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Personnel FileR-o6.png
Name:Jien Ives
Position:Commanding Officer
Gender:Male & Female
(Two chosen forms)
Orientation:  Pansexual
Height:1.69m / 1.87m
Weight:60kg / 90 kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Mark Dacascos (Male)
Ming-Na Wen (Female)
Writer:Auctor Lucan
Martial Arts
2353-2357: Starfleet Officer Training

2357-2360: M.A. in Diplomacy, Starfleet Academy
2360-2363: BSc(Psych) Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Starfleet Academy
2363-2365: Starfleet Intelligence, Classified Location

2365-2371: Aldean Education System, Philosophy, Alpha Quadrant
Service Record
2365-2371: Lieutenant JG, Infiltrator, Aldea

2371-2373: Lieutenant, Assistant Counsellor, USS Imperator
2373-2376: Lieutenant Commander, Counsellor/Rehabilitation Officer, USS Vendetta
2377-2379: Commander, Diplomatic Officer and Executive Officer USS Vendetta

2379-Present: Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Theurgy
2371: Starfleet Medal of Valour

2373: Starfleet Medal of Commendation

2375: Starfleet Silver Palm

As Commanding Officer of the USS Theurgy, Captain Jien Ives was a central figure in the opposition against the parasites that had compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.

Background Story

During the Klaestron Civil War - year 2335 - an orphan child was found on the battlefield.

Before the rebellion was subdued by the Klaestron army, the Federation had ambassadors in place to mediate in the conflict. While they were there, they were approached by soldiers from the field, carrying a baby that looked humanoid, yet changed its appearance in regards to what it happened to see. The ambassadors accepted the child from the soldiers into their care, and when their mission ended in 2339, they took the child with them to Earth.

Quite early, the child was discovered to be a Chameloid.

The child would imitate those around it - altering its shape and colors to mimic the ones of the delegation it was playing with. Such an unexpected find left the ambassadors stupefied and the very least of their concerns during the civil war was how they would name the being - since it obviously did not have a specific gender. A human emissary chose to name the child "Jien" - since it was a neutral name in Federation Standard. This emissary, Jacques de Pétain, offered to care for the child until it could be processed through the official channels of the United Federation of Planets.


On Earth, after the Klaestron Civil War ended in the year 2339 with Curzon Dax finding a resolution for the warring parties, the being known as "Jien" became the subject of a long debate concerning its future fate. Medical testing and experiments were advocated, but Jacques de Pétain gained support with his proposal to raise the child under observation - giving it relative freedom and a place to live. At that time, a British relative of Jacques owned acres of wildlife sanctuary in Japan. The decision was made to raise the child there, with the Englishman's personnel and mansion for the child's playground. All the while, the Starfleet Science department would have researchers there; merely to monitor the child's personal evolution.

The Englishman, Sir Geoffrey Frederick Ives, named this undertaking the Ives-Pétain experiment, named in deference to the 1938 Ives-Stilwell experiment which analysed the Transverse Doppler Effect (TDE) described by Albert Einstein in his seminal 1905 paper. Sir Geoffrey - as well as Jacques de Pétain - were descendants of Herbert E. Ives, and even though Sir Geoffrey sought no fame for himself and Jacques, he found that while the Ives–Stilwell experiment formed one of the fundamental tests of special relativity theory, this experiment would be a fundamental study in extraterrestrial heritage cast into human culture.

The native personnel of the Japanese natural reserve oversaw the raising of the being known as "Jien" into early adulthood. During this time (through a misunderstanding in translation) the locals gave the creature Sir Geoffrey's last name, thus calling him "Jien Ives". The being was still not determined by gender until the age of fourteen - where it seemed inclined to take on the shape of a young Japanese woman. A reason for this was hard to determine, yet perhaps the child found it prudent to gain visual recognition from the humans it was surrounded by.

The Ives-Pétain experiment, now known as Jien Ives, underwent social training by the locals, and one of the teachers was a martial artist by the name Hitoshi Nakamura. From an early age, Hitoshi trained Jien in Kenjutsu and Iaido - two separate arts of sword wielding. This was even before Jien chose her female form, and in lack of a resident father figure (since Sir Geoffrey seldom visited the mansion), Sensei Hitoshi became her unaccredited adoptive father.

When Jien turned eighteen, she was told by the Starfleet Science representatives that her time at the mansion was at an end, and that it was time for her to join Starfleet Academy. The Ives-Pétain experiment was going to be relocated, since the object - she - had come of an age for her learning skills to be challenged by more advanced education. In tears, Jien refused, saying that she did not want to leave her home - that she would not leave her aging adoptive father. The wise Sensei Hitoshi, however, intervened. He came to stand in front of the young woman - this creature that had found tangible humanity in the shelter of the natural reserve - and lay his arthritic hands upon her shoulder. As he looked into her dark eyes, he spoke.

"There is naught more for you here. Your future lies beyond these pretty prison walls, and perhaps, even beyond the stratosphere. You will never become who you were meant to be if you remain, so take the memories of this place with you. Remember this time... with fondness in order to find your own self."

Curling her hands around the fabric of Hitoshi's keikogi, Jien cried against his chest. "M-my training is not complete. I will never master your teachings, father."

Hitoshi patted her head. "My path is not the same as yours, nor are my teachings the true embodiment of your skill. Your path and your mastery are both your own to find, but I will arrange it so that you may bring your equipment." Parting from Jien, he produced his katana, which had been sheathed in his sash. He presented it to her with both hands as according to ritual. "Oshiego - student - you shall honor this blade of mine, since I do not have the years left to do so. That is your last assignment."

Jien stared at the sheathed dai-katana, which she knew was named Arashi. It was a family heirloom of the Nakamura family, and the meaning of its name was "storm". The tears on her face were forgotten, and the reverence she felt crippled her obedience. "Sensei..."

"Words have no meaning in this assignment. Only the act. Take it, in remembrance."

Starfleet Academy

By the year 2353, Jien was subjected to the more challenging Starfleet Officer training program in San Francisco, and the campus was a foreign, frightening, and yet intriguing place to her. Her accent was a barrier, even though she had been schooled in a few languages during her upbringing in Japan. With so many new impressions, and so many new people, it was a stark contrast to her life in the natural reserve. Yet there, she was not the only one who was different , since several new species underwent the education - all different from the humans she had lived with up to that point. This, of course, led her to again question the reason for her chosen form, since there was so much more that might determine who she really was.


Indoctrinated into a more reserved and quiet nature by her Sensei, Jien had trouble letting people into her life. Furthermore, she was several times approached by humans that had the second type of physique - the larger and more... hairy type than her own chosen form. She had been taught the theory of reproduction, but at first she was bewildered and did not understand their intentions. When she encouraged one of them out of curiosity - a random Cadet that had a pleasing form - she learned what it all entailed. She reveled in the experience.

Yet oddly enough, when she changed into her lover's physique and meant to repay him for his expert attentions... the human screamed and ran away, as if she - now he - had done something wrong.

This event was the catalyst for more personal research on his own, and (now "he") maintained a pleasing male form in order to learn more about the difference between the two - something that he had never quite understood before. Outside the intriguing studies of the Starfleet Academy's curriculum, Jien Ives underwent something of an identity crisis, and could not determine which form - male or female - that he/she felt more comfortable with. This, naturally, cast his/her growing number of friends into confusion, and only those closest to him/her stayed by his/her side.

Graduation day came, and Jien passed the exams with results pleasing for those administering the Ives-Pétain experiment. The Chameloid graduated the same year as Geordi La Forge, William T. Riker, and others who would take their careers - from the year 2357 and on - into space. Yet when Jien meant to apply for an Officer position on a Starship, Sir Geoffrey Ives and Jacques de Pétain came to visit the campus.

They asked Jien to continue the learning process, for reasons that eluded the Chameloid. He/she was not a fool, and saw the profit the two humans would reap from further studying his/her life (which was something Jien had grown accustomed to), but he/she also recognized their empathy - that they meant to keep him/her safe from the growing strife that accumulated across the galaxy. Jien agreed to continue the studies at the Academy, but not for the two elderly men's benefit, for his/her own. Besides the eagerness to learn - since studying had been the pinnacle of his/her existence since being a child - the identity crisis was yet to be resolved.

After three years, Jien earned an M.A. in Diplomacy. Three subsequent years gave him/her a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Still alternating between his/her male and female form by the turn of a day, week, or month - or by recognition and preference from friends and lovers - Jien slowly began to realize that perhaps a single Chosen Form was inadequate. This dawning realization remained with the Chameloid, and instead began to develop some kind of order on that premise - a compromise of existence made in the year 2363.

Starfleet Intelligence Operative

Overruling the claim of the Ives-Pétain experiment administrators, the Academy Dean saw the potential in Jien's shape-shifting qualities and extended his power to cancel the ongoing study. Subsequently, the Chameloid was approached with a request for him/her to join Starfleet Intelligence. It would mean further training at the Intelligence Academy, and since Jien knew naught else but studies and had found order in his/her existence, the acceptance was given unbeknownst to the Chameloid's two benefactors. Before Sir Geoffrey Ives and Jacques de Pétain could stall the development, Jien finally left Starfleet Academy as an Ensign and vanished - undergoing training at a nameless Starbase in Federation space. Two years were spent learning the clandestine ways of a Federation agent and further sharpening his/her skills in the martial arts - something that Jien had never forgotten. He/she would honor the teachings of Hitoshi Nakamura.


The discovery of Aldea by the Enterprise-D took place in the year 2364. This world had been considered a legend for thousands of years, whilst being self-contained and self-sustaining with incredible technical sophistication. Aldea was said to have shed its past of violence and cultural conflict; evolved to a pure state. The people devoted themselves to science, art, and medicine. When the chance came to learn the technology and teachings of this planet, Jien's training at the Intelligence Academy was not complete. However, his/her nature - along with location and opportunity - provided Jien with his/her first assignment. He/she was going to infiltrate the Aldean Academies and learn the secrets harbored behind the torn veil of the Custodian.

The Chameloid spent six years undercover - infiltrating the magistrate by all means necessary. He/she took the form of alternating resident Aldeans and reported his/her findings to Starfleet Intelligence, but he/she never endangered those he/she replicated. The trick was to not perform actions that the real Aldeans which he/she resembled would be questioned for. It was a tedious business, though rewarding, but Jien chose to keep his/her sanity intact by subjecting him/herself to the Aldean studies on philosophy.

Out of the Shadows, to the Battlefield

By the year 2371, the mission was deemed a success, and Jien was extracted from the life he/she led on Aldea. He/she was awarded with the Starfleet Medal of Valour for his/her services, and given a Lieutenant position on USS Imperator. As an Assistant Counselor, he/she was finally able to traverse the vacuum space aboard a starship. He/she had requested the given position since he/she had had quite enough with Starfleet Intelligence, and wished for a more relaxing role. Yet this very year, the Federation became aware of the Dominion threat.

When the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire reigned, Jien was one of the survivors after the USS Imperator was destroyed - just before the war ended with a temporary cease fire the year 2373. Afterwards, he/she was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Commendation for conspicuous acts of valour and heroism - as he/she had utilized his/her martial arts training and shape-shifting abilities to secure the extraction of Starfleet personnel from the disintegrating ship. He/she was also promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

His/her next assignment was on the USS Vendetta, where he/she served as a Counselor and Rehabilitation Officer, and he/she would serve upon that ship between the years 2373 and 2379. Serving there, he/she experienced the strife of the Dominion Wars first-hand, since the conflict began in earnest during his/her first year. Furthermore, the starship was subjected to numerous conflicts during its long journey. Along the way, Jien oft had to utilize his/her knowledge in strategy to advise the Captain in hostilities. The years granted him/her more commendations and recognition - being so miscellaneous in his tuition. He/she became the Diplomatic Officer on board, was promoted to Commander, and furthermore hardened in his/her ambitions to promote peace.

First Command

That was what his/her years on Aldea had truly shown him/her - the necessity for peace that was broadly advocated in philosophy. He/she saw the end of the Dominion Wars at year 2375, yet he/she gained experience in diplomacy after the death of the Reman Praetor Shinzon in 2379, when the initial approaches between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire could be continued.

The USS Theurgy, the first of a new class just out of the fleet yards, was among other vessels led by the USS Titan and dispatched to the Romulan Neutral Zone in order to begin negotiations with the Romulans. At this point, Jien earned his/her first position as a Commanding Officer - promoted to Captain, and given a crew for the important mission of negotiating peace with Romulus.

Yet Jien Ives failed.


Affairs within the Romulan Empire deteriorated quickly for the Federation, with the continued Reman upheaval and skirmishes with Donatra’s opposition fleet. Open Civil War began when Donatra was able to capture and hold a number of key agricultural worlds, establishing the Imperial Romulan State.

Following these events, the USS Theurgy returned to port and the crew split up for R&R. Starfleet Command had already dealt Jien a pending new commendation, yet he/she had no interest to return to service just yet.

Instead, Jien Ives bitterly travelled to Japan, to reunite with his/her Sensei Hitoshi Nakamura, only to find him dead and buried since many years back. Strangely enough, Jien was incapable of feeling any grief - disillusioned by his/her years in space. The Chameloid felt... something, but it would take time to find out what it was. Standing there over the grave, he decided to change into his female form - since that was how Hitoshi remembered... her.

"Father," she said with the sheathed dai-katana in her palms. "Sensei." Her voice sounded so detached when she said those words, so unlike how she had said them before. She raised her dark eyes. "Sumimasen... Forgive me for I have not yet found myself. I thought I did, years since, but I stand here at a loss... for I have asked myself; what manner of life is worth living? No matter what the Federation teaches us, we cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. At this rate, humanity might have survived, but a solution of deterrence is not the answer for peace - for a life worth living."

A breeze swept the desolate graveyard, and Jien crouched down with her knees in the grass - about to lay the sword before the tombstone. "I am not worthy of this, since I failed in the life I have led. Also, I do not believe in arming myself anymore. Nor have I found... myself, like you asked me to. I have not succeeded in my-"

"The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed during war, Captain." A man's voice.

Jien spun around - hand on the hilt of her weapon. She took on... the male form. Before him stood Sir Geoffrey Ives - now leaning heavily on a cane. He narrowed his eyes at the old man, gauging him the way he had been taught. He released the hilt of his weapon. "There is no peace, only mobilization."

"Yes, war is fear cloaked in courage. Though we make war so that we may live in peace from time to time. That is the only solution. You have not failed, but only just realized that there is no end to it. For as in life, the clock will continue to tick, and history will always repeat itself." The old man nodded towards the sword in Jien's hand, "You may want to keep that, since I hear you have more to learn - and even more to teach - upon a new vessel."



Regardless what he might decide, Jien could not leave his crew without speaking to them first, one last time.

Starfleet Command Compromised

He/she decided to return to base and meet up with the entire crew. Ironically, it was this decision in the year 2381 that sealed his/her fate.

It was due to pure happenstance that he/she and officers from Jien's crew managed to overcome transmissions that detailed the horrifying truth about Starfleet Command.

The senior positions of Starfleet Command - Starfleet's operational authority - included the Commander in Chief, the Chief of Staff, and the Chief of Starfleet Operations. These three individuals, along with an unknown number of others in the organization - were revealed through transmissions to be impersonators of the people they once were; replaced by an unknown enemy. Before the truth came out, the crew's secretive efforts to meet this threat were compromised, and they had to flee Earth in order to save their own lives. The USS Theurgy was hunted by their former collective fleet - them merely following orders and whatever fabricated truth Command gave them.

The Theurgy escaped after a long chase through the Alpha Quadrant, and the ship is currently in hiding - regrouping for whatever they might do to set things right. The truth be their witness, they would restore Starfleet to the Federation and the President, and enlighten their fellow brethren and sisters about the immediate danger they unknowingly were in by carrying out the orders of Starfleet Command.

This was where the story truly began...

Special Notes


Image: Captain Ives' morphogenic matrix

Being a Chameloid, Jien changes his/her appearance when he/she deigns to, but he/she does it respectfully and in grace with what is fitting for the situation or the people he/she meets.

Given that his/her bodily mass alternates, he/she owns no wardrobe - changing his/her clothing at the turn of a thought. This also includes his/her Starfleet uniform. Yet he/she cannot imitate armour or space suits, so when he/she has to wear such he/she does not only suit up like the rest of the crew, but might also bring his/her dai-katana, named Arashi, depending on the mission. Practising with the weapon, the Chameloid is often found in the gymnasium of the Theurgy. One might get the impression that the Captain does not only practice skill with the weapon, but also meditates in the execution of the performances.

Personality Profile

In both male and female form, Jien Ives turned into a brooding individual.

The Chameloid generally believed in his/her own judgement and while well-spoken, he/she became easy to anger - giving him/her a decidedly exotic air. Perhaps contrary to or arguably an augment for his/her strategic skills, he/she was an individual of action and might have rushed in where the more cautious would fear to tread. Although his/her courage along with experience and studies of subterfuge, psychology, and philosophy made him/her a well-rounded commanding officer... solitude was often the price he/she paid for authority.

When a smile found its way to his/her face, it came out rather faint. When amused, Jien Ives merely chuckled/giggled.

Physical Profile

In female form, Jien was a 1.69 meter tall woman and weighed 60 kg. Reflecting her upbringing in Japan, she possessed Asian features with dark hair and dark eyes. Given that she had the choice, she made her form pleasing to the eye, and made her face to draw attention. In her mid-fourties, she did not look a day beyond twenty-five. The contrast between youthful appearance and seasoned fortitude often granted her the benefit of surprise.

In his male form, Jien was a 1.87 meter Asian male weighing 90kg, with piercing brown eyes and dark brown hair. The male form appeared to be in his early thirties. Yet even if Jien could change his appearance at any time, he was loyal to these two forms, and did not experiment with altering any details. He also found it beneficial to pick either the female or the male form depending on the missions and situations that his duties presented him with.

As any Chameloid, he/she could have changed into the guise of almost anything, but since his/her years at the natural reserve and the Academy, he/she was rather reserved when it came to wearing faces or bodies on a whim. One could sometimes catch him/her as he/she practiced in the confines of his/her quarters, yet that was all. His/her days of experimenting were over.

The Ives-Pétain experiment became a singular duality.