USS Jadestone

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The USS Jadestone
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The USS Jadestone was an Akira class Federation starship operated by Starfleet in the late 24th century.

Evelyn Rawley served aboard the Jadestone as an ensign after her graduation from Starfleet Academy in 2376 until she was promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade) and transferred to the USS Theurgy in 2379.

Callax Valin served aboard the Jadestone as an ensign after his graduation from Starfleet Academy in 2376. He was promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade) in 2379 and eventually transferred to the Iota Eridani Training Facility for advanced flight combat training in 2381.

Ensign Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes’ first assignment after graduating both Starfleet Academy and Tactical CONN Academy was aboard the Jadestone in 2379. She left when she was selected to join the Valravn Project at the Luna Shipyards in 2380.

Donna Petterson graduated Tactical CONN Academy early in 2379 and was assigned to the Jadestone as a fighter pilot with the rank of ensign. She was the wingman for Evelyn Rawley for several months before Rawley was promoted and transferred.

In March of 2381, the Jadestone was at Starbase 84 when both the USS Resolve returned to Federation space. The Jadestone and its fighters participated in the battle that erupted with the arrival of the USS Theurgy but was severely damaged by the crossfire between the Theurgy and Task Force Archeron. With the Jadestone was in no condition to pursue the Theurgy, the unwounded pilots and undamaged fighters in the Jadestone’s fighter group were hastily transferred to the USS Dauntless, including Donna Petterson, who by that time had been promoted to lieutenant (junior grade).