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The Boslics were a non-aligned, spacefaring humanoid race. The Boslics had at least two distinct morphologies to their appearance. One type of Boslic had a smooth forehead and brow that brimmed slightly over the eyes, and meeting from both sides, together at the top of the nose. The second morphology type was characterized by ridged foreheads, wrinkled noses, and creased cheek bones.


Akin to the Ferengi, female Boslics were often characterized as the "Beautiful Ferengi." The differences were many, but the contrast in physical appearance was the biggest. They were often described as alluring and seductive. Boslic women were of a slender build, and almost as tall as a Klingon. Their four-lobe brain didn't require the distorted look of the Ferengi. The only distortion having a Y shaped indention on the forehead. Some have significantly protruding bones above sparkling white, almost translucent eyes. This added to their fair peachy skin tone which is set off by their hair with its purple hues ranging from light lavender to deep violet results in them being considered striking, sensual and alluring. In fact they appealed to males of all species. So much so that men tended to lavish them with gifts freely, merely to be in their presence, much like the legendary Geisha on Earth.

Boslic men were characterised by ridged foreheads, wrinkled noses, creased cheek bones and brown or black hair, although some females of the species also have this appearance. Other than this they had the same degree of complexity and variety as any other intelligent humanoid species. However for the most part they had adapted so well to living in space that it had no long term affects on them.


Unlike many other species they did not suffer from any adverse psychological effects from living their whole lives in space. For the most part they were extremely well adjusted mentally.

Home System

Quadrant: Beta
Location: Cthosis Sector (coordinates B25-0003-1301)
Proper Name: Boskia
Star: It orbits a class K (Orange) star
Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 49 million km
Companions: 8 other planets. It is the 3rd planet in the system

Home World

Note: While specific scientific proof seemed to indicate that Boslic is their original home world the 2 other worlds of Cort and Bosala II were also considered as acceptable home worlds depending on the family in question.

Proper Name: Boslic
Diameter: 12,629 km (7,847 miles)
Gravity: 1.04 standard gravity with a density of 5.8
Axial Tilt: 2.3%, no appreciable tilt and no seasons
Orbital Period: 413 days
Rotational Period: 33 hours
Classification: M
Surface Water: 68%
Atmosphere: 1.07 is a standard pressure with 75% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 1% trace chemicals
Climate: Warm semi-tropical with tropical at the equator.
Population: Just over 1.3 billion on Boslic, 3 billion on Cort, 5 billion on Bosala II and another estimated 16 billion scattered over the galaxy.


The Boslic had an unusual history. They were a basically peaceful people with no real history of internal conflict. Those few recorded references to internal conflict had always been more along the lines of feuds between families and while some of these did become very violent and destructive the conflict was restricted to only those families involved. This was believed to be a result of the unusual development of their civilization on their home world of Boslic. Since their home world was a huge massive ocean with literally thousands and thousands of small islands, it created a people who never adopted a national identity. The family unit was and has always been the only real form of both political and social organization.

They started as mainly a sea faring race and over time as the populations increased and land became congested and more highly developed many members of their species ended up living their entire lives aboard ship. This mentality easily translated to space travel and once they had developed space craft it was not long before whole family groups had made the leap into space. They developed space travel and eventually warp power fairly early compared to other species. This was mainly due to the complete absence of large armed conflicts. This allowed them to trade and co-operate in such a way as to develop at an even pace. The huge push towards space was as a result of overpopulation. From the initial concept of entering space to the actual result was less than 50 years. By the end of another 50 years almost 1\4 of their population was living in space. Those living in space were mostly involved with mining and the development of better space technology. The result was whole families now living their entire lives in space. Before the end of another 100 years they had developed warp power and the technology needed to make their ships both safer and more efficient. These included solutions to many problems including the medical disadvantages of living ones entire life in space.

This short lived burst of technological advancements came to an end once they embarked on a massive exploration of space. As a result of this they eventually discovered 2 unoccupied planets that were similar in many ways to their home world, just with fewer islands and more land space. They established colonies on both worlds and the 1st planet was called Bosala II and the 2nd one was named Cort after the family that discovered it, the Cortavas. These 2 colonies are now both more than a 1,000 years old. Even with the discovery and establishment of these 2 colonies a large majority of their population still lives in space. In fact it is well known that many of these families have never stopped moving farther and farther out into the galaxy, so much so that some of them were even encountered by the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. See Starfleet Intelligence file VOY-2376-2854.

One of the earliest encounters with the Boslic was in 2154 when the crew of the USS Enterprise met several Boslic slave traders attending the Orion slave auctions on Verex III. See Starfleet Intelligence file ENT-2154-3872 Numerous Boslic freighters frequently visited Deep Space 9 during the 2370's. See Starfleet Intelligence file DS9-2373-0857 In fact in 2372 a Boslic freighter was involved in a contraband smuggling operation uncovered by Klingon-turned-Bajoran officer Kurn.

At one point their colony on Cort was conquered and occupied by the Romulan Star Empire. The occupation lasted for ten years until the Boslics were able to overthrow the Romulans and drive them off the planet. This fact is some what debatable as the Romulans claim they just finally got fed up with dealing with them and removed their forces. After all when each and every family controlled their own destiny and were not bound by the actions or agreements of any other family it was impossible to establish any effective form of control.


The Boslic had remained unaligned, despite a long history of trade relations with the Federation, and have yet to achieve a unified planetary government. This was largely do to the fact, as a space faring people, most of them are born aboard their freighters, and they were governed by the requirements of the family unit.


he Boslic did not have any established form of religion. No evidence had been found even in their oldest surviving records to indicate that they may have had some form in the past. While unusual certain experts believed that this is merely a natural aspect of their development.

While they did not have any true mythology they did have numerous tales and legends about how their people developed and what it was like to be a sea faring people trading between one island to the next.

Culture & Customs

Having no particular allegiance to a home world, most Boslics made their homes on their freighters. The crews were usually made up of two to three different families, who socialized aboard ship, often choosing mates between family units. Some crews were made up of single family units, and mates were found at meets where they sold their cargo.

In general, Boslics were very secretive to keep others from exploiting their trade routes and contacts. They were known to amassed fortunes, but only used it to purchase what they need, but would splurge on new and larger freighters to maintain their trade. Generally ethical people, they would transport anything for the right price. Some had ties to gunrunners, pirates, and slave traders, although they keep it low key.

Boslic free-traders were sanctioned by the Boslic culture, which was much like that of the Ferengi, but more ethical, elegant and charismatic. While they were still consumed by a desire to amass great profits it does not control their lives.

Bowing of the head was a sign of respect in the Boslic culture.

They had many different mating rituals but the most common one was the marriage trade. This involved two or more ships arranging to meet at a neutral location in order to arrange some marriages. Each ship would then list all their single crew who are available. Over the next couple days these individuals were inspected, questioned and allowed free access to the other ships and their crews. At the end of the three days the heads of each family would discuss any unions they wished to arrange. Normally this resulted in an equal number of individuals being swapped between ships.


Boslics were warp capable, but more often than not, they relied on purchased vessels (freighters and shuttles), so they could devote their energies to trading. Weaponry and other technology were also purchased and traded. This change from discovering their own new technology to trading for it was an aspect of their nomadic lifestyles. The same could be said for their need to purchase ships instead of building their own.


The Boslic economy was dependent on what they managed to buy and sell. Although they generally adhered to trading legal merchandise, some of the families had been know to trade with pirates, acted as gunrunners, and indulged in other questionable activities. In 2154, several Boslic slave traders attended the Orion slave auctions on Verex III. Several Boslics appeared in the audience of a holographic Tsunkatse match, in the Delta Quadrant. Many bought and sold their wares on virtually every station and planet within known space. During the 2370s, Boslic freighters frequently visited Deep Space 9. In 2372, a Boslic freighter was involved in a contraband smuggling operation uncovered by Klingon-turned-Bajoran officer Kurn.


They did not have any formal organized military, each family trained and armed their own security forces. Even those families still living on one of the 3 planets claimed by them did not have any formal military. Only those forces raised by each family were available to defend that family and their holdings.