USS Archeron

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Vessel Name: USS Archeron
Registry: NCC-74700
Starship Class: Odyssey-class
Starship Type: Explorer/Tac Cruiser
Status: Active
Purpose: Exploration & Scientific Research
Constructed: San Francisco Fleet Yards & Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Commissioned: January 29th, 2380
Dedication: "It's better to die than to live in the knowledge that you've done something that needs forgiveness."

- Andrzej Sapkowski

  • Length: 1028 m
  • Height: 375 m
  • Width: 135 m
Mass: 4,800,000 metric tons
Decks: 32
Standard Crew Complement 1200
Maximum Cruising Speed

Warp Factor 9.9
Warp Factor 9.995 for 36hrs

Standard Cruising Speed Warp Factor 8
  • (x9) Type XI Phaser Arrays
  • (x4) Torpedo Launchers (2 front & 2 aft)
  • Standard Deflector Shield
  • Regenerative Shielding
  • Ablative Hull Armour
Auxiliary Craft
  • Type 9 Shuttles: 4
  • Type 9A Cargo Shuttles: 4
  • Argo Shuttle: 1
  • Workbees: 5
  • Aquarius Escort: 1

The USS Archeron (NCC-74700) was a Federation Odyssey-class starship operated by Starfleet in 2381. It was the flagship of Task Force Archeron under the command of Admiral Sankolov.


The Odyssey-class was a type of Federation starship that was designed to serve Starfleet and carry the Federation into a new generation of exploration in the 25th century. It was designed to be a dreadnought and an explorer. Although the first of its class wasn't commissioned until 2409 in the original timeline, in the Star Trek: Theurgy timeline, at least three have been built and commissioned as of 2381. As of March 2381, it had not been revealed whether this was a result of temporal meddling resulting in changes to the timeline known as the "Butterfly Effect" or whether 24th century Odyssey-class starships were native to the USS Theurgy’s "proper" timeline.

Before catching up with the USS Theurgy and the USS Harbinger above the atmosphere of Theta Eridani IV - in late February of 2381 - the Archeron had spearheaded the persecution of the Theurgy since November of 2380. After one of the battles during this hunt, the Archeron recovered the dead body of Lieutenant Commander Wenn Cinn.

When the ship had caught up with the USS Theurgy and the USS Harbinger, Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent disabled the Archeron with a program he called “Operation Soup Sandwich”. Operation Soup Sandwich was a program that would disable any starship by shutting down all systems one by one including artificial gravity. All bays and hangars were de-pressurized, shedding personnel, fighters and shuttles into space. Life support systems were restored with auxiliary systems, they had propulsion. Both the Theurgy and the Harbinger were able to escape.

Over a week later, Captain Ian Hawthorne reported to Captain Tristan Kendrick and Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya that the Archeron and the rest of the task force was forcibly powered down and left adrift. It was only the day Hawthorne met with Kendrick and ch'Rayya that they managed to re-establish communication with the rest of Starfleet - having spent over a week in silence. With the help of the USS Orcus, Admiral Sankolov managed to get his ships working in time to participate in the Battle of Starbase 84.

After the Battle of Starbase 84, Task Force Archeron began its search for the Therugy in the Azure Nebula. Since the USS Orcus was all but destroyed, Admiral Sankolov saw it fit to make Marcus Alexander Slayton his new Executive Officer aboard the Archeron.

Commissioned Odyssey-class Starships (January 2381):

  • USS Odyssey NX-74699 (Prototype)
  • USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F
  • USS Archeron NCC-74700
  • USS Houston NCC-74701 (Pre-Production)
  • USS Dennison NCC-74702 (Pre-Production)
  • USS Arcadia NCC-74703 (Pre-Production)
  • USS Starfinder NCC-74704 (Planned Production)
  • USS Deletham NCC-74705 (Planned Production)
  • USS Gheryzan NCC-74706 (Planned Production)

Aquarius Light Escort - USS Telemachus

The Aquarius-class starship was a Federation light escort designed as an auxiliary craft of the Odyssey-class. As development progressed on the new Odyssey-class starships, Starfleet Command saw the need for variants of the class in order to fill the various roles fulfilled by Starfleet vessels. As such, the aft section of the Odyssey variants were converted into docking ports for Aquarius-class light escorts.

The auxillary craft of the Archeron was named the USS Telemachus. Telemachus was Odysseus’s son in the ancient epic named The Odyssey.

Fore Weapons

  • x2 Phaser Dual Cannons
  • x2 Phaser Beam Array
  • x2 Micro Torpedo Launchers

Aft Weapons

  • x2 Micro Torpedo Launchers
  • x2 Phaser Beam Array

Known Crew of the USS Archeron