USS Elcano

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The USS Elcano
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The USS Elcano was an Excelsior class Federation starship operated by Starfleet in the 24th century.

The USS Elcano was commissioned in 2308.

After the Dominion War the USS Elcano was commanded by Captain Sobok of Vulcan. He was considered unusual in that he actively sought the greatest variety of species and personalities aboard his ship in search of the best characteristics of species considered both rational and irrational by his Vulcan peers.

Kelleshar sh'Zenne took her cadet cruise aboard the Elcano in 2378. The Andorian cadet flourished under Captain Sobek and trained in a variety of positions, always attentive to her next assignment and contributing tirelessly to maintain and improve the starship operations. When Captain Sobok promoted her to Ensign upon her graduation in 2379, he added the following note to her profile: "complicated personality in peaceful situations, tireless and excellent worker. Highly recommended for away teams and starship in risky missions."

(So far it is unknown if the Elcano is still serving Starfleet in 2381 but there is no reason why it wouldn’t be.)