Christopher Slayton, callsign "Husker" (KIA)

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Personnel FileW-o1.png
Name:Christopher James "CJ" Slayton
Position:Fighter Pilot
Age:Mid 24
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Asgard (Gamma Perseus III)
Weight:267 lbs
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Green
Played by:Stephen Amell
Andorian Culture
20th/21st Century Earth Music
Hologram programs (namely ones about espionage or tactical espioniage)
Covert Operations & Tactics
Martial Arts:
--Hleshvalath (Wrestling)
--Chaka Hramdai (Chaka Dagger fighting)
--Vershaan (Andorian Jiu Jitsu)
--Close Quarters Combat/CQC
2375-2379: Starfleet Academy, class of 2379.
Service Record
2379-2381: Assigned to USS Arizona
2381: Assigned to Harbinger, transferred to USS Theurgy.
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Before his death, Christopher Slayton was a fighter pilot who served aboard the USS Theurgy. He was a fighter pilot in the carrier's Lone Wolves Squadron. He originally served aboard the USS Harbinger before its destruction in 2381. Slayton aided the crew of the Theurgy against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the early 2380', before he was killed in a battle with the IKC Rotarran.

Background Story

Pre Starfleet History

"There is always a Slayton in the Fleet"

That was the one thing that Chris' father always told him when he talked about family tradition or the family's history of service, from the Slayton that served aboard one of the first NX ships during the Earth-Romulan War to his older brother Marcus graduating from the Academy with honors. But most importantly it was always about the legacy and how his father expected all of his son's to follow him into the service with no questions asked just like how Marcus and Daniel did. But Chris always had questions, ones that amusingly enough his brother Daniel encouraged as he always tried to be the buffer between their father and Chris which worked, for a while.

When the "ugliness" with the Klingons started, Chris was finishing up primary school and had already made plans to travel the 'verse when his father had told him that, point blank, he was expecting Chris to sign up for service once he was out of school. But Chris didn't want to do that and promptly told his father thus and got told that he didn't have a say in the matter. But once again Daniel served as the buffer and explained to their father that by "seeing the universe before serving in the fleet would help Chris get a better understanding of what he could advise them on" and their father slowly accepted that even though Chris had no plans to serve in the fleet.

A few months later out near Orion space, he was working on a cargo ship and earning his way on his travels on the cargo ship Aurgia. It was here that he was bunk mates with an Andorian thaan by the name of Paran who took him under his wing as life on the Aurgia wasn't the easiest or the most comfortable, but it was simple and honest. Paran taught Chris many of the things that he would later use in his life as the older man taught him how to fight in a manner that was alot less "polite" as well as teaching him about real life in the universe.

But his journey was ended one day when the ship was attacked by a Bird of Prey and even though the Aurgia's ship fought bravely, it was still taken and for the rest of the Federation/Klingon Conflict. Chris spent time as a POW until the start of the Dominion War eight months later at which point the Empire released their prisoners as a sign of "good faith" to their once again allies but the time in the camp changed him in ways that he refuses to talk about to this day. Even though he lost his mentor in Paran, Chris was able to take a vial of his blood back to Paran's Keth on Andoria before going back to his home world of Asgard.

Once he returned home, he started to try and recover from his time as a POW but his father insisted that with "a real war on, it was his family duty to become an officer," at which point Chris finally decided that he had finally enough of his father's attitude and decked him then promptly leaving without looking back. However a few hours later his mother finally reached him and told him that while his father was mad at him for the disrespect, he still wanted to have a real talk with him when he got home...

...The talk never happened.

Andrew Slayton was one of the two thousand, one hundred and forty seven people killed in the Breen attack on Starfleet Headquarters at which point Chris felt that he was going to be pressured by his family to finally stand up and do something, but it was his brother Marcus who said the one thing that helped him make his decision:

"If he was here what would Paran say?"

Less than a week after the funeral, Chris Slayton headed for the Academy.

Academy Years

Chris entered into the Academy in the year of 2375 just as the war with the Dominion was wrapping up. Chris decided to throw himself into his studies-not because he was a Slayton and it was expected, but because he viewed it as another challenge. He discovered that he had a natural knack at flying shuttles which he wasn't aware of before and he was selected during his first year for Tactical Conn training and did well at it.

Chris' major at the Academy was Flight Control/Tactical Conn with a double minor of Security and Operations. While he did very well in his self defense, athletics, flight and language courses-he had some trouble with his CLAS114/Classical Vulcan and Elementary Temporal Mechanics courses-not really grasping the course but he got the idea that "time travel was a bad idea".

Despite the occasional "run in" with Campus Security for various reasons such as pool hustling, fighting and the like. Chris kept his nose clean, even when he was thumbing it at those who viewed him trying to ride his family's name even when he wasn't and he went out of his way to prove which lead to a reprimand on his cadet record for being caught after doing the "Titan Turn" during his last year in the academy.

During his time at the Academy, his first year flight instructor was Lieutenant Jackson "Frightmare" Hunter and he was the one who gave Chris his call sign of "Husker" due to his voice. While at first he hated it, Chris came to wear it as his own badge of honor.

After his fourth year in the Academy, Chris was assigned to the USS Arizona (a Galaxy-class Explorer) for two years before being selected for duty aboard the USS Harbinger.

Pre Episode 03 "Unconquerable Soul Part 1":

Chris was selected by Lieutenant Commander Phanatos Kilinvoss to fill an open slot in the Harbinger‘s wing, Chris proved his worth and enjoyed his time aboard the ship where he felt that he finally had a home of his own and would stand next to his wing commander.

Events of Episode 03 "Unconquerable Soul Part 1":

When the Harbinger went "Broken Arrow" or rogue, Chris didn't know what to do but he stuck to what he had been taught and knew that his fellow pilots needed him and not the confusion that he felt when word came down that high command wasn't acting how they should. He questioned it but he got ready for a fight no matter what.

For the next two months Chris felt the toll of what real combat was like as the Harbinger was hunted by the rest of the fleet and slowly but surely his wing mates were whittled down to eight which Commander Kilinvoss then formed into a new squadron. Deep down he started to question himself because he had watched several of his friends become a part of the galaxy even though he had fought to save them which made his soul disquieted and as such he turned more inward to try and keep from falling into the pit that he was starting to feel without his family around him.

When the Harbinger hooked up with the starship Theurgy outside of the Hromi Cluster, he waited in the cockpit of his bird while the two COs discussed what was to happen next.

However while he kept his gaze locked on Wolf-10's bird when out of nowhere the USS Calamity attacked and in the brutal fighting that came next.

He didn't realize that he'd been injured by one of the instrument panels of his Valkyrie exploding until he had landed his bird on the Theurgy as it was the closest ship when the two base ships quickly pulled out of the system.

Chris spent most of the next two days in surgery due to the damage done to his left lung and arm and then spent another day recuperating planet side of Theta Eridani IV.

He was quartered temporally in a tent near the triage center and during one of the brief conversations with Commander Kilinvoss, who was recovering from his own injuries, that the Calamity had created it's a vengeful phantom in the form of Kilinvoss, who was still alive despite its best efforts. Chris in an attempt to give a man that he had respect for a confidence boost-giving the wing commander his new call sign.

Chris, despite still not being at a hundred percent, helped with the evac from Theta Eridani IV after the Calamity’s action caused a tectonic rupture by helping to fly one of the evac shuttles.

However after the two ships were safely in the KNZ, Chris had reinjured his left arm and was confined to sickbay by the Theurgy’s CMO which gave him some time to think by himself in the advanced sickbay.

This quickly changed when two of his fellow pilots in Smoke and Titan were brought in and looked like they'd been in one hell of a fight and was about to check up on them when he noticed that they didn't seem like the men that he'd served with for few months and kept his distance.

When Kilinvoss entered sickbay for pain medication and ordered him to be cleared to fly by 1000 hours and was cleared. But after landing on the Harbinger and changing out of his flightsuit he heard something that made his blood boil as he entered the squadron's ready room.

Riptor was "regaling" his tale of how he not only strangled a woman to death in the ’s Theurgy’s Squadron CO's office but only after he raped her at which point Chris snapped and attacked his fellow pilot, no longer caring about what was going on at that moment.

Before he could do any real harm to Riptor, two members of Harbinger’s security pulled him off at which point he was asked where his head was in the "plan" to which one of the security officers made mention that Chris had been on the Theurgy and that "Captain T'Rena" had been preoccupied to as yet include him.

At this, Riptor got a sad look on his face and simply told Chris that he had to go and wait his turn until the captain was ready for him in the brig and that everything be forgiven.

Personality Profile

Chris comes from the Slayton family which has served Starfleet in one way or another since the days of Captain Archer's mission but he prides himself on being the black sheep of such a noble family. While he takes pride in his family's accomplishments, he however is bound and determined to make his own way in the 'verse.

While he doesn't allow himself to show it, his time as a "Guest of the Empire" has left him with some issues and that has lead a couple of counselors to question the truth of his mental state but he has passed every exam including his psychological exam to enter Starfleet with flying colors despite these concerns.

Chris is also proud of being an "Asgardian" which is the name of the colony located on the M-Class planet known as Gamma Perseus III on Federation star charts. It was originally founded by the colony fleet lead by the USS Isis, an old Curry-class Through-Deck Carrier, a year following First contact with the Cardassian Union and not only helped to found the colony but his great grandfather (and namesake of his older brother) was an officer aboard the Isis which helped to lend to a kind of cultural identity. He understands the need of hard work which is something he is used to. This cultural identity helps to ground him no matter what.

Chris has a couple of vices which he keeps under control-the chief of them being is that he enjoys a good game of pool..alot. While not a gambler by nature, he is known to hustle pool with members of his own squadron and one of these pool hustles purportedly cost him a promotion to the rank of junior lieutenant but that is simply a rumor.

Another vice of his is that he tends to be a little bit more of a renegade then normal. Two of his visits to security during his time at the Academy was due to "late night excursions with a female cadet in a public place". He enjoys the thrill of the chase and while he's not that bad about it and is a good officer, he does tend to "not bend but skirt the rules when needed" (his own words on the matter).

Chris is fond of the Andorian people and their culture, having been introduced to it by an andorian by the name of Paranistic ch'Katarismor or "Paran Katar" during his time travelling and as such tends to use the same kind of work ethic among other things but he does not treat it like a "trend". To him that would be dishonoring his mentor's memory.

Physical Profile

Chris is a handsome man in his early to mid twenties with a tendency to have a rather wolfish smile...when he does chooses to smile. He has obtained a good number of scars across his body from his time as a POW or "a guest of the Klingon Empire" (as he puts it) which he hasn't sought to have removed for his own reasons.

Chris' voice has a natural husk to it which only deepened slightly as he got older and on the strange occasion that he's been caught singing-he sounds very rough and unpolished.

Wears a small vial with a bluish liquid inside of it, refuses to take it off unless it absolutely needs to and even then will keep it nearby at all costs.

Speaks Andorian with a Northern Polar Region accent, Vulcan with an Eastern accent, and what Tellarite he does know is strictly regimented to the category of "Swearing".