Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes, callsign "Blizzard" (MIA)

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Name:Jhozahosh "Jhoza" sh'Avhennes
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:TacCONN Fighter Pilot
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Laibok City, Andoria
Height:6ft 0in / 1.83m
Weight:122lbs / 55kg
Hair:White, worn heavily braided
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Katheryn Winnik
Writer:Formerly The Ostrich
Martial Arts
Making Amulets
2364-2368: Andorian Imperial Guard Academy
2375-2378: Starfleet Academy
2378-2379: Starfleet Tactical CONN Academy
Service Record
2368-2375: Andorian Imperial Guard
2373-2375: Volunteer commando team aboard the IKS Chol'Vok
2379-2380: Ensign, Fighter Pilot, USS Jadestone
2380-2381: Ensign, Valravn Project Test Pilot, Luna Shipyards
2381: Ensign, White Wolves Squadron, USS Orcus
2381: Lieutenant JG, Black Wolves Squadron, USS Dauntless
2381: Defected to USS Theurgy

Lieutenant Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes was a Fighter Pilot with the White Wolves Squadron aboard the USS Orcus. After a large portion of Jhoza's squadron defected during the Battle of Starbase 84, many of her choices were called into question. When members of her new Black Wolves Squadron aboard the USS Dauntless also defected, her mind was made up for her, and she defected to the USS Theurgy at the next chance she got. Jhoza aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century up until March that year, where she deserted the ship in hope to rejoin her family.




  • Zhavey - Ishrahaol "Ish" zh'Avhennes - Age: 68
  • Shreva - Vryjahmia "Mia" sh'Shiarhith - Age: 68
  • Thavan - Ikehriahl "Riahl" th'Eshikrihr - Age: 69
  • Charan - Thohraov "Rao" ch'Othelris - Age: 67


  • Zhi - Ashrallia "Rallia" zh'Avhennes - Age: 40
  • Thi - Kohraahl "Korh" th'Avhennes - Age: 38


  • Ch'te - Zartholh "Thol" ch'Ithyrraqb - Age: 36 - "The fun one". Thol is the oldest, and the most energetic and outgoing of the group. He works as a tailor, and his wild personality can be seen clearly in his very expressive garments.
  • Th'se - Ashryvoss "Shry" th'Shaallak - Age: 34 - Shry has deep blue skin, an ancestral trait as his family were traditionally farmers and worked out in the sun. However Shry has departed from this historic occupation and works as a surgeon.
  • Zh'yi - Ejherenna "Renna" zh'Qynallahr - Age: 35 - Despite being young, Renna is already a high ranking member of her clans leadership, and is their representative in the Andorian government. She is set to take full leadership of the clan when she is older.


  • Shei - Priavao "Pria" sh'Qynallahr- Age: 13
  • Thei - Akyrevav "Kyre" th'Qynallahr - Age: 11


Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes, known fondly as Jhoza by her family, was born in Laibok City on Andoria in 2346. She was the youngest of three siblings and was always the most daring. She was a thrill seeker and liked to push the boundaries whenever she could. This lead to her getting into trouble with her parents and teachers at school every few months when she would pull an overly dangerous or stupid stunt.

This culminated in 2362 when Jhoza was 16. On a dare from a couple of her thrill seeking friends, Jhozia snuck into an Imperial Guard facility and attempted to hijack an unattended shuttle. Upon reaching the shuttle she accidentally triggered an alarm, alerting nearby Guardsman to her presence. She quickly realized that she wouldn't be able to escape in the shuttle without it being either boarded before she took off, or shot down if she managed to get airborne. Instead she did the clever thing and attempted to flee the site. Alas, she failed and was arrested by the Imperial Guard. While waiting to be collected by her Zhavey, Jhoza was approached by the facility commander. He was impressed, she had successfully evaded his guards to get in, and during her escape she had managed to give out several black eyes and broken noses to the guards subduing her. He suggested that she might have a future with the Guard. He offered his patronage should she decide to join, however she would need to keep herself out of trouble until she was old enough.

This was a turning point in her life. From that day on she worked hard to keep herself out of trouble, and ensure that her school grades were at a high enough standard to gain entrance to the Imperial Guard Academy. In 2364 at the age of 18 she graduated from school and approached her patron. He was impressed by her attitude and the passion that he could see burning within her, and thus he supported her application to the Academy. The training program was intense, designed to test the limits of the cadets, and Jhoza thrived on it. At the end of the extensive and exhaustive 4 year training course Jhoza graduated near the top of her class. She considered it a great honour to become a full Guardswoman.

In 2366, while Jhozahosh was still at the Imperial Guard Academy, she met her bondmates for the first time. It was an awkward first encounter as none of the four were entirely sure what to make of the other three. They met at a restaurant and spent most of the meal in an awkward silence, focusing mostly on their meals. It probably would have stayed this way if not for Renna. She had very quickly fallen for Thol and in an effort to get him to notice her she had asked where he had gotten his vividly coloured outfit. Thus, the proverbial ice had been broken. Thol talked with passion about his job as a Tailor, and offered to make Renna a garment if she so desired. The evening went well from there, and as the meal ended Shry invited the other three to his apartment so they could get to know each other better. They accepted and the evening ended when the four joined in shelthreth for the first time. A few short weeks later the four joined in marriage. Two years later, shortly before Jhoza graduated, the bondgroup had their first child, a Shen they named Priavao.

Upon graduating and becoming a full Guardswoman, Jhoza was assigned to the homeworld defence fleet. In this role she spent most of her time on or very close to Andoria and as such was able to see her family often, and in 2370 they had their second child, a Thaan they named Akyrevav. The defence fleet was a quiet assignment, Jhoza did little more than training exercises and respond to distress calls, until 2373 when the Dominion War began.

At the outbreak of the war the Imperial Guard was instantly put on high alert. Jhoza was assigned to a commando unit and joined a Klingon ship, the IKS Chol'Vok. Together with the Klingon Warriors, they preformed hit and run attacks on Dominion and Cardassian installations, as well as infiltration and sabotage. Her unit, and the Klingon ship avoided large scale engagements, instead preferring to prey on lone Cardassian and Dominion ships. However, in 2374 the IKS Chol'Vok saw its first major engagement as it was a part of the Klingon fleet which reinforced the Federation vessels during the battle to retake Deep Space 9.

Following the retaking of Deep Space 9, Jhoza, and the Chol'Vok returned to their previous assignment of hit and runs against the enemy. During a raid on a Jem'Hadar weapons facility Jhoza was injured when her ground team was discovered. The fight quickly became a brawl in the narrow corridors of the facility. The Guardsmen and Klingons quickly abandoned their rifles in favour of their melee ushaan-tor and D'ktahg weapons respectively, while the Jem'Hadar wielded their kar'takins. The engagement was short and bloody, but in the end the Andorians and Klingons prevaled with minimal casualties. Jhoza was one of the unlucky few, she was stabbed in the thigh and had to be beamed straight to the Chol'Vok to be treated before she bled out. She recovered, and this fight and her injury only served to increase her standing among their Klingon allies.

The IKS Chol'Vok continued to raid until she was called forward and joined the combined allied fleet for the Second Battle of Chin'toka. As with all the other vessels at the battle, the Chol'Vok was incapacitated by the Breen energy weapon, and the crew were forced to abandon her. The crew of the Chol'Vok were rescued from their escape pods by the Nebula Class, USS Lusitania, and transferred to Deep Space 9. Jhoza and her commando unit were granted some much needed shore leave, and she spent time back at home with her family, until she was hurriedly recalled for the final attack on Cardassia Prime.

Jhoza and her commando unit, aboard the USS Lusitania again, were some of the first troops to make groundfall on the war ravaged planet. They helped to subdue the few Jem'Hadar who were still killing the civilians, then spent the next month helping to begin the cleanup and rebuild efforts.

When they were eventually transferred off the planet Jhoza, after talks with her family and superiors in the Imperial Guard, resigned from the Guard and applied to Starfleet Academy, as she felt she would be able to do more good there than she would with the Imperial Guard. She was accepted very quickly and eagerly by Starfleet. She took a Security and Tactical oriented course, and upon completing it, she felt she still wanted more. As such she attended new the TacCONN academy, and graduated near the top of her class in 2379 as a fully qualified Fighter Pilot.

The new Ensign was assigned to the USS Jadestone, however Jhoza only spent a few months there before being selected as a test pilot for the Valravn Project. She enjoyed the project immensely, pushing the craft to their limits, and past their limits on several occasions.

In 2381, along with the other Valravn pilots Jhoza was assigned to the White Wolves Squadron and the USS Orcus. She was not aboard the Orcus for long, as it was destroyed during the Battle of Starbase 84. The remaining members of the White Wolves, those who hadn't defected to the Theurgy or been destroyed were assimilated into the Black Wolves Squadron aboard the USS Dauntless.

In 2381, while the Dauntless and the Black Wolves were hunting the USS Theurgy, Jhoza felt that things were not right within Starfleet and she defected to join the Theurgy. Her one and only concern with her defection was of her family, what would her bondmates and children think when they found out what she had done? She reassured herself with the fact that she is doing this to protect them.

Personality Profile

One of Jhozahosh's instructors at the Tactical CONN Academy once described her as an adrenaline junkie and daredevil, and he wasn't wrong. She took great delight in pushing her body and her craft to the limits for the thrill of it, although she recognized the seriousness of her job and would never do it in a serious or combat situation. From a young age she chafed against the rules, and this caused her to get into trouble often. Since bonding and having children Jhoza has tamed her wilder impulses, although they do still show through on occasion.

Another side effect of becoming a mother is that Jhoza became very protective of her friends and family, often going out of her way, and putting herself in harm's way, to protect them.

Jhoza learnt to use the ushaan-tor at a young age, and honed her skills in the Andorian Imperial Guard. She always carries her blade with her on a mission, with the names of her bondmates engraved on one side of the blade and the names of her children on the other. She is sentimental and also wears her Shapla at all times, as a reminder of why she fights.

She tries to hide her softer aspects from people by embracing her wilder elements and trying to craft herself toward the stereotype of a "Flyboy". She does this because she is afraid that these softer aspects will make people think less of her and doubt her abilities.

Physical Profile

Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes is a tall, broad shouldered, strong and fit Andorian Shen. Her distinctive antennae sprouted from the top of her head and were quite useful for determining her feelings and mood. Her skin was a rich shade of blue, and she often wore her white hair in a complex mass of braids, often with lengths of twine or pieces of metal woven into it. Her skin was completely unblemished, save for a scar on the inner thigh of her left leg from a Jem'Hadar Kar'takin, and a scar on her left palm from a Klingon D'ktahg.