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Topic: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer (Read 6043 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
[ Lt Jordan Koilos | Bridge | Deck 01 | IKS Kajunpak't ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
"Jordan you miserable Targ lover! Get up to the bridge. We are approaching your ship." An old family friend's voice blared over the com.

"On my way you old drunk fool." Jordan responded playfully. Captain Kahmar. Ever the joker. It was odd though that they had caught up already. Koilos had expected not to transfer until they reached Qo'noS. The human closed the open files on his PADD, secured it in his bag along with any remaining personal items left out, and stretched. Klingon beds were honestly trash. Might as well have been sleeping on the floor, and after spending a few days doing so, the human was a little stiff. His spine popped a couple of times while he twisted, like a blessed little series of explosions that had his back feeling better. Rolling his shoulders, he walked to the table, picking up his phaser and holstering it on his hip, and hanging the Dk'tahg he'd been loaned on the other. He had no need to fear his hosts but on a Klingon ship, things could go south really fast. The race practically thrived on their base emotions. Advantages and disadvantages. The dk'tahg, belonging to house Mo'Kai was to help him "fit in" and "so the crew will leave you alone" as Kahmar had put it. Crude, but it had proven to be true. While some of the other passengers had been harassed by a bored crew, for the most part, Koilos had been left to his own devices. Small favors.

Content, he left the sanctuary of his quarters, traveling the sparsely populated corridors as he made the short trip to the bridge. The guard at the door grunted at him, but did not stand in his way as he passed. Confidently Jordan walked onto the bridge, checking a few of the displays near the back of the room as he passed some of the officers. 2143 hours. Ship status stable. On the main screen, the massive multivector dreadnought USS Theurgy was traveling at warp just head of them and a little to port. One week ago today, Admiral Anderson had revealed the true nature of the "highjacked" starship situation. He'd studied the available info like he had been studying for finals at the Academy. 1145 meters long, 32 decks. Crew Compliment of 980 persons, Standard Cruising Speed of 7.5 and Maximum of 9.2, Max speed 9.995. 29 Type XII Pulse Phaser Arrays, 14 Pulse-Fire Torpedo Launchers and even two Integrated Torpedo Pod Systems for broadsiding. Without a doubt one of the most heavily armed starships to ever traverse the stars. She was a beast of a ship, a battle group unto herself, and while she was the prototype, more were planning to be built. An intimidating thought.

Yet admiring her design wasn't going to get them anywhere. the handoff was going ot have to happen at some point and their host would probably rather be rid of his guests at this point. "Captain." He greeted respectfully as we walked up, giving Kahmar warning that he was approaching his chair from out of view.

The captain didn't turn, instead keeping his eyes locked on the screen but tilting his head in the direction of Jordan's voice. "Your ship is only traveling at Warp 6. For trying to get to Qo'noS they aren't in much of a rush. Unknown as to why." His voice was curious.

"Odd. Theurgy underwent a full maintenance and repair cycle while docked at Aldea. They should have no problem maintaining higher warp speeds. If not, how did they get so far out here so fast?" The former Borg ran through the various possibilities in his head. Had they somehow upgraded Theurgy's engines at Aldea? No data was available to that effect. Had they acquired a transwarp coil at some point? Possibly. It would account for their distance and if it damaged their warp engines from the strain it would explain their lack of maximum velocity. Some sort of unknown wormhole? No. That would be too hard to hide. Some technology the Klingons had that the Federation didn't know about? No. Kahmar would have said something. 

"Another curious question. We are cloaked and are entering transporter range. I assume you'd like to do the honors of hailing them?" Kahmar was a member of Klingon Intelligence which given the covert nature of this transport, meant he was probably right about Jordan speaking first. An unknown Klingon making contact out of nowhere was bound to make the crew a little jumpy especially since they were responsible for the Chancellor's safety.

"Given the current state of the empire, it would probably be for the best. With how close we already are under cloak, it will be a surprise. Best to limit the amount of startling we do. Thank you." The Captain merely grunted in response. Jordan stepped forward, standing just in front of and to the left of his chair.

The spy took a deep breath, turning his attention to the Communications officer. "Open a tight beam channel to the Theurgy." The officer nodded back a mere moment later, tapping keys without even looking. Nodding back, he turned to look at the viewscreen again. "This is the IKS Kajunpak't to the USS Theurgy. We are not hostile. Please respond."
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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Captain Ives | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Specifically, but not limited to: @Argyros
The hour was turning late, but with the numerous away missions underway within Klingon space - all due to be finished before they made the next leap via quantum slipstream - Jien had made his way to the Mission Ops table at the back of the bridge. It was usually manned by Commander Ducote, but with his survival unsure - kept in stasis as he was - Jien had felt the personal responsibility to oversee the progress. He couldn't expect Cameron Henshaw to attend the holo-table at all hours either, so he stood there, staring at the symbols and the information that was being updated in real time. The table didn't show just the away mission either, since with the loss of Kai Akoni, Jien had also asked to see the Security feed shown on a representation of Thea's three Vectors as well.

Jien had yet to hear from Lieutenant Kingston if they had any new leads on whom the bomber had been either, but the investigation was underway. It was obvious, of course, who stood to gain by the targeted bombing, but not so much whom of all the remaining Klingons aboard actually held a loyalty towards Gorka instead of Chancellor Martok.

"Captain! We have an incoming hail. Klingon signature," said Yvette Conway at the Ops station, next to Derik Veradin.

"Patch it though," said Jien, stepping away from the holo table in the back and coming to stand next to his chair.

[This is the IKS Kajunpak't to the USS Theurgy. We are not hostile. Please respond.]

On the viewscreen, a Klingon bridge could be seen, and standing there was a seemingly human officer in Starfleet uniform, carrying both a phaser and a Klingon blade at the hip. Jien gave the faces on the screen a once-over before reaching down to the armrest on his chair, summoning the information he needed on the Kajunpak't. As he did, he raised his voice, and stepped down to stand next to his helmsman.

"This is Captain Jien Ives of the Federation starship Theurgy," he said, noting how the intel from Zyrao Natauna he summoned to the edge of the screen marked the Kajunpak't as part of the Martok Loyalist faction, and not having claimed any affiliation with the rebelling Gorka fleet. "Please identify yourself."

He directed himself in particular to the Starfleet officer, of course, but it was obvious that the Klingon captain was right there on the bridge as well.

OOC: I think it would be prudent with some agreed-upon exchange of code-words at this point, right? Just so that Ives knows Koilos and additional crew has been sent by Anderson. Feel free to make shit up though and I will do so in kind. :)

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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Lt Jordan Koilos | Bridge | Deck 01 | IKS Kajunpak't ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Apparently, the message about more officers to come after the Vor'Nak had gotten lost somewhere along the way. Or perhaps the good Captain was just being extra cautious. Either way. "Identity Code Obsidian-4-9-Delta-2-Whiskey"

The spy waited patiently until the response was given. Protocol and proper identity codes would certainly help. Least for the moment we aren't being fired upon. Looks like your Dossier is accurate so far...

"Apologies for sneaking up on you Captain Jien, but the Admiral insisted we reach Theurgy as quickly as possible. Less worries of being slowed down if nobody knows where we are. I am Lieutenant Jordan Koilos and this is Captain Kahmar." He purposefully avoided using Anderson's name. In his world, names could get you killed in minutes. It felt.....odd to be using his actual name in the open. Old habits died hard indeed. "I and ten other officers were unable to make it aboard the Vor'Nak before it left Kayvok to rendezvous with you at Aldea. Alternative travel was arranged, though we didn't expect to catch up with you until we reached Qo'noS" He left the unanswered question unsaid. If there was reason they were traveling so slow, the former Borg would find out soon enough. Until then, he'd be patient and keep his ears open.

"Time is of the essence to get the Chancellor to his homeworld. We lose precious amounts of it if we slow to impulse. With your permission Captain, we will begin beaming over your new crewmembers while maintaining warp. We've matched your course and speed precisely and I've already taken the liberty of enhancing the Kajunpak't's transporters to accomplish the task. May we proceed?"

Kahmar was oddly quiet while Jordan spoke. No quips, no comments, not even a grunt. For a Klingon, that was practically unheard of. That being said, he was a friend of his mother so he didn't know him as well as he probably should. He made a mental note to do a deeper dive into the available data once he was settled in. He might have need of his services again. But the more prevalent interest was in the Captain hirself. (S)he was in his male form, and even without having ever met the Chameloid, Jordan saw hints that he was under stress.

Seemed the situation on Theurgy was far from status quo. 

Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Captain Ives | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Specifically, but not limited to: @Argyros
Upon hearing the identity code, Jien glanced towards the deckhead. "Thea?"

[A moment, Captain,] she said over intercom, understanding the unvoiced query, which was a clear sign on how advanced Thea had become as well as how much Jien and his crew had come to depend on her. With access granted, the information Jien needed appeared on the edge of the screen and a faint smile came to his Asian features.

"Verification Seven-Three-Beta-Four-Kilo," he said in response, inclining his head in answer to the introduction. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lieutenant Koilos and Captain Kahmar. You've caught us running a maintenance cycle, though if I believed in fate, I would have said it was meant to be since you could now reach us before Qo'nos instead."

It was fortunate that the small Klingon ship had been fitted with the technology needed for mid-warp transportation, and it settled the matter before it even came into question. Jien put his hand on Derik's shoulder and leaned down. "After you've locked trajectory and warp factor, take the conn, and tell the new helmsman to not make any sudden adjustments."

Straightening, Jien addressed the gentlemen on the viewscreen. "I will meet you in Transporter Room 01, Lieutenant, along with the others." He then glanced towards the Klingon. "Thank you for bringing these officers our way, Captain Kahmar, and it might just be we'll fight side by side over the First City, should Gorka, son of Margon, not have the sense to stand down before then. Ives, out."

There would be an anyon particle sweep made automatically in the buffer of the transporter room, but unless either of the new officers were an Infested, they would not notice any difference. Jien stepped off the bridge and left it to Veradin, heading down the turbolift to carve out some time for these new faces aboard Thea.

He would have to do it himself, instead of having Ducote next to him. Stark had enough on her plate as it were at that hour, since being Acting Executive Officer as well as Chief of Operations meant a lot less hours to spend for sudden development.

By the time the new officers came aboard, Jien would be there to receive them in person. Better yet, he would be able to take stock of whom they were, and why Anderson had hand-picked them.
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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Lt JG Derik Veradin | Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
"After you've locked trajectory and warp factor, take the conn, and tell the new helmsman to not make any sudden adjustments."

"Aye sir." Derik responded. His fingers danced across console, securing the current settings for the ship and ensuring that the ship would not deviate. After which he stood from station, another crewman coming up to replace him immediately, just as a well-oiled crew should. He whispered into the Andorian's ear, passing on the Captain's instructions as Jien left the bridge.

Before him was now the Captain's chair, to which the Trill admittedly hesitated moving towards. Sure, the Captain had instructed him to take the conn, but never had the young officer ever sat in the command chair. It was imposing in a weird way. The power, the responsibility, the sense of duty emanating off the inanimate object was almost palpable. Yet staring at the chair was not going to impress anyone, nor would it bolster any confidence Jien had in him.

Thusly, with guarded deep breath, Veradin approached the chair, turned, and sat. It felt like he was going to be swallowed whole by the thing. Gratefully said moment passed and the Trill straightened. "Steady as she goes." He spoke, his first "order" given. It needn't be spoken but it felt good to say it none the less.

Holy Fuck this chair is comfortable.

[ Lt Jordan Koilos | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
Captain Kahmar grunted, the viewscreen returning to the sight of the Theurgy and a rush of colors of warp.  "I guess my duties as Taxi Service has come to an end." He commented dryly. No doubt the man was secretly happy to rid of his cargo and return to his actual duties. Jordan couldn't blame him. His sense of duty was just as strong as Koilos'. Being a "bus driver" wasn't exactly in their job description.

Jordan turned, patting the family friend on the shoulder as he pass. "Thank you for all your help Captain. We appreciate you going out of your way and lending us the use of your vessel." He began walking to the bridge entrance,

"Tell that mother of yours she owes me those three bottles of Blood Wine!" The Klingon called out to him without turning.

Jordan was already walking down the hall. "Already in your cargo hold Kahmar! Six bottles of 2309!" Koilos yelled back so that his voice would carry. He'd brought extra as a sign of his own gratitude. He could hear the Captain laughing extatically even as the heavy doors slammed shut. The human walked down the halls, returning to his temporary quarters. There he retrieved his bag, took a second to check around the room for anything he'd missed, and left. Taking a second on his way to the transporter room to stop by Kahmar's quarters, Jordan returned the Dk'tahg he'd been loaned, setting it respectfully on the man's desk. They were weapons of honor and taking one without it being given to you was extremely disrespectful. Not a bridge Koilos wanted to burn.

When he finally made it to the transporter room a few minutes later, most of the other Federation officers were already there, waiting to jump ship. Not one to leave anything to chance, Jordan checked the system one last time before giving the Klingon officer the go ahead. He was the first to step aboard the platform, tucking the PADD with their orders under his arm. He deactivated his phaser, powering it down so as not to raise any red flags. When everyone for the first round of transports was in position, he gave the word. "Energize."

Red lights flickered all around him as the outside world blurred for a moment, his body broken down molecule by molecule, transformed into energy, sent across the void between the two ships, and materialized aboard the Federation Dreadnought. After he rematerialized, his Borg ocular implant displayed a curious bit of information. While nobody in transport would have noticed, the process had taken an extra 5.4 seconds to complete. Yet another oddity. He had tuned the transporter himself, with Borg algorithms to decrease the amount of time they were in transport, thus lessening the danger of a malfunction or something else interfering in their transfer.  So why the extra time? He'd have to ask when he had the chance.

Koilos breathed deeply, filling his lungs to capacity and taking a brief scan of the room. Captain Jien was before them in front of the operator booth. An officer was in the booth working the complicated controls while two security officers were flanking their CO on either side. Were they expecting trouble? Regardless, the former Borg pulled the phaser, still secured in its holster, off his belt and offered it to the Security personnel with a soft smile. Greeting the CO while armed was a bad foot to get off on. Once relieved of his weapon, he turned his attention to Ives.

"Captain Ives. It's a pleasure to meet you in person. I've heard so much about you from Admiral Anderson. Permission to come aboard?" His lips spread into a genuine smile, hand outstretched in greeting.

Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Captain Ives | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Specifically, but not limited to: @Argyros
After the Lieutenant at the front of the newly arrived officers had surrendered his phaser to one of the present security officers, Jien extended his hand to shake Koilos.

"Permission granted, Lieutenant. Welcome aboard the Theurgy." After folding his hands behind his back again, he continued, his faint smile remaining. "There is a wealth of reports for you all to go over in regard to our mission so far and our current circumstances, so after you have settled in, I would like for you all to meet with Thea in our Observation Lounge. She will be able to give you the overall situation, after which you can go into detail with questions and the PADDs you will be given. I recommend you don't stay up for too long, however, since come morning, we will make another leap towards Qo'nos. Patience, however, for Thea will detail that as well."

Jien glanced towards the deckhead. "Would you like to join us, please?"

[Aye, Captain,] said the A.I., and she materialised in the room, standing on the transporter platform which the officers had just left. Behind their backs, her projection raised her voice. "I have already arranged for accommodations with our Quartermaster, and I can lead you all to your new quarters. Leave your personal belongings there, freshen up, and I will be waiting in my Observation Lounge on Deck 10 at 2230 hours. If you are unable to attend, you will be given a briefing by your Departmental Heads come tomorrow, at the earliest convenience. Please follow me."

Before Koilos left with the group, Jien spoke to the man. "You will be reporting to Lieutenant Commander Andrew Fisher, yet I am unaware as to if he has returned from an away mission he's on at the moment. You will likely be summoned on the morrow and discuss what kind of position you will serve in at that time. There are other Intelligence officers aboard, however, all of whom Thea can inform you about. Do you have anything in particular that you wish to speak with me of, before your briefing?"

While Koilos lingered, a couple of others straggled as well, whom seemed to wish to speak with Ives as well before they followed Thea out of the door.

Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Lt Jordan Koilos | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Jordan looked around the room briefly. A lot of people were still in the room. Far too many ears for any sort of meaningful conversation. Instead he merely smiled at the captain again. "Aye sir. I'll check in with the Lieutenant Commander as soon as I can. As for things I would like to'll have to wait for another time. It's a bit crowded for my tastes." The former Borg handed over the PADD with their orders. Digging in bag, he found the other, much smaller PADD he'd intended to hand over as well. His hand froze though. Despite the fact he was onboard a Federation starship, surrounded by Federation officers, speaking with a Federation Captain, Jordan felt a little uneasy. Trust was not something so easily earned in his line or work, no matter who you were or where you came from. Perhaps it was all the time he'd spent amongst Romulans that had ruined him of simply having blind faith in his Federation peers. Perhaps it was all the lies over the years. No matter the ultimate cause, he let go of the PADD and simply readjusted the bag on his shoulders.

"Nevermind. It's not important." He'd make due with the equipment he'd brought and the accommodations he had been assigned. The less people knew of any potential weaknesses the better. As for the Captain, while it might have been important to know about any underlying health concerns of hir crew, Koilos had only just met hir. Best to wait for a better time, if it ever appeared. Bureaucracy was a bitch and the last thing he wanted after just transporting aboard, was to be indebted to anyone for anything.

"By your leave Captian." Jordan finished before any questions could come up. Turning away, the human followed after the others to the briefing. Serving aboard a starship where everyone didn't have the necessary security clearances was going to be a challenge. He'd have to watch what he said. Even on a ship cutoff from the rest of the Federation essentially, there was still the high possibility of leaks. Dangerous. His first move would be to start investigating who could and could not be trusted. The CIO would be amongst the first.

GM OOC NOTE: FIN for the time being, waiting for other Applicants or newly arrived characters. :)
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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[Lt. JG Amanda Ashby | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy[/b]] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Argyros

As one of only eleven Starfleet Officers aboard the IKS Kajunpak't, Amanda initially tried to reach out to her colleagues and attempt to get to know them a little better. However, following an unsuccessful attempt to strike up conversation with some of them in the Mess Hall, where the young Martian only managed to learn that the others were reluctant to disclose any information about themselves beyond wary introductions, the Counselor was quick to abandon the idea. It seemed that most of the Starfleet Officers, much like herself, were highly uncomfortable with the uncertain predicament in which they now found themselves and, to make things even worse, the behaviour of their seemingly bored Klingon hosts did little to put them more at ease. In fact, following a particularly discouraging encounter with two female Klingons, where one of them complimented Amanda on her dental work before the other suddenly demanded that she'd hand them over, the intimidated Lieutenant Junior Grade also opted to spend her remaining days aboard the IKS Kajunpak't in relative solitude as well; rarely leaving her quarters, except to go to the Mess Hall where she could congregate with the small Starfleet contingent, and never going anywhere alone out of a legitimate concern that the two women would make good on their threat.

When she finally received the call to report to the transporter room, several days after this small incident, Amanda really wasn't sad to leave the IKS Kajunpak't behind. Given how she hadn't really unpacked her duffle bag over the course of the journey because she'd been worried that what little personal items she managed to grab during her escape from Starbase 84 would get stolen out of spite by the bored Klingon crew, it didn't take Amanda a long time to report to the transporter room; in fact, she was amongst the very first Starfleet Officers to arrive and she noticed that some of her colleagues now suddenly looked a lot less pensive than they'd been just mere days ago.

After several minutes the last of her Starfleet colleagues hastily arrived and their senior officer, a Lieutenant whom Amanda hadn't really interacted with during their stay aboard the IKS Kajunpak't, gave the order to energize. Within mere seconds the Klingon surroundings disappeared and, by the time Amanda finally rematerialized, she found herself greeted by the familiar sight of a Starfleet transporter room. After quickly putting her right index finger in her mouth to check if her teeth were still all accounted for, the young Counselor belatedly joined her peers in a collective sigh of relief while she looked around the transporter room in the hopes of seeing a particular familiar face. She had hoped that her brother, Lieutenant Ethan Ashby, would have been present to welcome her aboard the USS Theurgy but as she listened to Thea, whom she absent-mindedly mistook for some kind of advanced holographic aide, Amanda reasoned that her brother probably wasn't even aware of her arrival. The idea of surprising him began to excite her though and, as she quietly began to follow Thea at the head of the small group of newly arrived Starfleet Officers, a happy smile began to adorn her face for the first time since her escape from Starbase 84.
Ens. L'Nari | Diplomatic Attaché
Lt. JG Amanda Ashby | Counselor and Morale Officer

Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Among the Klingons in the Mess Hall of the IKS Kajunpak't was a singular Romulan in a Starfleet uniform. She was sat directly across from a middle-aged warrior, whose face was muddied and marred with scars from many battles. She held a Romulan knife in her hand, and the Klingon held a D'k tahg. Between them there was a cup that held a set of strange looking Klingon dice. Valyn grabbed the cup, gave it a shake, and dumped the dice out, looking at the result. With a quick shrug she placed her hand out on the table, fingers splayed out and she began to quickly stab the open spaces between her fingers, counting aloud in Klingon a set number of times. She didn't cut any fingers and when she was finished she jammed the blade straight into the table and let out a braggadocious laugh at the Klingon. She looked like she was about to say something to him when she heard the call that they were about to be beamed over.

"Duty calls." She reached across the table and yanked the knife out from where she'd stabbed it in, replacing it into her boot before she reached closer to the klingon to grab a small pile of latinum from in front of him. He grabbed her wrist as she did so and she simply raised a brow at him and leaned closer, her eyes almost daring him to push the issue. She ripped her wrist away from him, took the latinum, and walked away. She gave the Klingons a little salute as she left the mess. On her way through the ship she greeted a few of the Klingon officers who she'd become at least remotely friendly with throughout the journey. At least, as friendly as Romulans and Klingons could really get. Mostly she was silent, and just surveyed the passing crew.

Once she'd reached her quarters she pulled her duffel out from beneath her bed and did an inventory of her belongings. She didn't particularly trust that nobody had pilfered any of her things. Call it paranoia but in the end, she was a Romulan. For the most part, her bag was just filled with minor personal things like photographs and a couple sets of clothes. There were also a couple of books and even two bottles in the bag. After a moment though she lifted the mattress of the bed and pulled a small box from under it. It was very clearly locked. She didn't bother opening the box, instead she put it straight into the duffel and zipped the bag up, throwing it over her shoulder before she went on her way towards the transporter room.

She didn't say anything to the other officers as they beamed over to the Theurgy. She hadn't interacted much with them on the journey either. It had taken until almost the end of the trip for her to interact as much as she had with just the Klingons, and all she'd really done with them is eat and gamble. She closed her eyes as the transported beam rushed over her, the familiar feeling washing over, and when she opened them she was aboard a very different sort of ship. She blinked and looked around, at once stepping off the transporter pad.

She moved with a steady, confident gait. Some might even have said it was cocky. Her blonde hair was brushed back and tucked behind her pointed ears, and if it weren't for the obvious show of emotions on her face it might have been easy to confuse her for a Vulcan. Valyn let her hazel eyes seek out the highest ranking officer in the room, and after a quick glance at the man's collar it was evident who she was walking towards.

"Captain." She stood at attention as she reported. "Lieutenant Valyn Amarik reporting. Security." She was all business for the moment, and the rest of the room seemed to vanish into nothingness as she reported for duty. "I'm glad to finally be aboard, sir." For the time being she focused on the Captain, not following Thea.
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Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Captain Ives | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @BipSpoon 
Turning to face the woman that approached him, Jien inclined his head to the officer.

"At ease, Lieutenant," he said, a faint smile touching his features. "Welcome aboard the Theurgy. You have arrived at a pressing time for our Security department."

The woman seemed to be of Vulcan origin at first, but it wasn't too difficult to determine that she was Romulan with a closer look. Given her species, it was hard to put an age to her, but he didn't believe she was much younger than himself, so she'd likely seen action in the Dominion War. He didn't pause before detailing what he'd already alluded to, since given her rank, she needed to know her Department's situation specifically, aside from the overall briefing that she needed.

"Yesterday, late evening, a saboteur aboard detonated a chemical bomb in one of our lounges, which cost us our Executive Officer, our Chief Security Officer, and numerous other Line Officers. The guilty has yet to be caught, and our Deputy is not aboard currently, being on an extended away mission. Right now, our Security Department is led by Junior Lieutenant Adam Kingston, our Master-at-Arms. Good man, who's been on the Theurgy since the beginning, and knows this ship and its many unique challenges when it comes to protecting the crew. You will be reporting to him until Deputy zh'Wann returns."

Having gone through that in short order, Captain Ives amended something about Kai Akoni. "Our Chief of Security is not dead, but injured to the degree that he's been put into stasis until a point where we have both the medical supplies and mission downtime to attempt restoring him to health. A feat that might prove futile in the end, but we've not abandoned hope just yet."

Pausing there, Jien waited to see if the Lieutenant had any questions.

Re: CH02: S [D02|2130] A Most Furtive Transfer
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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 
Valyn relaxed, though not by a great deal as the Captain ordered her at ease. "Thank you, sir." She studied the man opposite her with a quick once over, sizing him up to the best of her ability, well trained as it was. She gave him a slight smile, evidently pleased. "Glad to be aboard." She repeated. "Despite the circumstances." Paris being bombed. Parasite infestations.

She said nothing for a moment and instead listened to, and absorbed the briefing. "Chemical bomb?" Her eyes flashed and her mind immediately flashed through a hundred possibilities, some of which, she herself had employed. "Shit, whoever set it meant business. Have you figured out the composition to ensure there isn't another one aboard?" She got straight to it. Then she stopped herself in her tracks. While she was more than certain that the security staff aboard were more than capable, she still had questions, and despite her position as simply an officer here to help, it was a hard habit to break, coming from where she did. She pursed her lips and blinked before offering the Captain a forced smile, "Habit, sir. Sorry." She raised her Romulan brows with the last word. For a moment she seemed to exist in her own head, thinking over the situation, but she didn't say anything else. It wasn't her place to. Valyn wasn't the sort to keep her mouth shut, by any means. However, she didn't want to make her first experience with the Captain an uncomfortable one either. She wasn't sure how familiar he was with her history, if at all.

"Lieutenant Kingston." She repeated the name, then gave the Captain a nod. "Got it."

She offered the Captain a nod and a forced smile when the subject of their security Chief came up. Hope. The Federation's propensity to hope never ceased to amaze her. It was an unfamiliar and alien value that she was still only just coming to terms with and was only injected into her life in that camp during the war. Before that? She was lucky to even know the word. She didn't say anything though. She didn't know Kai Akoni so could not offer any comforting words. A bomb knocking out a chunk of line officers on a Federation ship? What comfort could words offer?

"Well if there's anything I can do to help, additionally, I'd be happy to. I've got a lot of experience. Not medically of course, but..." She didn't elaborate on it though in such an exposed location. "In the meantime, I think tonight I've got a mountain of reports to try and wade through." She gave the Captain a confident smirk.
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[ Captain Ives | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @BipSpoon 
Nodding, seeing the way the officer conducted herself in reaction to the information she got, Ives smiled faintly to her.

"My gratitude, and I am sure you will become a great asset to this crew," he said and inclined his head, confident that her assessment of her evening was accurate. "Anderson has likely given you the tip of the iceberg already, but the wealth of information in Thea's database pertaining to our flight from Earth and our continued mission will leave very little to the imagination."

Having said this, Jien realised that as a security officer, Valyn might already know what to expect from the crew and it's overall state, but it might be worth mentioning anyway. "The officers you will protect has been through a lot, Lieutenant, as you might guess already, but we still abide to Starfleet protocol and we uphold the chain of command. We still expect all our crew to conduct themselves as proper to their commission aboard, even if we might be considered a renegade ship without a fleet. We uphold the spirit of the Federation and protect it, because if we loose ourselves trying to return Starfleet to what it used to be, then we also loose the very thing we are fighting for. So, despite what we've been through, and the added challenge of protecting a crew as beset by adversity as ours is, the expectation of the Senior Staff is still that they adhere to the security protocols. Obviously, this helps giving order and clarity on a mission where there is little of either."

Glancing towards the door where most of the other officers had vanished, Jien smiled faintly once more. "I will leave you to it, and welcome aboard. Dismissed."

Then, Jien turned to the next officer that approached him from the transporter pad.

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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05| Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Valyn stood a bit taller, hoping she'd made a decent first impression. So, to cement it, she remained as confident as she could. A quick grin was given the Captain's way, each word spoken with that strange human accent of hers. "Well I sure hope so." She needed a use. That stemmed from her upbringing though. Things that didn't have a use, were discarded, even people. Hell, even her 'siblings'. They hadn't stepped up as much as she had so they dropped off, one by one for one reason or another. Her time on Earth had been a marvel to her, just observing the Humans who simply lived day by day simply for the experience and nothing else.

His next words, forced her to pay closer attention to the Captain than she had been before. What had been to her a somewhat casual encounter suddenly took on a new level of importance. She got the message though. Despite the title the Theurgy had been given by the rest of the Galactic community, this was no renegade, lawless ship. "Understood, Sir." She gave a bow of her head, eyes briefly closing on the downward motion but quickly opening as her chin lifted back up. "I'm not here for a glory show or to live out my renegade fantasy, I'm here 'cuz I believe in restoring Starfleet just as much as everyone else." She wanted to make that much perfectly clear. "Starfleet's my home...respectfully. I'll make sure to keep 'er spirit proud." She tacked on to the end, still trying to maintain that good first impression, and entirely unsure of exactly what type of person Jien Ives was just yet. What to expect, and when? She didn't have a clue.

"Thank you sir." She picked up her bag and  made for the door, heading to get settled in, giving a quick glance over her shoulder. The glance was given first to the other officers, but then again to the Captain. She tried hard to get a read on him. To try and understand him. He was obviously a man who cared about his crew, given his words. Also a man with values. Who else was he? She couldn't help but be curious, just as she had been in every other posting. This time was different though. This wasn't the usual posting she could write Ben and tell 'war stories' about. She wasn't even sure she could write Ben at all.

She turned her attention back towards the hall and made her way down it, toward the nearest turbolift.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The Klingon vessel was different than Lauren expected. Not that she expected it to look, sound, smell or feel like a Starfleet ship, but the vibe was not one she cared to repeat. Not to mention how the Klingons looked over all the non-Klingon women as they took their passage to the Theurgy. This was rather unorthodox, to say the least for a transfer on the down-low. The IKS Kajunpak't was a nice vessel but she would be glad to be aboard the Theurgy at last. The chance to catch up with Tessa was a driving force in her psyche. Being among those considered enemies at the time did little for her mental state having been behind enemy lines during the Dominion War.

Nerves took her as she gathered her small amount of belongings that she was allowed to bring. Namely a swimsuit, a dress, a couple of her favorite holo novels to peruse when she had the time aboard the Holodeck. What she most wanted was to fit in as it was her first posting since the Enterprise-E. Duffle bag now securely slung over her shoulder, she stepped foot out of the shared quarters she was given on the Klingon ship. Officers of Starfleet were scarce aboard this vessel but most had already taken their leave of the IKS Kajunpak't, and now, it was her turn to do so as well. She jogged to the nearest turbolift and closed her eyes, attempting to ease the nerves welling up within. Her beautiful red hair flowed in the air as she came to a stop. Her cybernetic hand swiping the hair from her eyes as she stood at attention and spoke for the first time in a while since the journey began.


She sighed as it quickly arrived at the transporter room. Soon she would be joining a bustling crew with not a lot of friends but at least she knew there would be at least one aboard that would with luck, welcome her with open arms. Lauren stepped from the turbolift and hurriedly got onto the pad awaiting her new assignment. She didn't say anything as the Klingon officer looked at her, and it was hard to determine if it was with interest or with disgust. Could be the nervous energy she now felt in the pit of her stomach. Red hair brushed aside from her eyes, she stood at the ready for the transporter beam to whisk her away to the Theurgy.

The transporter beam enveloped her as the surroundings before her eyes vanished and were replaced by the brightly colored grays, silvers, and whites of a Starfleet vessel. It was a welcome sight as was seeing her new Captain standing there before her in the transporter room. Carefully she readjusted the duffle bag to secure it diagonally across her chest and shoulder, attempting her best welcoming smile while channeling some of that brash energy that had gotten her this far in her life. Her brown eyes settled on the only person in the room who mattered at present, despite seeing what seemed like a Romulan or a Vulcan walk past him. She couldn't tell which the woman was but it didn't matter right now.

Lauren remembered she was still on the transporter pad and slightly startled from her thoughts walked onward towards the Captain. She stopped a few steps before in an acceptable amount of space between them and reported in. "Captain." She motioned as she stood at the ready. "Ensign Lauren Pierce reporting for duty. Flight Control Officer." She gazed at the Captain in an attempt to feel out the vibe of the room but couldn't. After all, she wasn't a betazoid. "Glad to be aboard sir and to feel useful."
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[ Captain Ives | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Pierce
Watching the Romulan leave, Jien considered the fact that with her rank, she might be appointed a high position in the Security Department after she got hear bearing aboard, but he held that thought to himself for the time being.

Commander Akoni had been one of the victims in the Spearhead Lounge, but given his size and bodily resilience, it could be that sickbay would be able to resuscitate him sooner rather than later. It all depended on what their diagnostics said, and what his injuries had been. Either way, Kingston was more than capable as far as he'd heard, and until Akoni was on his feet again - or Deputy zh'Wann returned from the mission on the Allegiant - he would be able to hold the fort. Especially with another high ranking Security officer to aide him.

Hearing the voice behind himself, Jien turned around and faced a young Ensign who came and introduced herself. "At ease, and welcome aboard, Ensign," he said with a faint smile, feeling that he appreciated greeting new members of the crew given all the things that had happened the last couple of days. Ranging from Paris, to the encounter with Captain Ducane of the Relativity and to the Speahead Lounge bomb, the encounter with the IKS Kajunpak't was a welcome distraction.

"We have lost many good Flight Control Officers on our mission, and someone with your skills will come of great service on our mission," he said, thinking about those who had perished before Lawrance O. Lance and Cale Winterbourne. He thought of Aisha S'Iti and Mektari Dumral too, the latter whom had died in the Spearhead Lounge as well, just the night before. "Do you have any questions, before you follow Thea and get your accommodations aboard?"

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan [Show/Hide]

The ensign stood before the Captain a little nervous in her stance but showing the respect and attention that one generally showed for a commanding officer. She welcomed the command to be at ease. Slowly the tension melted away until she was comfortable in her shoes again before his presence. The look of stress and weariness was showing despite his best attempts to hide it towards her.

Mentally Lauren took note of the Captain's addressing of her skillset in flight controls. It made her a little giddy, but she didn't want to make herself too noticeable on the first arrival on the job. She'd been away for quite sometime before her re-enlistment and this was her first posting on a Federation starship since 2375.

Her reverie cut short as she heard Captain Ives ask her if there were any questions before following Thea, whoever that was. "I don't think so sir. I'm just happy to be aboard as I said before." She thought about her response once more as she could see Thea, or who she assumed to be Thea step closer to the two of them. There was one lingering question but she was uncertain if it was out of line to inquire about fellow crewmen aboard. Especially since it'd be a little awkward when she would get the time to meet her again. The decision in her mind rattled back and forth before she finally thought to hell with it.

Before she walked towards Thea, she turned again towards the Captain. "Is there a Tessa Lance on board? I haven't seen her since our days at the Academy together." Her disposition showed happiness but the faintest feeling of sadness snuck in remembering that was also when her days in the Breen POW camp albeit not for very long happened.
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[ Captain Ives | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Pierce
Hearing the question, Captain Ives nodded.

"Aye," he said, and shifted... to her female form. She crossed her arms underneath her chest and answered in full. "Lieutenant Lance serve in the Lone Wolves squadron, and she has protected Thea since we fled from Earth, about six months ago. She fought the USS Calamity outside the Hromi Cluster and later above Theta Eridani IV. She was defending us again in the battle at Starbase 84, and she has fought both Asurian, Savi and Borg. As one of the surviving original Lone Wolves, Lieutenant Lance is one of our heroes here aboard the Theurgy.... but I venture to say that she might not be the same as the woman you met in the Academy any more. This mission, this long voyage of ours, has taken its fair toll. Tested our crew, but we have become stronger from it as well."

Having said this, Jien cocked an eyebrow, wondering if there was any specific intention behind the question about the pilot. "Her callsign is Goldeneye, I believe, if you were to ask for her in the Fighter Assault Bay."

Seeing how there was a deeper emotion in the Ensign's face, Jien wondered what she might be thinking of, but didn't ask.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan [Show/Hide]

Lauren was puzzled and the look of surprise struck her face as she watched the Captain shapeshift right before her. She wasn't totally familiar with Captain Ives, nor his or her race at this point. Something she felt she was sure to get used to as she served aboard the Theurgy. Her attention once again on the Captain as she now explained more about Tessa and her vast career since they last met. It was wild to hear the adventures that her friend had gone on in such a short time aboard.

"Not the same you say? I hope at least some of what I remember is still in there. But I'll take that to heart sir. I'll be sure to check in with her once I'm settled." She wondered what exactly the Captain had meant by all of that but she decided that she be best to get to work and find her new post. Although not in the same department, they could end up eventually working together again. She smiled knowing that her friend was still alive and for the most part okay. Relieved even since her recent discoveries about Starfleet.

"I appreciate your sharing this all with me. It's given me a lot to think about before I meet her again." She paused slightly as she stood turned on one heel. "Thank you sir. I think I'm ready for Thea to direct me to my quarters." She picked up her small Starfleet issue duffle bag and awaited permission to head out. Thoughts still swirled in her head. Her hand brushed the red hair from her face as she attempted to regain composure of her feelings slightly betraying her thoughts.

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[ Lieutenant Enyd Madsen | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Enyd swallowed the instinctive hiss such pain brought to her lips. Aware of her not-quite-unwelcome audience in their temporary makeshift medical area of IKS Kajunpak't--a vacant cargo hold they'd carted medical supplies to--she distracted herself from the "doctor's" treatment by conversation. In her line of work, well-timed conversations saved lives.

"I know I was terrible," Enyd didn't bother with the false question of just how terrible, having grown to respect the Klingon preference of bluntness in action and word, "but how do I keep myself from getting killed if it is a real fight?"

Enyd's companion stood close, her hot breath putrid with the smell of the krada legs they'd shared in their last meal. The smell reminded Enyd that Klingon cuisine would never be her favorite, but there were specific dishes she'd grown to accept as more than tolerably fair. Krada and zilm'kach being two such items, though Klingon beverages still served as Enyd's preference. Aside from those first few months on Vulcan, months she still barely remembered, she'd never been much for drinking. But with such companions as these Klingons, and a taste for the stuff they offered, Enyd had woken up with an alcohol-induced headache nearly every morning since her arrival. But it was all in the line of duty; therefore, it was worth it.

"As long as you keep dancing around your opponent like a qa'put," from the Klingon woman's tone of voice, Enyd understood the subtext that this was not a compliment on her evasion techniques, "you need not worry about a real fight for you will be dead before one can happen."

It had been Enyd's idea to have one last bout of tik'leth fighting. Originally it had been Rik'evet's idea to test out Starfleet versus Klingon self-defense techniques, but then Pa'Qis, being Pa'Qis, had upped the ante to blades. That had been two days ago, and since then they'd made it a habit to share meals, drinks, and sparring. But considering the shoulder-to-elbow cut the "doctor" now tended to, her last hurrah probably had not been the best action to take so close to their rendezvous with the Theurgy.

The much taller and well-built Klingon woman unashamedly bent closer to watch the "doctor" continue to sew the flaps of skin shut, her nostrils flaring. With bright eyes and a snarling smile, she turned her head towards Enyd. "Your blood smells delicious."

Sucking a breath through her teeth, Enyd was thankful for the time she spent reading over known Klingon history, culture, and especially food rituals in the hours before she transferred to the Kajunpak't. Then it had been more of a crash course of application and fervid follow-up reading after the first very eventful day of her arrival. If she hadn't made such prior efforts, Enyd would've found Pa'Qis' comment most alarming. As it was, however, she merely nodded in agreement.

"There is a certain tang to it," Enyd mimicked to the best of her ability Pa'Qis' snarling smile, "but you'll forgive me if I don't offer you a cup of my own."

Both Pa'Qis and her "doctor," Rik'evet, threw back their heads to let out the guttural laugh Enyd found both grating on her nerves for how loud it was, and yet comforting. So long as a Klingon was laughing, they weren't actively trying to kill you, at least as far she'd read and observed. Rik'evet was the first to sober, quickly returning to his task after a shake of his head. Though his next tug at her cut was enthusiastic enough to get more than a wince from Enyd, the Klingon didn't apologize.

Of course, Rik'evet wasn't exactly a doctor but, being a scientist, he fit the bill closer than her engineer companion Pa'Qis. Rik'evet had assured Enyd he was taking far better care of her than a true Klingon doctor would, hence his suggestion they discretely attend to the wound. Not only for her comfort levels, which she knew had not been his priority in the slightest, but the reality of the wound would only serve as a delay in her transfer to the Theurgy.  Accusations might flair, too many questions could be asked...not that any of them had done anything out of bounds for Starfleet or Klingon regulations, but a Starfleet officer being wounded with a tik'leth by a Klingon officer would raise more than a few eyebrows; especially without the necessary time required for the context explained. The intention was to sew it, wrap it, and hide it under her uniform coat. The whole process made Enyd feel like a naughty schoolgirl skipping class, something she'd never done before, and to do it with two Klingons made the situation all the more fascinatingly surreal. One for the books, that was certain.

"What is a qa'put?" Klingon words always made her nose tickle when she spoke them, as if she spoke it for too long, she'd sneeze. It was quite a different feeling from any other language she'd picked up phrases from over the years, and she found the differences intriguing. She noticed then that Rik'evet was nearly finished, but undoubtedly, she'd suffer a few more wincing tugs before it was over.

"It is a small, mischievous creature best eaten with warnog." Rik'evet commented as he worked, his eyes not leaving the needle as it wove through her skin. They'd at least procured a dermal numbing agent, even if they hadn't been able to snitch a dermal regenerator. It seemed fitting to Enyd that they'd have to do something so archaic as actual stitching. Quite the diplomatic win for Starfleet going on in this random cargo hold on the Kajunpak't.

"And my evasion of your attacks was mischievous, or," Enyd tipped her head to the side and replayed the fight in her head before adding, "is this creature difficult to catch and often feints where it is going?"

"It will climb into your window at night and steal your food while you sleep if you aren't careful." Pa'Qis hissed, her distaste of the creature most apparent. "They are only barely good for food, far too small without enough meat for my tastes." She made a spitting sound as she stood and paced to the workstation along the wall where they'd left their weapons. Enyd watched Pa'Qis eye the blood on the weapon and waited. But Pa'Qis pulled out a cloth and wiped it away. Somehow disappointing Enyd that her instinct that the woman would lick it off was incorrect.

Qa'put, bad. Good to know.

"So, if I must emulate a creature in your home world, what should I act like? I have severe physical disadvantages compared to you," both Rik'evet and Pa'Qis pompously sneered at her words but the truth did not offend Enyd, "so traditional Klingon tactics may only get me killed. Not to excuse qa'put-like behavior, but surely there is another way I can bring honor to the weapon when I use it."

Enyd credited her current understanding and newly found "ease" with Klingons to these two individuals. Rik'evet had been the one to approach Enyd at her second meal on the ship. At first, she'd thought to share her meals with the other Starfleet personnel, and did so for the first one, but then Enyd observed how polarizing this type of behavior appeared and opted to sit alone for her second meal. Like sharks to blood, the first round of interested Klingons had been primarily tactical and security personnel, acting very much like the expected stereotype she knew existed for this species. But then Rik'evet had sauntered through the midst as if he'd not seen the rabble and assertively sat beside Enyd, taking food from her plate while shoving a bottle of firewine in her direction. His status as a science officer chased away the rest as if he'd been a plague, and it was through Rik'evet that Enyd learned of the Klingon distaste for any vocation outside of the warrior caste.

Pa'Qis had been a serendipitous encounter a day later when Enyd mediated a near-diplomatic faux pas between the engineer and one of the other Starfleet personnel. Enyd still didn't know all the particulars of why the situation had grown so critical but from what she could tell there'd been a misunderstanding regarding mating rituals and expected follow-up on initiation of said rituals. Who initiated, or was thought to have initiated, never was clarified, but from that encounter Enyd had found another member of the Kajunpak't through whom she could learn.

Enyd's background in Klingon cultural had been purely theoretical up until the Kajunpak't. Though she'd had more than a few encounters over the years with members of the species, never had she been thrust into their territory. And the species she had spent the most time with, Cardassians, were not credited has having warm feelings towards the race, further limiting her exposure. Therefore, until this very hour, Enyd had used every waking moment to acquaint herself with the more subtle nuances made available to her through her acquaintance with both Pa'Qis and Rik'evet.

"If you must act like an animal," Rik'evet sounded amused by the line of conversation, "then perhaps a tlhIghaq would suit a human of your pathetic stature."

Enyd chuckled. She wasn't the tiniest Starfleet officer, though perhaps she was the smallest they'd ever encountered, and Enyd was curious if her slight physique had aided in their almost paternal view towards her.

"You would have her hide her intentions like a baktag Romulan?" Pa'Qis set down the blade with a clatter, venom lacing her words.

Quickly averting her eyes to watch Riv'evet's work, Enyd was thankful the earlier tussle had loosened her regulation bun further to cover her ears with wisps of her hair even now drifting in front of her face. Enyd had conveniently never mentioned that part of her background to anyone on the ship, having already known of the long blood feud between the two peoples. Not only were the details of her family legacy classified for most personnel, but especially on board a ship of Klingons, she'd felt it best to let them assume the slight curvature of her ears if seen was because of a Vulcan-only influence.

"No," Rik'evet continued, "a tlhIghaq shows its intentions well enough, but it hides its strength until the last second. There is no dishonor in knowing when to apply the right kind of pressure." To punctuate his point, Rik'evet applied said pressure to her arm to tie off the gauze wrap. Enyd bit back a yelp. Stepping back, he studied his work with a grunt, "It'll do. I'm a scientist, not a doctor."

Studying the reasonable job, Enyd added, "Nor a seamstress." Rik'evet curled back his lips while Enyd smiled, hopping down from the table they'd had her sit on, "K'adio, Rik'evet." He grunted a reply before turning to stash the rest of the medical supplies.

"For a hur'q, you don't butcher our language as bad as some of the others." Pa'Qis stalked closer and thrust a scabbard towards Enyd. "Here."

"Why?" Enyd didn't bother asking what, for she'd watched Pa'Qis clean the blade and place it in its sheath.

"While you're no suvwl, I believe you have the honor in your heart to wield this weapon." Pa'Qis dropped the tik'leth into Enyd's hands. "But bring it back to me, bloodied from your enemies on Qo'nos. Then we will share bloodwine as we tell stories of our battles."

They had not spoken openly about the growing tensions facing the Klingon empire, none of them truly having the trust or authority to do so, but it had always been in the background of their interactions. This was the first time any of them had dared to allude to it directly. Enyd was humbled by the act, and Pa'Qis' words. Whatever the hell she'd done to get this woman's respect, one act deserved another.

Enyd set the weapon aside only long enough to grab the gear Pa'Qis had recovered from Enyd's temporary quarters while Rik'evet and Enyd had earlier retreated to the cargo hold. It didn't take long before she spied the ever-offensive reminder of her pain. The joints in her fingers ached as she grabbed it, her wrists and ankles burning from the remembered manacles. But her face was schooled into a neutral expression when she turned back to Pa'Qis. Without preamble, she tossed the decorative box holding her medal at the Klingon.

"My superiors give this gift to warriors, but you have seen for yourself I am not yet worthy to be called such," Enyd picked up the sword and bowed her thanks, "you keep that for me until that glorious day I meet you for bloodwine."

Pa'Qis scoffed at the object as if offended for Enyd after a quick study at the box's contents. With another shake of the head, the woman tucked the box into her tool belt. Rik'evet held up his hands when Enyd turned to face him, then pointed to Enyd's arm.

"Resist the temptation to erase that for the sake of vain kyamo, and you'll have memory enough of me." The older Klingon gestured towards the door. "You should go. We will not accompany you. Until Qo'nos, young tlhIghaq."

Pa'Qis rolled her eyes at Rik'evet's parting words, but Enyd felt cheered by them. Quickly pulling on her uniform coat, already irritating the wound, she picked up her gear and blade. She raised it towards her "friends" one last time before moving into the corridor. Her steps were soft and measured, and she still found inward delight whenever she startled a Klingon. While they could smell her coming, there were times they couldn't hear her coming. Enyd readjusted her bag as she hoisted the tik'leth higher in her grip. She ignored the stares from the rest of the [iKajunpak't[/i] as she breezed past. Enyd did, however, acknowledge the curious gazes of her fellow Starfleet personnel when she finally made it to the transporter room. She was one of the last to arrive, not a good start, but at least they hadn't had to delay because of her.

It was with a mixture of curious caution that Enyd stepped onto the transporter pad. Transporting had never been her favorite method of travel, but over the years, she'd learned to tolerate it, and always respected the engineers who kept the transporters in proper working order. She'd never served on a starship before but figured getting into the habit of creating Christmas cards or baking cookies once a year for the crew that successfully kept her atoms together would not be wasted time or effort.

Within moments, the abrupt shift of environment assaulted Enyd's senses and she drew her head back at the change. Though it'd never been her favorite smell, she'd grown accustomed to the Klingon atmosphere and so couldn't help but shiver when met with the sterile chill of a Federation vessel. If she smelled as much as a Klingon as an actual one, Enyd made a mental note to freshen up sooner rather than later if given the opportunity.

Promptly spying the captain there to greet the new transfers, Enyd moved off the transporter pad to greet her. She hid the annoyance the fresh wound brought and further distracted herself from it with another bag readjusting shift as she transferred the tik'leth to her left hand. 

Enyd spoke with a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, "Lieutenant Enyd Madsen, diplomatic corps, reporting for duty, Captain."
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[ Captain Ives | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Ellen Fitz
Next, an officer with a red collar descended from the reflective transporter platform, and Jien couldn't help raising an eyebrow at the Klingon short sword she carried. It made for a rather amusing attribute given Lieutenant Madsen's introduction to say the least - the juxtaposition of her line of duty and her armament plain.

"Ives. Welcome aboard the Theurgy," she said with a faint smile, giving the weapon a quick glance. "I see you have brought a souvenir from your layover on the Kajunpak't."

Having a past as Chief Diplomatic Officer before she became First Officer on the Vendetta during the Dominion War, Ives realised that the presence of the weapon had other connotations as well beyond the jocular. It was, actually, a sign that officer Madsen had come to integrate herself with the Klingon crew of the Kajunpak't. The only other alternative was that she had acquired the weapon before she had been contacted by Director Anderson, and had opted to take it with her as a personal knickknack, but the officer didn't strike Jien to be the kind to wield a sword on a regular basis. Looks could be deceiving, of course, but her educated guess was that the human had penchant for exploring cultures not her own, which was a cornerstone in the foundation of a diplomat.

"You will be reporting to Lieutenant Commander Samantha Rutherford once she returns from her away mission, her serving as our Chief Diplomatic Officer. She will assign you duties and brief you about the state of the Diplomatic Department, but for the time being, I believe the reports about our mission so far will be sufficient to keep you occupied."

Folding her hands behind her back, Jien briefly thought about the wealth of aid that Director Anderson back on Earth was giving them, with so many officers having been sent to the Theurgy during the time on Aldea and how they kept coming even now, when they had left the shipyards on their mission to Qo'noS. It seemed that even if Jona Rez had encrypted the real Simulcast, they were still reaping rewards from the mission to Starbase 84. It was a sore realisation for Jien, since she had hoped the Simulcast to redeem her crew and spread the truth to all corners of the Federation, but as it were, she decided to be grateful nonetheless. The Theurgy, despite all the setbacks and losses, was still leading the opposition against the Infested, and they were no longer alone.

"Do you have any questions, before you follow Thea and get your accommodations aboard?" she asked Lieutenant Madsen, confident that she had been briefed properly already, but still wishing to give the human the opportunity to speak with her in case something in Anderson's reports were unclear.

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[ Lieutenant Enyd Madsen | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Enyd fought the blush but failed when the captain took direct note of the tik'leth in her grip. It was a silly response, she knew, and quite unnecessary, but there was something about the captain's smile and the fact that this was her first impression onboard that had Enyd's cheeks warming. Enyd also couldn't help but wonder if it was so common or so uncommon of an officer to bring such a souvenir that the captain seemed amused when she spoke of it.

"Yes, a parting gift from a new...friend." Enyd adjusted her bag on her shoulder to assist in further ignoring the cut on her opposite arm. It wasn't terribly heavy, but holding it in the hand of her wounded arm was a ready reminder of her earlier recklessness. "We're to have drinks and share battle stories on Qo'nos once this is all over." Listening to Captain Ives introduce her new C.O., Enyd couldn't wait to see the woman's face so she could connect the name with a face in her journal later. It was a terrible flaw, and one she hoped still to remedy, but Enyd had the most terrible habit of switching things around when it came to names and faces.

"Thank you, Captain Ives. I have read through the reports and will continue to do so in preparation for meeting with the Lieutenant Commander and assisting her moving forward." Glancing past the captain to the other newly arrived personnel, then back to captain, she added, "I understand there are a number of Klingon on board. After reporting to Lieutenant Commander Rutherford, I would like to 'mingle,' so to say, with some of our Klingon guests. I was curious if there was anything regarding this group that I should be particularly aware of," Enyd then realized that may have been a question better asked of her C.O. and quickly added, "or if you'd rather I hear the report from the Lieutenant Commander, I can wait until I see her."

Enyd shifted on her feet to move past, but then sighed and shook her head, looking back to the captain. Might as well come clean from the start. She squared her shoulders and met the captain's eyes before she spoke again.

"As I'm sure you may already know, or will soon discover, this is my first assignment onboard a starship. Do you have any recommendations for someone who spent the entirety of their career planet-side in how to quickly integrate with the crew and the ship's routines?" Enyd glanced around the room briefly before her eyes came back to Captain Ives, "From what I've read of the Theurgy's service thus far, I am predicting that I will not have a smooth ride with plenty of room to slowly get to know the way of things." Enyd blushed then, "Meaning no disrespect, captain. My assumption that the other shoe is about to drop is not a reflection upon your command or the crew."

Enyd inwardly groaned. Her proclivity to speak her mind served well in negotiations and witty comebacks with peers. She could only hope that she hadn't just added her name to the captain's "crew members I seriously dislike" list. She knew from experience that was not a nice list to be on.
Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen, Diplomatic Corps

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[ Captain Ives | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Ellen Fitz
When asked about the Klingons, Ives thought naught of the propriety of the question being posed to her, answering readily without pause. "Yes, there... were 200 loyal companions of Martok aboard this ship when we left the Epsilon Mynos System," she said, thinking about the events the night before, in which she'd lost and might have lost a lot of good officers. "Unfortunately, it seems someone who supports Gorka, made his or her way aboard as well, since there was an act of sabotage in one of our lounges yesterday evening. A chemical bomb, which killed several Klingons and officers of our crew alike. I suggest you keep your eyes open, and I would recommend speaking with General Chu'vok, who reports directly to Chancellor Martok."

Had what she just told the Lieutenant not been so dire, officer Madsen's question about serving on a starship might have been amusing, since the Diplomat would come to learn that life in the actual fleet - their mission in particular - was far from commonly sheltered planet-side service. "No offence taken. Duties aside, when you get the opportunity, I would suggest using the public areas of the ship, like the gymnasiums and the lounges to socialise and get to know the crew. Perhaps you can go there together with your fellow diplomatic officers to begin with, before branching out to other people you learn to know."

Jien had given the officer her advise with a faint smile, which stayed as she made an addendum. "Yet as for the mission, I'd say the reports you have, and those awaiting you now that you have come aboard, are a great start. This, in learning what the crew has been through already... and Thea is always there to assist you if in doubt. Good luck, Lieutenant Madsen. I wish you a pleasant evening."

Unless the diplomat had anything further to ask, Jien then turned back to the transporter platform to greet the next officer.

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[ Lieutenant Enyd Madsen | Transporter Room 01 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Enyd frowned as she listened to Captain Ives speak of the chemical bomb. The attack was a heinous act regardless of location, but from what she knew of Klingons--which, granted, was not as much as she felt she'd need for their mission--it seemed odd that a Klingon would resort to such an attack. Furthermore, it made Enyd curious how Ives planned on replacing the crew killed in the bomb. From what she understood, the ship still ran as if it were officially a part of the Federation, the true Federation, so it wasn't likely--and thankfully so--that Ives was likely to pick up some Ferengi crew from a bar as some random outpost just to have warm bodies to throw at an enemy.

"I'll be sure to speak with the General once proper introductions are made, sir." She'd learned from her "friends" that the hierarchy of Klingon culture demanded certain traditions be met before someone of such a status would open up to a newcomer, and Enyd was uninterested in creating barriers on her first mission aboard.

The captain blessedly didn't seem offended with her shoe comment and was cordial enough to offer her advice on how to more readily integrate herself with the crew. "Thank you for the advice, captain. I'll be sure to follow your suggestions as I'm able." It was an odd idea that a ship like Theurgy, or at least a ship that had been through as much as the Theurgy, still had facilities like a lounge or a gymnasium to socialize in. That fact alone would take some getting used to.

"Yes, I'll be sure to keep asking questions as I go." Enyd added as the captain advised her to continue her information "download" of the current situation. "And captain, though this is my first time serving aboard a starship, please do not hesitate to think of me for the complicated or complex missions. I like a challenge. It keeps me occupied." She didn't add and out of trouble, but she heard her grandmother's voice alongside Javec's say it in her head nonetheless. "Take care, captain."

Both introductions and pertinent farewells said Enyd hid the wince carrying the weight of the sword caused on her injured arm as she moved past the captain and further into her new life aboard the Theurgy.

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