Deep Space 9

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Deep Space 9
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Deep Space 9, originally known as Terok Nor, was one of the most historically, politically, and strategically important space stations in the Alpha Quadrant during the latter half of the 24th century. The space station was constructed by the Cardassians in orbit of Bajor during their occupation of the planet. Under Federation administration, following the Cardassian withdrawal in January of 2369, the station was relocated into the Bajoran system's Denorios belt. There DS9 became a vital commercial port and defensive outpost due to its location near the mouth of the Bajoran Wormhole. It later became a key strategic location during the Dominion War, for both the Dominion and the Federation Alliance.

Sinead O'Riley served at DS9 from the autumn of 2370 until the spring of 2373 and participated in the siege at Ajilon Prime.

In December of 2370, Ensign Zaryn Kolari, a young security officer from the USS Atlantis, was transferred to DS9 for medical care and officially removed from the starship’s roster. Impressed with the young man's bravery and anti-Maquis sympathies, requested that he be officially added to DS9’s roster upon his recovery. Ensign Kolari was promoted to lieutenant (junior grade) in 2373 and left DS9 to transfer to Starfleet Intelligence in 2374.

Ensign Tyreke Okafor was assigned to DS9 after graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2372. He had specifically requested the assignment. He spent most of his assignment on Bajor, using his unique scientific field of organic electronics to help the survivors of the Occupation with medical aid and research. During the Dominion War, he assisted the Bajorans planetside and managed to earn the Bajoran Golden Orb commendation by the Republic of Bajor and a promotion to lieutenant (junior grade). In 2376, Lt. jg Okafor requested a transfer to starship duty and was given a transfer to the USS Hawkins by a mutual agreement by the commanding officers of both DS9 and the USS Hawkins.

In 2373, Ensign Nysarisiza zh’Eziarath was assigned to the diplomatic corps on DS9. Though her dream was to negotiate a peaceful compromise with the Dominion, she instead spent the following three years maintaining the Federation's wartime alliances, mainly with the Romulans. While there, she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. At the end of the War, she was transferred to the Federation Embassy on Bajor.

In 2374 Ensign Vael Kaeris was assigned to DS9 as part of a medical triage unit that was based primarily on Bajor with occasional sojourns to DS9 or other hot spots depending on the needs of the war effort. During this time he earned a promotion to lieutenant (junior grade). Kaeris was unsatisfied with ground duty and successfully he applied for a position on an exploratory vessel in 2376.

In 2377, Lieutenant (junior grade) Sjaandin Fedd was transferred to DS9 where he was promoted to full lieutenant, but a fight with a Jem'Hadar soldier a year later resulted in Fedd being demoted back down to lieutenant (junior grade). Fedd left the station when he transferred to the USS Archer in 2379.