USS Thunderchild

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The USS Thunderchild.
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The USS Thunderchild (NCC-63549) was an Akira class Federation starship operated by Starfleet in the late 24th century.

In 2370, Petty Officer First Class Liliana Walton was assigned to the Thunderchild to train specifically for the Peregrine-class in its role as a courier ship and small transport. It was here that she attained Chief Petty Officer. She ended up surviving the Battle of Sector 001 aboard the ship, staying on it through the outbreak of the Dominion War.

In 2371 Victor vanVinter was posted to the USS Thunderchild initially serving as the Head of Spaceframe and Structure following his posting to Starbase 2. Victor served on the Thunderchild through 2377 eventually working his way up to Deck Chief in charger of maintenance of the embarked fighter squadrons. Present during the Battle of sector 001 in 2372 where his face was disfigured and had an eye replaced with a cybernetic as a result. During his tenure on the Thunderchild, he showed his skills as a competent and skilled Senior NCO and began training in earnest on all craft he was in charge of amassing most of his flight hours while aboard.

The Thunderchild was the first posting of David Grayson after his graduation from Starfleet Academy in 2372. Ensign Grayson served aboard the Thunderchild for two years as an armory officer before being reassigned to the USS Bellerophon.

Izar Bila took his cadet cruise aboard the Thunderchild in 2373, and earned a promotion to ensign thanks to his actions during the Battle of Sector 001 when a Borg cube attacked Earth. He served aboard the Thunderchild as a chemist in the Science Department for the next three years.

In 2374, Chief Petty Officer Liliana Walton left the Thunderchild to serve as one of the new flight instructors at what would become the Tactical CONN Academy Flight Range.

Thomas Ravon was assigned to the Thunderchild in 2374. This was in the middle of the Dominion War. Furthermore, the ship had just been through its encounter with the Borg in the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373, so the mark of war lay heavy on the minds of his new crew. During his time on the Thunderchild, Ravon got trained by pilots who knew what it was to fight against superior enemies. It was a lesson for him to learn that Federation fighters weren't invincible, unlike what the tutors at the Academy had said when they spoke of the current and future warp fighters in the fleet.

While serving aboard the Thunderchild, Ravon saw these new fighters as soon as they rolled out of the shipyards. Starting off with his Peregrine-class fighter, he soon flew the newly developed Mk I Valkyrie, and the year after, it was replaced by the Mk II iteration of the Valkyrie. Ravon learned to fly to his limits yet kept in mind that some fights could never be won, regardless how advanced the fighters became. Still being a bit secluded from his peers in the squadron, Thomas applied himself fully to help the deck hands and the Chief of the Deck on the Thunderchild with fighter maintenance and upkeep. Having grown quite familiar with all three different fighters he had flown during his time on the ship, and not having any aversion to getting his hands dirty, he was likely the most proficient fighter pilot on the Thunderchild when it came to repairing them.

During his time aboard the Thunderchild and participating in its battles, Ravon was commended for his service aboard the starship. Even medals came in the picture, yet Ravon respectfully declined them as he believed that the decorations and medals were a sour reminder of the losses the squadron had suffered. Regardless, in 2376 Ravon got promoted to Lieutenant after his time aboard the Thunderchild. He was then transferred to the USS Kusanagi.

In 2376, Izar Bila was promoted to lieutenant (junior grade) and transferred to the USS Asterion