Butterfly Effect Changes

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This is a list of Current Butterfly Effect Changes in Star Trek: Theurgy.

These mid-story changes would be unnoticed by the crew, as it would essentially rewrite history, and the only thing which might realise the change would be some manner of temporal equipment. The one who would pick up on the changes would be Sarresh Morali, and on Starbase 84, Masorin character Hi'Jak (with his degree in Temporal Mechanics and the time he has on his hands).

If our members feel like they want to change their characters around a little bit, butterfly effects are the chance. When available, changes to characters have to be approved by GMs over PM, and added as a new paragraph in all character sheets respectively. For sake of making everyone aware of updated characters and past events of theirs, the changes will be added here and mentioned in the OOC thread on the Forum.

Butterfly Effect 1 - Between Day 03 and 04 in Season 1: Interregnum 03-04

  1. The greatest change has been Thea, who used to be a Prometheus-class ship, but as of Day 04 in Interregnum 03-04 (and as long as all characters can remember) she has been a Theurgy-class Multivector Dreadnought.
  2. With the Theurgy being a Theurgy-class ship, then the USS Archeron is no longer a Sovereign-class starship, but of the Odyssey-class. Likewise, after the Enterprise-E was destroyed in the battle against the Schimitar in 2379, the new Enterprise was of the Odyssey-class as well, namely the Enterprise-F. Furthermore, with the Theurgy-class meant to be the new flagship of Starfleet when put to production, the Enterprise-G was destined to be of the Theurgy-class. The USS Theurgy is, after all, the experimental prototype of its class.
  3. Evelyn Rawley's Call-sign: Rawley's callsign is now - and always has been - "Ghost" instead of "Ranger".
  4. Cameron Henshaw's Hair: Instead of the short pixie haircut that Cameron had before, she has at some point in the past decided to let her hair grow out.
  5. Natalie Stark's Affair with Rory Callahan: Natalie never had sex with Rory Callahan. While there was a mutual interest, nothing came out of it.
  6. Rory Callahan Died in the Mutiny: He died saving Natalie Stark and Simon Tovarek. As of Day 04, everyone will remember that there were only holograms in Below Decks until Edena Rez became the new Lounge Proprietor. There was a malfunction in the present holoemitters that forced Rez to step in and serve people after the memorial service.
  7. Nathaniel Isley does not suffer from PTSD, and can use phasers as expected of any Federation officer. Therefore, the root of his problem with authority is not that he suffered loss, but rather saw commanding officers of his willing to end a conflict at any cost - using a tactic to bait the enemy with civilians.
  8. Sar-unga and the Asurians: Since FollowTomorrow took over playing Dyan "Sar-unga" Cardamone, some changes have been made to character appearance, personality and species abilities. Among other things, Asurians doesn't have any wings any more.
  9. Appearance of A’vura Zeshryr: Since Vystori took over playing A'vura Zeshryr, some changes have been made to her character appearance, with a new actress being the model for her character images.
  10. Appearance of Wenn Cinn: Since Arista took over playing Wenn Cinn, some changes have been made to his character appearance, with a new actor being the model for his character images.
  11. Appearance of Thomas Ravon, callsign "Razor": When Ravon returned during the Battle of Starbase 84 in Episode 04: Simulcast, some changes have been made to his character appearence, with a new actor being the model for his character images. Furthermore, changes to his past has been made as well, with a different track record and flight background, more skills pertaining to the maintenance of the Valkyries, and he also shared an assignment with Miles Renard to the USS Kusanagi before they both become Lone Wolves. On the USS Kusanagi, he also met Alessia Garcia.
  12. Appearance of Aisha S'Iti: Since Miles Renard left the sim and another member wanted to use the images featuring the actress Rhona Mitra, a new actress was made the model for Aisha Siti's character images, namely Jaime Murray.
  13. Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes, callsign "Blizzard" took the place of the fighter pilot with the callsign Junkrat in the White Wolves Squadron, and later on in the Black Wolves Squadron.
  14. Eliska Bremmer and Laurel Okhala switched faces.
  15. Appearance of Adam Kingston: Since a new writer took over playing Adam Kingston, some changes have been made to his character appearance, with a new actor being the model for his character images.
  16. Instead of Taylor Lucas, callsign Iceman, being the first Squadron Commanding Officer of the Lone Wolves, it was instead Jaru Rel, callsign Janus. Taylor's career in Starfleet after the change in the timeline is unknown.

Butterfly Effect 2 - Day 1, 0900 hours of Season 2: Episode 2: Cosmic Imperative

  1. Hathev's Height: Previously 5'5" and 110lbs, Hathev is now 5’8” tall and 135lbs.
  2. Daniel Havenborn, callsign "Salvo"'s Partners: Daniel is now married to two Starfleet officers currently serving aboard the Theurgy.
  3. The The Neo-Eastern Coalition: The Neo-ECON on Mars, previously an independent nation state, is now a semi-autonomous Federation protectorate.
  4. Appearance of XamotZark zh’Ptrell: Zark's faceclaim is now Nata Lee.
  5. Appearance of Thomas Ravon, callsign "Razor": Ravon’s faceclaim is now Ryan Eggold.