IKS Hakkarl

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The IKS Hakkarl
Image © ARC games

The IKS Hakkarl was a Vo'quv class carrier in service to the Klingon Defense Force in the 24th century. In December of 2380, Drex, son of Martok was assigned to the Hakkarl as its commanding officer. Captain Drex was the commanding officer of the Hakkarl when it met its destruction in the Ithacae system in 2381. Also serving aboard the Hakkarl was an El-Aurian refugee and civilian strategist named Zyrao Natauna who was fortunate enough to be in a fighter when the carrier met its end. When it was destroyed in 2381, the Hakkarl’s fighter complement consisted mainly of NIyma Imperial Klingon Raiders.

The destruction of the Hakkarl caused some controversy. Records recovered from the Theurgy indicate that Captain Drex received encrypted orders from a classified outpost that allegedly came from Chancellor Martok to destroy the moon orbiting Ithacae III and that the automated complex known as Tyn Akir, Last Stronghold of the Gîl Naur, used the last of its power to destroy the carrier in order to protect the only known Radiant that its artificial intelligence was aware of, Doctor Heather McMillan.

(The name Hakkarl translates into English roughly as Vangaurd.)