-operative governmental system. Starfleet was responsible for a majority of their exploratory and defensive capabilities, as well as sometimes diplomatic missions. The Federation was an interstellar federal republic, composed of planetary governments that agreed to exist semi-autonomously under a single central government based on the principles of universal liberty, rights, and equality, and to share their knowledge and resources in peaceful cooperation, scientific development, space exploration and defensive purposes. Source: Memory Alpha


The aftermath of the Dominion and Borg invasions made the Federation establish new relations with many of its former adversaries, the Romulans in particular.

In 2379, cooperation took place between the crew of a Federation Starfleet vessel, the USS Enterprise-E, and Romulan forces to defeat the Praetor Shinzon, whose actions would have destroyed both Earth and the Romulan Star Empire. It was hoped that this would mark the beginning of an end to hostility between the Federation and the Romulans, marking the beginnings of détente with a traditional enemy of the Federation.

After the death of Shinzon, the initial approaches between the Federation and the Romulans were continued and a new task force led by the USS Titan was dispatched to the Romulan Neutral Zone in order to begin talks with the Romulans. The USS Theurgy was a part of this task force, yet regrettably, the attempt failed, and the consequence was the Romulan Civil War.

A human by the name Nanietta "Nan" Bacco from the Federation Member State of Cestus III was elected Federation President in October of 2379, serving through the sundering of the Romulan Star Empire. It was unknown if the parasitic aliens that had overtaken Starfleet Command had also infiltrated the Federation Council at that point.

Federation Members

These were the Federation member species as of 2381.

(Note: A few are not listed because they have no relevance to the Star Trek: Theurgy story.)