Doc M.

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Writer of Doctor Maya, Master Chief William “Billy Bob” O’Connell and Wolf-07 Tessa “Goldeneye” Lance

Doc M. is a paranoid misfit who believes that Facebook was created to aid in identity theft. Doc M. is currently writing for Maya, Tessa May Lance, and William Robert "Billy Bob" O'Connell. When suffering from writer’s block Doc M. posts and edits in the Star Trek: Theurgy Wiki.


Favorite movies

Galaxy Quest | Indiana Jones | Sherlock Holmes | Star Trek 4,5,6,8,9,10 | Star Wars 4,5,6 | Pirates of the Caribbean | Airplane & Airplane II

Favorite TV shows

Star Trek: TOS & TNG | NCIS | Firefly | Last Man Standing | Death in Paradise | Elementary | Castle | Tosh.0 | Mail Call | Hogan’s Heroes | Dragnet | Blackadder | Get Smart | 3rd Rock from the Sun | The Orville

Favorite bands / musical artists

Within Temptation | Hans Zimmer | Pet Shop Boys | Enya | Roxette | Annie Lennox | Danny Elfman

Favorite books

Rogue Warrior series | ACD’s Sherlock Holmes series | The Complete Works of HP Lovecraft | Stephanie Plum series

Favorite writers

Richard Marcinko | Howard Phillips Lovecraft | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | Janet Evanovich

Favorite games

Mass Effect | Elder Scrolls | Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (tabletop) | Classic World of Darkness series (tabletop)

Other Interests

Writing | Military Technology | US Navy