Deep Space 5

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Deep Space 5
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Deep Space 5 was a Federation space station was in service with Starfleet during the late 24th century. DS5 was located near the planet Ivor Prime.

In 2373, Deep Space 5 reported the complete destruction of the colony on Ivor Prime. It was subsequently determined that the Borg were responsible, and were mounting a new attempt at an invasion of the Federation. (Star Trek: First Contact)

In 2376, enlisted engineering specialist Mathew Johnson accepted a post at Deep Space 5 after spending the Dominion War as a reactor technician at Lya Station Alpha. He remained at Deep Space 5 until requesting a transfer to the USS Theurgy so he could be part of something bigger.

In 2378, Khorin Douglas graduated from Starfleet Academy and was assigned to a squadron stationed at DS5. He remained there for two years, growing increasingly agitated each day. Douglas was unsatisfied with his posting, for he hadn't joined Starfleet to sit around on a space station. His fellow pilots gave him the callsign "Hardtop," a reference to both his Klingon heritage and his hardheaded nature. While he was never technically insubordinate, his impulsive and abrasive attitude irritated his superiors, who finally decided that both the squadron and Khorin would be better off if he were elsewhere. This led to his transfer to the Lone Wolves Squadron and the USS Theurgy in 2380.