Andrew Fisher (KIA)

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Personnel FileR-o4.png
Name:George Andrew Fisher
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Chief Intelligence Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Height:6ft 2in / 1.88m
Weight:195lbs / 89kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Green
Played by:John Krasinski
Writer:Formerly Swift
American History
Martial Arts
Physical Training
2354-2358: Fenway High School
2358-2362: Starfleet Academy
2370-2371: Starfleet Intelligence Training
Service Record
2362: Ensign, Junior Security Officer, USS Rutledge NCC-57295

2364-2365: Ensign, Junior Security Officer, USS Discovery NCC-71100
2365-2367: Lieutenant JG, Senior Security Officer, USS Discovery NCC-71100
2367-2370: Lieutenant, Chief Security Officer, USS Diamondback NCC-63598
2371-2377: Lieutenant, Senior Security Officer, Starbase 310 (Cover Assignment)
2378-2381: Lieutenant Commander, Senior Security Officer, Starbase 718 (Cover Assignment)
2381: Lieutenant Commander, Intelligence Analyst, Starbase 211

2381-Present: Lieutenant Commander, Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Theurgy NX-79854
2362: Starfleet Purple Heart Medal

2367: Starfleet Distinguished Service Cross

2373: Starfleet Intelligence Star

To those without the proper clearances, Andrew Fisher appeared to be a sturdy and reliable Starfleet security officer. In reality, he had been one of the most active and successful operatives within the Starfleet Intelligence services over the latter half of the last decade. From the point of an information gathering / sabotage aspect, his skills of covert physical infiltration and administrative field work were nearly unparalleled and directly led to a number of incredibly successful intelligence operations. The lone knock against him had been the strict personal moral code he had adhered to throughout his career; having bent the rules when necessary, as spies are known to do, but also having known where the line lay, and having refused to cross it unless faced with the most dire and extreme of circumstances.

In the wake of a failed operation to retrieve a prominent Romulan Scientist with connections to the development of Shinzon of Remus’ thalaron weapon, Fisher was recalled from the field where he’d been acting as lead operative. He was subsequently sent to Starbase 211 to act as an intel analyst until a formal inquiry into his previously failed operation could be made. In reality, the transfer had been made in order to facilitate his move closer to the Epsilon Mynos system. Under the guise of a dress down, he was brought into the know regarding the USS Theurgy and their attempt to subvert the Alien Parasites that had infiltrated and controlled the upper tiers of Starfleet Command and beyond.

Under instructions from his mentor and friend, Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson, he subsequently assumed a covert identity and seemingly went AWOL from Starbase 211, traveling via unlisted freighters to Deep Space K-7, from which he travelled aboard the IKS ChunDab and IKS Vor’Nak until arriving in the Epsilon Mynos system. Upon arrival he would take up the mantle of Chief Intelligence Officer for the Theurgy and begin the development of an intelligence cell aimed at disrupting the Alien Parasites plans and activities.

He was later KIA during the shore leave at Qo'noS in April of 2381.

2342-2358: Early Life, Earth

George Andrew Fisher, preferring the use of his middle name “Andrew”, was born to Thomas and Catherine Fisher on Earth, in the city of Boston, on June 11th, 2342. He was the younger of two sons, his older brother Benjamin having been born in 2339. Andrew’s parents met when his father was hospitalized due to a rare neuro-degenerative disorder, and came under the care of his mother, who had been an Intensive Care Nurse. His father had owned and operated an old traditional Irish American Pub and Brewery in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood of Boston until his tragic death from said disorder in late 2345. Andrew’s mother then took ownership of the pub, where during their childhood, both Andrew and his brother were regaled with more than a few tall tales of the Federation, and the awesome adventures of Starfleet from retired and off-duty Officers.

Together, Andrew and Benny grew to idolize the idealism of the Federation and Starfleet, promising each other that they would one day serve beside one another aboard the bridge of starship.

2358-2362: Starfleet Academy, Earth

In 2358, a few months after celebrating his sixteenth birthday, Andrew was granted entry into Starfleet Academy via an early acceptance program, just three years after his older brother had also been accepted. But whereas Benny had favored the Tactical Department as his major focus upon acceptance, Andrew had opted for Security. Also, unlike his brother who had seemingly flown through the Academy with adoration and praise, Andrew had struggled early on due to an over-abundance of arrogance and disrespectful behavior toward figures of authority, and while his gradings were often times the highest in his class, he lacked the appropriate temperance and understanding of a Starfleet Officer, having found himself put at odds with his fellow cadets on many occasions. His ‘I know better’ attitude also set him against his Academy instructors from the very beginning, making it incredibly difficult for them to teach the other cadets. Still, Academy Administrators saw the immense promise in Andrew, and decided he would be assigned a personal counselor in an attempt to get him back in line.

Selected for the task was a veteran Starfleet Officer who had been on an extended leave tour to Earth, the then Lieutenant Commander Joseph Nerva Anderson. Almost immediately, Andrew and the old salt had butted heads, as Fisher’s disrespectful attitude was something that Anderson simply wouldn’t abide. Though his ‘counseling’ methods would have proven to have been a little more physical than typical regulations had technically allowed, they had an unmistakable and positive impact on Fisher. Anderson had been the kind of weathered Starfleet ‘hero’ that Andrew and his brother had grown up idolizing, and he’d more than earned respect with the manner in which he’d challenged the young cadet, often times having judiciously put him in his place. He fell line, taking after the older Officer and in the process developing a kinship that lasted beyond the Academy, from which Fisher graduated in 2362.

2362: USS Rutledge NCC-57295

Following his graduation, Fisher was commissioned as an Ensign and assigned to the New Orleans-class USS Rutledge NCC-57295, where he took up posting as a junior security officer. A posting that for the most part had been surprisingly uneventful over the course of his first three months aboard, especially when considering that the Rutledge had been ordered to patrol the Cardassian / Federation border during the heightened state of war between the two powers. That changed however, when bad intelligence from the Obsidian Order led the Cardassian Military to believe that the Federation colony on Setlik-III had been a staging point for an eventual invasion into Cardassian space. Acting on that bad intel, Cardassian Military forces attacked the colony on Setlik-III, leading the Rutledge as the closest Starfleet vessel to charge in and intercede.

An initial away-team led by Captain Benjamin Maxwell was beamed to the surface to stem the tide of the civilian massacre at the hands of a crazed Cardassian Dal. Fisher as part of a second away-team was to follow suit but had been forced to proceed planet side via shuttlecraft, as the Cardassians had activated a series of transport inhibitors to prevent evacuation. As the second team descended through the atmosphere, it was detected by a Cardassian scout craft which then attacked and disabled its thrusters. Despite the valiant effort of the shuttle’s flight crew, it plummeted uncontrollably into the decimated ruins of the colony.

All but Fisher and a young Starfleet Nurse had died in the crash. However, he’d not been so luck as to emerge unscathed, instead having suffered a series of devastating fractures in his lower back, running from his L3 through to his S2 vertebrae. Nearly crippled from excruciating pain, he and the other survivor were forced to flee from the wreckage as Cardassian ground forces moved in to check the crash site. Taking refuge in a burned-out structure, they’d hunkered down and waited for an inevitable last stand. But before the Cardassians could move in for the kill, Captain Maxwell, and the rest of his first away-team came to the rescue, having fended off the enemy until a final counter-attack could be mounted.

The Cardassians fled Setlik-III not long after, as Starfleet reinforcements had begun to arrive in orbit. Fisher and the others were evacuated back to the Rutledge, which in turn withdrew from the devastated colony.

2362-2364: Extended Medical Leave, Earth

Due to the severity of the injuries to his lower spine, Fisher was removed from active duty and sent home to Earth to undergo advanced medical treatment, which entailed an extensive series of invasive surgeries. It would be months before he’d regained even the slightest bit of feeling in his legs, followed by an even longer period of strenuous physical rehabilitation as he restored his ability to walk. It’d wind up being nearly sixteen-months before he’d again be cleared to return to active duty, with the understanding that he’d likely never fully recover from his injuries, and deal with sometimes lingering pain the rest of his life.

For his injuries sustained in the line of duty, Andrew was awarded the Starfleet Purple Heart Medal.

2364-2367: USS Discovery NCC-62049

Cleared to return to active duty, Fisher was then re-instated as an Ensign and assigned to the newly commissioned Nebula-class USS Discovery NCC-62049, again as a junior security officer. The opportunity to serve aboard one of the Federation’s finest ships just as it was about to start an extended mission of exploration and science might well have been a dream to most Starfleet officers, and in fact it had been for Fisher at the time, but then that was before he’d discovered the monotonous routine of a junior officer aboard such a massive vessel. With so many other officers and crew on ship, the chances of being selected for an away-mission were slim to none. Especially in an age when senior officers and even command staff would insert themselves into every possible mission.

Despite being one of the longest tenured assignments in his career, it would also go on to be considered his least remarkable.

2367-2370: USS Diamondback NCC-63598

By 2367, the Discovery had been brought to Starbase for routine maintenance, and Andrew sought out the chance to be reassigned elsewhere, being granted a posting aboard the Akira-class USS Diamondback NCC-63598 as its Chief of Security, with the rank of a full grade Lieutenant. Whereas the Discovery had been on a deep space exploratory mission, the Diamondback had been about to begin a patrol and enforcement tour along the Klingon border during a time of strife and civil war within the Empire. It hadn’t taken long for the situation to intensify for the Diamondback, as it routinely responded to deep space sensors that had detected Klingon intrusions into Federation space.

The Diamondback, like other Akira-class ships assigned along the border pursued and intercepted the Klingons, having charged in with weapons hot and ready to engage in a tactic that would come to be known as ‘Thunder Runs’. They were a show of force that often sent the intruding Klingon vessels back across the border in a hurry. The tactic was surprisingly effective, as it turned out that the Klingons who crossed into Federation space lacked any real interest in engaging in lopsided conflicts with the heavily armed Akira-class ships. Still there were occasional brushfire instances, as occurred in late 2367 when a group of over-zealous rogue Klingon Captains launched a predatory campaign on the border patrol vessels, specifically waylaying the Diamondback.

Sucker punched from the onset by the cloaked ships, the Diamondback was at an immediate disadvantage, but managed hold its own long enough to destroy three attacking Birds of Prey, sending a fourth running back into Klingon space. The Diamondback was then left one on one with an older attack cruiser, and the two ships exchanged heavy fire until both were left disabled and adrift. Still not satisfied by the blood they’d already spilled and seeking further glory in battle, the Klingons boarded the Diamondback and engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Awaiting them were Andrew’s well-trained security teams who repelled the invaders, then led a counter-insurgent away team across to the Klingon ship, as its warp core was in danger of breaching and needed to be stabilized.

After the situation had been resolved and the Klingons brought under control, the Diamondback crew restored power and made for additional repairs at a nearby Starbase.

For his valor and bravery in repelling the Klingons during their boarding before taking the fight to their own ship, Andrew was recognized and awarded by Starfleet with the Distinguished Service Cross.

There would be several additional close calls with Klingons along the border during their Civil War, and dozens more ‘Thunder Runs’ carried out by the Diamondback, but nothing quite like that battle fought in 2367.

By early 2370, Andrew had really settled into his position aboard the Diamondback and had had every intention of remaining with the posting for as long as he possibly could. But that changed when he learned of the disappearance of his brother and the starship he was serving aboard, the Excelsior Class USS Huron NCC-40553, somewhere near the Cardassian demilitarized zone. Andrew was devastated by the news, and as reports came in, he’d grown increasingly frustrated by a lack of consistent information. He became desperate to find his brother or at least ascertain his fate and requested a transfer to assist in the investigation.

His request was denied.

Elsewhere, his old mentor had also become aware of the disappearance of Andrew’s brother and recognized it as an opportunity to recruit him into Starfleet Intelligence. Told he’d one day have a chance to discover the truth of his brother’s fate, Andrew was Intrigued by the offer to join the Office of Starfleet Intelligence and accepted. One week later he was granted a transfer from the Diamondback to return to Earth, where he would undergo the requisite Intelligence Training.

2370-2371: Starfleet Intelligence Training, Earth


While Andrew had already learned to be an effective Security team leader, he had still lacked many of the finer skills necessary for any Starfleet Intelligence Operative. Over the course of eighteen weeks he learned how to develop assets, covert logistics, data encryption, intelligence analysis, and other tradecraft necessary for the job that await him.

2371: Operation ‘Brazen Bull’

Despite his immediate desire to lead an investigation into the disappearance of his brother’s ship, Andrew was instead assigned to Starbase 310, having reported directly to a Senior Intelligence Field Operative by the name of Hurley, who’d been leading an operation against the Orion Crime Syndicate. Hurley was to be Andrew’s first handler. Officially Andrew had been assigned as a Senior Security Officer aboard the Starbase, but unofficially had begun putting his Intelligence training into practical use on the planet of Farius Prime, observing and reporting on suspected Syndicate associates.

A few weeks later, Andrew had proven himself proficient enough that he was given the okay to begin acquiring civilian assets of his own, which eventually led to his discovery of Syndicate activities taking place within the Cardassian demilitarized zone. The Syndicate had been supplying illegal weapons to both the Cardassians and the Maquis, and even working to ensure that hostilities between them remained open. Upon this revelation an immediate action plan aimed at disrupting the flow of their illegal weapons into the DMZ was drawn up by Hurley, with Andrew and the other Intelligence operatives working key roles. An unknown to the Syndicate, Andrew was instructed to approach the Syndicate in the guise of disgruntled Starfleet Officer, looking to sell information on supply shipments coming to Starbase 310.

Naturally, the Syndicate agents were interested but skeptical. Still, a meeting was arranged, and Andrew was introduced to Syndicate Agents by means of one of his civilian assets on Farius Prime. A deal was brokered, and Andrew delivered the intel to the Syndicate in exchange for a sum of Gold Pressed Latinum. Indeed, the information had to appear genuine in order for him to gain the Syndicate’s trust, and as result a series of resupply shipments were intercepted and stolen. Despite concerns over the risk of the stolen supplies being used against Starfleet and even Federation civilians, the information exchange continued over the course of the next four months, further endearing Andrew to his Syndicate contacts.

When it seemed that their level of trust in him had reached its peak, he was instructed to approach the Syndicate about selling stolen biogenic weapons research. With greed and implicit trust blinding their better judgement, Andrew’s Syndicate contacts made a deal, failing to realize that the data they’d received hadn’t been the research they’d bargained for, but in fact had been a carefully scripted isomorphic algorithm. Said algorithm leached information back to Starfleet Intelligence databases right out of the Syndicates own computer systems. Hundreds of Syndicate agents and their activities were exposed to Starfleet, which in turn were counter-acted and undermined in one of the largest disruptions to Syndicate business in over a century.

Of the stolen data, one entry even detailed the Orion Syndicate’s role in the disappearance of the Huron. According to the report, the crew of the Huron had discovered information pertaining to the Syndicate’s dealings in the DMZ, and in order to prevent that information from getting back to Starfleet, Syndicate agents arranged for the ship to be destroyed.

For his undercover efforts in exposing such an extensive portion of Orion Syndicate operations, Andrew was awarded the Starfleet Intelligence Star, at least ceremoniously, as according to longstanding traditions it is never actually given to recipients.

2371-2372: Operation ‘Revenant’

With this data in hand Andrew approached his handler about acting on it and was given permission to draw up an action plan to be carried out after approval. According to the data, the Syndicate had been selling an illicit narcotic to member of the crew of the Huron prior to its destruction, which led Andrew to believe that he had been the eventual saboteur. Back tracing the crew member’s steps to an old orbital facility owned by the Syndicate, Andrew and a small fireteam launched a covert incursion and after dispatching a number of Syndicate agents, found that the facility had been built in part to house a captive Bolian Scientist named, Atrell.

Atrell had been kidnapped from Bolarus and assumed dead almost a decade earlier. He explained to the team that among a hundred other awful crimes, he’d been ordered under threat of death to implant an explosive device in the Huron crewmember, that would go undetected by traditional sensor sweeps. An explosive that would trigger when in proximity to the Huron’s warp core, and that would be strong enough to cause a breach. The fireteam then attempted to exfiltrate with Atrell, but Syndicate agents closed in on and engaged them in combat. The fireteam was forced to take refuge in Atrell’s laboratory in order to hold out until rescue or reinforcement. As the situation grew increasingly dire, and without warning Andrew and the fireteam were beamed to the surface of Farius Prime by Atrell with the use of a hidden emergency transporter system. Having no desire to go back to his life as the Syndicate’s prisoner scientist, and severely guilt ridden over the harm he’d done, Atrell initiated an overload of the facility power core causing it to rupture and explode.

The orbital facility was destroyed in an instant.

2372-2373: Operation ‘Royale’

With a series of successful Intelligence Operations against the Orion Syndicate behind him, Andrew was made a Senior Field Operative and given the freedom to work without immediate oversight from a handler. He was the Handler now. As such he would continue to work out of Starbase 310 and on Farius Prime, further disrupting Orion Syndicate activities in and around the DMZ. When in 2373 the Dominion invaded into the Alpha Quadrant from the Bajoran Wormhole as allies of Cardassia, Andrew was approached by assets with ties to the Maquis with a request. The Maquis knew the imminent threat that faced them and negotiated for Andrew and his people to coordinate an evacuation of as many of them into Federation space as he could. Those that remained behind, were later obliterated by Dominion backed Cardassian forces.

2373-2374: Operation ‘Valiant’

As the cold war between the Federation and Dominion turned hot, Andrew shifted the focus of his intelligence network on Farius Prime to undermining the Syndicate’s dealings with the Dominion. As the Jem’Hadar were fatalistically addicted to the narcotic, Ketrecel White, their ability to wage war on the Federation depended on its availability. Thus, a primary objective of allied forces in the Alpha Quadrant became the disruption of Ketrecel White supply chains. However, even after Starfleet had managed to cut off the primary supply of the drug from the Gamma Quadrant via mining the Bajoran Wormhole, there were still smaller supplies of it coming into Dominion controlled space from various other sources, one of them being the Orion Syndicate.

In the years prior to the Dominion invasion, Syndicate Agents had seen the signs pointing to an eventual invasion by the Dominion and had stockpiled Ketrecel White with the intent of trading it for favors. Andrew and his operation were tasked with finding and eliminating those Syndicate controlled White reserves. But, as changelings began to regularly infiltrate Starfleet Intelligence operations in and around Dominion controlled space, especially on Farius Prime, it became increasingly costly for Andrew and his operation to find success.

By late 2374, Andrew’s operations on Farius Prime were shut down, and he and his team pulled from the field to regroup and reassess at Starbase 211.

2374-2375: Operation ‘Spark’

Two weeks after Andrew had been pulled from Farius Prime, Dominion forces drove deep into Federation space, bypassing Starbas 211 and the 10th Fleet which had been out on a training exercise and invaded the planet Betazed. Embarrassed by this failure and the loss of one of the Federation’s crown jewels, several immediate attempts were made at freeing Betazed, but were turned back. It soon became apparent that the Dominion had deeply entrenched itself, and thus any additional plans to free Betazed were suspended. Instead a resistance campaign would need to be waged, loosening that deeply planted Dominion foothold for the time when a push would come and uproot it entirely. A call was put out for volunteers, and Andrew one of the first to step forward.

Just getting planet side was a feat, as many attempts to implant the volunteer operatives were defeated, resulting in the deaths of dozens of Intelligence personnel. Luckily, Andrew had been one of the few who made it, and he linked up with resistance cells. Weeks went by as he trained and collaborated with native Betazoids in carrying out guerilla warfare tactics against the Dominion occupation forces. The fighting was brutal, and the reprisals carried out by the Jem’Hadar were equally as brutal. But, eventually the cost of maintaining control of the Betazoid populace became too much for the Dominion to manage, and after withdrawing a large portion of its occupying force, the Allied push moved in and liberated planet.

2375: Operation ‘Regent’

As the tide of the war had begun to turn in the favor of Allied forces, so had the success of Intelligence operations as the effectiveness of the Changelings as infiltrators had deteriorated due to the plague ravaging their species. Soon Starfleet began to make plans for an eventual push into Dominion controlled space, and rumors of dissension among the Cardassian people grew. Sensing a possible split in the Dominion alliance with the Cardassians, Starfleet Intelligence was then tasked with seeking out and facilitating any and all Cardassian resistance cells.

Part of this initiative, Andrew was sent to Setlik-III, the very planet he’d nearly been killed on during an away mission some thirteen years earlier. There he met with and began working closely with a Cardassian resistance movement centered on the planet, and with additional support from Allied forces had managed to help the Cardassians lay the foundations of their resistance movement. Spreading out from the Setlik system, supplies and information flowed to other nearby Cardassian controlled worlds, and the Anti-Dominion sentiment expanded rapidly until in early 2375, when the time had come for the outright revolt against the Dominion.

In the last hours, the Dominion attempted to purge resistance elements across the whole of their territory, but the match had already been lit, and on Setlik-III the Cardassian uprising overthrew and drove out the Dominion with relative ease. Similar stories raged across Dominion space, as in a carefully coordinated event Cardassian forces turned on the Dominion, joining the other Allied forces in their eventual push to Cardassia Prime. There in the wake of one of the deadliest orbital bombardments of the war that had resulted in the deaths of millions of Cardassians, and after a harrowing battle waged overhead between two of the largest amassed fleets in history, the Dominion were defeated and agreed to sign an unconditional surrender.

2375-2377: Operation ‘Pretense’

As the Dominion War came to a close, the need for experienced Intelligence Operatives remained paramount, and despite a request for a leave of absence, Andrew was instead assigned to an Internal Affairs operation being conducted on Earth.

The anger and resentment toward the Dominion by of the people of the Federation was understandably high, and with that came the fear of attacks of retribution and reprisal. Andrew was again brought in by his old mentor, Joseph Anderson to infiltrate a new terror cell aimed at carrying out such attacks on former member states of the Dominion. Together they posed as disgruntled Starfleet Officers out to get revenge on the Dominion and its allies and managed to trace the support their cell was receiving back to a group of wealthy and influential members of the Federation council.

Arrests were made, the peace maintained, and in the wake of the operation and during the subsequent trials, Andrew was posted to data analysis duty at the Office of Starfleet Intelligence for a short time.

2377-2378: Extended Personal Leave of Duty, Earth

Finally, in 2377, after having been active in Intelligence operations for five of the previous six years and having spent nearly a year riding a desk as an intelligence analyst, Andrew was granted an extended leave of absence. He returned home to Boston, where he dealt with the trauma of his Dominion War experience, and the still lingering effects of his Setlik-III injuries.

2378-2381: Operation ‘Jade Opal’

A year later, Andrew was approached about returning to active duty, and after having been promoted to Lieutenant Commander was assigned to Starbase 718, near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Again, officially he was listed as the Chief Security Officer for the Starbase but was in actuality tasked with taking the lead on an already existing Intelligence network operating throughout the region. Via this network Andrew met an active Tal-Shiar agent, Sub-Commander Alarak who had negotiated an exchange of information between them as a means of keeping their back channels open. Alarak had professed that like Andrew, he had seen enough of war and wanted to work toward maintaining the peace. That he’d represented a growing portion of the Romulan people who didn’t view the Federation as an enemy.

It was then through Alarak that Starfleet Intelligence learned the details of the Reman uprising. An uprising led by Shinzon, that culminated in the assassination of the Romulan Senate, and an upheaval of the Star Empire into a state of Civil War.

A year later, Alarak had approached Andrew and his network with a plan to evacuate the families of prominent Romulan leaders that had sided with or expressed sympathy with Donatra, and her new Imperial Romulan State. It was during the process of interviewing and admitting these families into Federation protective custody, that the location of a Romulan Scientist that’d worked on Shinzon’s Thalaron weapon had been determined.

Given that the location of the Scientist was on the Romulan side of the border, Andrew was instructed to collaborate on a raid to take him captive with Alarak. Later when Andrew and his team moved into rendezvous with Alarak’s team, it became clear that they’d been duped. That Alarak and his team had moved in well ahead of the Starfleet team, and had already secured the scientist, interrogated him, and subsequently executed him. Regardless of his promises of cooperation with Andrew and Starfleet, Alarak had acted unilaterally, and silenced a potential leak. When confronted about it, he explained that he did indeed trust Andrew, and wanted to cooperate, but that the black eye the Romulan Empire would have taken as a result of the scientist’s interrogation was something he simply couldn’t allow.

After filing reports detailing the manner in which Alarak had betrayed him and his Operation, Andrew was ordered by his immediate superiors to relinquish his position as lead operative in the Starbase 718 intelligence network. He then was ordered to Starbase 211 to take up a posting as mere data analyst until an in-depth debriefing could be arranged. During his travel across Federation space, he contemplated the failed operation and any mistakes he might have made, beginning to question whether or not his approach was effective then, as it had been earlier in his career. He wholly expected his eventual in-depth debriefing to be a dress down and result in a formal reprimand.

However, a month would pass at his new lowly posting before he was eventually contacted by his old mentor, the now director of the Covert Operations department of Starfleet Intelligence, Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson. It was during this communication that Fisher would be officially reprimanded for the failure of his Intelligence Operation; in reality though, he was keyed into another pressing matter that the Admiral was in the midst of dealing with. The renegade USS Theurgy. Carefully via an encrypted subspace comms buoy, Anderson explained the reality of the situation involving the rogue starship, and how it had been driven to flea from Federation space for the revelation of an active attempt to co-opt and infiltrate the highest levels of Starfleet and beyond.

The gravity of the facts presented by the Admiral was immense, and were it not for their long history together, Fisher might have dismissed it all as the crazed theories of a paranoid madman. But Fisher trusted Anderson and volunteered to be of service.

2381-Present: To the Epsilon Mynos System

Fisher was instructed to assume a covert identity in the wake of his communication with the Admiral, leaving behind an unencrypted personal log implicating his intent to leave Starfleet out of anger and frustration. It was hoped that this would allow Fisher’s disappearance to be classified as AWOL for a time, at least until his arrival and assignment to the Theurgy was discovered by the powers that be. Via a Federation Transport he then travelled to Deep Space K-7, where he would board the IKS ChunDab on its route to rendezvous with the IKS Vor’Nak at Kayvok. After which he would transfer to the Vor’Nak for the remaining duration of the journey to the Epsilon Mynos System.

Personality Profile


Despite his often-sardonic sense of humor, Andrew was guided by a strong moral compass that had sometimes led him to bump heads with other Starfleet Intelligence personnel that were more interested in bottom line results, rather than just or unjust. He was cautiously extroverted, knowing when and where to make roads; and given his naturally charming personality had had little trouble in that regard. However, it should be noted that in recency his attitude had seemed to change, perhaps caused by strife or failures he’d experienced as an operative. He’d began to regress to an attitude he’d maintained earlier on in his Academy days, questioning the orders or superiors, and sometimes pushing things beyond cursory insubordination. Regardless, Andrew was generally quite approachable, and not afraid of embracing a good time when it happened along, knowing that there were no guarantees of the next day.

Physical Profile

Andrew had tried to maintain peak physical conditioning during his time as a Starfleet Officer, understanding its importance in regard to the dangers of his work; he was relatively tall with broad shoulders and a somewhat athletic build. Additionally, he recognized the benefits of physical appearance in making contacts, and assets in an Intelligence network. Throughout his career, Andrew also dealt with the lingering physical trauma of injuries sustained early on during an away mission, specifically a series of fractures to his L3 through S2 vertebrae.

Special Notes

As Andrew had spent the better part of a decade as a Starfleet Intelligence Field Operative, coordinating and developing Intelligence gathering networks, and working to counter-act rival Intelligence organizations, he’d managed to put together a relatively extensive list of civilian and even military assets throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. These assets would often have served as a contact point, or even observer that could relay important information or facts to Andrew whenever he needed; at least so long as those assets could have been trusted to be feeding Andrew reliable information, and not having deliberately fed him disinformation.


Aldean Prime Anthology

Season 02, Episode 01: Advent of War

Interregnum 01-02 S2

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