Krystal Tancredi, callsign "Meony" (MIA)

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Name:Krystal Tancredi
Position:Fighter Pilot
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Houston, Texas, USA, Earth
Height:5'3" / 1.6 m
Weight:110 lbs / 49 kg
Hair:Flame Red
Eye color:Hazel
Played by:Bella Thorne
Simulator Games (especially city-building or housing construction)
Novels (science fiction novels are the best, like Star Trek)
Sports (basketball, badminton, squash, MMA)
Acting (never let them know your true nature)
Dressing-Up (in a vain attempt at trying to be a little bit like a girl)
DIY (guns, tools, guns, equipment, guns, mechanisms, and guns)
Guns (because shooting people or things never gets old)
Firearms (yeah, yeah, guns, what's the difference? But it's so cool, it needs to be said over and over again)
Sparring (guns are limited, but my fists never run out of ammo)
Aggressive Negotiations (lets face it, diplomacy is just the art of saying nice doggy until you can get your hands on a big stick to beat it to death. I'm just honest about it)
Food (need my strength, so I can run around all day shooting things)
Classical Films (cowboy movies mostly)
Music (anything that I can kick-ass to)
Singing (I'll serenade you while slaughtering you)
Swimming (after fleeing victims), Martial Arts
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, CA, Earth (Graduated with double majors in Piloting and Engineering)
Starfleet Tactical Academy, San Francisco, CA, Earth (Graduated with dual Masters in Combat and Battlefield Strategy)
Starfleet Senior Cadet, Tactical Conn, Starfleet Astronautical Command, San Francisco, CA, Earth (Graduated, flying the Mk II Valkyrie warp fighter)
Service Record
Ensign, fighter pilot stationed at Starfleet Academy
Ensign, shuttle & fighter pilot, USS Resolve
Ensign, fighter pilot, USS Theurgy

Krystal Tancredi was a Fighter Pilot on the USS Resolve prior to her defection to the USS Theurgy, where she continued to serve in the same capacity, but with a Valkyrie Mk III. She aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command towards the end of the 24th century.


Krystal hailed from a literal farm-girl background. The last child of nine siblings, most of which were boys, Krystal fell into many categories for her older brothers and sisters: burden, runt, pain, slug, delaying-factor. As such, she was often the victim of their pranks and torments, and did not thrive well, especially since her own parents often did little to discourage their other children from helping to "shape her up". It wasn't until a neighbour, who was once a part of a diplomatic team attached to the Klingons, took the girl under his wing, and began to teach her the ways of the Klingon warriors, and even a little bit of mok'bara (Klingon martial art, very similar to the human martial art of tai chi chuan), that Krystal began to fight back, and more importantly, fight for her life. She was taught to defend herself, but she was also taught balance, and a hand of mercy, which was better than to be completely Klingon. Essentially, she learned to blend the best qualities of Klingons and Humans. Her training was not complete, however, as the man died of old age, and she only had very little to go on in her young age. It was sufficient, however, to allow her to compete with her siblings in earning her keep.

She became something of an overachiever, and tried to go beyond, every time, when a task was assigned to her. Her relationship with her family began to deteriorate when she reached her teen years, and she started to become the victim of demeaning abuse that she never spoke about, but it had a profound effect on her mentality and outlook on life. Because she was so strong and independent, her siblings had begun ganging up on her, using her worst weakness against her, which only they knew, and tormented her with it, and it happened often, since they left no marks or scars on her body, and it was humiliating. She took her revenge on her seventeenth birthday, when she pranked them all back, trapping them for days before neighbours finally decided to look in on the family, and by which time, the girl was far, far away from them, and headed for Starfleet Academy, where she would finally be able to reach for the stars, as she had often dreamed of doing, and was mocked for.

She was found to have an almost eidetic memory and strong physical abilities despite her frail appearance, and she was quickly accepted into the academy, where she chose a profession in piloting and engineering to best learn how to handle flying vessels. This eventually led her to Tactical Conn, where she learned how to handle a Mk II Valkyrie Warp Fighter, and fell in love with the craft. Her hotheaded nature began to truly surface during this time, as she had numerous altercations, some violent, some not-so-much, with fellow pilots, and while she was deceptively friendly, she was never one to trust a person so easily, because of her past experiences. She took on many courses, trying to learn, and according to some, trying too hard, but only managed the minimum passing scores to gain acceptance into positions she was interested in, because she could never fully focus her energies on her learning. She gained no distinctions, even if some of her course workload were impressive, especially in how she managed the stress. Though one would theorize her getting into altercations meant she wasn't always handling the pressure too well.

Still, she kept out of trouble just enough to avoid being expelled, discharged, and from failing her courses, especially since she had to enter on the generosity of Starfleet, since she was pretty much estranged and cut off from her family, and had no where else to go. Some hard words but carefully applied, by a young officer (Tristan Kendrick) encouraged Krystal to reshape herself in how she appeared, and eventually began to make some friends. She was stationed at the academy itself as a fighter pilot, and she began to finally show some exceptional skill in her handling of fighters. She also had capacity as a battlefield specialist or commander when neccessary, but she favoured working alone, as she didn't like the thought of being responsible for other people's lives, which was ironic, since being in Starfleet meant a certain responsibility for the well being of all individuals in the Federation. To her delight, she found herself being assigned to the USS Resolve, along with the officer who always encouraged her and never treated her like dirt. He was the only one who was like a brother to her, while the old man was like a father, more than her own blood family ever was.

She was present when the Resolve had come under attack, and then-medical officer Tristan Kendrick had become the last-surviving highest ranking officer on board, taking command of the ship, and turned it around from the dangerous situation it had been faced with, despite the damage sustained. She had aided him by leading a squadron of armed shuttles to assist in battle, where she sustained injuries and earned a commendation and a promotional opportunity, which she oddly declined (both), and was offered a position with a Valkyrie squadron on board another ship in the beginning of 2378, namely the USS Theurgy and its Lone-Wolves Squadron. This offer she declined in favour of remaining aboard the Resolve with its new captain, Tristan Kendrick. She became one of his most trusted advisors in trying times, and he was hers when she needed balance and stabilizing. Despite her refusal for even a commendation, Krystal's name was noted in the events as being pivotal to the Resolve’s survival and victory over the enemy. She continued to serve on board the Resolve as a fighter pilot and ground combatant when the Luna-class vessel vanished into an anomalous event which resulted in the ship and crew's disappearance for three years.

During this time, Krystal had begun identifying herself more often as Meony, a meaningless new name that meant a new and fresh start for herself, away from her past. She also gained the vast majority of scars that she now sported on her body during the ship's voyage through unknown and hostile territories, when misadventures led to captures and torments. She had finally grown close to many of the crew on board the Resolve, having no one else to interact with, or trust, she finally began to loosen up a little with the people, and spoke freely with them. She eventually adapted and modified the shuttlecrafts on board when the last Valkyrie was too damaged to ever be used again. Continuing to train in holosimulators in a fighter, Krystal never lost her skills as a fighter pilot, but instead, adapted a new and unique style to a modified shuttlecraft of her own: a type-8 shuttlecraft, and she treated it like a heavy fighter, which it sort of was.

Through her leadership, she formed Tribble Squadron, a unique group of aggressive fighter shuttles designed for combat, helping the Resolve during its long voyage home, which they eventually reached, at Starbase 84. Before that, however, she experienced numerous adversities and torments from hostile encounters with unknown alien races, many of which left her riddled with scars, the most notable ones being lashes all over her back, a gash that ran from her back along her right waist to the navel. She also gained a malignant semi-sentient brain tumour implanted by aliens seeking to experiment on effective and torturous methods to kill humans. Captain Kendrick and Dr. Lynn both tried and failed to perform a surgery to remove the tumour, which dug in deeper into the brain, threatening to kill her. Ultimately, the captain could only stop the spread by placing a protective coil around the tumour, preventing it from progressing further. Like all other crew members, Krystal learnt the unique sign language formulated by Captain Kendrick and the rest of the command staff, allowing her to be able to communicate privately with others who knew the language even in plain sight.

All was not well, however, on the home front, when trouble arrived in the form of the Theurgy, which by the advice of the commander at the starbase, had gone renegade. So Krystal and the crew of the Resolve found themselves being called back into combat once more. But the girl had a feeling that this battle might be different from all the others. That it might be life-changing somehow. To her horror, the captain of the Starbase had implanted false evidence linking them to treasonous activity with the Romulans, all but putting them in the same camp as the Theurgy, who came with a force of Asurian warships, intent on sending a message throughout the Federation of the truth. But Hawthorne's interference subverted the original message. Krystal led the last of Tribble Squadron through a desperate battle against the Starbase defenders and the sudden arrival of Task Force Archeron, sustaining multiple injuries in the process, the most severe of which was the protective coil around the tumour. She alone survived of the squadron of type-8 shuttle pilots. Barely steering her brutalized craft into the Theurgy, she had her wounds tended to by an EMH, repairing the coil, but the damage meant that the tumour had begun to spread once more.

Intergrated into the crew of the Theurgy, Krystal had difficulty accepting that Captain Kendrick was dead, giving his life to defeat Ian Hawthorne and enabling the Theurgy to escape with most of the Resolve crew now on board. She began to change her attitude, becoming more diplomatic, and maintaining the peace between the various intergrated crews. She suffered an attack by the Cult of Morali, on account of poor word choices, barely surviving with the aid of Silim Parnak. She solidified her relationship with James Mariner, having gained a new appreciation for life, and as she grew closer with the crew of the Theurgy, she became more protective of everyone, going so far as to lose her temper when Ranaan Ducote threatened to fire a Runabout's impulse engines at full power within the hangar bay, and cuss at him loudly, earning the ire of her commanding officers.

Just prior to the recovery of the Niger, Krystal had been part of the brief sortie with the Savi, and the vengeful Asurians. Days later, even as the tumour in her brain was breaking free of the coil, she resolutely took to space once more, joining the rest of the Lone Wolves in what they thought was going to be a hunt for the Borg, but instead, they came into contact with a furious Martok, seeking to avenge the death of his son supposedly at the hands of the Theurgy...

Personality Profile


Krystal is generally outgoing and approachable, plus, she tends to be quite vocal, forward, and keeps a fairly open mind. Despite the horrors she had been subjected to, and the disfiguring marks she gained through torture or battles on her body, she maintains a surprisingly warm and lively demeanour. On one hand, it's possible she's in a state of denial, but the more likely is that she embraces the mentality of fighter pilots, who literally live in the moment: Live life to its fullest, don't worry about tomorrow, and do not fear death. When it's time, it's time. Until then though...

That's her positive qualities. Her negative, however, can be just as extreme. She is often presumptuous, confident on her knowledge of people, so she has a habit of jumping the gun. She's quite hotheaded and more than a little paranoid too, not liking it when she doesn't get her way, and has a passive aggressive way of showing her displeasure; snarky remarks, sarcasm, and sulking. She also assumes the worst about people quite easily, and would become wary around them, despite her warm demeanour. So one could say she's quite a moody person, and can go from one extreme to another, between happy or angry.

Her mood-swings, paranoia, hot-tempers and presumptuous nature make her a very difficult person to work with, especially with figures of authority. It takes a very patient and tolerant commander to not snap at her at some point. Besides all this, she also has some...weird likes, dislikes, and opinions or ideas that can sometimes be considered quite...out there. She's very independent, even dominant in nature, but at the same time she likes to be dominated, and is impressed by men with inner strength, resolve, and skill. Surprisingly, she is also very religious, and can sometimes be seen praying, if she feels particularly distressed or hopeful.

Physical Profile


Krystal has this casual flair about her, a laid-back demeanour that seems to reflect in her posture and expressions, and even in her looks. How she might appear, be it attractive, plain, strange, pretty, scary, it's all in the eye of the beholder, but what she is for certain is far more than she might openly display or say about herself. Her long, wavy flame red hair grows out all the way to her waist, and she often ties it up in braids or styles it in one way or another to keep it out of her large light brown eyes. She has a small, sharp nose that splays out a little and full pink lips, framed by an oval face. She seldom wears make up, and sports her natural look almost all the time.

Petite in build and size, she still shows some toned structure from all her exercising, practicing martial arts and swimming. She has many significant disfiguring scars all over her, including one on the left side of her head, evidently done by a blade or scalpel (though it's now hidden by her long hair), one in her right shoulder, from what appears to be a deep burn, one running from the right side of her neck to the back of her ear, several on her back, that appear to have been from a lash, suggesting she had endured torture at some point, and a hideous large scar running from the back of the left side of her waist to the front, where she was hacked at with some unknown weapon, and several more that mark her arms and legs. Most of these marks are hidden by her uniform, hair, and accessories she might wear.