Liliana Walton, callsign ''Meerkat''

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Name:Liliana Walton
Rank:Chief Warrant Officer Third Class
Position:Fighter Pilot
Orientation:  Pansexual
Birthplace:SS Rainbow's End
Height:5ft 4in / 1.63m
Weight:110lbs / 50kg
Eye color:Green
Played by:Jodie Whittaker
Model Starships
Starfleet Boot Camp 2360
Officer Candidate School 2378
Service Record
2360-2364, Crewman -> PO3, USS Nautilus
2364-2370, PO3 -> PO1, USS Hiroshima
2370-2374, PO1 -> CPO, USS Thunderchild
2374-2377, SCPO, Tac CONN Academy Flight Range
2378-2381, WO -> CWO3, Luna Shipyards, Valravn project
2381-2381, CWO3, USS Orcus
2381-2381 CWO3, USS Dauntless
2381-Current CWO3, USS Theurgy

Before her death, Liliana Walton was an experienced specialist in piloting small craft and a test pilot on the Valravn project, part of the White Wolves until the Battle of Starbase 84. Unlike other members of the squadron, she did not defect to the USS Theurgy after the battle and was reassigned to the USS Dauntless as part of the Black Wolves Squadron. By then, it remained unknown if she would aid in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century. She died in April of 2381 when a bomb detonated in the Theurgy´s Spearhead Lounge.


Liliana was born on the SS Rainbow's End. It was an older civilian ship manned almost entirely by descendants of the early "space boomers" that made up a portion of humanity's spacefaring population in the 22nd century. Many of them could trace their genealogy across the years all the way back to crewmembers on Cargo Services ships and the Rainbow's End itself was a former Merchant Marine ship before it was retired from that service and rebuilt to more modern standards in the decade before Liliana was born.

Her parents both worked as part of the ship's maintenance crew and Lily herself found herself assisting them in keeping the ship running smoothly. Her small size as a child allowed her more freedom of movement, which she frequently exploited along with the other children onboard for both play and work. Along with absorbing knowledge from her parents, her experiences in the guts of the ship gave her a deep respect for both perils and requirements of a life lived in space like the other spacers she spent her life with.

It was during a supply run to a remote Federation outpost that Walton first ran into Starfleet in a context other than bartering for supplies. A young Starfleet officer and shuttle pilot was among those that mingled with crew from the Rainbow's End, and caught the petite spacer's eye. Captivated initially by their beauty, Liliana lingered nearby long enough to be captured by the pilot's talk of visiting cosmopolitan cities on planets and learning to fly using Starfleet's latest technology. She was just now reaching her 17th year, which mean facing the choice of what she wanted to do with her adulthood. It was supposed to be a given that she would stay on the ship or perhaps join the merchant marine to continue a life of aiding the Federation in a civilian capacity, but the pilot's stories of attending Starfleet Academy and starting a career in space with the sort of technology and gadgetry that Liliana could only dream of introduced a third path.

It was a path that she ended up embracing. Armed with contact information handed to her from the pilot, Walton stepped off her childhood home for the final time to hitch a ride to Earth. When she arrived, she attempted the exams for the Academy but failed miserably compared to the planet-bound aspirants she found herself competing with. One recruiter she spoke with noted her scores favored a career fixing ships or flying them and suggested that she enlist instead. The standards for the potential recruit were lower than those aspiring to the officer corps, he said, and gave her no less of a chance to see the stars.

She took his advice and enlisted the next day, choosing to train as a shuttle pilot. Her life in space gave her an advantage in navigating a 360 degree space as well as handling herself in micro-gravity, both traits that she exploited to give her an edge up on getting the better assignments that CONN enlisted graduates qualified for. She placed near the top of her class upon graduating from boot camp and her first assignment was in shuttle bay operations aboard the USS Nautilus. It was here that she really learned the ropes of piloting shuttles and managing the systems onboard the craft that were actually in service at the time.

In 2364, after promotions to Petty Officer 3rd class, she was transferred to the USS Hiroshima as a runabout pilot. This was the assignment that first cut her teeth on small craft bigger than a Type 9 shuttlecraft. She stayed here for a number of years, eventually climbing up the Petty Officer 1st class.

In 2370, Liliana Walton developed a reputation as specialized small craft pilot, able to deftly control just about any shuttle or runabout within her reach. She also got a reputation for a good trainer and unofficially took on a mentoring role for younger pilots. She was reassigned to the USS Thunderchild to train specifically for the Peregrine-class in its role as a courier ship and small transport. It was here that she attained Chief Petty Officer. She ended up surviving the Battle of Sector 001 aboard the ship, staying on it through the outbreak of the Dominion War.

The war saw a retooling of the entire fleet into a true instrument of war in the face of an implacable enemy. The Peregrine she flew was remade into a true attack craft like the rest of its cousins, and she flew in sorties throughout the first year of the war.

In 2374, Starfleet's losses both in capital ships and smaller attack craft meant they needed more pilots trained more quickly. They tapped Walton to be one of the new flight instructors at what would become the Tactical CONN Academy Flight Range, offering her a promotion to Senior Chief Petty Officer at the same time. She spent the rest of the war through 2376 there, helping to train cadet pilots on Peregrines in preparation for additional training on the new Valkyrie warp fighters. With the organization of the new Tactical CONN department under [[Starfleet Astronautical Command]] in 2375, Liliana soon had found herself wearing a white uniform rather than red and became one of the flight instructors rated for the Valkyrie Mk II.

She attended Officer Candidate School to attain Warrant Officer in 2378.

Itching to properly fly something again, Liliana found an opening for a test pilot at the Advanced Starship Design Bureau after graduating OCS. She was allowed to be in what became the Valravn project, one of a select few that tested the new era of the interceptor platform. In recognition of her increasing expertise and importance to the project, Liliana was given the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3rd class. Her assignment at Luna Shipyards meant she was given a rare look inside the development of the kind of craft she had flown for over a decade by that point, though specifically as a fighter pilot only for a fraction of that time. When orders came down for the test pilots to be formed into the White Wolves Squadron with the explicit mission of hunting down the rogue USS Theurgy, Liliana found herself serving as a pilot on a ship again - this time hunting down what were supposed to be fellow Starfleet officers.

Walton fought with the rest in the Battle of Starbase 84, but was not among those White Wolves that defected to the Theurgy in the midst of the battle. As off March in 2381, she was a part of the Black Wolves Squadron, with the designation Wolf-13, operating from the USS Dauntless.

Personality Profile

Liliana was generally cheerful, bouncy, and bubbly, with a habit of talking even to herself when no one else is there to talk to. She enjoyed playing mild and harmless pranks on others, and such a prank was typically a sign that she liked someone. There was a strain of persistent anxiety and restlessness under the surface that only a trusted few ever get to see. It was generally shown, however, through a propensity to not sit or stand still. She was protective of anyone that she liked well enough, which tended to be most anyone that doesn't annoy or disrespect her. She also had a tendency to adopt junior officers or enlisted as a way of constantly having someone to mentor or mother, a trait she adopted since her days on the USS Thunderchild. It sometimes earned her scorn from newer pilots as a "know-it-all" but it was truly simply her sharing her experiences to help others.

Her childhood on the SS Rainbow's End also encouraged a communal mindset in her, meaning she viewed issues through the lens of working with others to find a solution rather than rushing off on an individual basis or for individual glory. While this made her an excellent and well-integrated part of a fighter squadron, it did pose issues for taking initiative when she needs to.

Physical Profile

As a child, Liliana was always one of the smallest in her cohort. As she developed into a young adult, she finally peaked at a lower end of average height for human females with a petite build. Her blonde hair was kept in a bob for ease and comfort. She kept herself healthy and generally fit. Her green eyes were rarely still for long as Lily generally liked to focus on whatever she was doing with her hands that she kept busy whenever possible, claiming it helped her focus better on problem-solving or conversations.

Off duty, Lily tended to wear simple and plain clothing with a preference for a purple and black color scheme.