USS Asterion

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The USS Asterion

The USS Asterion was a 24th century Federation Luna class starship operated by Starfleet.

Ensign Tatiana Marlowe served aboard the Asterion as an Engineering Officer from 2376 to 2378 before being promoted and assigned to the Starbase 63.

Lieutenant (junior grade) Izar Bila served aboard the Asterion as a chemist in the Science Department.

In 2377 and 2378 the Asterion mapped the Helaspont Nebula in the Alpha Quadrant that was relatively close to Bajor and the Badlands that had been the main stage of the Dominion War. During this time, as a parallel project, Lieutenant (junior grade) Izar Bila improved the starship's spectrographic sensors for the detection of sub-quantum anomalies, which earned him the Cochrane Medal of Excellence in 2379 and a promotion and an offer of an assignment aboard the USS Cayuga in 2380.

In 2381 the Asterion was part of Task Force Archeron, and was disabled by Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent's "Soup Sandwich" virus, but a week later had recovered sufficiently to participate in the Battle of Starbase 84.