Kino Taer

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Personnel FileY-e5.png
NameKino Taer
RankPetty Officer Second Class
PositionSecurity Officer
SpeciesTrill (Unjoined)
Height5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight145lbs / 66kg
Eye colorR: Cybernetic blue / L: Light blue
Played byCara Delevingne
Kunst des Fechtens Historical Martial Arts
2371: Entered Starfleet NCO Bootcamp

2372: Graduated Starfleet Security Training Center as Crewman First Class

2374: Graduated Advanced Combat School
Service Record

2372: Assigned to USS Navarre as a Security Crewman Third Class
2373: Promoted Security Crewman Second Class
2374: Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class, assigned to a ground combat task force
2375: Assigned to USS Dauntless, Security Officer - EOD specialist
2378: Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class

2379: Assigned to USS Theurgy, Security Officer
2374: Purple Heart, Starfleet Silver Palm
Petty Officer Kino Taer was a Security Officer assigned to the USS Theurgy before being placed in stasis due to injuries sustained during the ship’s escape from Earth. Because of the severity of her head trauma, she was resuscitated with an ocular implant instead of a right eye after the Theurgy executed the Continuance Protocol in March of 2381. Taer aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Conversation, Trill government official and Taer, 2371

"Ok, let me break it down for you. It's Starfleet or those fires you keep setting will burn you."

"They haven't burned me yet."

"No? Then why are we talking?"

“Because I’m cute? You’re not – You’re not my type, though.”

“Beg your pardon?”

“Your secretary is, though. Can I have her number?”

“… I’ve already talked to the recruiter. He’s expecting you. Now get out of my office.”

Conversation between two Security Recruits, 2371

"Taer will tell you she had a rough childhood, full of terror and blood. Don't listen to her bullshit. The truth is far more insidious."

“That sounds ominous.”

"She was the daughter of the sixth richest man on Trill.”

"Wow. What happened?"

"Well, let me put it this way. How much mail do you see her get?"

Starfleet Security Boot Camp, 2371

Instructor: "Spots! You'll make sure Bremmer here knows what's what, and she doesn't burn the fucking place down when she looks at a console funny. Bremmer.... hopefully you'll rub off on Spots and she'll learn something from you."

Bremmer, sotto voce: "Kino, you can rub off on me anytime you want."

Starfleet Security Boot Camp, 2371

“Eliska, I can already see my reflection. Do you really need to keep shining those boots?”

Starfleet Security Boot Camp, 2372

“Kino, you said I just need to push these two buttons for that drink right?”

“Yes. Just push the top middle left and then – Holy sh-shit, Bremmer, what the fuck is that?”

“I don’t know, but it’s tasty. I must have asked for the wrong thing. Want some?”

Boarding the USS Navarre, 2372

“Welcome to the USS Navarre, Crewman. I trust you know what to do with a rifle.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Great. Expect to never use it while you’re here. Shooting range is over there, though, and I’m told the holodeck has some really good simulations to break the monotony.”

After an anti-piracy raid, 2372

“Pirates, eh?”

“I guess it’s not so monotonous here after all, sir.”

“You handled it well, Taer, but can we avoid starting a fire in their engineering next time?”

“No promises.”

Conversation between Boot Camp Instructor and ACS recruiter, 2373

“"Taer? For ACS?"

"You wanted my best."


"Trust me. Besides, look at the records; we're getting Bremmer too. Trust me, we're good."

"Okay, I can see it."

"Pair her up with Bremmer in training."

"Are they married?"

"... No?"

“Then why?”

"Because back in the day, I trained them. And because I fucking told you to."

Downtime during ACS school, 2373

“Eliska, this is a fucking sword.”

“You asked.”

“I … guess, I guess I did.”

After-action report by Taer’s CO to his CO, 2374

“While under fire during an assault on a Dominion held position, Petty Officer Kino Taer demonstrated great courage and tenacity in clearing a path through Dominion defenses for her squad. She used a series of explosives to quite literally blow a hole through a bunker, and Commander, she wasn’t out of range on that last one.”

“Premature explosion?”

“She manually triggered the explosion when it was clear the enemy caught on to her presence. She was under cover, but couldn’t link back up with her squad. The blast solved that for her.”

“And it cost her an arm and most of her leg. I’ll make sure she gets that commendation, Lieutenant.”

Reassignment after the Treaty of Bajor, 2375

“I’m being reassigned?”

“The war is over, Taer.”

“I’m bored already.”

“Well, Petty Officer Bored, you’re due to report to Security on the Dauntless. They requested someone with EOD experience. Try not to blow it up.”

“No promises, Chief.”

On a shuttle approaching the USS Theurgy, 2379

“Huh. That’s a really big fucking ship.”

“The USS Theurgy. You’ve been assigned to it too?”

“Yup. Kino Taer, Security.”

“Ah, I’m in engineering.”

“Ah, nice. None of the bombs they let me work with have quite the effect of a warp core detonation.”

“I-I’m sorry?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll try not to blow this ship up. My job description expressly forbids blowing up Federation property, apparently.”

Conversation between Dr. Nicander and Nurse Jovela

“What happened to her?”

“She was near one of the torpedo rooms. It took a direct hit during the escape. Debris must have hit her head hard.”

“By the winds, probably lucky to be alive but that damage to her skull is worrying. That eye is definitely lost.”

“Brain activity is still there, Doctor. She is still alive.”

“Indeed, but we’ve got too many wounded right now and more are coming in. Not enough supplies or time for this kind of surgery. Put her in stasis.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll make sure she’s put under ASAP.”

Personality Profile

On the surface bubbly and kind, if mildly sarcastic, Kino’s inner self was marked deep with scars from her experiences around the Dominion War, particularly as she was constantly placed in the thick of it. Perhaps fittingly considering her past on Trill involving explosives and setting fires, she was considered a pyromaniac and an anarchist, though one that knew better than to not follow orders from her superiors in Starfleet. Her experiences have aided in the development of a worldview that focuses far more on the here and now than any kind of future.

Physical Profile

Kino took pride in keeping a very fit figure, the better to survive in the wilderness of her home colony as well as to handle the situations she frequently found herself in during her career as a demolitions and EOD specialist during and following the Dominion War. Her hair was kept in a short pixie. Following the injuries sustained during the Theurgy’s escape from Earth, Taer had a biosynthetic full right arm, partial replacement of her right leg, and an ocular implant for her right eye as of March in 2381.

Special Notes

Kino Taer did apply for a symbiont before her enlistment, at her father’s behest. The commission rejected her application primarily on the basis of her anarchism and general misbehavior.