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The Daystrom Institute was founded in the 23rd century and named by Dr. Richard Daystrom, the inventor of the duotronic computer who later performed research in artificial sentience, which led him to create the failed multitronic computer. It was both one of the premier scientific organizations in the Federation, and also an organization that was loosely connected to Starfleet, and particularly to Starfleet’s sciences division. It was in the unusual position of being both a department of Starfleet that Starfleet personnel could transfer to and from, and a partially independent organization that also employed civilian scientists and researchers who had no connection to Starfleet. As a result, it was one of the few organizations where Starfleet and civilian personnel regularly worked side by side as colleagues. In this organization, Starfleet personnel remained bound by Starfleet rules and regulations, while civilians were governed by Federation law and the rules governing the Daystrom Institute as a whole.

In addition to sponsoring a multitude of science outposts, the Daystrom Institute administered several universities, including the well-regarded Daystrom Institute of Technology. It also regularly sent both civilian and Starfleet members to investigate unusual scientific phenomena all across explored space. One of the unusual features of the Daystrom Institute was the breadth of its expertise. While it was most famous for its work with cybernetics and artificial intelligence, it also employed researchers with specialties ranging from theoretical physics to archaeology. A separate division oversaw each field of study, with most divisions being governed by a separate council, like the Daystrom Institute Archaeological Council. These councils drafted and enforced rules for institute members pursuing a field of study, and often served as the primary means of oversight and review for members of the Daystrom Institute who were not Starfleet personnel.

Some Starfleet personnel who were members had spent most of their service either working as academics at a large research facility or stationed at remote and isolated research bases. These individuals may have had considerable difficulty adjusting to life as a crew member living and working in the carefully regulated environment of a Starfleet starship or starbase.

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