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Topic: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03 (Read 2417 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Wolf 03 | Over Ghost City | Aldea ]

"Wolf 03 to Tesla Control," Chance called over the comm channel to the Theurgy team that she knew was waiting on the outskirts of the city. "No visual signs of activity in the target area. Sensors came up empty. The only way we are going to find out more up here is to physically land in the plaza and look around. We are currently holding position 25km south of the city and are awaiting further orders," Chance reported before clicking off the channel and swapping to the private channel to her wingmate. "How are you doing over their Foxfire? Better than the last time we flew together right?"

[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Outskirts Of Ghost City | Aldea ]

"This is going to be interesting without armour," Eliska thought to herself as she lent against the side of the rover while Commander Akoni finalised their plan. She'd already been told that she would be manning the phaser cannon in the vehicles rear and that it would be up to her to make sure the vehicle drew as much attention to it as possible. What kind of attention that would be wasn't known but it was the best plan they could come up with on short notice.

The idea was simple enough. Get as close as possible until they were discovered. Given that they had no idea what sensors their enemy had, they could not say how close they would get but once they were discovered, they were to get everyone looking at them and not at the other 8 of the team that would be making their way on foot. It was their job to get the hostages out.

[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Ghost City | Aldea ]

Mickayla hated being stunned. And once again, like every other time that it had happened, she promised herself that it would be the last time. And she held true to that promise. They had been chained up, literally, with actual chains, in a ruined building. From her position, she could hear the hum of some sort of generator or ship. And given that she was still chained up after at least 2 hours of being meant that whoever was holding them had the ability to either block their bio signs or block a transporter.

"Or both," Mickayla mused as she looked around the room again. The only benefit to their situation was that they were sitting down rather than standing.  They each occupied a wall of the room with a door set into the remaining wall. And given the state of the room itself; they were not the first people to occupy it.

"So, anyone want to place a bet on how long we are going to be here?" Mickayla asked, only half rhetorically as she jangled her chains again.

OOC: Let the rescue commence.

First round of posts should get everyone situated and ready. Rescue team will be divided into 4 groups.
Rover team:
Crewman Petra Vansen (NPC) - Driver
Crewman Tucker (NPC) - Shotgun
Eliska Bremmer (@Stegro88) - Gunner

Team 01:
Adam Kingston (@Sqweloookle) - Leader
Marija Ferik (@Bastila)
2x NPCs

Team 02:
Akoni (@trevorvw) - Leader
Hi'Jak (@Masorin) - KDF Liason
2x NPCs

Air Support:
Donna Petterson (@Stegro88) - Wolf 03
Isel Nix (@Fife) - Wolf 04

Ad the Prisoners:
Mickayla MacGregor (@Stegro88)
T'Panu (@lisavw)
M'Mau (NPC)

And lets not forget our Captor.
Zaryn Kolari (@Revan) - Undercover SFI Operative posing as a pirate.

Once everyone is in position, I will kick things off. No Set Posting Order. 7 Day Response Window.
Any Questions, feel free to ask them. Lets have some fun.

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Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
Reply #1
[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Outskirts of Ghost City | Aldea ]
@Stegro88 @Sqweloookle @Bastila @Masorin @Fife @lisavw @Revan

Kai was happy that he had received more support than he had originally requested, which he figured would make it easier. However, the one major disadvantage they had was the fact they had absolutely no information about what they'd be going up against. No layout of the site, no information on the size of the enemy forces and no idea what they had for weaponry.

Kai had pulled out a large PADD which had a rough overview of the site. He laid it on the hood of the rover and everyone had gathered around as best they could. He laid out lines of approach for the two foot teams. He also decided to tell the rover, that even after they were discovered by the enemy, to try and position itself roughly equidistant between the two foot teams in case they needed support in a hurry, then it could get there as soon as possible. With any luck though, the enemy wouldn't see the two foot teams and be hopefully kept busy with the rover.

"Okay. Vansen, Tucker and Bremmer, you'll be in the rover. Bremmer, I need you to be the gunner. You'll be the best shot if things get hairy out there." Kai had told that trio which got a series of head nod's in response.

He turned towards his trusty Master at Arms, "Adam, take Ferik, Brelum and Niyar. You'll be Alpha team and you'll be approaching from the south western side. Hi'Jak, Zoss and Shilaz you're with me. We'll be Beta team and be taking the southern approach." This also was returned with head nods and the getting ready of their gear for the upcoming mission. 

As best as Kai could tell, these people seemed very squared away and focused on the mission. It was pleasing as it would make this mission go just that much better.

The large man then tapped his combadge, "Akoni to Wolf 03, you can maintain current position for now. As we get closer, I want you to ensure the airspace stays empty from enemies. I just don't know what kind of support they have."

As Kai readied his gear himself and checked the power cells on his weapons, he had to add a reminder for the rest of his teams.

"Okay people. Remember weapons on stun. Let's go get our people. Any questions?"
Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni     [Show/Hide]

Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
Reply #2
[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Wolf 04 | Over Ghost City | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88 @trevorvw @Bastila @Sqweloookle @lisavw @Revan @Masorin
Isel grinned as she heard Chance's voice over the comm, the Human asking if this was a better experience than their last flight. They had been scanning the target area with no results, and while some might consider that boring, the fact was that Isel was quite content with a nice boring mission. After the events which had been brought on by their defection from the Dauntless to the Theurgy, Isel was more than happy to be bored in her cockpit rather than having every vessel they encountered firing at them. No Dauntless, no Task Force, no Borg.

Oh yeah, I'm good with it. Isel thought as she keyed open her mic.

"Loads better, Chance!" Foxfire called back, "I'm picking up jack-shit on the sensors, but anything that doesn't land me in Sickbay is gonna make me one happy fox!" Foxfire chuckled, her eyes glancing over her sensor readouts once again as she spoke. Sensors were still coming up empty, not that she had expected anything to change in the ten seconds since she last checked. "Still nothing on sensors. We're out here all dressed up with nowhere to go." A smile spread over Foxfire's features under her helmet. "Hey, you wanna play I Spy while we wait?"

Foxfire knew this wasn't a time for jokes, but she'd never been one to deal with waiting well. It was a fact that Chance was likely well aware of. Foxfire's eyes went over the sensor readouts again, staring at the displays as though imploring something to change. "But hey, at least it's a change of scenery from the routine patrols, right?"

Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
Reply #3
[ Lt. JG Adam Kingston | Outskirts of Ghost City | Aldea ] Attn: @Bastila

"Adam, take Ferik, Brelum and Niyar. You'll be Alpha team and you'll be approaching from the south western side."

Adam glanced over at Ferik, he gave her a nod before doing the same at Brelum and Niyar. He waved them over as he smiled. Adam liked Alpha team designation, he checked his clothes, while he waited for his team to come to him, so not any of it could be a problem while in action.

"Are you all ready?" Adam asked his team, he had heard that Ferik had just recently been released from Stasis so it was really directed at her but didn't want to make it direct, he'd hate it if it was directed at him as well.

"Yes sir?" Niyar replied with a grin.
"As am I Lieutenant." Brelum added with a smirk. It seemed both were excited to be doing something other then blobbing around the Theurgy.

OOC: Are we in Aldean clothes? If so are we wearing our exosuits underneath? Obviously Aldean weapons?
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Lieutenant JG Adam Kingston, Master-at-Arms, (Vector 03 Security)

Lieutenant/Dr Elro Kobol, Chief Medical Officer, (Vector 02 Medical)

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Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
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Ensign Marija Ferik | Outskirts of Ghost City | Aldea ]  Attn: @Stegro88 @Sqweloookle @trevorvw @lisavw @Fife @Masorin @Revan  

Marija had been out of stasis for a few days now and had been officially back on duty for two days, slowly settling back into her job when she had gotten the summons from the Lieutenant Commander to gear up and get planetside for a mission. It was going to be her first time back doing real work and not just guarding and patrolling their docked ship, but potentially actual combat since she had quite literally died briefly and come back. Yet she found that she was less nervous and more excited to get back in the swing of things.

She had read up on Aldea and knew what they could or couldn't wear, what gear to take and had made her way planet-side once she was geared up and ready.  They were going on a rescue mission and she had been grouped with Adam Kingston, it had been a while since they had interacted and all of those had been rather awkward. Still time had passed and she was a professional as was he so she didn't anticipate any problems, especially since they had been paired together with two other officers tasked with approaching from the south west side.

She caught him glance over at her and give a nod which she returned and likewise gave a nod to Brelum and Niyar as they all formed up with Kingston. He asked them if they were all read and while it was a fair question for them all, Marija couldn't help but feel like it was more directed at her given her recent removal from stasis. Still he hadn't actually directed it at her and she was internally grateful for that if it was.

"Five by Five sir." she replied with a nod of her own, just as eager to get underway as Brelum and Niyar were to actually be doing something meaningful and normal for the first time in a long time.

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Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
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Lieutenant Zaryn Kolari | Current Alias: Tidas Lokai | Pirate Base | Ghost City | Aldea ] Attn: @trevorvw @lisavw @Stegro88 @Bastila @Sqweloookle @Fife @Masorin

Zaryn made his way down several corridors within the base having escorted the Vulcan woman inside and locked her in the cage with her companions. True to her word, she hadn't caused any trouble and true to his, he had let her check on them, even offering some medical supplies if needed before heading off and leaving two guards to watch over them.

Moving through several rooms he stopped when Jaelen called out to him. "Tidas! Great work out there, the situation got pretty dicey but you handled yourself well my boy! Keep that up and you'll be my right hand before you know it!" he said, patting the Trill on the shoulder.

"Thanks Jaelen, I just did my job but wait what do you mean will be your right hand man, I'm pretty sure I already am." he countered with a grin.

"Ha! You've got me there that you are, that you are. But you earned it, the power, the respect you came in and you earned everything, it's why everybody respects you and more importantly listens to you despite your short time here. Very impressive.

Zaryn smiled and nodded "What can I say? I'm good at what I do, although not everybody is as supportive as others."


"Yes, that fool. Seriously why do you keep him around? He's a psychopath and an idiot, he could have seriously fucked things up for us today or worse. Not to mention what happened last time."

"I know but he does have his uses, still you're right. He's on a very thin patch of ice, if need be we'll do what needs to be done."

The Trill nodded "Look the Vulcan I caught, she said something that makes me believe she's got more friends here than just those other two. If I'm right we're going to have company coming to look for them real soon."

Jaelen nodded "I'll have the scouts check the area and get the snipers in position, the rest of the men we'll double shift for now. I'll get started on that, you go and check on the prisoners.

Zaryn nodded "Sure, I was on my way there anyway."

Jalen chuckled and patted him on the shoulder before walking away. Watching him leave, the Trill waited until he turned the corner before continuing on his own path. Making his way down several corridors that most certainly did not lead towards the holding cells, Zaryn came to a locked door. Glancing around to make sure the coast was clear, he pulled up his sleeve and waved the wrist mounted device over the door panel, a few beeps later the panel switched from red to green and the door opened. One of the great things about working for Intelligence, you got all the best toys to play with.

With one more quick glance to make sure the coast was clear he slipped into the room and took a look around, it was pretty dark but he could make out a bed, several guns on racks hanging along the wall and a desk in the corner with a computer on it. Making his way across the room to the computer, he sat down at the desk and powered it up. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled his Aldean communicator/tricorder and keyed in a few commands, placing it on the desk as it ran through a hacking program. "Come on, come on." he muttered as his gaze shifted from the computer to the door and back again, relieved when the program gave him access.

"Alright, let's see what we've got." the spy muttered under his breath as he accessed Jaelen's files. There were the usual reports on pirate activity, earnings from their various dealings, inventory, nothing useful or significant. As he made his way through files, folders, various databases and messages, something eventually caught his attention.

"Woah now what's this? Information on Klingon cargo convoys? Number of ships and fighters in the escort, cargo manifests, flight schedules, suggested ambush locations along the route...these are all Klingon ships that the pirates have attacked recently. It's not random after all, they've all been planned."

Programming the communicator to download the information he was looking at, he quickly scanned through several other messages and files, he didn't know who the sender was or where they were but based on what he was seeing they were clearly well informed and had to be somewhere within the Aldea System to know such things and be in a position to have such information, from within the Empire maybe? This was a big problem, but one he didn't currently know how to solve, or even where to being. Not that he had the time right now to even think on it.

With the download finished, he shutdown the computer, pocketed his communicator and made his way to the door, taking a quick peek outside then stepping out and locking it. He'd have to take a look over the data in more detail later but for now he had prisoners to check up on.

OOC Stuffs: AL once said that the Aldean Communicator also doubled as a Tricorder so I'm sticking with it if anybody was wondering

Also thanks to @Numen for the intel Zaryn could discover, hopefully it also helps with your own future plans too. Plus it was fun to have him do some spy stuffs before hand :P

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Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
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[ Lt. JG Adam Kingston | Outside an Aldean 'Ghost' City | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Bastila @trevorvw

"Five by Five sir."

"Excellent, if any of you have ideas as we search I want to hear them okay, no idea is not worth consideration." Adam grinned at Ferik, he was glad that she was in great condition. Stasis could still have unexpected side effects that usually show up in the first few days even if the technology was perfected long ago.

He then looked at Niyar before at Brelum and back at Ferik so he could see they understood that he will listen to them all if they want to make suggestions about how they were going to go about their search and rescue. He really wished they could have had exosuits, this was what they were designed for and he wondered why it was a problem, their Aldean clothes would covered the suits from being seen but that just made this more challenging.

He had to think strategically and smarter to protect his team. Despite the seriousness of the situation he was excited to be back in his element of combat and he liked to save people. "I know we have been inactive for a while now, hell I've been anxious to do something other then housekeeping back on the ship, but we must keep calm and I shouldn't have to remind you to remember your training." Adam said with a smile.

"You just did sir," Niyar said with a chuckle.

Adam laughed softly as not to attract attention from the other teams. "I did, didn't I whoops." He then gave the other security officer a teasing glare before he looked over at Ferik to see if she had laughed.

"It was rather sneaky of you sir." Brelum added with a smirk.

He wondered then about the shield. He spoke up to the group. "Chief, is the source of the shield an objective or just extract our people and get back to the shuttle?" Adam asked Akoni. It seemed that if they disable or destroy the shield's generator the Theurgy could beam the crew back.
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Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
Reply #7
[ Lt T'Panu | Ghost City | Aldea ]
@Stegro88 @trevorvw @Fife @Bastila @Masorin  @Revan @Sqweloookle

As T'Panu walked up to the complex with the man, her heart was racing. She hoped MacGregor and M'Mau were alright. She feared the worst, but tried to keep her cool walking up to the building. She didn't want to let him know how worried she was, or give him any ammunition to use against her. That would be the last thing any of them needed.

She studied their surroundings, looking for their escape route. There wasn't much in the area for her to note. It was obvious it was abandoned, as it literally felt like a ghost city. The ambience was a mix of desolation and abandonment that crept up every building, and spread across every step she took. It gave it even more of a chilling vibe, even aside from the fact that they were all abducted by these crazed space pirates.

See there they are, you can check on them inside, but don't go running off to do it. I guaranteed your safety they don't know that, he informed her. His words were relieving while they cut right through her. She felt like she was colluding with the enemy, which didn't seem right. Maybe I can use this to our advantage to catch them off guard later, T'Panu thought.

"Understood," was all T'Panu replied with.

He brought her to them as promised. When she saw them she near sprinted over to see them. They were chained to the wall, with these barbaric, heavy, metal chains. She didn't even know if they would be able to unlock them; she was sure they wouldn't be able to cut through them, especially without weapons.

"Are you both alright? How are you feeling? What happened??" T'Panu had so many questions to spit out at once she didn't even know where to start.

"Well I've had bloody better days than this," M'Mau replied. All 3 of them looked like hell and likely felt even worse. Her first responsibility was to heal their wounds, then get them the hell out of there. She wondered where their transport was and hoped the other team knew where they were located to rescue them. And soon.
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Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
Reply #8
[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Outskirts Of Ghost City | Aldea ] Attn: @trevorvw @lisavw @Revan @Fife @Bastila @Masorin @Sqweloookle

"So, what are we meant to be looking for?" Tucker asked as they drove forward slowly. Vansen was keeping them about 50 meters ahead of the ground teams so that they could provide support fire if anyone came under fire. Shifting slightly in his seat, Tucker peered into the darkness ahead of them, searching for anything.

"We'll know it when we see it," Eliska replied, looking back at the two teams flanking them and checking that they were maintaining their position. "Hopefully."

"We'll find out soon enough," Vansen stated. "We're coming up on the plaza."

"Got it," Eliska responded, gripping the handles of the phaser cannon. "Rover to Leader, we're coming up...." Bremmer's word were cut off by the passage of a phaser bolt past her face so close that she could feel the heat from it. Snapping her head to try and see where it came from, she saw Tucker already firing back in the general direction. "Floor it!"

Vansen didn't need to be told twice as they mashed the accelerator, sending the rover hurtling forward. More phaser shots rang out of the dark, some aimed at them, some aimed at the ground teams trailing them. She couldn't tell if they suffered casualties from her position in the back of the rover and she didn't have time to ask as she searched for something to shoot at.

"What the fuck?" Bremmer heard Vansen call out but before she could ask why, everything turned hazy and then exploded into light. "Holy shit!!!" Vansen screamed, wrenching the rover sideways. Bremmer caught sight of a flash of green plating as she tried to maintain her position. When she finally managed to do that she looked up and stared in disbelief at a Klingon Bird-of-Prey siting in the plaza with several structures clustered around its rear ramp. And from those structures, several beings were emerging; none of them Klingon.

"Shoot something!" Bremmer called out as she brought her cannon up and pulled the trigger.

[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Ghost City | Aldea ]

"I don't know what happened after I got shot," Mickayla admitted. "I woke up here and it's been stars know how long since then. Couple of hours at least."

"A couple of boring hours," M'Mau added, slumping his shoulders and causing his chains to rattle. "How long until the cavalry arrives again?" Fate seemed to answer as the sounds of weapons fire filtered into the room.

"Sounds like it just did," Mickayla observed.

OOC: Round 2. 7 Days to post again.
Thank you to everyone that replied in time. My Apologies to @Masorin for not waiting but I was a week past when I was due to post. Hopefully Hi'Jak can join us this week.

Ground teams, you have come under fire and the rover has disappeared from sight. None of you know why, but feel free to put up various guesses.
@Revan I suggest you head for the prisoners. And try not to get shot by the rover.
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Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
Reply #9
[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Outskirts of Ghost City | Aldea ] @Stegro88 @lisavw @Revan @Fife @Bastila @Masorin @Sqweloookle

Kingston had asked almost as an afterthought, if the source of the shield is an objective or not. It was a fair question, to which Kai had to supply an answer.

"I'm not going to say it's a primary objective, but if you find it, then you know what to do" Kai hoped that would be a sufficient answer for Kingston, basically saying it's an objective without saying it was an objective.

As the teams made their way on foot, with the rover maintaining its position, as per the plan, Kai looked around marvelling at just how pretty Aldea was. Minus the pirates and 'ghosts' of course.

Bremmer's voice crackled on the comm line but was abruptly cut off just as a phaser bolt streaked its way past the rover and impacted the ground just metres to the left of Kai's foot team. The impact threw sand and dirt metres into the air, falling back on to the team kind of like a muddy rain. The rover had started firing at what seemed to be the source of the weapons fire.

Kai looked to his teammates "Get to cover!" as they all sprinted for a small cluster of rocks around twenty metres from their position. The quartet made it to the rocks in what felt like record time. As they were running, he noticed that the Rover had disappeared from view and he couldn't even hear it. All that could be heard was weapons fire.

Fuck! Kai thought to himself as he ran through the options in his head.

He tapped his combadge "Akoni to Wolf 3...we're taking fire and our rover's disappeared. We could use some support!" Kai had requested, hopefully the air support would be able to do something when they showed up.

As they were returning fire, Zoss took a phaser bolt to the chest which caused him to be thrown backwards. As the other two kept returning fire, Kai ran over to check on Zoss. As he got to him, Kai noticed a literal hole in the man's chest. Kai checked for a pulse in vain, knowing he wouldn't find anything.

"Akoni to Trent, Zoss is KIA".
Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni     [Show/Hide]

Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
Reply #10
[ T'Panu | Ghost City | Aldea ]
@Stegro88 @trevorvw @Fife @Revan @Masorin @Sqweloookle @Bastila

T'Panu sat, examining her two crewmates. She listened to their chief complaints, whilst also paying attention to how their mental state was. They both seemed quite calm despite what happened. This was definitely a new one to add to the list, being captured by pirates.

She began looking them over, thinking of how she could help them with their wounds. She planned to rip off a piece of her uniform to bandage the wounds, but they weren't quite bad enough to worry too much. Just painful, but there was nothing she could do about that. It was too bad she hadn't hid a hypospray in her pocket for a time like this, but she never expected to be parted from her pack.

The sound of weapons fire came abruptly out of nowhere, causing T'Panu to jolt a bit. "Sounds like we're about to be saved!" T'Panu cried out excitedly. Surely it wouldn't be long until they were freed and in the rover heading back to safety.

Quickly the sound of fire began to cease slightly. She only assumed the worst, that their heroes were taking fire badly. There had to be something they could do to help, anything, to distract their captors into giving up their advantage. She looked around their cell. Nothing was inside with them, which wasn't surprising. She found a few little rocks just outside the bars. She grabbed the first two easily, while the third bigger rock was a little out of her reach.

"What are you doing??" M'Mau asked. T'Panu grunted something as she was trying her hardest to lengthen her reach to grab it.

She relaxed her reach to position herself sideways into the bars, freeing her shoulder to maneuver through the bars easier. She reached out as far as she could, pulling herself into the bars with her left arm. She had finally reached it! She got up to stand as close to the door as she could and started throwing her rocks as close to their captors as possible. And with any luck, hopefully hit them and take their attention away from their crew. One rock managed to hit something and came flying back inside, which she hoped hit one of them square in the head.

"With any luck, we can help distract them enough to split them up and gain the advantage so we can all get the heck out of here."
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Re: Day 09 [0130 hrs.] Ghostbusters | The Silver Shadows Part 03
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Lieutenant Zaryn Kolari | Current Alias: Tidas Lokai | Pirate Base | Ghost City | Aldea ] Attn: @trevorvw @lisavw @Stegro88 @Bastila @Sqweloookle @Fife @Masorin

With the data chip in his pocket, Zaryn had been making his way towards the prisoners when he heard the sounds of weapons fire coming from outside the building and cursed, breaking into a sprint. As he got closer to where the prisoners were being held, he heard on of them curse and increased his speed, wanting to get there before things got any worse.

Inside the room, the two guards, one Aldean and the other being Marris, were patrolling the room. They had a lot of supplies stored in boxes within the room, along with the cell the prisoners were in, all spread out around the room. Allowing them to keep an eye the prisoners while also providing some form of cover should anybody manage to get in and attack them.

Marris was somewhat patrolling the room despite the fact he kept glancing over at the Klingon woman and licking his lips hungrily. "You know I've never had a Klingon woman before." he said to the other guard while his gaze fell over the woman's body, taking in her curves.

"And you probably never will Marris, at least not with that one." The other guard replied.

"What makes you say that?" he replied, even as he turned away from her to continue his route.

"For one thing, you aren't stronger than a Klingon and the other, do you really think Jaelen or Tidas would let you do that to the merchandice?"

Marris just snorted "Please Jaelen is an old man whose on his way out and Tidas, that spotted fool will get what's coming to him one day, mark my words." he countered.

Both guard's heads snapped to glance over at the wall towards the sounds of gun fire coming from outside. "What the hell was that?"

Before Marris could answer however, a rock struck him on the back of the head. "What the fuck?" he yelled, glancing down at the stone that had hit him, before turning angrily towards the cell. "Which one of you useless fucks threw that?" he demanded as he started storming over towards the cell.

"What the hell are you doing Marris?" The Trill yelled as he jogged into the room.

"One of these slaves threw a rock at me, it hit me and whoever did it is going to pay." the shorter man snarled.

"You're fine, let it go." Zaryn replied, causing Marris to turn and glare at him instead.

"So I'm just supposed to..." he started saying before the alien cut him off.

"You're supposed to do whatever I tell you to do and I'm telling you to let it go! In case you didn't hear the weapons fire outside, we have company, most likely their friends coming to get them back." the Trill yelled back, nodding towards the three in the cell. "So you can either go out there and fight or take up a defensive position in here and get ready for them."

Marris glared at the spotted alien a few seconds more before turning on his heel and stomping away from him and the cell, making his way over towards one of the weapons lockers, where the other guard had already retrieved a phaser rifle for himself and handed one to Marris.

For his part, Zaryn glanced over at the three in the cell, still wondering just who these three people were, something about them rubbed him the wrong way but he couldn't figure it out. Not that he had any time to do so considering the fact the fighting sounded like it was getting closer and closer with every shot. Jogging over to the locker, he retrieved a rifle of his own, much preferring to use one of those than his phaser pistol.

"Alright you, over there." he ordered the Aldean guard, pointing to a stack of crates on the right side of the room. "Marris cover the middle." the Trill ordered, watching as for one the man did what he told him to do without complaining, while he opted to take cover behind the crates closest the cell, mostly so that he could keep somewhat of an eye on them but somewhat because he didn't trust Marris to be here, either he'd lose his temper and shoot one or all of them, or do something stupid that let them escape, neither of which would be good.

"Don't try anything stupid, I'm sure your friends out there would hate for you to get shot in the crossfire or something." the Trill said to the three captives. 
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Wolf 04 | Over Ghost City | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88 @trevorvw @Revan @lisavw @Bastila @Masorin @Sqweloookle
Foxfire's eyes had glanced over the sensor readouts for the umpteenth time moments before. As expected after so long without change, they had shown readings which were utterly unremarkable. The ground team was moving, but thus far had come up with nothing. Sighing, Isel set the sensors to work on another sweep and raised her gaze, her eyes scanning the horizon ahead as she held formation off Chance's wing.

"I spy with my little eye..."

Off in the distance, in the vicinity of the ground team, the unmistakable flashes of weapons fire suddenly sprang up across the barren landscape of the planet Aldea.

"...something that is getting shot the fuck up..." Isel finished, suddenly alert. A brief moment after she'd finished speaking, the comms from the ground team burst into life, with Commander Akoni reporting the ground team taking fire and requesting air support. Foxfire's mismatched eyes seemed to light up behind her helmet at the prospect of doing something, anything besides flying in circles staring at the bleak landscape of this cesspit of a planet.

"Hey Chance!" Foxfire called over their secure comms as she powered up her fighter's weapons systems, a dark grin playing across her features as she armed her torpedoes. "Phone's for you! Something about someone needing another someone blown up."

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[ LT. JG Adam Kingston | Aldean 'Ghost' City | Aldea Prime ]
Ensign Marija Ferik | Aldean 'Ghost' City | Aldea Prime ]
Attn: @Stegro88 @trevorvw @Revan @lisavw @Masorin @Bastila

"I'm not going to say it's a primary objective, but if you find it, then you know what to do" Kai had said.

"Aye sir," Adam had replied with a grin hopeful he will get to, well he hoped his team would as he gestured to his team to move out. He led them into a street and he began to check the windows but very little was visible in the darkness, well considering it was night time that was obvious. Though his Aldean tricorder could scan within the immediate area and he only set it to that so not to alert any opposition they might encounter.

He asked Niyar and Brelum to check the other side of the street while he and Ferik did this side. He wanted to see if they could overcome the awkwardness between them and become friends once more. Adam whispered to Ferik. "These Aldean tricorder communicators are very handy, I think we could make one ourselves," he commented as they continued.

Marija had heard Kai's reply and followed Kingston when he gestured for them to move out. Keeping her eyes peeled down the barrel of her rifle as they made their way down the street, she scanned every building entrance and every window for signs of movement, although admittedly it was a little dark to truly make out anything, they'd have to be on their guard.

As they continued down the street, Kingston ordered Niyar and Brelum to check the other side of the street while they remained on this one. She could understand his reasoning, they were both part of Security and would have to work together going forward and the awkwardness between them wasn't something they could allow to continue, the sooner they got past that the better, as uncomfortable as it might be.

At his comment about the Aldean tricorder communicators she nodded in agreement "I imagine we could, they certainly come in handy and would mean one less thing we'd have to carry with us on missions, or worry about leaving behind. Makes you wonder why Starfleet never thought of it before or if they did, why the decided not to go forward with it." she whispered back as they continued their own search.

"You've got to hand it to the pirates, all these abandoned cities and the Aldean's banning of anybody coming to them makes for a perfect hiding place if you already know that the odds of anybody discovering you are slim to none." she added.

After a quick scan on another building as they got closer to the shield, Adam smiled and it came through his tone. "I agree, though maybe with most complex devices that serve multiple functions, the more things can go wrong with the device that one would lose all the functions and be lost." He said as he held his weapon up at the ready as he jumped out in front of an alley and turned on the flashlight. No one was there so he sighed and moved on.

"They would have had to have help getting to the planet first but after that yeah these ghost cities are prime restate," Adam agreed as he glanced over at Merik. "Hehe, maybe they wanted a pretty badge, the uniform would look odd without it now that I think about it but it got too many devices that they mixed the pretty badge with the communicator." Adam chuckled.

As they kept moving from building to building, giving a quick scan of each while continuing to advance on the shield, Marija nodded in response to Kingston's comment. "That's true, the number of times I've been on a mission and the Comms have gone down for one reason or another, what if that also knocked the tricorder offline. Sometimes it's better to have multiple pieces of tech, at least if one goes wrong you have the other." she replied as she checked another building, which was just as empty as all the others had been.

"Help and transport too you would assume, but if that were true then surely somebody would have noticed all that movement and traffic, even out here?" the blonde replied. At his comment about the uniform she chuckled "I can't argue you on that one sir. Not to mention how hard it can be to match colours when it comes to technology, Starfleet  did a pretty good job with ours but others...not so much, and you don't want mix and match colours and make a fashion faux pas like that." she added with a smirk as the two continued moving forward.

"Absolutely, we must be presentable and fierce." Adam couldn't help but burst into laughter after a minute of trying to stifle it for fear of being detected but something told him that considering they hadn't picked up lifesigns in a large area with their 'comcorders' though 'tricoms' had a nice ring to it, he dubbed the Aldean communicator tricorders just then, he was 98% certain they were alone this far from the shield.

Once his laughter had subsided he had noticed the torches from Niyer and Brelum shining straight at him. He waved and they moved on after a quick off and on flicker as if to say 'what the fuck man?', he could imagine their shaking their heads in disapproval for making such a loud display when stealth was very important.

He coughed to resume some degree of dignity and now that the shield was 2 streets away, they'd have to cross two intersections to get there. Anything could happen and likely the bad guys or girls probably knew the rescue teams were on their way. "Listen, I would be honoured if you would allow me to mend our friendship, how I or we do that, I leave up to you Miss Ferik," he said with respect as it was not the time to even try to use her first name or anything else but what he just used.

He had stopped and faced her but knew this wasn't the time to sort our their awkwardness but it was, however, a good time to propose a course of action that they could pursue later, once they both had processing time, after all the excitement was over. He would accept an utter fuck off and give her the space she wanted but he hoped that they could be friends again with some common interests that they can hang out.

The response that Marija got was most definitely not the one she had been expecting and she snorted a chuckle in reply, trying so hard to to burst out laughing, not just at what the man had said but also the fact that he was clearly trying to stifle his own laughter based on how much his body was shaking. Luckily he was the first to break which allowed her to give up trying and laughed too. Despite the fact they were trying to be stealthy it was a pretty good odds that they were alone at least for the moment. "I completely agree sir, fierce and presentable that's us." she managed to get out between fits of the giggles.

Eventually both of them managed to get a hold of themselves and continue moving forward. Evidently Niyer and Brelum had managed to get ahead of them based on the flashing of their lights. Had they dilly dallied too long in their own search? It certainly didn't feel that way. Still the shield was only a few streets ahead of them so it was time to focus and keep their heads up.

However that was a little difficult to do when Kingston said that he would be honoured if she would let him mend their friendship. He was respectful about it and while he had been somewhat of a dick the last time they had really interacted, she hadn't exactly been in the best of moods either, the fact that they had nearly also...escalated things in the same moment certainly didn't help matters much in that regard. While she most certainly knew that that was not something she would let happen again for so many reasons currently, she did need to expand her social circle. That was something even her friend and counsellor Seren had told her in their session and when a Vulcan as Vulcan-like as Seren is tells you that you needed to get out and make friends...well that was really saying something.

"I would like that. I don't exactly know how we do that either, perhaps a beer in the Lower Decks at some point to start?" she suggested and shrugged. "We can figure it out later, now isn't exactly the time discuss such things...uh sir." she added, remembering that he both outranked her and was the leader of the mission.

"Sounds like a plan, I had to ask you now as I don't know if I could have worked up the courage to ask you in a more social setting knowing that the very possible outcome was that you would never give me the chance and tell me to go to hell." Adam said with more seriousness but he smiled a moment later. "I wanted to see how you were going as well since you left stasis, I left stasis recently as well so if you feel something is off, I want to help. Anyway we indeed better get on with our mission."

With a nod Marija couldn't exactly blame the man, she hadn't exactly been the most friendly of people back then. While he too had been kind of an ass it certainly could have played out that way. "I understand and I might well have done exactly that. However we both were to blame for how things went so even if it was the other way around, you could have equally told me to go to hell too." she replied, compromising with the man.

At his statement that he wanted to see how she was doing after coming out of stasis she smiled slightly "I was a little slow and sluggish the first few hours but it started clearing up. I hit the gym the next day and so far everything seems to feel normal thankfully. I appreciate you checking though, especially since you would know better than a lot of people what that feels like."

As they continued moving and talking, it was starting to become clearer that they were getting closer to the action, based on the sounds of gunfire in the distance. As a result whatever conversation they were having immediately died down. Their fellow security officer's were still ahead of them but from her position Marija couldn't see either of them.

Checking her sight lines as she advanced, she couldn't see anything despite the fact the sounds of battle were getting louder and louder, by the sounds of it they were near their objective but nothing. As soon as she thought it however she found herself under fire. "HOSTILES, TAKE COVER!" she shouted out as she dove behind a large wall, hearing the rounds impacting the brick behind her.

She wasn't sure if Kingston had heard her or had managed to get into cover himself, but she at least knew she had shouted loud enough for him to hear her, not that it was necessary. What she did notice however as she rolled over was that Niyar and Brelum were just ahead of them, taking fire behind cover as well. Evidently it seemed they had walked right into this one, something that caused the blonde to curse under her breath.

"I'm glad you are good." Adam had said before they had got into the what sounded like the active battlefield a little later on. He heard the shot hit near him and another one near Ferik then her call out about enemies and to get to safety. Adam went to the ground first, looked around quickly. He saw a small structure just nearby, just a little further down the street but inside the Shield.

"Crap," he said and in a fluid motion got to his feet then ran to the small building which turned out to be a transporter station. It wasn't operational. Maybe the shield shut it down? He thought as he just checked his weapon and it too lost power. "Oh that's just great." He muttered and put his weapon back into its pouch on his belt.

Since it was too dark it was going to be very hard to both get to the prisoners and or find the shield's generator. He noticed his Aldean tricorder was still working though, maybe the shield was also Aldean tech. He tapped the communications function. =/\= Kingston to Akoni, we are pinned down just inside the shield, [insert whatever coordinates here lol].=/\= He said not really expecting a reply and had provided a little off location just in case the bad guys were able to listen in.

It was at this point that a scream penetrated the silence and repetitious shots, Adam couldn't identify who but it was further up the street. Either Niyar or Brelum had been hit. Unfortunately none of them had medkits, though they all had the basic battlefield triage course training and he hoped that the other security officer didn't need any help.

The bad guys must be able to see in the dark, night vision eyewear or a sensor attached to their weaponry. Adam hated that they couldn't have exosuits or Starfleet gear, they would have been able to dispatch these fools in under maybe 4 to 6 minutes. It sounded like at least 4 or 6 enemies were in different locations and could be relocating after each or several shots. The sensor function of his Aldean tricorder was not working as it should be since it didn't keep data stored a minute or so after it collected it. "Damn shield." He muttered annoyed.

They were stuck and Adam hoped that the other teams had more success.
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[ Imperial Intelligence Agent Hi'Jak | Aldean 'Ghost' City | Aldea Prime ]  @Stegro88 @lisavw @Revan @Fife @Bastila @Sqweloookle @trevorvw

Any questions? Yeah about a million and three ran through Jack's mind in that brief briefing. Like how he ended up here exactly. He knew he was assigned to be the KDF liason because he had the most experience with the Theurgy crew, and because they needed someone who would get saddled with the complete mountain of paperwork that this would cause the Klingons on Aldea. Just 4 days ago he had been trapped inside an illegal cloning facility and now he was assisting a raid on pirates.

At least there was one thing that would make this a bit easier and that was the holorecorder in his left eye that would make his report writing so much easier. His left arm, previously his dominant was still adjusting however, he was pretty sure he would be a damn lousy shot the thing, and that was if it didn't prematurely squeeze the trigger of his disruptor. "South wall, got it."

He nodded for a moment before the four of his team started to sprint and he fell in line behind Akoni, and that was when shit hit the fan. In short order he found himself huddled behind a rock as weapons fire was going off around his head. His two hearts were pounding, one of their guys took a bolt directly to the chest and was apparently KIA, Jack was too focused on trying to line up his shots with his weapon, the gun was a bit clumsy in his opinion but the powerful charges of green plasma were actually pretty satisfying even if he wasn't hitting any targets, and instead just laying down supressing fire.

"I can't get a good shot at the enemy." He shouted back. He wasn't exactly security, he was an scientist, pretending to play spy, or was he a spy pretending to be a scientist, honestly he was pretty crap at both jobs. A burst of fire rattled off, and a chunk of the rock he was hiding behind exploded with a shower of sparks.

Immediately he recoiled in fear, flash backs of the last time he had been in a fire fight causing him to flinch and move his robotic arm erratically for a moment letting out a loud yelp as he did.

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[ T'Panu | Ghost City | Aldea ]
@trevorvw @Fife @Stegro88 @Masorin @Bastila @Revan @Sqweloookle

"Don't try anything stupid, I'm sure your friends out there would hate for you to get shot in the crossfire or something," the man had called back. She gave an apologetic look to the others in the cell after having the plan not work. And after all the work she did trying to reach those damn rocks, too. That's the last time she worked that hard just to have her plan fail. Hopefully her next one didn't turn out to have the same result.

The sound of gunfire ceased momentarily, as they were left in an eerie silence. She wondered if their crew was enroute to rescue them. She knew they had to have been, she just hoped it was soon. She wondered if there had been any other way to avoid being captured. If they wouldn't have known about her being free, she could have tried to sneak into the building from behind to help. But there was nothing she could have done differently and she knew it.

"So, any other plans? Another way we can distract those guys and take them off guard? Sorry my rock idea didn't work. In hindsight I'm not quite sure why but I thought I was about to save the day. I know, comical, isn't it?" T'Panu offered, slightly amusedly to try and lift their spirits.

Suddenly, the clang of guns, movement of feet, phaser-fire returned. They were pelting their comrades with a heavy assault, and they were completely covered! What to do, what to do... She looked rocks within reach, there goes that idea. Boxes are too far. No weapons within reach, nothing left in the cell with them. She looked towards the ceiling, again, nothing. Nothing around them but old dust and a musty smell. The cell is locked up tight, but it's old and rusty. Maybe if they push it just right they would be able to break apart some of the bars!

"If you guys are up to it, why don't you help me feel around this cell for any weak points. Chances are we won't find one, but you never know. We have to try something. I'll take this wall if even one of you can start over there,"

T'Panu kind of liked taking charge and was the only one who had nothing but a couple of scrapes from being pushed down. She counted herself lucky and felt guilty for not being able to help treat their wounds. If only she had hid some supplies in her suit, but none of them could have ever expected this ambush. It was just a simple mission, after all. She began feeling around her quadrant of the cell, clanging on the bars, pushing, reaction. Come on, we have to have a way out. Please work, please work.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Outskirts Of Ghost City | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

"Nice driving, Vansen," Bremmer complimented as she fired again with the phaser cannon at several of the buildings where concealed opponents were shooting at them. They skidded around the B'rel again and shot off away down a side street, Bremmer firing at anything that was firing at them as they retreated. "Alright, this time get me a shot at the ship, we need to make sure the others can see it," she announced as the ship in question disappeared as they left it's cloaking field.

"I'll do my best," Vansen replied as he directed the rover down a side street that would bring it back towards the plaza. Eliska shifted in her seat, impatient to get back in the fight. Fortunately, she didn't have to wait long. "Get ready," Vansen warned. Bremmer couldn't see where they were going but she didn't need to. The first energy bolt flying past their vehicle warned her that they were both in range and line of fire and she swivelled the canon around as much as she could to get a shot.

As soon as the head of the B'rel came into view, Bremmer began to fire, trying to stitch a line of shots down the underside of the neck of the ship as best she could with the rover bouncing and swerving. Perhaps 1 in 3 of her shots hit and she could only hope that the undersized weapon could penetrate the vessel's armour.

Her first pass didn't seem to have too much of an effect and as Vansen brought them the rear of the ship, Bremmer unloaded into some of the buildings around the ship before refocusing back onto the B'rel's underside. Again, more of her shots seemed to miss rather than hit but she kept on firing, trying to make a difference.

She never saw what caused the rover to flip. One second she was focused on firing at the B'rel, the next she was flying, dislodged from the rover somehow and made airborne. And as serene as flying was, Eliska's landing was far from it as she ground across the pavement, her clothing, and the skin beneath, tearing in several places. But the security officer would never know how badly she was injured as her landing was brought to an abrupt halt as the round edge of the rover she had been occupying moments before, impacted the back of her neck, breaking it instantly. 

Petty Officer Second Class Eliska Bremmer's life ended in that instant, crushed under the upturned rover amidst the ruins of a ghost city on Aldea. She would never know that the last shot she had fired had succeeded in knocking out the cloak on the B'rel. Or that as a result of that, the vessel was now preparing to take off.

[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Ghost City | Aldea ] Attn: @Revan @lisavw

"We could always take our clothes off," Mickayla deadpanned quietly, her patience at being restrained leaving her. "One of those fuckers out there is a horny bastard. I'll happily give him an experience to die for. Emphasis on die." Frustration, pain, embarrassment and several other emotions were quickly eroding what little self-control that she been able to maintain.

"Why don't you come in here and make sure we behave you pirate asshat," Mickayla taunted loudly. Her mind was starting to fog up and her ability to think rationally was failing her. "Or do you do all your threatening from a safe distance!"

[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Wolf 03 | Over Ghost City | Aldea ] Attn: @Fife

"Wolf-03 to Akoni," Donna called to the mission commander on the ground. "Coming around now. Forward coordinates for targeting please," she requested as she brought her warp fighter around and prepared to make a close air support run. Her sensors were a jumbled mess of life signs and other information, but the most significant new information was the appearance of a formally cloaked Bird-of-Prey. 

Her console beeped and several of the structures around the ship were highlighted as targets. They were the closest to the ship, which probably meant they were probably not being used to hold their captured crewmates.

"Acknowledged Akoni. Rolling in now," Donna responded as she brought her micro torpedoes online, a thought occurring too her. "Wolf-03 to Wolf-04. Foxfire, could you target the building to the right please. And double check that you have micro-torps selected please. We wouldn't want any accidents."

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@Fife I'm sure Isel will have some sort of comment, lol. Feel free to take out a single structure.
@trevorvw , @Sqweloookle , @Bastila @Masorin between the building coming down, the appearance of the Bird-of-Prey (whose engines can be readying for takeoff in your posts) and that, there should be plenty to write. You can begin your advance.

@Auctor Lucan , here endeth Eliska Bremmer.

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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Wolf 04 | Over Ghost City | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88 @trevorvw @lisavw @Revan @Sqweloookle @Bastila @Masorin
[Wolf-03 to Wolf-04. Foxfire, could you target the building to the right please. And double check that you have micro-torps selected please. We wouldn't want any accidents.]

"Confirmed, Wolf-03. Targeting the building on the right." Isel called over the comms, adjusting the heading of her fighter slightly the bring her armaments to bear against the building in question. "And yes, Donna, I'll use the micro-torps." Isel placed a sarcastic emphasis on the type of torpedo she would be using, the tone of voice the Vulpinian used reminiscent of one a teenage might use while grumbling the words "Yes Mom". A slight smile crept across the features hidden behind her flight helmet as she muttered the word "Killjoy" with a soft chuckle, well aware the word would be more than audible when it was piped into Chance's helmet. Tapping at her console, she switched her armed ordinance to the micro-torpedoes and set her sensors to targeting the building.

"Weapons hot," Foxfire confirmed over the comms, "Target lock confirmed. Wolf-04 engaging target." Isel fired, feeling the torpedoes release from the fighter. From her position in her cockpit she saw a pair of micro-torpedoes streak forth, the slight smile that had graced her features a moment before spreading into a broad grin as she saw the pair or munitions strike home, the building she had been instructed to engage erupting in a fiery explosion. Rubble rained down in the area surrounding the building, the structure itself being reduced to nothing but smouldering ruins. "Target destroyed, Wolf-3. Someone's rent just got a whole lot cheaper." As she laughed at her own corny joke, something caught Isel's eye. A shimmering effect, the effect suddenly dissipating to reveal an overturned rover lying next to a B'rel class Bird-of-Prey which was in the process of powering up. "Oh balls! Chance! We could be in a bit of trouble! You seeing what I'm seeing?"

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[ Imperial Intelligence Agent Hi'Jak | Aldean 'Ghost' City | Aldea Prime ]  @Stegro88 @lisavw @Revan @Fife @Bastila @Sqweloookle @trevorvw

A buggy exploded and flipped over, and a moment later Jack was looking up at something he really hated seeing. A materialized bird of prey. Jack's eye twitched as he looked at the thing. He bit his lip for a moment wanting to cuss. There were gonna be so many questions. Like how Pirates got an active cloak on Aldea, however his anger was short lived as another explosion hit the rock he was hiding behind forcing him a little further back.

That was when his comlink chattered, and he was informed about... a photon torpedo. His quickest estimation of a photon explosion put him at way too fucking close for comfort. He looked back to his teammate Akoni, and shouted for the two of them to run back. "Fall back for thicker cover!"

Stepping backwards he used his phaser to supply a bit of suppressing fire to help in a quick and hasty retreat out of the way of someone firing off a much larger torpedo and getting away from the bird of prey as it fired up it's engines.

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Ensign Marija Ferik | Outskirts of Ghost City | Aldea ]  Attn: @Stegro88 @Sqweloookle @trevorvw @lisavw @Fife @Masorin @Revan  

Marija had heard the scream too and knew one of their fellows had been hit but from her current position she couldn't tell who it was and with them being peppered with shots, advancing would be difficult. Not impossible granted but difficult, however it seemed like Kingston was taking more fire than she was as she managed to manoeuvre around various pieces of cover and advance on her position towards the shield.

Keeping a close eye on her surroundings, she could see that Brelum had been the one to take the hit but she couldn't tell if he was alive or not. Before she could do anything however Niyar too got hit . Cursing she remained crouched and made her way forward, reaching Brelum first. He was alive but unconscious. Grabbing him by the shoulders she dragged him behind cover and cursed as shot hit the wall just above her head.

Cursing she carefully peeked her head up from behind the wall she was hiding behind and took a look around. At first she couldn't see anything but soon caught a glint of something in the darkness, following by what she knew was muzzle flash, forcing her to duck again as another shot hit the wall. At least she knew where whoever was shooting at her was.

Taking a deep breath she raised her rifle and peeked out again, firing her own shot back at where the shot had come from. It took several shots before she heard a scream and could just make out a shape fall down in the distance, evidently she had hit her target.

Glancing around she could see that Kingston was still a little further behind her, ducking his own fire. In the reduced light it was hard to see exactly where the person firing at him was but based on the trajectory of the shots she had a rough idea.

=^=Ferik to Kingston, I'm going to provide some cover fire for you if you get a chance move up and try to make it to my position."=^= she said before peeking over the wall again and laying down shots around the area she was relatively sure the other enemy was and just hoped she was right in her estimation.
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[ T'Panu | Ghost City | Aldea ]
@Stegro88 @trevorvw @Fife @Revan @Sqweloookle @Masorin @Bastila

There was fire starting left, right and centre again. The sound of phaser shots, shots from ships, shots back an forth came from every side of them. The clang of the missed shots against the building sounded high-pitched and gave her a bit of a headache until she got used to it.

She had some anxiety starting, for both their crew trying to save them and their defenseless selves in the "cage". Cage being a loose term, as it was half rusted to shit, dusty and old. If only there were a weak spot

She wondered if anything being fired would ricochet their way. She certainly hoped not, or if it did, hopefully it would at least miss them. She looked around, wondering if anything was full of explosives. Actually, that's really not a bad thought...if there was a way that they could have them explode around their captors, that would be a great way to not only distract them, but hopefully injure them in the process to give their crew the upper hand!

T'Panu counted their options. Rocks? None around, plus they didn't exactly help last time. Weapons? None. Explosives on hand? ... not so much. She thought about what else they even had. Their belts had metal, but nothing else around. But they could use what they had on the side of the rusted bars to light up whatever they had next to them...and hopefully not explode themselves in the process. She ignored that last part in hopes she didn't jinx it,

She got up, while the others had a funny look on their faces, questioning what she was up to. She didn't say anything in case her crazy idea didn't work.

T'Panu thought back to her days at the Academy, thinking back to her teachings, her extra curricular learning. Typical, a half Vulcan who's obsessed with their research. She chuckled to herself thinking about how she was very stereotypical. There was a reading on the Stone Age she recalled about basic heat sources, light and cooking tools. She thought back to how they would cook their non-replicated food and keep warm in the winter months. That's when it hit her.

She took the piece of cloth she ripped earlier and used what was left, pulling the fibers apart more to catch easier. She grabbed the few pieces of tattered cloth, had them placed in a trail towards the few barrels and kept one herself. She used the metal part of her belt to try and scrape off some of the rusted metal to use as some makeshift flint. Placing some of the shavings along the cloth on the floor, she kept some in her piece of fabric she had in between her belt and the bars.

"Fire starter? Check. Something to catch? Check. A way to start the fire? Check!"

She started vigorously rubbing the belt back and forth against the bar and cloth, watching as it started to get hotter and hotter.

A few minutes later her arms were really starting to tire out. And finally, the smoke started to billow out. Sparks. And finally, an ember!!!!!

She kept rubbing back and forth as it started to go out. What was she missing??? She thought back to those Neanderthals. Then to basic Chemistry. The lightbulb clicked, Oxygen!! She started to blow on the embers, bringing them slowly but surely, back! The embers really started to light when she officially had fire. And not just a small amount, either. The cloth was completely engulfed in flames as she used the belt to carefully let it down and onto the line of fabric on the ground. Slowly but surely, one by one, they all lit, bringing the fire closer and closer to the line of barrels.

That's when they began to smoke and catch fire. One by one, her plan had finally worked. She was in complete awe looking over at the carnage she ensued! She felt a smirk erupt onto her face, followed by an outright smile and laugh. Laugh after laugh, she kept getting louder, and louder, and louder. She looked over at their captors.

"Hey! Assholes!! Check this out!" T'Panu yelled, cockily. If they weren't being let out, she would make sure they took this whole damn building down with them. She hoped this bought enough time for their rescue party and a much needed distraction. She stared at her work, smiling evilly and waited impatiently for what happened next.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Outskirts of Ghost City | Aldea ]
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Hi'Jak had told Akoni to fall back to thicker cover, which turned out to be the best choice, especially since Kai had become accustomed to living. As they provided suppressing fire and fell back to more robust cover, the large security chief watched as a building was efficiently demolished by what could presumed as a micro-torpedo. If it were the real thing, Kai doubted he would have been around long enough to recognize it.

The building crumbled into debris and out wafted some dirt and smoke in it's place. Even in the low light conditions, it was easy now to see the glow and hear the rumble from the Bird of Prey's engine.


Kai quickly ran over any possible scenarios in his head, but there was only one choice. Small arms fire wouldn't be enough to stop that bird of prey, so it had to come down to their close air support.

"Akoni to Wolves, do NOT let that bird of prey leave the planet! Try to disable rather than destroy. Akoni out." Kai ordered to the two fighters overhead, hoping they could be successful.

Akoni could see the other team was taking fire from the city itself and it looked like they were pinned down.This was a blessing for Kai's team since they weren't taking fire any least for the moment.

"Akoni to Kingston, try to draw their fire as long as you can. Hi'Jak and I are going to try and get in there undetected"

Kai was sitting in the sand, breathing heavy while listening to the reply. He looked to the Klingon next to him and nodded at the man. The two peered out over the rock they were currently hiding behind. Kai pointed to the right of their previous path and looked at Hi'Jak again.

"I think if Kingston's team keeps drawing fire, the fighters preoccupy the Bird of Prey and we go further to the right we'll be able to get in there. I know a lot of things have to go right for it to work, but I feel like the universe owes us one now" he finished, while throwing a quick wink towards the Klingon.

After Hi'Jak voiced his opinion, the two left their cover behind and ran as fast as they could towards the city, while hopefully staying undetected.

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[ LT. JG Adam Kingston | Aldean 'Ghost' City | Aldea Prime ]
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Adam ducked an incoming shot that he heard. "Fuck." He growled and shifted his position so he could lean out of the nook he occupied. Thankfully the darkness kept him safe, or so he hoped but it held true as the enemy couldn't get perfect shots.

Except one of his team, though he suspected that wasn't the shooter's skill alone. Adam only heard the scream and hoped that his teammates were okay. He slowly leaned out, his phaser hand snaking out with just enough of his head that he could see with one eye around him.

There was only one chance he could score without the enemy knowing immediately his new location then he'd have to move again or stay hidden longer to make them think he had been hit. Adam watched as little sparks of fire appeared around the various levels of the buildings between them and the center of the shield.

He could try multiple wide beam setting, it would take more power but better chance of hitting an enemy. Adam took a deep breath preparing himself to slip back into the nook and far as there seemed to be a small ally further in. He could try finding a way to flank them but he'd use his teammates as a distraction and that didn't feel right for any Starfleet officer but if he had no other options he'd go.

This was it, now or never, they had his team pinned. Adam took another deep breath and tapped the fire button. Multiple orange beams lanced out in different directions, they hit many walls, windows which shattered, in a cone that hopefully missed his teammates.

He fired for as long as the phaser could sustain it for, it stopped when at safety power level and immediately after it seemed all enemy fire was focused now on him as he ducked back into the ally. Adam felt the building debris coming off the walls surrounding him, a few large pieces fell on him but he braced. Nothing he couldn't handle, then a female voice came from his communicator.

Ensign Marija Ferik | Outskirts of Ghost City | Aldea ]
=^=Ferik to Kingston, I'm going to provide some cover fire for you if you get a chance move up and try to make it to my position.=^=

Not a good idea since he just made himself a greater threat and target. Adam tapped his communicator. =^=Kingston to Ferik, I just did that for you, are you able to get to the others? Are you okay? Are they okay? Get them and yourself out of sight now.=^= He said low so the enemy couldn't hear, there seemed to be a pause in the barrage that was hitting near him. They must be reloading or once again tracking his teammates.

Another call came in before he was about to ask if his teammate had more power packs.

[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Outskirts of Ghost City | Aldea ]
=/\=Akoni to Kingston, try to draw their fire as long as you can. Hi'Jak and I are going to try and get in there undetected.=/\=

"Don't you think that's what I'm doing, we must be closer to the targets then anyone else if he needs us to cover for them. But we are pinned." Adam said to himself then tapped his communicator to accept the link. =/\=Kingston to Akoni, we're pinned and taking heavy fire, I have teammates that may need medical attention, if you can get us supplies and power packs.=/\= He answered leaving it open that his team needed help and then they could help Akoni's team.

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Ensign Marija Ferik | Outskirts of Ghost City | Aldea ]  Attn: @Stegro88 @Sqweloookle @trevorvw @lisavw @Fife @Masorin @Revan 

Marija couldn't help but roll her eyes from her position, after all that she had done to give Kingston time to move up, he'd gone and made himself an even bigger target. Still, he wasn't wrong that doing so had given her some breathing room. =^="I'm fine, Brelum took a hit, he's alive but out cold. Wound doesn't look too bad but we'd be better getting him back to the ship sooner rather than later. Niyar took a hit and is down too, status unknown.=^= she replied through the comm.

With Kingston currently taking fire however, she crouch ran the distance to Niyar, grabbing him and pulling him too behind cover. Once she was safely out of the line of fire, she glanced down at the man and cursed under her breath. "Fuck." and tapped her combadge =^="Ferik to Kingston, Niyar's KIA it's just us two in the fight for now. Hopefully those reinforcements will get here soon."=^= she said before peeking out from behind her cover.

The shield was in sight and so far it looked like she had a pretty clear run to get closer to it, doing so however would leave Kingston to fend for himself and she wasn't a big fan of doing that either.  Of course it was also possible that there were more hostiles ahead laying in wait and by herself that would be literally suicidal and she'd already cheated death once recently that she didn't really want to run the risk of that happening again.

For now she chose to hunker down and took some pots shots and the enemy, drawing a little of the fire off of Kingston, hopefully the two of them would be able to hold out until the cavalry arrived. 

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[ LT. JG Adam Kingston | Aldean 'Ghost' City | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Bastila

Adam wasn't fast enough this time and the shot grazed his cheek ripping the skin a little allowing blood to leak out. "Fuck." He growled, put his hand over it but it didn't seem too big a cut so he wiped the blood off on his pants before he again shifted his position.

He swore several more times as he listened to Marija about Brelum being shot but thankfully is still alive but Niyar was dead. Losing the lives of those he commanded felt so painful he had to take a few calming breaths and then the darkness in him slowly clouded his morals.

Revenge was not the Starfleet way but it felt good when it came to pass, somehow. But how? He tried to find a way to get it but then the thoughts of Marija and Brelum along with the unspoken order to bring them home chased the darkness away. The problem was the enemy knows they are there, what if they know they had been killed? Surprise would be on their side to attack and close-up and personal.

=/\="Kingston here, I'm glad you are okay Ferik, we will get out. But I'm afraid we are Akoni's reinforcements."=/\= He left out how as he didn't know and better to show confidence then a lack of it. =/\="Okay you aren't going to like this Marija but if we make our enemies believe we are dead they will leave us alone."=/\= He said and hoped that the Ensign would pick up on his implied meaning as to what they'd do next once no longer their enemies' focus.

The next problem was making a show of it, he hoped that Marija may have some ideas as to how to do just that once she caught on. Meanwhile, Adam leaned out and fired wide beams again and again before returning to cover.
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