Kino Jeen

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Personnel FileY-e5.png
Name:Kino Jeen
Rank:Petty Officer Second Class
Position:Security Officer
Orientation:  Homosexual
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:145lbs / 66kg
Eye color:R: Cybernetic blue / L: Light blue
Played by:Cara Delevingne
Kunst des Fechtens Historical Martial Arts
2371: Entered Starfleet NCO Bootcamp

2372: Graduated Starfleet Security Training Center as Crewman First Class

2374: Graduated Advanced Combat School
Service Record
2372: Assigned to USS Navarre as a Security Crewman Third Class

2373: Promoted Security Crewman Second Class
2374: Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class, assigned to a ground combat task force
2375: Assigned to USS Dauntless, Security Officer - EOD specialist
2378: Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class

2379: Assigned to USS Theurgy, Security Officer
2374: Purple Heart, Starfleet Silver Palm
Petty Officer Kino Jeen (earlier Taer) was a Security Officer assigned to the USS Theurgy before being placed in stasis due to injuries sustained during the ship’s escape from Earth. Because of the severity of her head trauma, she was resuscitated with an ocular implant instead of a right eye after the Theurgy executed the Continuance Protocol following the encounter with the Versant in March of 2381.

Not long after she returned to duty, Kino was again put back in stasis after sustaining injuries during the Battle of the Apertures, but she was soon thawed while the Theurgy underwent repairs at Aldea. Kino aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Early Life

Born into one of the wealthiest families on Trill, Kino was showered in gifts and had everything she ever wanted growing up, everything except her parents. Her father was always away on business trips leaving her and her mother alone. Over time her mother would start having affairs in order to fulfil the needs her husband was never around to provide.

Left to her own devices, Kino would eventually rebel by starting fires, small ones at first as a way of getting attention. The less attention she got the more fires she started until she developed a love of it. On more than one occasion she would find herself in trouble for causing fires but her Father, with his money and influence would always swoop in and bail her out of trouble, lecturing her on the responsibilities she had as his daughter and the negative impression she was bringing to the family name.

Failing to see her actions for what they were, her father would leave on business trips and her mother although doing her best would simply hand Kino money and usher her out of the house in order to have some time with her numerous "friends" that would come round to visit, until eventually her mother took off with one of those friends and never returned after it came out that her father too had been sleeping around on his business trips with various women.

After her mother left, Kino was mostly raised by the family maid as her father would bury himself even deeper into his work, spending most of his time either locked away in his office, drinking or on business trips, mostly the last of those as the reminder of his failure to keep his marriage going and an "empty" house was too painful, or so he claimed. This ever increasing dysfunctional homelife continued led to increased displays of pyrotechnics, eventually leading to her being arrested and placed in juvenile detention, the first of many such stints, only this time her father would not bail her out to "straighten her out" as he put it.

It wasn't just her home life that caused her issues, but her school life was equally as troublesome, getting to fights and mouthing off at teachers, a full-on rebel some might say. Kino would say she was simply an anarchist who rebelled against the system, something that at first was a lie to cover up her inner pain but over time, unknown to her would become a truth that would define her. The advantage to her constant fighting however was that she became quite good at it. It was also during her later school years that she would come to realisation that she was gay and had several casual relationships with various girls from her school but none ever too serious.

When she was 15, her rebellious personality would draw the attention of a local Trill anarchist group who opposed the status quo, hating on the government, the usual bullshit that anarchists rebelled against and Kino was just the kind of recruit they liked, with her outspoken nature and skill at setting fires, especially considering the number of them she had set with no casualties. Kino was seduced into the group by a lover of hers and found a place that seemed to embrace her and accept her for who she was.

During her time with the group she would attend protests against the local government, both peaceful and non-peaceful ones and find herself in and out of jail. Getting into fights with various officials and civilians alike and of course setting the occasional fire, although none could ever be linked back to her. She would stay with the group for several years until she was 18, during which time her anarchist antics would lead to many fights with her father, who still was less concerned about his daughter but the effect her "juvenile antics" had on him and his business.

Having had enough of her father only caring about herself, the two had a massive argument in which Kino blamed her father for everything, for her own actions, for her mother leaving and stating, in her opinion quite rightfully so that he didn't care about anything but his stupid company and making money before storming out of the house.

It wasn't long after that fight that her father's company landed a huge government contract to develop a new city hall. Still angry with her father and his lack of caring about her the majority of her life, Kino knew what her next target was, although she would have to wait until construction actually began. Sure enough a few weeks into construction of the new city hall, a fire started that burned it down. While little actual construction had been done, for Kino it was more a symbolic gesture than anything else.

Unfortunately for her however, local cameras had seen her commit the crime and she was shortly arrested. Surprisingly her father refused to press charges against her and even used his influence to get the government go easy on her, perhaps feeling guilty for his failure as a parent, Kino didn't know as she never actually saw or spoke to the man. All the government official told her was that it was simple, either she enrolled at Starfleet Academy, which might actually straighten her out or, now that she was of legal age go to jail. Despite a few smartass remarks about the officials' secretary and wanting her number, Kino knew that she was in deep trouble and that she would be stupid not to take the deal. She didn't know how the Trill government had squared it with Starfleet to let her attend as an NCO nor did she care, she was avoiding an actual jail sentence and that was good enough for her and soon found herself on a transport to Earth.

Starfleet Academy

Given her ability to fight and not really knowing much else, Security seemed to be the most obvious track to pick at the Academy, something that would pan out rather well for her. She would study well and given the "extracurricular activities" of her past found her teachers recommending her for Explosive Ordinance (EOD) training, something that Kino of course absolutely loved. As a result, Kino seemed to start turning over a new leaf, with Starfleet actually straightening her out, although whether this was due to their stricter discipline or simply that Kino enjoyed what she was doing was hard to say, the results however were clear to see, even to Kino herself, even though she was still a little mouthy and rebellious.

During her time at the academy she would meet one of her closest friends and first serious lover Eliska Bremmer, a fellow security cadet with whom the two hit it off almost immediately. Not all things were positive at the academy as despite the fact Kino seemed to be turning things around, she never heard from her father again although nor did she bother reaching out to him either, which Kino didn't really find herself minding one way or the other.

The rest of her time at the academy went pretty smoothly and she graduated in 2372 with a respectable grade.


Upon graduating the Academy, Kino was assigned to the USS Navarre as a crewman first class, where she was immediately told it would be a boring assignment where the most action she would see would be on the shooting range or the Holodeck. Later that year however she would see some action when the Navarre would have to deal with some pirates, during which Kino would end up setting fire to the pirate's engine room.

Despite the situation with the pirates however, the Navarre was a somewhat boring assignment in which she saw very little action. Kino would however keep in touch with Eliska however despite them both being assigned to separate ships, although their relationship had ended as a result the bond and friendship was still there.

Despite having a pretty quiet career was pretty quiet until that point, in 2373 she was promoted to Crewman Second Class and in 2374 received a message from Command saying that she had been selected for Starfleet's Advanced Combat course under the recommendation of her old boot camp instructor, something that surprised Kino given her vocal outbursts but evidently her skill more than made up for that, equally great news for her was that Eliska was also invited to the training as well, so a reunion was possible, during which they were both assigned to the other.

Upon graduating the course with a promotion to Petty Officer Second Class, Kino would see plenty more action during the Dominion War as a ground trooper, something that she much preferred, especially with her new training and having been cooped up on her old ship with few actual fights.

It was during one such assault on a Dominion held position that Kino would earn her first medals of her career as well as her first major injuries when she cleared a path for her squad through the enemy held bunker with a series of explosions, the last one she wilfully detonated while still in the blast zone after the enemy had discovered her presence. While dealing a significant blow to the enemy forces as well as opening a path for her to regroup with her team, her proximity to the explosion cost Kino her right arm and a significant chunk of her leg. Kino was successfully evacuated by her squad, earning her both the Purple Heart and the Starfleet Silver Palm medals. She was however put on medical leave during which time her arm was replaced with a biosynthetic one, with as much realistic feel and touch as was possible given her job as an explosives expert and needing a sensitive touch for such a job as well as a partial biosynthetic replacement of her leg.

Kino would sit out the rest of the war recovering, only being declared fit to return to duty after the signing of the Treaty of Bajor where she was reassigned to the USS Dauntless as their Security Team's EOD specialist, where she would serve for four years until she was reassigned to the USS Theurgy in 2379.

For someone who had always been somewhat of a rebel and very much an anarchist at heart, to be branded a traitor for essentially that without actually doing it annoyed Kino greatly, it was however an annoyance that wouldn't last for very long as during their escape from Earth, Kino was caught near another explosion when the Theurgy's torpedo room took a direct hit and she was hit with some falling debris on her head. The resulting injury was severe enough that it would not only cost her an eye but require her being placed into stasis until such time as she could be revived and her injuries dealt with.

Eventually she was brought out of stasis and had her eye replaced with a cybernetic one, albeit it one that had originally been meant for one of the Lone Wolves pilots, meaning that it would have to be reprogrammed to suit her own career at some point. That reprogramming would be done my her on again, off again lover Eliska Bremmer who herself had recently joined the Theurgy after their ships had encountered each other, although Kino had still been in stasis at the time.

The two would pick up their relationship again and fight together several times after Kino was brought out of stasis in defence of the ship and her crew from numerous threats including a cult and the Borg. It was during this skirmish with the Borg that luck would again turn on Kino as she was injured yet again and placed into stasis.

After her latest recovery and the tragic realization that her secret love - Eliska Bremmer - was killed in action and that her body has taken another toll when fighting the Borg invasion, Kino was suffering from episodes of depression and anxiety. Questioning not only herself but also the mission and her own contribution to it, Kino was on the brink of giving up and resigning from Starfleet, but she was already on a renegade ship.

To the crew, Kino acted as if she was getting back on her feet, but inside she was still hurting and depressed. Her hopes of positive distraction by getting back on duty were thoroughly crushed by the invasion of Klingon boarders during the Battle of Houses. Trying to defend Vector 1 Engineering alongside Lieutenant Valyn Amarik and Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby, Kino again witnessed death and destruction before being confronted with a life-altering decision.

While making their way out of the Engineering department, Kino discovered Lieutenant Kaylon Jeen, a joined Trill who was already fataly injured and whose symbiote was on the brink of death. After a successful emergency transport to Battle Sickbay, Kino had to decide if she was ready to be joined. And even though she was never even close to being considered an appropriate candidate and therefor having no deeper knowledge about what was awaiting her, she agreed.

Putting all her trust in the joined Trill Amelya Rez, Kino underwent surgery, receiving the Jeen-symbiote and saving it's life and the memories of it's former hosts to live another day.

The Jeen symbiote had before been hosted by four members of Starfleet, all of which were invested in some way with engineering. Before the first joining, Jeen spent the first five years of its life being tended by Trill caretakers in the symbiont pools until a suitable host was found. By the time Kino was joined with Jeen, the symbiote was 205 years old.

  • Amina Jeen (female) Structural Engineer joined 2181-2243
  • Menara Jeen (female) Computer Specialist joined 2243-2297
  • Dayak Jeen (male) Test Pilot - joined 2297-2368
  • Kaylon Jeen (male) Engineer - joined 2368-2381

Personality Profile

On the surface bubbly and kind, if mildly sarcastic, Kino’s inner self was marked deep with scars from her experiences around the Dominion War, particularly as she was constantly placed in the thick of it. Perhaps fittingly considering her past on Trill involving explosives and setting fires, she was considered a pyromaniac and an anarchist, though one that knew better than to not follow orders from her superiors in Starfleet. Her experiences have aided in the development of a worldview that focuses far more on the here and now than any kind of future.

Physical Profile

Kino took pride in keeping a very fit figure, the better to survive in the wilderness of her home colony as well as to handle the situations she frequently found herself in during her career as a demolitions and EOD specialist during and following the Dominion War. Her hair was kept in a short pixie. Following the injuries sustained during the Theurgy’s escape from Earth, Kino had a biosynthetic full right arm, partial replacement of her right leg, and an ocular implant for her right eye as of March in 2381.

During the Battle of the Apertures, Kino lost her left leg as well as seventy percent of her hip, including vital parts of her reproductive organs and lower intestines. It all was replaced by prothestics and cybernetic implants which allowed her full functionality.