Donna Petterson, callsign "Chance"

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Personnel FileW-o2.png
Name:Donna Petterson
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Fighter Pilot
Age:31 (Born 2350)
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Sydney, Australia, Earth
Height:5ft 7in / 1.7m
Weight:121lbs / 55kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Hazel
Played by:Jessica Biel
Listening to Classical Music
Working Out
Flight Holoprograms
2368-2371: Starfleet Academy (Beta Aquilae II)

2376-2378: Starfleet Academy (Earth)

2378-2379: Tactical CONN Academy
Service Record
2371-2376: Starfleet Intelligence Covert Operations Department (Records Classified)

2379-2381: USS Jadestone
2381: Reassigned to USS Dauntless following the Battle of Starbase 84

2381-Present: USS Theurgy

Junior Lieutenant Donna Petterson was a Tactical CONN pilot temporarily stationed aboard the USS Dauntless during its assignment to Task Force Archeron. A hidden agenda was brought to the forefront during a confrontation between the taskforce and the USS Theurgy, leaving Donna forced to make a hard choice. As of March 2381, it remained unknown if she would aid in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


An orphan from the age of 12, Donna grew up in the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney. But that all changed the day her parents died in a transport accident. Now an orphan, Donna ended up under the care of her father’s best friend. Moving to Risa, Donna spent her remaining formative years on the planet before applying for Starfleet Academy at the age of 17. She was accepted and attended the Beta Aquilae II annex of the academy for 4 years. She took courses in Tactical Analysis, Communications and Advanced Tactical Training. Before she graduated in 2371, she was approached by a recruiter from Starfleet Intelligence and offered a position. She accepted.

The next 5 years of her life were spent completing various tasks and missions for Starfleet Intelligence's Covert Operations Department; all of which remained classified. She worked on dozens of different planets including Cardassia Prime and Qo’nos. During the Dominion War, she was temporarily stationed on Bajor to monitor the planet’s surrounding space. After the war ended, she moved on to other assignments. Interestingly, she never travelled further into Romulan space than a few of the border worlds.

However, in early 2376, her cover was blown while on a mission. With a price on her head, Donna barely escaped with her life. She spent several weeks healing from her injuries in an SI safehouse while she decided what to do next.

As a favour from her commanding officer, the head of Starfleet Intelligence’s Covert Operations Department, a new identity was created for her and she was admitted to Starfleet Academy on Earth. This was far from ideal, but it was necessary to stitch together a past history for Donna as well as allow her to reinvent herself. Now going by Donna Petterson, she undertook classes in Flight Control, Advanced Navigation and Robotics before transferring to the Tactical Command Department.

She completed her training there and was assigned to the USS Jadestone as an ensign. Taking the callsign ‘Chance’ (a reminding that this life was now a second chance for her) she was assigned as the wingwoman to Ensign Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost". The two flew together for several months before Rawley was promoted and reassigned to the USS Theurgy. Donna remained behind and in early 2381, she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Following the Battle of Starbase 84, the USS Jadestone participated in the emergency efforts. It was at this time that Donna received a secure subspace communication from her former commanding officer at Starfleet Intelligence asking her to undertake a mission of extreme importance. When Donna asked why he had contacted her, his reply was that she was perfectly placed to do the impossible. This appealed to Donna’s risk-taking nature, so she accepted.

She was transferred to the USS Dauntless as a replacement pilot and was assigned as the Element Leader Wolf-07 with the Rigellian ‘Tank’ as her RIO. His former pilot had been killed in the battle and he had been forced to eject. This left him bitter and itching for payback; a reaction that would complicate Donna’s own mission.

Not long after her appointment to the squadron, the taskforce departed on a course for the Azure Nebula in search of it’s prey. Aboard the Dauntless, Donna waited and thought about how she was to accomplish her mission and do the impossible; make contact with the USS Theurgy.

Personality Profile

Having grown up on the outskirts of Sydney, Donna displayed the typical Australian adaptability that had made them unique throughout history. Coupled with her upbringing on Risa and training by SI’s COD, Donna was readily adaptable to almost any situation, remaining calm and unfazed. This had led to criticisms of her being emotionless in the past. To Donna though, being emotional in the wrong place at the wrong time could have and almost did, get her killed while she was undercover. When triggered, Donna became highly emotional very quickly.

She liked precise and well-laid plans but was equally known for her tendency to go off book and take risks when she felt that the reward was worth it. She hated owing anything to anyone and would work to clear those debts as soon as she could. She had a habit of quoting the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition in her daily life. This stemmed from her first job in a shop on Risa that was run by a Ferengi.

Donna was adept at blending into groups and crowds, using her borderline eidetic memory and a well-practiced neutral accent. However, when she truly relaxed or let her emotional control slip, she reverted back to a strong Australian accent.

Despite wanting to make friends in her new life, her old habits refused to die and she found herself looking at each new possible friend as a potential threat and enemy. Donna looked to a future where she no longer must lie to those around her about who she was now. Unfortunately, she had to keep who she had been a secret, lest her past catch up to her present and erase her future.

As a result of her upbringing on Risa, Donna had a very liberal mentality when it came to sex. She had no permanent preference between males or females and was quite comfortable displaying her assets for whomever wanted to look. She was also not above using her looks as a weapon and had indeed done so many times during her past.

Physical Profile

Donna stood at an average height and weight of 1.7m tall and 55kg. Her dark brown hair reached her shoulders but was usually tied back into a ponytail. Her hazel eyes did well to hide the experiences her life had endured but did not prevent the showing of the depth of those same experiences. Depth without detail.

Her figure was kept taut and trim from regular sessions in the ship’s gym or her own quarters. Her breasts sat high and full on her chest. All this combined often led to many estimating her age to be up to 5 years less than her actual age of 31 standard years.

While she followed Starfleet uniform regulations when on duty, when she was off duty, Donna preferred to relax in comfortable pants and tank tops. From combat boots to slippers, bare feet to platform heels; her preference for footwear varied with her mood.

Special Notes

As part of her personal items, Donna kept a takedown recurve bow and a quiver of arrows. When it came time to carry out her mission, this was one of only two items she would not leave behind. As they were not standard Starfleet equipment she smuggled them into the cockpit before launch.