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Name:Lahkesis Saugn
Position:Medical Officer
Age:10, roughly 28 in terms of physical maturity and at least in her 20s in terms of mental maturity
Orientation:  Bicurious
Birthplace:Teslylia IV (The plant she is based off of originated on Teslylia III, though that planet no longer exists)
Weight:150 lbs
Hair:Reddish pink
Eye color:Pale Blue (no pupils)
Played by:Elizabeth Debicki
Writer:NPC, to be KIA, formerly written by Absinthe
Reading (romance novels stored on a PADD)
sun bathing on the holodeck (when she has access to when she doesn't she uses special lamps in her quarters)
socializing with fellow crew members in the ships lounge. In addition she enjoys reading the latest medical papers from the Daystrom Institute and other various sources from around the Federation, when she has access to them.
Starfleet Academy/Starfleet Medical, class of 2382
Service Record
Cadet Cruise aboard the USS Theurgy. Promoted to Ensign by Lucan cin Nicander.

Lahkesis Saugn was a Medical Officer on the USS Theurgy. Lahkesis Saugn aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the late 24th century.


First Years - 2368 - 2376

Lahkesis Saugn was created on the planet of Teslylia IV, the nearest planet to the original source of the Teslyliac Plant, Teslylia III. Being a Teslyliac Duplicate of a human she was created when the pod of the Teslyliac Plant was introduced to genetic material from a human, in this case a Starfleet Captain from the late 2350s. Because of the clandestine nature of the facility in which she was created not much is known about her origins or the purpose of her creation. According to reports she was part of a group of seven duplicates who were created, though only three would survive to achieve maturity.

At the time when the pod opened and she was officially "born" Lahkesis, or Subject B-02 as she was called at the time, was already post-pubescent in appearance, though she would not fully mature for another 6 months. During those early days she was implanted with memory engrams with base level knowledge in mathematics, language, science, and a number of other subjects. Again, the purpose of these memory implants was unknown, but allowed her a high level of knowledge both practical and theoretical.

At some point early on the three remaining sisters seem to have elected to name themselves. The names chosen were Lahkesis, who was the most measured; Akropos, who was the most daring; and Kleo, who was the most creative. These distinct personality traits would later guide much of their career choices.

After 8 years of life Lahkesis had matured a great deal. She had read much of the facilities library on medicine and was even helping in the lab. This came to an end when the facility was destroyed under mysterious circumstances. The resulting fire was believed to have killed all of the research staff. Lahkesis and her sisters only survived due to the large pool in their quarters allowing them to stay away from the flames until the building had collapsed enough for an escape route to open. They received severe burns from the incident, but survived.

Discovery - 2376 - 2377

It was almost a full year after that before a ship in the vicinity of Teslylia IV picked up the signal or the subspace transponder Kleo had built from parts scavenged from the wreckage of the facility. The three had only survived their time alone on the surface of the planet due to their unique biology allowing them to live off of little more than mineral rich water and sunlight.

After their rescue they were taking to the Daystrom Institute for further research. During this time Lahkesis was able to continue her research into medical practises and even begin to study medicine. Remarkably within the first few weeks of their rescue the scarring from the fire began to fade, leaving no trace of any scarring of any kind within 3 weeks.

After a few months of study the three sisters expressed interest in joining Starfleet. As they had been given citizen status in the Federation it was not regarded as much of a problem, however certain limitations would need to be put into place to ensure that no one event would end the species. It was made clear to the three sisters that should they join, they would not be permitted to serve aboard the same vessel. With some hesitation all three eventually agreed to these conditions and were allowed into the academy.

Starfleet - 2377 - 2381

Lahkesis very quickly developed an interest in medicine and because of her unique eidetic memory she was able to go through her medical classes at an accelerated rate. Though because she was not only going through officers training but going through her medical training Lahkesis had very little time for socialization. And as she was in the medical dorms while her sisters were in the regular dorms, she spent much of her time alone. Because of her isolated childhood she had a very hard time socializing with her peers and would instead lock herself away in her dorm room and read her textbooks.

Life at the Academy proved very trying for her and even with the occasional outings with her sisters, she fell into a depression due to her isolation.

Yet she prevailed and a full 2 years after her sisters left the academy to go to their own ship to finish up their training, Lahkesis graduated. She would meet with her sisters to celebrate this. The three going out for a night on the town. Though they lacked the ability to get intoxicated via alcohol they would still enjoy the night. Kleo, who was now working as an engineer on the USS Seatiger, had insisted that they celebrate by letting anyone who wanted to take belly button shots off of them. Though Lahkesis and Akropos had resisted at first, by the end of the night they had all done it and falling into giggle fits. That would be the last time she saw them for what would seem like ages.

USS Theurgy - 2381

After her graduation Lahkesis was transferred to the USS Theurgy as an Cadet Doctor. She was more than able to perform her duties, though once more she felt isolated and cut off from others. For a time she would try to stay in touch with her sisters, but then that became impossible. She managed to send only a final message in which she did her best to explain things, but she would not learn if they got it or not for a long time.

And so she was trapped on a ship, very much on her own and out of her depth, but she would learn to survive. She would make connections with those around her.

The Niga Incident

When the pathogen from the planet N9GA, or rather Niga, began to infect the crew, Lahkesis had been working in one of the medical labs. Noticing a lot of add communications over the comms Lahkesis panicked and turned off the lights, moving the lab into quarantine mode. This kept her safe from the outbreak, but she could not remain in the lab indefinitely. She required access to the solar lamps kept in her quarters to survive and with the lab lights off she could not maintain for long. With little choice she left the shelter of the lab after only a few hours hiding there.

In her rush to get to her quarters she was ambushed by a hormone addled member of the crew who pinned her against the wall and began making out with her. She managed to escape, but now she knew she had been exposed to the pathogen. She made it to her quarters where she hid for the remainder of the incident. Because of her non-mammalian biology the pathogen had no effect on her, but seeing the crew acting like that and having been touched like that in the assault by the member of the crew changed things.

Before that moment she had always considered herself primarily asexual, but she had felt things she could not deny and her body had reacted to the assault. This made things even more confusing than they had been before as now she found she had more sexual thoughts. She began doing research and reading romantic novella’s in her downtime, some of which leaned toward being highly erotic.

In addition she received a field promotion to Ensign due in combination to her medical skill and the decreasing number of personnel available to fill key positions.

The Ishtar Entity

Things would again take a turn to the confusing with the appearance of the entity known as Ishtar. As the increased in amorous behavior began to have an affect on the crew, Lahkesis found she was not immune this time. She knew little of sexuality and did not notice the symptoms at first, it was not until she was taken from the crew and moved to a vision of a lush garden that she was fully aware that something had gone awry. But at the time the effects of the Ishtar Entity had made it impossible for her to focus on a solution to the crisis at hand.

In that vision of a garden she found her sexual desire grew exponentially and soon she began to show the signs of sexual arousal, signs she had only recently begun to learn about. When she noticed another in the garden she had hidden herself from view and simply watched. Before long more members of the crew appeared and before her eyes they entwined bodies. She could not turn away from the sight, driven by some unspoken curiousity or desire of her own.

As she watched them she found it impossible to resist touching her own body. While familiar with the concept of masturbation, she had never attempted it before and knew little of what it would do to her body. She was undeniably unready for the results. This incident would result in what was to be her very first “Bloom,” a state somewhat analogous to that of orgasm in most humanoids. This resulted in her producing a narcotic secretion and beginning to exhibit bioluminescence. The exact nature of the state was unknown to most at the time and resulted in a great deal of confusion in Lahkesis.

For some time after this incident she would continue to observe the crew in their romantic liaisons and read increasingly erotic fiction while experimenting with stimuli. In this way she began to discover her own sexuality and learn about her biology. She found she was able to cause herself to bloom with the correct stimuli at the correct intervals. This allowed her to begin study of the narcotic substance she had produced, discovering many of its unique properties. It proved to be a very enlightening time for her, though she remained as isolated as she had ever been.

The Attack of the USS Calamity

Any exploration into her blossoming sexuality was cut short by the arrival of the USS Calamity and its attack on the Theurgy. In the chaos of the battle she had little time for anything beyond doing her duty and keeping her patients alive, and before the end she would go on to lose far to many. The strain would get to her, but she had the aid of her fellow doctors and nurses to keep her going.

Things proved even worse when she had to work in the tirage tents on Theta Eridani IV. Though she would have some down time, she could not cause her body to respond. She wished to engage in some activity that would release the tension that gnawed at her mind and body, and she knew that some of the crew had engaged in romantic liaisons to relieve this tension, but she remained on her own. She did develop a singular friendship with another member of the medical staff, but she could not ask her friend for support in such a way as that.

What little samples of the narcotic she did had left over she did use to treat some patients who agreed to allow her to treat them with it. She recorded the results, believing that perhaps her body itself could produce some medicinal effects. However the narcotic proved to short lasting to be an effective pain relevant and there were other side effects that made it so she would rule it out as a treatment option accept in dire of circumstances.

When the Calamity attacked the planet Lahkesis was one of the last to leave, suffering a number of burns as she struggled to get as many of her patients off of the planet as possible. When she was recovered she was in a bad state, the amount of ash and heat her body, and most significantly her lungs, had been exposed to left her in a near comatose state.

She was put inside an isolation tank in sickbay and allowed to recover as close to naturally as possible, her body filtering the toxins and damage as best as it could. She would be in this recovery chamber during the Lohlunat festival, missing the event entirely.

Through her involvement was limited in the events that dealing with the Calamity itself were limited, she did share a romantic moment with her friend Dr. Maya, the result of which was the transference of the memory of Phanatos Kilinvoss sexually assaulting Doctor Maya. There would be an attempt to remove the memory, however due to her unusual biology this would prove impossible.

This memory and the violent actions of Phanatos would eventually result in Lahkesis and Maya taking his life, an event that would leave her just as troubled as the memory of the assault did.

Starbase 84 & The Azure Nebula

After the memory of the assault had been transplanted in her mind Lahkesis found it nearly impossible to cope, falling into a dark depression. She would isolate herself from nearly everyone, staying to herself. She was able to fulfill her duties, though it was noticeable to many that she was not at the peak of her game.

This would come to a head when she began her relationship with Petty Officer 2nd Class Sithick, a Gorn who joined the crew from the Black Opal outpost. Their relationship proved difficult for Lahkesis as she could not bare to be sexually close to anyone. However with the aid of Counselor B’Nila Skai, she was able to take several steps forward and step from her depression. She would go on to become sexually active with Sithick, bonding with him more than she had anyone else since she had been with her sisters.

However things would not be well for long. . .

Personality Profile

Lahkesis has the knowledge, but lacks much in the way of experience. She is curious about a great many things, though she holds herself back due to her own nervous nature. She likes being around people, though she’s shy, preferring to simply observe. You could call her a coward, though she really suffers from an acute form of anxiety around things she does not fully understand, and as she only has book knowledge to go off of the universe tends to be a very strange and unnerving place.

Due to this anxiety about things in most matters she prefers to look at things from a strictly clinical approach, leaving her emotions out of it. She can come across as emotionless, though she does have them. She has a hard time dealing with emotions like anger of sadness, preferring to focus on more positive emotions. In times of great stress though the emotional centers of her brain simply shut down, this makes her an efficient, though cold doctor.

Most recently she has had exposure to sexuality, something that has confused and perplexed her even more as before it was believed that her species was almost entirely asexual. She is currently curious as the nature of her sexual drive and hesitantly exploring it, in minor baby steps. She would qualify as bicurious, though she is not sure which gender she would prefer to engage in sexuality with.

Physical Profile

Lahkesis, Type A Teslyliac Duplicate

As with all of her speices Lahkesis is a plant, biologically speaking her cells have more in common with a plant than any other species. The Teslyliac plant of Teslyliac III, a planet that was destroyed during the Dominion Conflict, has the unique ability to create near perfect duplicates of any life form it is exposed to. This requires a sample of genetic material and several months, but eventually the duplicate is produced in a state near maturity. However there are a few major differences.

Lahkesis is tall and mostly thin with a curved figure. Her eyes lack pupils; instead they are a pale blue, matching her irises. Her hair ranges from light to dark mostly in the red to pink colors. It is similar in makeup to that of the petals on a flower. She almost constantly has an earthy floral scent. Her skin is smooth and pale, near flawless. When in nature she often attracts animals, which treat her as they would any other plant. Though she is inedible, her body contains a number of plant toxins that prevent her from being consumable, at times insects and small animals make their home in her hair, digestive tract, and bodily crevices; though a simple trip through a transporter leaves them behind and only takes her.

She survives off of mainly mineral water and exposure to solar lamps, requiring at least 12 hours of exposure a day. It is possible for her to survive on less, though she will begin to deteriorate quickly, losing color in her hair petals and decreased energy. With prolonged lack of exposure to any form of solar radiation she will slip into a comatose state and eventually die. Though at the time of her death her body will break down into a new Teslyliac plant, and given time a new duplicate with the same life experiences, memories, may form, though conditions must be ideal or the plants genetic template will simply reset.

Though there was been little research into it she is capable of engaging in sexual activity. Up until recently however it was believed that her race was completely asexual. In times of sexual arousal she “blooms.” While she is “bloomed” she produces a slick substance similar to that of which most other species produce, though it has more in common with mineral oil and any other organic lubricant, and the petals that make up her hair begin to exhibit bioluminescence. The length of each bloom depends on the stimuli and the amount of said stimuli, not unlike any other race. When she reaches peak pleasure, or rather orgasms, she also produces a narcotic. There was been little testing on it, though she has tested it enough to prove it is nonaddictive and nontoxic, what other effects it has are at this time unknown.