USS Persephone

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The USS Persephone
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The USS Persephone was a 24th century heavily modified Steamrunner-class starship designed to serve as a pocket carrier that was owned by the United Federation of Planets and was operated by Starfleet.

Ensign Sjaandin Fedd served aboard the Persephone from 2367 until early 2376 when he was assigned to Cardassia Prime as part of the reconstruction effort. He achieved the rank of lieutenant (junior grade) while serving aboard the Persephone.

Ensign Daniel Havenborn was assigned to the Persephone after graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2374 where he met Uriah Ahern. They served aboard the Persephone until 2377 when the Persephone was recalled to Starbase 146 to undergo post wartime refits.

Lieutenant (junior grade) Sephiria Arn served aboard the Persephone as a fighter pilot from 2375 to 2378, flying a Valkyrie Mk I and a Mk II before leaving to become a test pilot for the Valravn program taking place at the Luna Shipyards.

Ensign Isel Nix was assigned to the USS Persephone after graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2379.

In late March of 2381, following the confrontation between Task Force Archeron and the USS Theurgy at Starbase 84, the Persephone was deployed to provide disaster relief to the heavily damaged starbase. While at Starbase 84, Ensign Isel Nix was transferred to the USS Dauntless to help bolster the ranks of the Black Wolves Squadron following the heavy losses they took during the battle.