Dr. Lucan cin Nicander

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Personnel FileT-o4.png
Name:Dr. Lucan cin Nicander
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Former Chief Medical Officer
Currently: Prisoner & Parasite Informant
Orientation:  Bisexual
Height:6ft 3in / 1.91m
Weight:198lbs / 90kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Pale grey
Played by:Ian Somerhalder
Writer:Auctor Lucan
2367-2371: Aldean Education System, Medical University, Alpha Quadrant
2371-2375: Starfleet Academy, class of 2375.
2375-2376: Starfleet Medical (Rank: Lieutenant JG, 1 year due to previous education)
Service Record
2376-2378: Lieutenant, Medical Officer, USS Sovereign
2378-2381: Lieutenant Commander, Chief Medical Officer, USS Theurgy
2381-Present: Infested Informant, USS Theurgy

Doctor Lucan cin Nicander was Chief Medical Officer on the USS Theurgy. Nicander aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command at the end of the 24th century, but he was not all that he seemed...

Two days after the Battle of Starbase 84, he was discovered as one of the Infested, having been one of the enemies for years.


Born in the empyrean mountains of Câroon, in the smooth stone city of Envon, Lucan cin Nicander was an orphan of the winds.

This region of the planet was abused by sun and scything tempests, so the people there had skin the hue of bronze and eyes the color of overcast skies. The Wind Region of Câroon had a strong philosophy and attachment to the concept of "freedom", controlling the winds to generate power all on their own; developing their advanced society through means other Regions of the planet might equal but not replicate. Yet that strong need for freedom was restricted in Lucan's case, since he was different than the others...

The physical traits of individual Câroon were largely determined by the Region they are born to. They were a humanoid race, although those of the mountains tended to be smaller compared to the other Regioneers. Those living below the mountains were tall, even though the musculature of the whole race was more notable than any average human. Since Lucan was born very tall, he was set apart as a child - thus not 'free' like the other children. He was ridiculed, bullied, and harried until later adolescent years, when a single individual looked beyond the biased cruelty of the Envonian society.

That someone was named Kisane.

Though they only spent one night together, Lucan would never forget this single light during a life in darkness. Kisane was, however, coveted by another - a young man named Sanael - so when the truth about Kisane's choice became known, Sanael sent his friends to occupy Lucan while he assaulted Kisane in her living quarters. Lucan, fighting for freedom, never saw Sanael killing Kisane's parents and raping the love of his life. Only afterwards, when Lucan had bested Sanael's friends in the summoned storm, could he reach Kisane. Though by then it was too late.

When he found her, she was not the same; she had withdrawn inside her mortal coil due to the horror of what she had suffered.

Sanael went unpunished, no evidence found, with Lucan's accusations unheard since he could not provide substantial proof. Sanael's friends gave him an alibi, and Lucan was forced to see Kisane sent to an asylum - the accusations of what had happened instead laid upon him. He had to flee Envon down the treacherous mountainsides on foot, hiding from the patrol ships in the dead of night. All the while, his escape was not truly for his own sake. Instead, his damaged mind narrowed down on the hope to cure Kisane's affliction and make her return to him. He raised himself above vengeance and turned to the worlds beyond the stratosphere.

Alone and determined, he traveled to Aldea.

This world had been considered a legend for thousands of years, while being self-contained and self-sustaining with incredible technical sophistication providing daily needs. The people there devoted themselves to science, art, and medicine. The Aldean culture had developed by emphasizing the fundamental principle that "for everything taken, something must be returned". It was this principle that allowed their civilization to ascend to incredible heights in technology and art. If the means to cure Kisane existed, Lucan hoped to find it there.

In his early twenties, Lucan was adopted into the household of Seneca the Elder and grew up under the tutelage of this Aldean's brother - Seneca the Younger. Both were renowned tutors, so not only because of his ambition to find a cure for a riven mind, Lucan was under a lot of pressure to succeed under the tutelage of such great medical scientists. Subsequently, he was rewarded with an Aldean medical degree by the age of twenty-four, though his ambitions blinded him to the goodness in the life he had found, the family he had never had. For all that he cared for was how the Aldeans had allegedly perfected their educational system to the point where the natural abilities of the individual blossomed very quickly - thus earning him a faster route to his goal.

Soon, Lucan was ready to depart; ready to leave his life in Aldea behind and let his benefactors rot for all he cared. Kisane awaited her cure, which he believed to have found in his research. This initiated a feud between Lucan and his two mentors of the Seneca family, who could not understand why Lucan was so frustrated and meant to leave. They wished to keep him, since he could provide for the Aldean society. They needed talents like Lucan in order to rebuild their nigh-extinct civilization. Escalating arguments and Lucan's insanity resulted in him killing both men - which was the apex of a mounting darkness that his relentless research and cruel upbringing had paved the way for.

It was a crime of passion, yet one that Lucan covered up thanks to his sharp intellect and apathy for others beyond himself and his love. Pragmatically, he used the winds to cover up all manner of evidence - the inborn powers that he had not divulged to the secluded Aldeans. He made the seaside house topple into the ocean. He felt nothing as the currents tore his home for the past years apart, and turned away. He left for his real home, for Envon on Câroon, at the age of twenty-five.

Indeed, Câroon was calling, since Kisane was the Polaris of his soul.

He was not the same man when he returned; now a being of sharp and callous intellect forged in fiery research in another world. Yet, when he reached the asylum, Kisane was nowhere to be found. He made numb inquiries, distraught to hear that the elders of the Wind Region had decided that there was naught to be done about the husk that had once been a young woman. They had "given her to the sky"; thrown her into the winds beyond the highest ridge. As he staggered back from that revelation, a soundless scream in his eyes, Lucan cin Nicander died inside. Then, as he straightened... his eyes had turned to stone.

That night, he searched for the man named Sanael - to demand compensation. "For everything taken, something must be returned". That was the most important lesson that Lucan had kept from his time in Aldea. Yet this demand for a justice met was denied, since Sanael was nowhere to be found - nor was there any word about his whereabouts.

That was the last time Lucan set foot on Câroon soil.

Only one year later, he entered Starfleet Academy. He passed the entrance exam, and attended four years in order to enlist as an Medical Officer - following a single year of extra training for the profession. His research in Aldea aided him in this, even though he found the educational system and the new methods perplexing. On Aldea, he had learned different means for the same craft, but they were alike in result if not in execution. New equipment, new protocols, yet still the same outcome.

The psychiatric evaluations were easily circumvented since he could deduce what they were for, and knew what manner of answers he had to provide. After all, it was one of his fortes to know such things. He was a patient man, and soon he graduated with several degrees - his Aldean methods of learning making the Academy's curriculum seem crude and simplistic by comparison. Furthermore, one of the characteristics of his race was that their minds were utterly impenetrable by empathic species, chemically construed differently, and not a single race would be able to determine his or any Câroon's true nature. Worth mentioning, is also that the people of Câroon consider the attempts to penetrate the privacy of one's thoughts to be a crime akin to rape. This was something the Federation was well aware of, and honored, given that they had no choice - neither technology nor telepathy equal to the task.

As for Lucan, two objectives lay burned in his darkened heart. The death of Sanael, and the complete genocide of his own race. He blamed the Câroon society for all it had done to him, all the way up to the fact that they killed Kisane because she was a burden to the system.

It did not take him long to establish a network of contacts in Starfleet, scheming for his long-term goals. Expanding his influence as well as he was able without eliciting suspicions, he steadily worked towards earning himself a position where he could conduct his horrifying research without greater risk of being discovered. His plan was to develop a virus that would affect the planet Câroon on a global scale.

The years passed, and he utterly perfected his facade - this well-mannered doctor who never once smiled on the inside, unless it was in private malign humor. Not even once did he make it appear that he knew some joke the rest of the world did not know. For he knew that in order to get what he wanted, he had to do everything by regulations and make it appear as if he stood for the Federation idealism... even though he did not give one whit about the perseverance of the galaxy. No, he bided his time in secret, telling no one - obsessing over every detail in his diabolic plan.

A Starship was to serve as the vector, as he meant to let the ship carry the virus to the planet - crashing a vessel into the highest density of the population. Moreover, the Theurgy Project interested him greatly, since the Multi-Vector Assault Mode would allow him to spread the impact of his outbreak across a wider geography without the additional effort of subterfuge and sabotage. Eventually, after having been commissioned upon a couple of Starships for two years, both dedicated to scientific exploration, he earned a place at the USS Theurgy, and not only as a regular Medical Officer. No, Starfleet Command summoned him and offered him the chance to serve as the Chief Medical Officer under the command of one Chameloid named Jien Ives.

Lucan was a tad surprised at the unexpected summons - yet nonetheless grateful for the way things fell into place. Now, his carefully laid plans might come into fruition, and a reign of surreptitious terror begin. One day, he would be the wedge that would split the Theurgy apart, and hurl her into Câroon's major cities. This, had it not been for the supplementary intention of his summons to Starfleet Command.

He was blind-sided, captured, and locked away in a nameless cave, held someplace that did not have the same air as Earth. He was sedated too, drugged in order to keep him from using his powers - his affinity for the elements. He was also restrained, blind-folded, and suspended into the humid, alien air of the place. He eventually heard footsteps echo around him, guttural noises. He tried to scream against the gag in his mouth. Then, the chanting began, and he was spread horizontally like an X - his bare back towards the ground.

Something suddenly fell down upon his chiselled abdomen with a wet slap - cold and writhing. He cried out in horror, feeling legs upon it, small acetabuluma preventing it from being thrown off by Lucan's wild trashing. The creature crept towards his groin, grazed the side of his flaccid member, and wriggled down towards his tight sphincter.

Then, this alien symbiont entered him, forcing his anus open and squirming inside - worming up into his rectum. Lucan cried and kicked, mortified when he felt his manhood stiffening - growing rigid at the slithering feeling against his prostate. He had a lot in means of pride and dignity to be violated, and he was utterly so, to his sheer abject terror. In Lucan's mind, images of his life flashed by, and predominant was the smiling face of Kisane.

All the while the symbiont melded into his body and mind, and he gradually returned to his own reality, the chanting continued.

After that long night, Lucan was no longer quite the same... even though he was, in a way. He had only become more. Else, yet remaining the man he had been. His priorities were now two-fold, his plans changed yet also remained. More insight gleaned... and he would never be alone again. Arguably, it was one of the best things that had happened to him in his whole tormented life.

In the year 2379, Lucan cin Nicander beamed aboard the USS Theurgy, and he smiled and greeted everyone he met. Every single one of the passing acquaintances that were soon to die. He would act their benefactor, and save their lives countless times, no doubt, yet it was all just that - an act. Perchance a very good one, raised a liar as he was. Surviving because of his charisma and his undeniable talent for his profession. He never gave anyone any reason to doubt him.

Yet behind his pale grey eyes, resided two monsters - each terrible in its own way. One was the man he had been, and still was. The other, was the thing that he had become.

Two days after the Battle of Starbase 84, in March of 2381, he was discovered as one of the Infested, having been one of the enemies for years. Yet since one of the Radiants restored his sanity, he is split between loyalties.

Special Notes

Image: A Doctor Nicander from an alternate universe, in which the Niga outbreak happened and the Infested raze all civilisations to the ground.

The Câroon were able to manipulate the elements around them - the four distinct elements of their planet: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. They could do this with any element they could touch or get very close to. If they touched water, they could make waves, air could make a breeze, or they could change the shape or size of a flame or make the ground shake. It tended to be very limited and short lived, requiring significant concentration. The extent of their abilities varied in strength among individuals. Historically, it was said that some Câroon were able to use the elements on large scales, but these were very rare and no one with this strength had been seen in many decades.

The second effect was a sort of sensory ability. It was not empathy, but an enhanced awareness of their surroundings that allowed them to know ahead of sight or sound when someone was near them. It was like a bodily proximity alarm. It couldn't distinguish any details of the person or creature, however - just their nearness. Their ability of elemental manipulation and sensory enhancement was at its strongest on their home planet, although it did not go away completely if they left Câroon. It simply weakened, and the manipulation required a great deal more effort to achieve.

There was also a third unique element to the race, although its source was not fully understood, but something in their neurological make up made it impossible for the empathic and telepathic races to get a 'read' on them.

As a Câroon child, you first needed to understand each element individually before even considering how to control them. Lucan learned this at his many orphanages. He knew the elements were linked to his emotions and intent. For his people, there were only two directions that energy could travel, outwards or inwards. The four kinds of energy all came from the same psionic source, the control of this psionic energy flow allowing control of the direction in which it goes. As a child, he needed a meditative state to create the feeling of heat - his first recollection of Fire - then the same with the other elements of earth, air, and water. In the end, Lucan - like his peers in the orphanages - could direct these energies inwards rather than outwards... and he'd thus learned to master his Câroon physiology.

Seven energy centers were located within the bodies of his people - running parallel to the spine from the root zi'naaq at the base through to the crown zi'naaq on the top of the head. They formed a part of a subtle energy body, along with the energy channels extending from them all. To be precise, two side channels crossed the center channel at the location of the zi'naaqs - possessing a number of spokes. The activity of each zi'naaq was to receive and transmit the four energies within their body’s subtle energy system. Zi'naaq is a Câroon word meaning a turning wheel or disk, and the effect of balanced zi'naaqs result in one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual centers working together in a balanced and harmonious manner. If one or more zi'naaq are under-active or over-active - too open or too closed - then they are out of balance and it reflects upon one or more areas of their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual centers. When admitting energy into himself and releasing it, the individual Câroon becomes heavily unbalanced, and too much energy would make him or her fall unconscious or even die.

The seven zi'naaqs for focus: Alata, alativ, alatus, alatatat, alatasar, lataham, alatap... meaning Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound, Light, Thought.

Federation scientists debated that the zi'naaq system - akin to the chakras of Earth's ancient tantric traditions among humans - had no proven relationship with the anatomy or physiology of the Câroon body. Nothing resembling the energy of the zi'naaqs nor the chakras had ever been detected, despite the exquisite sensitivity of modern instruments. Then again, nor could they explain regular psionic energy that was associated with telepathy, so the elemental psionic powers of Câroon fell into the same category. It did, however, offer long-winded speculation in regards to how Câroon minds were also impenetrable and how they could sense the presence of others... All that was known was that the unique psionic energy became visible when the zi'naaqs channel the elements - the individual Câroon's eyes and mouth shining with white light.

Lucan had an average ability to use the elements to his will, and was not one of the rare men and women who could do so on a large scale. Since he was aboard the Theurgy, his inborn abilities declined somewhat, yet he remained strongest with the movement of air around him.

Personality Profile


Psychologically, the Câroon race was very human, yet more accentuated. Their emotions tended to be more intense; pronounced to the extreme side of the spectrum. Furthermore, the Câroon of the mountains were known to be very elusive and halcyon, yet unbeknownst to him, Lucan had strong blood from the Fire Region - the fiery tempers of the plains and deserts. That was also the reason for his differing bodily height - which caused him misery whilst young. Essentially, he was a fierce conflagration tempered to appear mild, yet fueled by hate and cunning.

Needless to say his zi'naaq energy centers were critically unbalanced - something which he was unaware of.

He did not forget the death of his lover, and he never would. Lucan joined Starfleet in order to commit genocide upon his people, a decision made in clandestine madness - with an intelligence sharp enough to find the means to carry it out. No one suspected him as he acted the model Officer in the Medical Department, and his innate Câroon make-up made it impossible for those races that would otherwise pick up on it to even have an inkling about what was happening underneath the surface. Yet inside him the darkness screamed. The beasts spawned within would not be sated until he had his vengeance.

As for the grand scheme he was involved with beyond his personal crusade? Why he had decided to have Jien Ives commissioned to another ship and contacted his own kind in Starfleet Command to arrange it? Only time would show what those actions would have led to, had not the Senior Staff of the Theurgy uncovered transmissions that showed the true nature of their superiors.

Thankfully, Lucan had not been mentioned in the transmissions. Regretfully, it was in his own great interest to preserve the ship until he had a chance to leave it behind. Or should he really leave, when there was a chance to still execute his plans?

During the Battle of Starbase 84, he was touched by one of the Radiants, namely Heather McMillan, and this caused his mind to either be restored to what it was before he was infested, or the persona present after that incident was a manifestation of his surface personality - the lies and the act as an immaculate Starfleet officer having been given life. A construct of conscience more real than what he used to be.

Physical Profile

The former Chief Medical Officer was a tall man with dark hair - framing a face grown very handsome post puberty. In fact, his exotic features were the kind that painters of the galaxy might have only hope to fully capture. The backs of his hands were tattooed in whirling wind-patterns customary to Envonians of Câroon. He had bronze-coloured skin and preferred - when regulations allowed - to not use any footwear and merely don a pair of wide-ankled baggy slacks that were also customary to his people. If he were to dress casually, he would probably pick from a Terran wardrobe, but if he dressed up, he would select the billowing loose white robes of his people. Ironically so, given how he is bent on the idea to eradicate everyone of his kind. It might be argued, should anyone know his plans, that it was a measurement to his dedication of maintaining a believable patriotic façade.

After he was discovered as one of the Infested, he sustained grievous injuries, a section of his torso rebuilt and his right hand replaced with a prosthetic one.