Miles Renard, callsign "Iron-Fox" (KIA)

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Name:Miles Ferrous Renard
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Fighter Pilot
Age:Mid 74 (appears late 30s early 40s)
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:2nd planet of the Vulpinian home system. Federation designation: Inari Prime
Weight:150 Lbs approx
Hair:Brown (Rust gray and Brown fur)
Eye color:Bluish teal in canine forms/brown in his human like form
Played by:David Tennant
Writer:Character Deceased
Philosophy and theology
Starfighter group engagement tactics
Stunt and Exhibition
Aerial and Space Acrobatics
Thrust and lift based aircraft (commonly referred to as airplanes)
Science fiction and Fantasy Genres of Fiction
Non-Vulpinian myths involving canines
Human entertainment of the 20th and 21st centuries
Fan Fiction Holonovelization of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Starfleet Academy, trained for two years as a reservist, class of 2365.
2376: Starfleet Academy remedial training.
Service Record
2365-2373: Starfleet Reservist stationed in the Sol system.
2374-2375: Starfleet Reservist stationed aboard the USS Amaterasu.
2377: Commissioned as Starfleet ensign and assigned to the USS Kusanagi.
2378: Promoted to lieutenant (junior grade) and assigned to the Mark III Valkyrie Project as a test pilot.
2380: Promoted to lieutenant (senior grade) and transferred to the USS Theurgy.
Class of Excellence.

Before dying in the Battle of the Houses, Lieutenant Commander Miles Ferrous Renard was a Tactical CONN Officer on the USS Theurgy. Renard aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


He was born on the Vulpinian home world in 2307 and took an early interest in the military including aerial acrobatics and stellar acrobatics. As soon as he was old enough to pass the rights of passage to adulthood he joined the Military of the Reservist states with goals of becoming a starfighter pilot.

Vulpinian Military History: He began his mlitary career in 2339 at the age of 32, a young age to begin a military carer for members of his race. His call sign translated to Federation Common as ferocious one of iron, or Iron Ferox. During the Vulpinian civil war he chose to take a post as a trainer. He preferred simulation of combat and training to having to kill in combat. He was placed as the lead trainer at the Reservist states Defense Force Pilot Candidate Institute where he was given the Honorary training rank of Gunnery Drill Aerialist (closest comparison to earth would be the Rank of being a gunnery sergeant at a boot camp.)

After the Ferengi intervened in their civil war, the United Federation of Planets, who under usual circumstances would not interfere with pre-warp civilizations, had no choice but to intervene and first contact was established with the Federation in 2357. Shortly afterwards the two warring nations began a new race to develop the first Vulpinian FTL-capable ship.

In this time of peace and new exploration Miles found himself realizing his true dream. He was appointed the lead pilot candidate of his side's experimental warp vessel and had became, above all else, a test pilot. The other side in the former conflict developed the ship that would win the race and, in a show of solidarity between the sides, Miles was appointed the co-pilot of the historic flight. The flight went off without a hitch and the next project began. This would be a joint Starfleet/Vulpinian Defense Force (VDF) project to create a Warp capable Vulpinian starfighter carrier.

Shortly after this point in time, the Vulpinian people elect to use the Earth human language of Japanese and Mythology of the Shinto religion to declare their sun and solar system the Inari system and their planet Inari Prime. They declare the name of their new government the United Vulpinian Federated States and the Planet Inari Prime signs a treaty making themselves allies of the Federation and begins their Candidacy for gaining membership into the Federation.

The first joint vessel of the two was the VDF Kitsune, named for the fox spirit creatures also from the human Shinto religion. Miles was assigned as one of the members of the starfighter squadron on the ship. The ship was staffed by a joint crew of Starfleet officers and VDF officers. It's first assignment was to make a trip to Earth. This occurred in the year 2263.

VDF, as Starfleet Reservist: As a reservist for Starfleet, Miles was reactivated into military service. His first major assignment came when the fighter squadron he was a part of was sent to help in recovery after the Battle of Wolf 359.

Miles was invited to the Sol system along with a few other select members of the VDF to join Starfleet aces as test pilots of the Danube Class Runabout. In the process of this tour Miles was invited to the Saturn outpost to watch the performance of Nova squadron which unfortunately ended in tragedy.

Miles' reservist career continued in 2373 where he along with many others of Starfleet's and her allies' finest participated in the Battle of Sector 001 where he aided in the first successful Federation destruction of a Borg cube through firepower.

Miles would stay behind in the Inari system during the Dominion War on board an Ambassador class vessel staffed by Starfleet and VDF staff named the USS Amaterasu. This ship was converted to serve as a starfighter carrier that carried Valkyrie Mk II fighters. This would be first time Miles had been given a task as a crew member on a primarily Federation manned vessel and began his involvement in the Dominion War, which ultimately would end with the Inari systems acceptance as full fledged members of the Federation. In the Dominion War the Amaterasu successfully defended the Inari system from capture by the Dominion/Cardassian/Breen combined fleet. After the Dominion War ended the Inari system was welcomed into the Federation fully.

Federation Military History: With his race now members of the Federation, Miles accepted the offer to have his commission fully transferred over to Starfleet. Based on his previous duty in the Dominion War, he began his career with the Starfleet rank of Ensign in the newly formed Tac CONN division. He became the first Vulpinian Starfleet officer and assigned the rank of Ensign being accepting his first post aboard the USS Kusanagi an Akira class heavy escort. After a few years on board the Kusanagi as a pilot of the Mark II Valkyrie, he was transferred to the Mark III Valkyrie project as a test pilot upon his promotion to Lt. J.G. The next few years of his life were spent test piloting the prototype ship, finding its strengths and weaknesses, and helping the ship show how capable it was. When a group of the ships were scheduled to be transferred to the USS Theurgy he requested to be transferred with them.

Along with his transfer he was also approved for a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant, and upon arriving on the Theurgy he was assigned the position Wolf-13 under the Lone-Wolves Squadron. Part of him wished to stay and continue test piloting newer ships, but some unknown instinct pushed him back into the frays of a combat ready assignment. Little did he know how combat heavy that assignment would soon become.

Shortly after being labeled as a rogue starship. 3rd engagement against Federation forces: Pre-mission status of lone wolf squadron: 0 missing, 0 killed, 0 ships out of service, 3 ships with moderate damage, 5 ships mild damage, 8 ships undamaged

Seconds seemed to pass as years as he saw the hull breaches in his small ship grow and the shields cycle out and short. His flight controls sparked as he punched a few last sequences of commands into the computer before light engulfed him and flames seemed to wrap around him. Soon what he felt was a strange peace, the peace of being non-corporeal and not even technically alive. The strange feeling of being energy scattered through the cosmos mid-transport. He wondered just how long he would exist in this state before anyone noticed the life signs trapped in the pattern buffers. This sense of existing as energy scattered gave him pause and time to think. How much of this experience would he remember? Would he come out of it alive? More than all of that though, He had time to recall what brought him here.


It had begun as a normal day, well as normal as any day could be when you are on board a starship perused by its own government and wrongfully named a traitor. Still it was normal enough when you have been a fighter pilot your whole life. At the very least combat was a form of normalcy. Sure it was never fun to kill another or to see a friend die in combat, but in a way the thrill of the cockpit was always an amazing feeling to him. While there was always sorrow for the loss of another person, there was always that blood of a predator that flowed through his vulpine veins and more importantly that lifetime of being a fighter pilot that always wanted to paint one more silhouette onto his ship's hull.

He centered himself as he felt the push of the starship's catapult drive force his fighter out into space. Its impulse engines kicked on and he climbed into a Emmelman role putting himself on an attack vector with the rest of the squadron. He heard the rest of the squad's chatter as he spoke up replying. “Iron Fox standing by, designation Wolf One-Three, Over."

He watched as the Federation ship in the distance closed in and launched its compliment of the older Peregrine Class fighters. What he was more worried about were the radar signatures coming off of the impulse wake of the old Constelation class starship. Noticing the way the impulse wake seemed to drift, he knew that there had to be ships there but yet there were no radar contacts. Still he swore he could see a gleam of grayness in the darkness of space as he interrupted the comm channel now knowing the Constellation vessel was bait to look like a carrier of Peregrines and the Peregrines were obviously unmanned drones as bait as well. The real threat was running with lights off and in the impulse wake just like an old submariner tactic.

"Scramble! The fighter and carrier are bait! Two ships in the impulse wake.” Just as he said this and the squadron reacted lights behind the old ship began to activate and the two ships seemed to appear out of the darkness. Two heavily armed Defiant class warships began to power up weapons and shields. Their pulse phasers tore through the bait ships while the Lone-Wolves barely avoided being wiped out in the initial barrage. The entire squadron would have probably been destroyed had they not evaded in time.

Seeing the two ships beginning to engage, the Lone-Wolves regrouped and began to engage the two ships, which seemed almost a futile gesture giving the amount of firepower packed in the small almost fighter-like ships. Still, Miles had a plan. He rolled his ship into a turning engagement strafing one's hull so the other would come down to bear on him. He pushed all he could into the ship and evaded fire, cycling shields to keep his ship from being penetrated from the phaser arcs. Soon the Defiant class was hot on his tail, tracking the fighter that appeared to have been an idiot in breaking formation. However, Miles had sent the rest of the squad a visual transmission of his planned maneuver. He designated it as Evasive Maneuver Nova 1.

The fighter began to drift as an engine began to seemingly suffer damage and began to leak plasma as Miles smirked to himself. “Ok you son of a bitch, close in for the kill. You know you want to,” he said before he saw the ship intersect the trail and power its torpedo bays watching as they opened. He pushed a button on his console and closed the plasma vent as he began dumping full power to his engines. As he noticed the torpedo begin to emerge he shouted. “Evasive Picard 1 Engage!” The ship responded its warp drives firing up in a set sequence to jump to one location then to a set location off the rear of the other Defiant class. Unfortunately, this ship was not the best kind to execute such a high stress maneuver with, and he saw the cores beginning rupture. However, his method was a success as he saw the intended Defiant ship floating adrift with heavy damage from the barrage of his Squad mates and the plasma ignition.

The other warship by now was turning to have weapons to bear on the rest of the Lone Wolves. Miles saw but one choice. He saw the engines beginning to go critical and ejected the core of the small ship off the side of the Defiant vessel. He brought the ships engines around and intercepted the gap between the squadron the warship taking the brunt of the pounding. His shields collapsed almost instantly. Every part of the hull began to buckle under the pull of the vacuum. He immediately initiated an emergency transmission and spoke up “Theurgy you've gotta raise shields to full, my core's goin' critical. Wolf squadron, fire everything you have at her! Its' been nice knowing y'all.”

Within a second the squad sent every bit of firepower at the Defiant vessel that had just been going through a weapons cool cycle and peeled off, forcing the ship to cycle its shields to forward - leaving its rear shields vulnerable. Miles stared at the Warp Core as it began to go critical entering those final fateful codes into the ship's console. "This better work" he said to himself as the beam began to energize If not, then his body would be converted to energy and be cycled into the Theurgy's power systems and he would at the very least provided a couple weeks worth of replicator rations worth of energy to the ship. With that, he felt the calm of the transport wash over him and he smiled to himself within his mind, remembering what had occurred. Settling himself and his mind into a almost hazy state like falling to sleep as he felt his focus fade into the ether of the transporter pattern array. “Whatever happens... happens.”

Post-mission status of Lone Wolf Squadron: 1 missing Presumed KIA, 1 ship Destroyed and Unrecoverable, 1 ship Severely Damaged but Repairable, 5 ships with moderate damage, 7 ships mild damage, 2 ships undamaged

Personality Profile

He is a fun loving person with a kindness that is often seen as strange given the number of "kills" on his record. When being casual, he is a soft hearted individual with a flirtatious attitude and sometimes almost cocky, smart-assed personality. He almost behaving more like a teenager than a Starfleet Officer of Lieutenant rank at times. Regarding love and sexuality, he is rather amorous and more sexually casual than most humanoids and will flirt with nearly any female of a compatible race with undisguised intent to mate if they would consent. In battle his predatory side comes out sometimes seeming unrepentant and ready to kill at a moments notice. After the battle however he often feels sadness for every life he has ended and would much prefer any other alternative to killing. Though he acts in a calm and collected way in most cases his emotions tend to be worn on his sleeve, as the saying goes. These visual tells often are the same kinds of reactions you would expect from a canine including ear/tail/head positioning growls and baring of his teeth in anger, head down in shame, etc in relation to emotional state.

Physical Profile


He is slightly muscular and athletic having the build of a light martial artist and a height of 5'8”. For his race, he would be considered handsome, though because the furred body isn't particularly a turn on for most Federation races. He has also made sure that he adopted a human form of appearance that he finds as something that would be handsome and that fits his rather childish and wander lusting personality. Being athletic and lighter weight, his preferred fighting styles are Bushido (samurai swordsmanship, which he is trained in but nowhere close to being any form of master), Bojutsu (use of Bo type weapons which is his specialty) and Judo influenced form of the Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do philosophy of martial arts, often using an opponents momentum against them in a fight. Though not appearance related his voice has an accent best described as a soft spoken barely masculine American accent with a slight southwestern drawl.

Personal items that he has on his person at most times include his normal Federation issue sidearm and a collapsing composite material staff of Bo staff length, which collapses into a 5 inch long cylinder. Out of combat and off hours he wears the flight jacket attire and on duty he wears traditional Federation Tac CONN uniform.

He has "kill silhouettes" painted On his fighter (Black = 1, Gray with black border = 5, Orange = 25, Orange with black border = 5 or more kills in a single engagement) 3 Orange with black border Vulpinian fighters, 1 orange 1 Gray with Black and 2 black Vulpinian fighters, 3 orange with black border Jem Hadar fighters, 1 orange 2 Gray with black and 3 black Jem Hadar fighters, 1 Black Borg cube, 3 black Cardassian warships and 2 black breen warships. Once he receives a new fighter he plans on adding two Defiant classes in black.

Vulpinians are a bipedal anthropomorphic canine species that stands on average slightly shorter than an average human male. Their Build on average is slightly lighter and more lithe than humans. Average Vulpinians males and Females do not exhibit significant difference in height weight or build. Vulpinians are often called shifters due to their ability to take on different bodily forms. Creating a shifted form is difficult and can take years. Common shifted forms are that of 1) an animal like those the species evolved from (resembles a maned wolf with fox like eyes), (and 2) a form that is more similar to a Traditional non-furred humanoid. Shifting from Natural to non-furred often takes 5 minuites of concentrated effort. Non furred back to natural takes an average of 1 minute without effort or can be rushed into 15 to 5 seconds with considerable effort similar to running a 100 meter to quarter mile sprint depending on how fast they rush the transformation. Shifting from natural form to feral animal looking form is relatively effortless and can be done mid action. It is impossible for a Vulpinian to shift from a shifted form to a shifted form as they must first shift back to their natural form before taking on a different shifted form.

The Federation name for the Vulpinian language is Vulpic and consists of canine animal like noises, subtle and large gestures and pheromone signals.

Mating is more casual in Vulpinian society and mating with multiple partners is common. Mating is the human language word Vulpinians use for sexual intercourse or acts with the purpose of causing orgasm. The common family unit of Vulpinians is called a Joined pair and is a male and a female (based on the gender role the Vulpinian identifies with not based on the pairs sexual organs). Joined pairs are based on emotional attachment and a feeling of wanting to give care to the other. It is taboo to cheat by becoming emotionally joined with multiple. Mating is not seen as taboo among joined or unjoined. Any two or multiple adult Vulpinians can mate freely and open sexuality is common and not seen as odd.

Sexuality is very open in Vulpinian society and clothing is viewed as an optional thing and often worn either for stylistic purposes, in interaction with other societies, or for protection against elements. Public displays of affection and even sexual acts in public are are not uncommon and not seen as taboo. Sexual acts with a child or with an non-consenting partner are acts punishable by death. Sexual education by multimedia showing consenting adults if provided to kits at an early age any learning is done in private outside of the eyes of even their own parents any form of voyeurism is taboo and punishable by death or sterilization (choice of the accused during sentencing after trial).

Vulpinians are on average an intelligent species near same level as humans with a more instinctual line of reasoning. Vulpinians often will weigh logical reasoning before making a pure instinctual choice but will usually prefer their "gut" over logic, and often can explain the pros and cons of nearly any reasoned decision they make. Vulpinians are also a spiritual people but not very religious. They embrace learning about other cultures' religions and spiritual beliefs and often assimilate these concepts into their own spiritual philosophies. Most Vulpinians share a common love of Comparative theology and History of religions and philosophies. Furthermore, Vulpinians love competition whether in the form of War, Sports, or Hunting Prey. Most Vulpinian conflicts are settled by duels between the disagreeing parties. Rarely are these duels using fatal means and in many cases they utilize duels of some form of game riddle or puzzle competition.

Vulpinians are known for being exemplary civilians in the fields of Archaeology, Starship and Starfighter repairs and engineering, Impuse Drive Theory, Theology and Philosophy. In the military, they are renowned as some of the best starfighter combatants both as pilots and RIOs, Starship Pilots, Starfighter and Escort ship designers, and Impulse drive designers.

Vulpinians age roughly half the speed of humans until they appear in their mid 50s to late 60s After this they do not age for usually 135-295 years after this period they begin to age similar to a humans rate of ageing. Age of adulthood for a Vulpinian is considered on average 35 in human years at this point they appear between 15 and 20 years old. Vulpinians have a tradition based caste system based on stages of life. As a person ages they go up in the system these stages are referred to as Kit (child), Adult, Matriarch/Patriarch, and Elder. Adult females are encouraged but not forced to becomes the care giver and head of a household though this is only tradition not a strict rule. Males often chose an occupation to provide for a female and her family. The Patriarch stage is often met with advancement to the higher echelons of their given careers. Matriarchs go from the stage of raising a family and being head of a household to political roles becoming politicians and policy makers in government positions. Elders are revered and allowed to retire to share their knowledge with those who seek them. to be an elder is an honor and to have an elder share their knowledge with you is a privilege. A Vulpinian can advance in the caste system by hard work and success as well. A famous saying among them is with age comes privilege but with hard work privilege can be earned faster.