Devyrie Okhala, callsign ''Dragon'' (KIA)

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Name:Devyrie Okhala
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Element Leader, Lone Wolves Squadron
Orientation:  Bicurious
Birthplace:En route to Federation space
Height:5ft 04in / 1.63m
Weight:122lbs / 55kg
Hair:Blonde, dyed white in long locks
Eye color:Green
Played by:Vika Falileeva
Martial Arts
2372-2375: Starfleet Academy
2376: Tactical CONN Academy
A minor in rescue operations.
Specialized in flight operations, fighter tactics and escort missions.
Service Record
2376-2377: Ensign, Fighter Pilot, USS Repulse
2377-2378: Ensign, Element Leader, USS Farragut
2379-2381: Lieutenant JG, Valravn Project Test Pilot, Luna Shipyards
2381: Lieutenant JG, White Wolves Flight Leader, USS Orcus
2381-Present: Lieutenant JG, Lone Wolves Element Leader, USS Theurgy.
Received reprimand for a fight while on shore leave, two times.
Received commendation for going above and beyond call of duty during a rescue flight to retrieve an away team.

Before her death, Junior Lieutenant Devyrie Okhala was a Fighter Pilot on the USS Orcus. After the Battle of Starbase 84, where she defected to the Theurgy, Dev aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century. Not long after her defection, she was abducted by the Savi, and underwent Correction upon the Versant. Afterwards, she was no longer a Romulan and Human hybrid, since the Savi removed all traces of Romulan genes. She died in April of 2381 when a bomb detonated in the Theurgy´s Spearhead Lounge.


Father: Aurum i-Jelai Okhala
Mother: Shreya Okhala
Siblings: Laurel Okhala - Younger Sister

Born Through Treason

Devyrie, or Dev to her friends, was born on a transport ship smuggling Romulan refugees that sought asylum from the Tal Shiar.

Her farther, Aurum i-Jelai tr'Seroht, was a technologist with the Research & Development Division in the Tal Shiar. Despite his close workings with the Romulan fleet and the Tal Shiar, Aurum didn’t see eye to eye with the militaristic implementation of every piece of technology he worked on. His conscience gnawed at him, and he sought a different way to make his work worthwhile. He stumbled upon a transmission meant for the reunification front with Vulcan. Rather than reporting it, he stored it away. He took time to get to know the members, eventually contacting an undercover human Starfleet Intelligence operative, Lieutenant Shreya Okhala, who was working on the reunification front. Aurum was growing interested in leaving Romulus, and hoped these new contacts would allow him to get to Federation space.

Shreya's contacts in Starfleet Intelligence provided means to be moved off world. Aurum’s technology experience, as well as his fears of his fellow officers in the Tal Shiar and their methods, provided impetus to move him. The two worked closely together, and fell in love, even as plans were put in to place for Aurum being smuggled out on a freighter. Shreya became pregnant in the process, even as they moved from planet to planet, trying to not to draw suspicion. As they made the final move in to Federation space, Shreya went in to labour, giving birth to Devyrie. Aurum decided to settle his family on a Federation world, to avoid drawing any attention to himself, deciding on Alpha Centauri, and using his technology skills for the university there.

Childhood on Alpha Centauri

He married Shreya, and when male Romulans married, they often took the House name of their wives, as Romulans still used the matriarchal system that the ancient Vulcans did. His new name became Arum i-Jelai Okhala, and their daughter's full name became Devyrie Okhala, as according to the naming conventions on Alpha Centauri and Earth. Five years later, she also got a sister, whom Aurum and Shreya named Laurel Okhala. While Devyrie inherited the looks of their mother, with fair skin, green eyes and blonde hair, Laurel got olive skin and chestnut hair - looking very much like Aurum but with less accentuated Romulan features.

Dev grew up on Alpha Centauri, assisting in projects with her parents to develop different ways of connecting with their Vulcan cousins. Many of these projects included studying Vulcan arts and music to gain further insight in to the differences between the two worlds. Her father, though, never shook the suspicion that the Tal Shiar would track him down. Shreya pulled some strings to get Starfleet Intelligence to screen off their existence to all foreign powers. When all arrangements had been taken care of, Aurum shaved his head and tattooed his back in remembrance of a world left behind.

Despite a love for painting and enjoying her time with the other colonists, Dev was a free spirit, desiring adventure and exploration beyond the colony. She would often take long hikes out in to the hills overlooking the city and gaze at the stars. Her mother would often encourage her, describing her career in Starfleet and the various adventures she went on. Despite her father’s worries, Dev also learned about Romulus, becoming enamoured with the militaristic society, in contrast to the logical of the Vulcans. It took some time, but Aurum eventually felt safe enough to begin discussing Romulus with his daughter. He showed her different pieces of technology, and how they functioned, illustrating his points by taking them all apart, and showing each piece had it’s own function, not always defined by the other.

When she was old enough, she applied to Starfleet Academy, and moved to Earth. Her father had been reluctant at first, worried about her exposure. However, the rumors of war with the Dominion led him to become more militaristic in his attitude and willingness to let his daughter go. He also began to groom Laurel Okhala for potential dark times ahead after Dev left the Okhala residence on Alpha Centauri.

Early Starfleet Career

Eager to learn, Dev decided to study flight control, determined to become the best pilot she could be. While she had hoped to engage in the Dominion War, her studies limited her involvement to a few patrol cruises. Her hawkish nature, and fiery temper earned her the nickname of “Centauri Dragon.” Rather than ignore it, Dev embraced it, making her callsign “Dragon” during flight operations. Her more tactical nature, and development of unorthodox strategies led her to be picked by the [[Starfleet Astronautical Command]] Division for the Tactical CONN department. Before graduation, she trained with the AC-205 Mk I Valkyrie, until her assignment on the USS Repulse - for her cadet cruise - where she learned to fly the AC-307 Mk II.

Upon graduation from Tactical CONN Academy, and a promotion to Ensign, Dev was assigned to the USS Farragut in 2377. During this assignment, a runabout was damaged and on a collision course with an asteroid. Dev’s squad was called in to slow the ship with limited tractor abilities, and wait for emergency beam out from their support ship. Dev took the initiative to lock on to the runabout’s course, tie her autopilot to the course, and beam over. From there, she slaved the runabout’s computer to her fighter’s, beamed back and slowly guided the runabout back to the starbase, with her squadmates providing extra support and guidance. She received a commendation for going above and beyond call of duty during this rescue flight and was promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

From Test Pilot to White Wolf

Due to her track record, Dev was assigned to Luna Shipyards to work on a top secret fighter project about to be put in to service. Dev took on the challenge and worked with the team of engineers in building one of the best fighters Starfleet had. Her drive for perfection led to some minor designs being incorporated based upon reports from her and other combat pilots. Yet they were not finished when the test program came to a sudden end.

When the USS Theurgy supposedly defected to the Romulans in November of 2380, orders came to Luna Shipyards that the twenty prototype Valravn fighters needed to be put into field duty, since the Theurgy's Mk III Valkyries were better than what the rest of Task Force Archeron had in terms of superiority fighters. So, the White Wolves Squadron ceased to be test pilots and were instead commissioned to the USS Orcus, which was supposed to join Task Force Archeron and hunt down the Theurgy. In late February of 2381, the USS Orcus found the task force adrift, orbiting Theta Eridani IV without means of communication or propulsion. They had been affected by a computer virus, and it was only with the help of the USS Orcus "clean" software that the entire task force could exit orbit and take up the hunt again. Task Force Archeron immediately set a course towards Starbase 84 - meaning to intercept the Theurgy if Captain Ives had decided to put the advanced Theurgy-class starship of in his Romulan masters' hands.

Dev felt a personal motivation as well in this assignment. There were reports of Tal Shiar agents, and that old fear her father had felt crept in to her mind. As part of a side project, Dev began a quiet investigation of possible Tal Shiar agents, and their motives. Her concerns for the security of the base was tinged by a personal responsibility to protect her family.

Not long after her defection to the USS Theurgy at the Battle of Starbase 84, she was abducted by the Savi, and underwent Correction upon the Versant. Afterwards, she was no longer a Romulan and Human hybrid, since the Savi removed all traces of Romulan genes. Her genetic alteration would not be the only horror inflicted upon her during her captivity on the Versant. Forced upon by another captive, Hylota Vojona, Dev was sexually assaulted by the drugged Ovri while being observed as part of a twisted Savi experiment. After her ordeal she was released into the company of the other Savi captaives where she reunited with her sister Laurel Okhala who she had not seen for several years due to their postings. Laurel herself had been captured by the Savi in an escape pod after the destruction of her ship by the Borg. Sadly the sister's reunion would be short lived as Laurel was killed during their escape from The Versant while attempting to gain access to the AC-507 Mk I Reaver .

Dev managed to successfully pilot the AC-507 Mk I Reaver, using it to escape The Versant along with Mickayla MacGregor and Gideon Drake eventually reuniting with the USS Theurgy during the Battle of the Apertures where she used the Reaver to help defeat a Borg Cube before retreating through the Aperture along with the Theurgy and her fellow Wolves who had also fought in the battle.

The traumatic experiences Dev suffered on The Versant, as well as the loss of her sister would haunt Dev for a long time and while V-Nine was capable of restoring Devyrie to her former self aboard the Theurgy, the pilot had yet to make a decision on whether or not to undergo the procedure.

Personality profile

Dev had a driven and impulsive personality, and worked hard to improve herself on a continued basis. This had led to more perfectionism on her part, and conflict with some of her squadmates in the past. While she had a glimmer of recognition of her abrasive nature and temper, Dev had worked towards improving it through martial arts, and more mental discipline exercises that her father had insisted she learned. Other hobbies included dismantling items to learn how they worked, in a similar manner to what her father had taught her.

Dev prefered socializing or being active to what she had considered more boring research and academic pursuits. Often times, Dev was found either in a recreational area or on the holodeck, hiking across vast landscapes and camp under the stars.

Physical Profile

Light weight, thin, but muscular. Her exotic Romulan heritage made Dev look more like a holo-actress than a fighter pilot. She styled her hair in Alpha Centauri tradition, with long locks covering over her pointed hears and subdued Romulan features. Her keen green eyes were intensified by a fierce gaze. As an honour to her father, Dev had a stylised tattoo of a Romulan bird.