Isel Nix, callsign "Foxfire" (MIA)

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Personnel FileW-o1.png
Name:Isel Nix
Position:Fighter Pilot
Species:Vulpinian (Artie)
Age:54 (Appears late 20s)
Orientation:  Pansexual
Birthplace:Inari Prime
Height:5ft 0in / 1.52m
Weight:108lbs / 49kg
Hair:White (All forms)
Eye color:Blue & Green (Heterochromia)
Played by:Annasophia Robb
Writer:Formerly: Fife
Space propulsion & weapons technology
Outdoor Activities
Holonovels (Spy, adventure)
2375-2378: Starfleet Academy
2378-2379: Tactical CONN Training
Service Record
2379-2381, Ensign, Tactical CONN Officer, USS Persephone

2381-2381: Ensign, Tactical CONN Officer, Black Wolves Squadron, USS Dauntless

2381: Ensign, Tactical CONN Officer, Lone Wolves Squadron, USS Theurgy

Ensign Isel Nix was a Tactical CONN pilot who transferred to the Black Wolves Squadron aboard the USS Dauntless in 2381 while it pursued the USS Theurgy as part of Task Force Archeron. She later joined the Theurgy`s mission to aid in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


The Young Vulpinian

Eira Saffir was a Vulpinian Artie female born on Inari Prime in 2327 according to the Terran calendar. Her Vulpinian name reflected the color of her fur, and was roughly translated as "Sapphire Snow".

She spent her early years on Inari Prime, approximately 21 (Terran) years. Eira was very close with her father, who was the pilot of a sub-impulse shuttle used to transport trade good between regions of the Inari Prime. During these years she showed a keen interest in the technical workings of weapons and propulsion systems, which her father encouraged by bringing home pieces of various systems for her to tinker with, as well as technical manuals. Her father later became a combat pilot and, during the conflict the Ferengi had been perpetuating with the outlying Vulpinian colonies, was killed in action. Eira was 16 at the time.

In 2348, five years after her father’s death, Eira and her mother were kidnapped by the crew of a Ferengi freighter who planned to sell them to the Orion Syndicate. And so, at the age of 21 and still a kit by Vulpinian standards, Eira was sold into slavery. She was separated from her mother and sent to the auction block. She never saw her mother again.

The Syndicate

Eira was bought by a Boslic woman named Analla. Analla was a tall, slender and strikingly beautiful woman with lavender-coloured hair and pale, almost translucent eyes that had a fierce, hard edge to them. Despite only being in her early 30s, Analla was a fairly high-level member of the syndicate who dealt mostly in illegal gambling and smuggling, though she also dabbled in kidnapping and piracy and assassination. She almost never took part in the operations herself, instead preferring to pull the strings from behind the scenes from her base of operations on Tarod IX, along the border of the neutral zone with the Romulan Star Empire.

After purchasing Eira and several other slaves, Analla had them brought aboard her ship to be transported to her base of operations. Once aboard the ship Analla had them fitted with shock anklets, which would allow her to deliver varying levels of voltage to the slaves should they displease her or attempt escape. One slave, a young Bolian male whose name Eira never learned, lashed out and struck Analla while she paced before her new purchases. Analla decided to make an example of him, and set his anklet to continuously put out current, slowly increasing the output as the child screamed and writhed on the floor. The other slaves could only watch in horror as the Bolian child suffered. When Analla grew bored with the display, she turned the anklet to it’s maximum setting, letting the other slaves see the Bolian die. The lesson was very clear, disobedience or attempted escape would mean a very unpleasant death. What Analla said next was forever emblazoned in Eira’s memory.

“Know that I care not for any of you. I am not your mother. I am not your friend. You are property, mere things to be used as I see fit. And know that I will not hesitate to discard you should you displease me or cease to be of use.”

On the journey back to Tarod IX, the ship came under attack from Klingon raiders and, while it managed to escape through an asteroid field, was badly damaged and left adrift. Eira, utilizing the knowledge she had retained from her time tinkering alongside her father, was able to restore the failing life support systems. After some trial and error, she was able to bring the communications systems online as well, allowing Analla to contact her associates and request help.

After being picked up by one of Analla’s smuggling ships, Analla returned home to Tarod IX, taking Eira with her. Taking an interest in that particular slave and her obvious talents, Analla decided she would take the Vulpinian under her wing and make a useful asset of her. She had her associates teach Eira several languages, including Romulan and Federation Standard, and had her instructed in the use and maintenance of personal and ships weapons. Eira soon became an indispensable asset to Analla, acting as assistant, bodyguard, translator, and messenger. Four years into her service, Analla granted Eira freedom, releasing her from slavery. Eira, having little knowledge of life outside the syndicate, continued to work for Analla. She cast off her old name, the name of the slave she had once been, and took on the alias of Demetria. Demetria quickly became known among the Orion Syndicate as a vicious operator and Analla’s right hand.

In 2360 Demetria accompanied Analla to a meeting of various members of the Orion Syndicate. While at the meeting Analla asked Demetria to oversee a weapons purchase going on in another area of the facility, believing that one of her employees what trying to cheat her. Demetria monitored the buy over video feed, confirming that the man was trying to cheat Analla. Demetria confronted the man and, when he attempted to pull a disruptor on her, ripped his throat out with her teeth. After reporting the incident to Analla, Demetria was rewarded and given a substantial cut of the profits. Demetria used the profits to open a small underground gambling den, with Analla permission of course, and began to make a tidy profit. She also purchased a small shuttlecraft and began to modify it to her liking, doing most of the work herself. Shortly after the incident Demetria and Analla became involved in a casual intimate relationship which, while not monogamous, continued throughout Demetria’s time with the Orion Syndicate.

The business and personal relationship between Demetria and Analla became strained in 2366 when, acting on behalf of Analla, Demetria took one of Analla’s crews and intercepted a Starfleet transport which was carrying one or several witnesses that were going to provide testimony against Yorill, one of Analla’s close associates within the Syndicate. After their ship disabled the Starfleet transport, Demetria boarded the ship with a team and located the witnesses, killing numerous members of the Starfleet crew in the process. The witnesses turned out to be a Denobulan man, his wife, his wife’s second husband, and 6 children. The family had been working for the Syndicate, and was going to be relocated by Starfleet in exchange for their testimony against both Yorill and his associates, which would lead Starfleet Intelligence to Analla. Demetria slew the adults herself, but planned to take the children and sell them at the slave auctions, at least sparing their lives. Analla had given the crew instructions to make sure Demetria completed the mission however, and the crew informed her of this while holding a disruptor to her head. Demetria hated Analla in that moment, but carried out her orders and killed the children. The screams and cries of the children in their last moments haunted Demetria’s dreams for the rest of her life. After receiving a warning from their ship that there was an incoming ship with a Federation warp signature, they quickly fled the scene, unaware that a Starfleet officer had been hiding in a vent and watching the whole exchange. Having heard the crew call Demetria by name, he passed the report of the murders along with her name on to Starfleet Intelligence.

In 2367 Demetria made a delivery to an Orion Syndicate associate on Starbase 84. While in her quarters after the deal, she was approached by a man from Starfleet Intelligence and questioned about the incident with the murdered witnesses, as well as several other cases of murder, kidnapping and smuggling that they were able to like to the name Demetria. The man, who only identified himself as Luke, offered her a deal. If she turned informant and passed along information on the Orion Syndicate, she would be pardoned of any crimes. Luke also informed her that failure to cooperate would result in her being thrown in prison. Demetria opted not to go to prison, cooperating with Starfleet Intelligence while at the same time keeping them away from Analla. She began to feed Starfleet Intelligence the names of Analla’s rivals within the Syndicate, fulfilling her end of the deal while also strengthening Analla’s position. For the next 8 years she played on both sides of the line, having Starfleet eliminate the competition while shielding Analla from them. She was forced on occasion to give up some of Analla’s associates and shipments, so that it did not seem suspicious to other members of the Syndicate, but that was a small sacrifice.

Expanding The Business

With the star of the Dominion War in 2373, Starfleet Intelligence became less demanding, it’s sights having been set on fighting the Dominion rather than working against the Orion Syndicate. The war also caused some disruption with Analla’s shipping lanes, as the increase in military presence made smuggling and piracy much more difficult an undertaking. As a result, profits in the sector began to dwindle, and Analla began to step up the kidnapping and assassination aspects of her operations, as well as branching out into running brothels in early 2374. The prostitution aspect of the business was one that Demetria had issues with, and had no desire to be a part of. Analla had her overseeing shipments of slaves and kidnapped women for the brothels, and Demetria grew increasingly disgusted with the operation.

In late 2374, Analla had Demetria accompany a raider crew to “obtain” more girls, targeting a Cardassian civilian transport. When they boarded the transport, Demetria discovered it carried mostly children, with only a handful of adult women accompanying them as they evacuated a threatened colony. They took the women aboard their ship, and Demetria planned to leave the transport adrift with a distress beacon activated so the children could be picked up, but the raider ship’s Captain opened fire before she had a chance to react. The transport was destroyed, and all the children with it. Demetria was crushed. The rift between Demetria and Analla had been slowly growing over the years, and seeing those children die was the final straw. Demetria needed out.


After returning to Tarod IX and delivering the women, Demetria discovered Analla had bought more child slaves from the slave markets. Demetria had been formulating an exit strategy for some time, and that night she put it into action. Demetria removed their shock anklets and snuck the 3 children aboard her shuttle before heading back into the compound. She placed explosive charges on the other shuttles that were docked, as well as the communications array, and rigged them to explode in 30 minutes. She then used a back-door command on the computer console to transfer what assets she had not already hidden to various banks throughout the quadrant, then encrypted the records. As she left the planet’s atmosphere, she explained to the children that they were not slaves any more, and that they would have another chance at a normal life.

Demetria made her way to Earth, bringing the three children with her. V’Rek (a Romulan girl), Thera (a Bolian girl), and Helmar (an Andorian boy). When she arrived on Earth, she told Starfleet Intelligence she was done playing games, and was getting out. She surrendered her shuttle, gave them a report that detailed a great deal of Analla’s operations, and gave up Analla herself. In exchange, she received a change of identity and a full pardon, though with several conditions attached. These conditions included her mandatory enlistment in Starfleet, which she agreed to, and finding a positive use for the illegal profits she had accumulated during her time with the Orion Syndicate.

Demetria then found herself a free woman, with a new identity and all record of her illegal activities expunged. Her new name was to be Isel Nix. She tried to get Starfleet to arrange for housing for the children, but the officer she was dealing with simply dismissed the request and not being part of their responsibility, and let San Francisco's civilian authorities to find forster care for them. Demetria, feeling responsible for the children and seeing her younger self in them, wanted them to have better opportunities than she had been given. She decided to use her wealth to help fund an orphanage, which the chosen proprietor named after her new assumed name in honor of her extremely generous donation. Starfleet Intelligence knew of the allocation of funds, and kept records of the three children that Demetria had freed.

Starfleet Academy

In 2375, two years before Inari Prime had become a member of the United Federation of Planets, Isel entered Starfleet Academy, and began her training. She felt out of place at the Academy, suddenly finding herself in a world of rules, regulations and laws. While unfamiliar, she found it easy enough to adapt to life at the Academy after spending so long in the dark underworld of the Syndicate. She made friends easily, but developed a reputation for being a flirt and casually sleeping with a number of her classmates, both male and female, over the next 3 years.

During her first year at the Academy she was roommates with Annika Van den Berg. Annika was in her fourth year at the Academy at the time, and her previous roommate had dropped out of the Academy. Annika was rather xenophobic, and finding herself with a shapeshifting alien for a roommate, coupled with Isel's outgoing and flirtatious nature, made for a tense year between the two women.

Her roommate for her second and third year at the Academy was an Asexual Human named Andrea Hawkins, who went by Andy. Isel found Andy both frustrating and intriguing. Frustrating on account of her lack of sexual interest, and intriguing because of her hobby; restoring old motorcycles. Isel had always had a keen interest in spacefaring craft, but now found herself learning about the old Earth machines. Andy had restored an old model of a Triumph motorcycle from the British region of the planet, and after Isel’s first ride, she was hooked on the rush of riding. The two spent the next 2 years restoring and riding, and remained close after they graduated from the Academy, Andy as an Engineer, and Isel as CONN with a minor in Engineering and aiming to go into Tactical CONN training.

Ensign Isel Nix graduated Starfleet Academy in 2378, and was accepted into Tactical CONN training immediately following her graduation form the Academy. Having already had quite a bit of experience as a pilot, Isel took to flying fighter craft with ease, and proved herself to be quite capable during her training. She was reprimanded on several occasions for flirting with the instructors, though her fellow trainees knew enough about her to know that it was just her nature, and not done out of any attempt to get ahead. There was an incident which resulted in a fight between Isel and another Tac CONN trainee after Isel made a pass at the trainee’s boyfriend. The ensuing fight left the trainee with a broken jaw and Isel with several bruised ribs. Both trainees were put on notice, with an official reprimand in their files for fighting and conduct unbecoming an officer. The incident happened just a week before they were to graduate from Tac CONN training, and so the course staff decided to let then graduate rather than losing fully trained and promising pilots. Isel completed Tac CONN training in 2379, and was assigned to the USS Persephone.


In late March of 2381, following the confrontation between Task Force Archeron and the USS Theurgy at Starbase 84, the Persephone was deployed to provide disaster relief to the heavily damaged starbase. While at Starbase 84, Ensign Nix was transferred to the USS Dauntless to help bolster the ranks of the Black Wolves Squadron following the heavy losses they took during the battle.

Personality Profile


Isel was generally described as a happy and fun loving person, with a very flirtatious nature and a nose for mischief. She had a very casual take on sexual relationships, as was typical of her people, and did not feel ready to settle down with a mate. Her flirting could be problematic at times, especially when an officer of a higher rank caught her eye. While she was shameless in her flirting, she never used it to try and gain special treatment or favours from those she took a liking to. She tended to be very touchy feely and affectionate towards friends, lovers and acquaintances, and had little regard for people’s personal space. She also took great pleasure in teasing people, though she was not malicious about it.

Isel was fiercely loyal to her friends, and would charge into hell to protect them. She felt shame at her past actions and her time in the Orion Syndicate, though it had not exactly been her decision to become involved with the organization. That shame led her never to talk to others about what she did before she joined Starfleet, and to behave in a way that she hoped might allow her to vindicate herself. She closely guarded her secret, and her connection to the children at the orphanage she had helped fund, fearing retribution against them by the Syndicate should the truth ever come out.

She preferred to maintain her Natural form when off duty, and generally only took her Vulcine form when on duty and in uniform, or when in intimate situations.

Physical Profile

Isel was not tall by human standards, reaching only 5’. What she lacked in height, she made up for in image. She had heterochromia, with one eye being an icy blue color, and the other a vivid green. The two sharp colours stood out all the more due to her snow-white fur, making for a stark contrast.

In natural Vulpinian she looked like a were-fox. She stood on her hind legs, and had an almost entirely white coat. Her Artie heritage showed through in her shorter, rounded ears. In both Natural and Feral forms the only part of her coat that wasn’t pure white were her ears, which were tipped with black fur.

In her Vulcine form, she looked like a pale human female in her mid-20s. She retained her heterochromatic eyes, her ear shape, and her tail. She had long white hair that flowed down to her mid-back. After having used this form often while in the Orion Syndicate, she is well practiced at it, and it able to make her body look more human than many of her species, with both her second and third pairs of breasts being completely flat, and the nipples disappearing while in Vulcine form. Besides her tail, her ever-present smile gave away her heritage, with the very pronounced canines being prominent.

Special Notes

Vulpinian Name: : Eira Saffir (Sapphire Snow)

Orion Syndicate Alias: Demetria

Years active in Orion Syndicate: 2348-2375

Starfleet Intelligence Witness Protection Name: Isel Nix


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