USS Dauntless

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The USS Dauntless.
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The USS Dauntless (NCC-63546) was an Akira class Federation starship operated by Starfleet in the late 24th century. The Dauntless was the mobile hangar of the Black Wolves Squadron, a warp capable fighter squadron composed of Tactical CONN pilots and their Gryphon-class AC-307 Mk II Valkyries.

During his cadet cruise in 2374, Daniel Havenborn served aboard the Dauntless as part of Starfleet Academy’s Cadet Training Squadron 47, otherwise known as Red Squad. Cadet Havenborn got to see firsthand what it was like to serve on an active starship with warp fighters. He quite enjoyed his time onboard the ship and worked hard to impress his instructors.

In December of 2375, Petty Officer Kino Taer was assigned to the Dauntless as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal expert in the ship’s Security Department where she served until 2379.

Cadet Tessa Lance started her cadet cruise aboard the Dauntless in 2376, and was slso a part of Cadet Training Squadron 47 until she graduated the following year and was assigned to the USS James Kirk. She didn't meet Daniel Haverborn since he had graduated over a year earlier and at the time was serving aboard the USS Persephone.

In 2379, the Chief Security Officer aboard the Dauntless was Lieutenant Commander Jazmin Alpha-two.

That same year, Ensign Kelleshar sh'Zenne was assigned to the Dauntless after completing her cadet cruise aboard the USS Elcano and graduating from Starfleet Academy. She served for barely a year before she was transferred to the USS Endeavour in 2380 to make room for a more experienced officer to fill her role aboard the Dauntless.

In May of 2379, Ensign Winter Bannin was assigned to the Dauntless as a security officer. Although she only served aboard the Dauntless for five or six months, during that time she accidentally uncovered evidence of an illegal narcotic smuggling operation on the planet Hedra and exposed a criminal Syndicate. She was rewarded with a promotion to lieutenant (junior grade) and the opportunity to serve as deputy chief security officer aboard the USS Cayuga.

After the USS Theurgy discovered the conspiracy that compromised Starfleet and fled Federation space, the Dauntless was selected to be part of Task Force Archeron and ordered to hunt down and destroy the errant multivector dreadnought.

In March of 2381 the Dauntless was disabled by Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent's "Soup Sandwich" virus, but a week later had recovered sufficiently to participate in the Battle of Starbase 84.

After the Battle of Starbase 84, a number of the USS Orcus’ pilots from the Black Wolves Squadron transferred to the Dauntless, including Lieutenant (junior grade) Sephiria Arn, Lieutenant (junior grade) Alessia Garcia, Lieutenant (junior grade) Devyrie Okhala, Ensign Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes, Ensign Minjae Soh, Chief Warrant Officer Third Class Liliana Walton, and Petty Officer First Class Karma ein Yueh who served as a Rear Intercept Officer for Ensign Soh. Naturally, their prototype AC-477 Mk I Valravns from the Orcus were transferred to the Dauntless as well. Even this was not enough to replace the Black Wolves’ casualties, so Lieutenant (junior grade) Donna Petterson was transferred from the USS Jadestone and Ensign Isel Nix was plucked from the pilots of the USS Persephone to complete the squadron.

Almost a week later the Dauntless and the USS Bellerophon managed to intercept the Vector One stardrive section of the Theurgy known as the "Helmet". The gave chase resulting in a battle that left the Dauntless heavily damaged and many of its security personnel that had been beamed over as boarding parties trapped aboard the renegade starship. In addition the Black Wolves Squadron had boarded the Helmet through its shuttlebay and were trapped aboard the Theurgy as well.