USS Bellerophon

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The USS Bellerophon.
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The USS Bellerophon (NCC-74705) was an Intrepid class Federation starship operated by Starfleet in the late 24th century. (Source: Memory Alpha)

David Grayson served aboard the Bellerophon from 2374 until his transfer to the USS Theurgy in 2380. In 2378 he was promoted from lieutenant junior grade to full lieutenant.

After the USS Theurgy discovered the conspiracy that compromised Starfleet and fled Federation space, the Bellerophon was selected to be part of Task Force Archeron and ordered to hunt down and destroy the errant multivector dreadnought.

In early January of 2381, the Bellerophon accompanied by the USS Akagi, the USS Ark Royal, and the USS San Paulo engaged the USS Theurgy in a battle that resulted in the death of a number of officers, including the Theurgy’s Chief Tactical Officer Augarath Thenaljpar.

In March of 2381 the Bellerophon was disabled by Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent's "Soup Sandwich" virus, but a week later had recovered sufficiently to participate in the Battle of Starbase 84.

A week later Task Force Archeron had tracked the USS Theurgy to the Azure Nebula. In a battle with the Theurgy’s vector one stardrive section known as the "Helmet", the Bellerophon was destroyed. Although lifeboats were recovered by the Theurgy’s conjoined vector two and three stardrive sections together known as the "Ranger", the majority of the Bellerophon’s officers and crew were lost in the tragedy.

Known Crew: