Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost"

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Name:Evelyn Rawley
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Fighter Pilot
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:London, Earth, 2354
Height:5ft 3in / 1.6m
Weight:129lbs / 59kg
Hair:Shaven, Dark
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Natalie Portman
Writer:Available for Inheritance
Formerly: Auctor Lucan
Brawling and snapping her neck and joints when they feel stiff.
2366-2366: Eton Collage, Windsor, England
2366-2370: Fettes Collage, Edinburgh, Scotland

2372-2375: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco

2376: Tactical CONN Academy, San Francisco
Service Record
2376-2379: Ensign, USS Jadestone
2379-2381: Lieutenant JG, USS Theurgy
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Junior Lieutenant Evelyn Rawley was a Fighter Pilot on the USS Theurgy before she was put into stasis due to severe blood loss, having been attacked by the Devoted after the Battle of Starbase 84. After the first battle with the Versant, Rawley was resuscitated and soon returned to duty in the Lone Wolves Squadron. Rawley aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Evelyn Rawley was the daughter of a Scottish father, Mr. Andrew Rawley, of Glencoe, and an English mother, Mrs. Llewellyn Winterbourne, of Westminister, London. As a girl, Evelyn spent much of her early life in the outdoors with her mother, while her father was rather preoccupied running the Rawley Armaments Company. When her parents were killed in a mountain climbing accident in the Aiguilles Rouges near Chamonix, eleven-year-old Evelyn was orphaned.

After the death of her parents, she went to live with her uncle, Mr. Haldane Rawley, in Hertfordshire, where she completed her early education. Later, she briefly attended Eton College at sixteen years of age, but was removed after four halves because of fraternizing with a boy - a result of influences from her wenching uncle.

Removed from Eton, Evelyn was sent to Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland, her late father's school. Though she was not expelled, she had a reputation for brawling with her peers and making both students and teachers flip their skirts or open their pants for her. Her studies granted average results, yet with little effort from her own side. The professors called her an 'unpolished gem', even though she behaved like a pebble of shite.

By the year 2362, Evelyn had spent a couple of years in London, following her uncle's methods of trying to find answers about her own existence. This, at the bottom of every kind of pint or bottle of scotch that she could come across. Then one night, she overheard a conversation detailing how two young men had started new lives by entering Starfleet Academy. Inspired, she decided to give the idea of space travel a cursory chance. She quit her job as a doorkeeper and bought transportation to San Francisco. She got in at the Academy based upon her results from Fettes College, and through the fact that her interviewer was a man.

Year after year, with a position in Security firmly in mind, Evelyn's results and psychological evaluations improved, even though she remained much of the same young woman that she had been since her parents passed away. One might argue that she had decided to follow in her father's footsteps, and while she gave minimal effort in passing other courses, she excelled in all fields relating to weaponry, security, surveillance, survival, etc. Because of this, and since her grades in the other fields pertaining to the Academy education were fairly adequate, Starfleet Astronautical Command recruited her after her graduation in 2376. She had little reason to object, and accepted with a shrug.

Much to her own liking, Evelyn was given further training in all manner of combat and tactical military simulations. Flying came easier over time, and she performed best in the Valkyrie Mk. II.

Starfleet Astronautical Command decided to commission her on an Akira class carrier named the USS Jadestone. Still an Ensign, she served aboard the Jadestone until the year 2379 when she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and commissioned to the USS Theurgy - chosen to fly the new Valkyrie Mk. III.

With her cavalier attitude towards her own life, combined with her training and unexpected impulses to protect others to extreme lengths, she was a wild-card yet still a strong asset to the crew - if little liked by those who could not see past the veneer of her gruff behavior. For even though Evelyn was hard as nails and sometimes happened to drink on duty, she was still most qualified for the squadron given her insight and intuition.

Two years after being commissioned to the new prototype starship, the USS Theurgy became a vessel of outlaws and put on grim traits during the escape from Earth - which suited Evelyn perfectly... yet only to a certain point. She broke down under the pressure after seeing the few friends she had in the squadron go MIA. After one especially tough skirmish - where Wolf-05 vanished in the crossfire - the SCO found her cradling the spare helmet of the pilot as if it was a head to the lover she had lost.

After breaking under the pressure of her duties, Evelyn took up her drinking again - vehemently trying to wash away the guilt and shame for failing to protect her lover. Yet in the end, there was naught she could do but continue upon the path they had taken. Nevertheless, the tear in her armor had run deep, and she lost focus because of memories of Wolf-05... and immediately found herself caught in the sights of a couple of Defiant class ships. It got her Valkyrie damaged and she ended up grievously injured in Sickbay. She underwent surgery, followed by a week under stasis and recovery. She never participated in the events of the Niga Incident nor the visit from the Ishtar entity.

Wings clipped, she became a bitter and fallen warrior trapped in rehabilitation training around Sickbay. She lay there in the recovery ward one night, and swore an oath, that if she ever got clearance for duty, she would never look back again. She had crumbled under pressure once, something she had thought herself incapable of. Yet now...

...she would never break again.

The first battle with the USS Calamity began, after the USS Harbinger found the ship outside the Hromi Cluster. Rawley was not cleared for duty yet, but snuck out of sickbay nonetheless. She geared up and got into her towed yet barely repaired Valkyrie, joining the fray with the rest of the squadron. She fought against the hologram-piloted Reavers of the Calamity, giving her all, and ended up having to beam out of her cockpit again. This time, she lost her dear old Valkyrie, and she had to return to medical leave during the seven days of repairs the Theurgy and the Harbinger underwent down on Theta Eridani IV. During that with the Calamity, Honey Badger and her wingmate (Khorin Douglas, callsign Hardtop) had to be put into stasis.

The Calamity found them on the 8th day while they were down on the Theta Eridani IV planet, and with some help from Doctor Nicander and an Isomagnetic Disintegrator, she managed to commandeer a Reaver down on the planet. She got into its cockpit and joined the fray, once more without having medical leave to fly. In the end of the battle, she landed with the Reaver on the Theurgy.

Three days passed on the Theurgy, where she got out of Sickbay, and ended up having sex with Sten Covington during the holographic shore-leave on Risa. It was a causal thing in a beach house. She did this even if Oracle was no more MIA, having showed up down on Theta Eridani IV, but Rawley chose to distance herself since she had managed to get herself hurt because of her feelings towards Oracle, not caring for the distraction. The feelings, however, never truly went away.

The morning after the holographic shore-leave, she woke up in her quarters with severe blackouts from night before, barely remembering anything after parting ways with Covington. She knew she slept with someone in her quarters, but she never figured out who it was. Instead, Thomas Ravon, callsign Razor - a friend among the fellow Lone Wolves - came visit in the morning. All of a sudden, mid conversation, he tries to rape her. She defends herself, and Razor suddenly acted as if he snapped out of it, not remembering what he was trying to do. Furious, Razor is told to get the fuck out, and he left her there.

A couple of hours later, there is a briefing in the Tactical CONN briefing room, where the SCO Miles Renard told them that someone raped and murdered Narik Cinsaj, a civilian engineering contractor that came aboard from the Harbinger. Immediately, Rawley thought it was Razor, and almost told the whole squadron what happened. She couldn't be sure, of course, so she decided against it, but gave Razor a look that told him exactly what she thought.

The same day, still shy of noon on the day after the "shoreleave", Captain Vasser of the Harbinger staged his hostile takeover of the Theurgy, which led to Oracle getting shot by one of the mutineers down in the Fighter Bay. The shooter was Hannah von Slaverton, callsign Nightmare, and another of the original Lone Wolves. Someone Rawley thought she knew before that moment. Nightmare - who was later found to have been brainwashed by the Harbinger's XO - tried to kill Rawley too after Oracle fell to the deck. In the nick of time, however, Razor stunned Nightmare with the rifle in his cockpit, saving her life.

During the commotion of the hostile takeover, some of the Lone Wolves made it out of the Fighter Bay. They were Rawley, Razor, Maverick (later getting the callsign Icarus), and two NPCs with the callsigns Game and Outrider. They fought against the Tactical CONN squadron from the Harbinger, but when both the Theurgy and the Harbinger starships turned on the five wolves, they had to make a tactical retreat.

The five Lone Wolves took refuge on an unnamed ice planetoid just outside the Class 9 nebula that the Harbinger and Theurgy were hiding inside. When out of their cockpits, Rawley drew her rifle on Razor, confronting him in front of Maverick about trying to rape her that morning, but the conversation was stopped short by an avalanche, in which Rawley was lost for a few minutes. When she came to, she was carried by Maverick, who was running towards their Valkyries next to Razor. In the sky, they could see the Calamity entering the nebula, heading straight for the Theurgy and Harbinger. They could also see the Calamity deploying Reavers against them down on the planetoid, and in the brief dogfight, Razor went MIA, and the remaining four Lone Wolves went into the nebula, to try and protect the Theurgy even if it might still be run by Captain Vasser.

In the final battle against the Calamity, prisoners on the Harbinger seized the bridge and crashed the Akira-class ship into the last remaining Calamity Vector. During this battle, The SCO - Miles Renard - gambled with Rawley's life in a way she did not appreciate, loosing trust in the SCO. But even worse, she did not only loose Oracle on the Theurgy that noon, but after the battle, she learned about the fate of her half-brother, Cale Winterbourne. He had served as a helmsman on the Theurgy, and the XO of the Harbinger had ordered him shot to death when he hadn't recognised Captain Vasser's authority.

Following this battle, there were seven days of preparation for a mission to Starbase 84. During this time, Razor was still MIA, and during a simple mission to a hidden depot named the Black Opal, Maverick shot down another Lone Wolf, getting her killed. Her name was Skye Carver, callsign Kestrel. Maverick was sent to the Brig, and with her deep distrust towards the SCO, Rawley felt that the Lone Wolves were falling apart. Nonetheless, she would undertake the mission at Starbase 84, doing her duty.

During the Battle of Starbase 84, Razor reappeared, having repaired his Valkrie with Reaver parts. Rawley flew with Tessa May Lance, callsign Goldeneye, but the Lone Wolves suffered heavy losses. Game and Outrider died, along with Hurl, Hat Trick, Morrigan and Gun-Shy, all of the original Lone Wolves squadron and all killed in action. Most significantly, however, the SCO - Miles Renard - was also lost in the battle. By the time the Theurgy was forced to make a tactical retreat, only four Lone Wolves returned to the Fighter Bay. Rawley, Husker, Razor and Goldeneye, the last loosing her fighter, but beamed out in time.

When back on the Theurgy, fresh after the battle, Rawley again called out Razor for what he did, this time drawing her hand phaser on him in the middle of the bay. Maverick was there too, serving at a lower rank in Security since he was excluded from the squadron because of killing Skye Carver. Both Razor and Maverick ended up realising that they were both blacking out by the time they erred. Just like Razor couldn't remember trying to rape Rawley, Maverick couldn't remember shooting down Skye Carver. This being more than mere coincidence, Rawley grudgingly lowered her phaser, and chose to give her fellow Wolves the benefit of the doubt, for the time being and pending further investigation.

During the Battle of Starbase 84, the Theurgy helped evacuate an allied ship's crew, the USS Resolve, and some fighter pilots from the USS Orcus defected as well, bringing their brand new Valravn warp fighters aboard. They all would eventually come to form the new Lone Wolves aboard the Theurgy.

Later that day, Rawley went to see Razor in the gym, to sort things out. Given his rank, it was likely Razor would become the new SCO, and it would later turn out that way, the rape-allegations lifted from him. In the gym, however, the two were assaulted by the Devoted of Morali. Rawley was cut bad enough to be put into stasis, and she would not awake in a Recovery Ward until much later, after the Theurgy had encountered the Savi and the Versant. By then, the ship had split into three, and all fended for themselves.

Rawley served on Vector 2 at the time, also called the Sword, and it was commanded by Wenn Cinn. After following a warp trail of a Borg cube, the Sword encountered the Rotarran, which was commanded by High Chancellor Martok. During her stasis, it seemed that there was some kind of misunderstanding in regard to the demise of Martok's son, and the Sword had to fight the Rotarran at the heart of the Azure Nebula. Rawley survived the battle, and the Sword made a tactical retreat before the rest of the Klingon fleet in the nebula managed to reach the battle.

The next day, the Sword rendezvoused with the other two Vectors, and when the ship was whole again, the Theurgy sought to stop an invasion by the Borg before it began. That battle came to be known as the Battle of the Apertures, in which the Klingons and the Theurgy fought together against the Borg Queen and her forces. In the end of the battle, the Theurgy and its fighters fled through a subspace tunnel, escaping before the Theurgy was forced to use a device filled with Omega molecules to collapse the apertures. The Borg invasion was stopped, saving billions of lives.

Personality profile

Evelyn Rawley, with dry humour and quick wit, was both a brute and a promiscuous charmer without the need for any class and overall sophistication in her uncultivated yet successful endeavors - be it personally or professionally.

With a cavalier attitude toward death, accepting that she most likely would be killed any day and expecting Tactical Conn's disavowal of her the minute she made a mistake, she put her life on the line in order to perform her duties. Although she convincingly claimed never to have contemplated suicide, she had a remarkable willingness to take near fatal risks or push herself to the limit - both mentally and physically.

She was quite prone to boredom and mild depression when not challenged. She often seemed to have an equally cavalier attitude towards her duties as she had towards her survival on the surface, but when it truly mattered, she would be the last one to give a bloody inch. For Evelyn was actually deeply loyal to institutions, if one cared to scratch past the surface and not expect her to follow all the more unimportant regulations. Her concept of belonging to the Federation was a large part of her identity, but she refused to discuss the sore topic of the Fleet being corrupted.

Like most who lose parents in their youth, Evelyn had abandonment issues. She rarely made long-lasting relationships of any kind with men or women. Solitary, she did not console herself by surrounding herself with others, however ironic it was that her lone wolf personality-type tended to attract others. Her suave, unpolished charm even seduced men and women who initially found her repellent, as if the level of sauciness that her behavior emitted clouded their better judgement.

Physical Profile


As a Caucasian woman in her late twenties, Evelyn shaved her head, which only added to a rough but quite undeniable allure. She maintained a rigorous training routine at the Gymnasium. This did not, however, keep her from drinking a tad too much, but rather justified it - at least for herself. This had rendered her voice to become permanently hoarse, which only fit her demeanor and Scottish accent all the more.

Her quite short frame was covered in scars from the time she worked in London as a doorkeeper, but the worst she had were those she drew while fleeing the Federation and loosing her Valkyrie - insisting on keeping them instead of letting Nicander remove the scar tissue. This was to remind herself of her failure, she has stated, and because she'd rather keep scars than tattoos. When not wearing her wrinkled white-collar uniform or flight jacket, she exclusively donned as casual clothing as possible, unless there was an absolute need for her to wear something else. She was mostly seen in denim trousers and tank tops.

Evelyn's brown eyes had the ability to look both disinterested and keen at the same time, yet unmistakably dangerous when she lowered her brows. When off duty, she was more prone to resort to violence than a glib remark if she got angry. When fulfilling her duty as a Junior Lieutenant in Starfleet, this would become a problem, so she did her utmost to behave as well as possible, even though she failed at it from time to time.