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Name:Logan Hale
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Fighter Pilot
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Sickbay, SS Crimson Sunrise
Height:5’11 / 180.3cm
Weight:165 lbs / 74.84kg
Eye color:Green
Played by:Jeff Ward
Writer:Available for Inheritance
Former Writer: Nero
Mountain biking
20th Century Music
2368-2372 - Starfleet Academy
2375-2376 - Tactical CONN Academy
Service Record
2368 – 2372 – Cadet, Starfleet Academy

2372-2374 – Ensign, CONN Officer, USS Dawnguard

2374-2375 – Lieutenant Junior Grade, Fighter Pilot, USS Dawnguard

2375-2376 – Tactical CONN Academy

2376 – 2376 – Fighter Pilot, USS Typhon

2378 – 2380 – Test Pilot, Luna Shipyards

2380 – 2381 – Test Pilot, Valravn Project, Luna Shipyards

2381 – 2381 – Element Leader, White Wolves Squadron, USS Orcus

2381 – 2381 – Element Leader, Black Wolves Squadron, USS Dauntless

2381 - Present - Element Leader, Lone Wolves Squadron, USS Theurgy
Starfleet Medal of Commendation
Christopher Pike Medal of Valor

A highly talented helmsman and fighter pilot, Logan was a test pilot on the Valravn Project and part of the White Wolves until the Battle of Starbase 84. Unlike other members of the squad, he did not defect to the Theurgy after the battle and was assigned to USS Dauntless as part of the Black Wolves Squadron. Later he ended up defecting to the Theurgy, too, but he was briefly put into medical stasis after the Battle of the Apertures. He was thawed a couple of days later, finding that the Theurgy was in drydock at the Aldea Prime Shipyards.



Junior Lieutenant Logan Hale was born on 15th August 2350 to Robert and Melissa Hale on board the cargo freighter SS Crimson Sunrise. Owned by his father Robert, the Sunrise ran cargo along the Federation-Klingon boarder for much of Logan’s childhood.

Logan was 5 years old the first time he sat at the helm of a ship when his father decided to teach him and the young human fell in love with it instantly. Once he was at the controls he would want to stay there for hours as he seemed to have a natural talent for flying.

Educated by his mother, a former teacher in the usual things, his father taught him how to fly as well as how to read people so that he would never be conned out of a deal and his uncle, who worked as the chief engineer educated him on how to maintain a ship and keep her space worthy.

By the time he was 10, Logan had officially become the Sunrise’s helmsman, taking over the role from his father. During his time at the helm his skill as a pilot only increased as he had to avoid pirates, scavengers and the occasional corrupt patrol vessel both in combat and outside of it.

Getting to travel the cargo lanes, Logan encountered many alien species and visit a vast number of worlds, making for a pretty exciting life as well as building his knowledge of alien cultures and languages and with his Father’s teaching how to haggle a good price.However as he grew older the prospect of spending his entire life flying the same lanes back and forth started to appeal less and less to him, despite the fun he had flying.

When he was 15, while taking a few days’ vacation with his parents on Risa after a long haul run, Logan encountered a few cadets from Starfleet Academy, including a beautiful Betazoid girl called Eryn who also happened to be a pilot like him. The two exchanged stories about their lives. Her telling him about life at the Academy and what flight school was like while he told her about all his adventures as a cargo runner and the kinds of things he had seen and done as a pilot, each one fascinated by the other. The two ended up spending several passionate evenings together although it wasn’t anything serious beyond that the two chose to stay in touch, even if it was just to exchange stories and such. After he left Risa though, he couldn’t stop thinking about what Eryn had told him about life at the Academy and the thought of being able to fly one of those top of the line Starfleet ships. He’d seen a number of them during his life and had often dreamed about flying one, imagining how smooth and quick they were and how they reacted and handled in comparison to the ageing Sunrise.

After thinking about it long and hard, Logan approached his father and told him of his desire to enlist in Starfleet and although his father was disappointed that he didn’t want to stay and continue to be a part of the family business he wasn’t the type of father to get in the way of his son’s desire and supported the decision as did his mother and uncle.

Although Logan was ready to fill out his application then and there, he would have to wait until the following year to apply and during that time his father became ill. Choosing to delay his application until his father was well enough to continue, he remained on the Sunrise to help out. It took two years for his father to be well enough to continue on without him and so with his parents blessing, sent of his application and was accepted.

Starfleet Academy

Entering the Academy in 2368 Logan discovered that there was more to becoming a pilot beyond being able to fly a ship well, something he had been doing for years by this point, as was evidenced when he saw the list of all 18 classes a cadet had to take in Helm/Navigation in order to major in it, and that wasn’t including whatever minor he took, leading to the first few months of his time at the Academy being quite overwhelming. In the end he opted to take Engineering as his minor.

Still in contact with Eryn, who was entering her final year at the Academy the Betazoid kindly offered him some advice to help him through, having been there herself already and soon enough he had settled down somewhat.

Image: Logan at the Academy.

His first year however would have a few hiccups when the Klingon Civil War broke out, due to his family still running the same trade routes along the Federation/Klingon boarder which caused his grades to slip a little until he knew his family was okay.

His second year went by much smoother and his third year found him assigned to the USS Arkwright, a Galaxy-class Starship for his 6 month cadet cruise. It was the first time he finally got to sit at the helm of a Starfleet ship and feel how they flew. It was in that moment Logan knew he had made the right decision to enlist.

Although managing to log quite a few flight hours during his time on the ship during all the shift times, the Arkwright had been assigned to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone, which had been pretty quiet for the most part but still it gave him much needed experience at the helm of a Starfleet vessel and what it was like to serve on a ship and that was the main thing. After his time on the Arkwright was up, Logan returned to the Academy and finished off the year before heading back to his family, spending the time back at the helm helping them run cargo and using what he had learned at the Academy to give the old Sunrise a few upgrades before returning to Earth for his final year at the Academy.

The Dominion War

Upon graduating the Academy, Logan was posted to the USS Dawnguard, one of Starfleet’s newer Intrepid-class Starships under the command of Captain William Jennings, assigned to the Beta Quadrant. Although he wasn’t the chief helmsman, he still managed to log plenty of flight time and was one of the primary shuttle pilots as well, mostly transferring ambassadors and dignitaries to and from the ship to various Starbases and back again or flying away teams on missions when the transporter wasn’t a viable option.

Things would soon change however when the Klingons, convinced that the new Cardassian government had been replaced by Changelings launched an attack on Cardassia Prime, an action the Federation did not support resulting in Chancellor Gowron , pulling out of the Khitomer Accords ending the peace between the Federation and the Empire.

Logan’s first taste of starship combat flying a Federation ship came during the First Battle of Deep Space Nine, when the Dawnguard was one of the ships Starfleet sent to reinforce the station when the Klingons attacked it, although the battle didn’t last long before the Klingons stood down and retreated.

Although avoiding all-out war with the Empire at that moment, the war would continue and escalate with the Dawnguard engaged in multiple exchanges with Klingon ships over the year until the war finally came to an end when the Klingon General Martok was exposed as a Changeling.

The following year didn’t get much better, although there was a truce between the Federation and the Klingons it was an uneasy peace. For Logan and the crew of the Dawnguard, another bitter pill to swallow came shortly after when Starfleet declared their sister ship the USS Voyager officially lost with all hands.

This was also the year that Starfleet introduced new uniforms, which Logan would quickly admit he liked. He also started getting more flight time, becoming the Dawnguard’s secondary helmsman due to the skill he demonstrated during the Battle of Deep Space Nine.

Hoping that the war would be behind him and that they could get back to exploring space, Logan’s hope was short lived when the Borg launched a surprise attack on Earth, although the Dawnguard was part of the battle, enemy fire damaged the ship and injured Logan when the Helm console overloaded, giving him 2nd degree burns along his fingers, hands and forearms. By the time he made it down to sickbay, the Dawnguard had taken several more hits and was crippled. If it wasn’t for the arrival of the Enterprise, Logan probably would have died that day. Unfortunately, not everybody on the crew survived the battle.

After the Borg attack, the Dawnguard was towed to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for repairs, and by the time the ship was back in service, the Khitomer Accords were reinstated and Logan found himself the Dawnguard’s chief helmsman after the death of the original chief during the battle with the Borg. Not exactly the way Logan had envisioned getting the job, but he was grateful for the opportunity.

Although the reinstatement of the Khitomer Accords was something worthy of celebration it wouldn’t last long as the Dawnguard found itself in the Second Battle of Deep Space Nine, again having to defend the Station, only this time from the Dominion.

It was during this battle that Logan earned his reputation throughout the fleet as a hotshot pilot, making the ship dance through Dominion ships with ease as the fight waged on. However the Dominion were too strong and the Federation were forced to retreat, leaving DS9 in the control of the Dominion and with it the Wormhole, officially marking the start of the Dominion War.

After the battle, the Dawnguard was assigned to the Seventh Fleet. During the early months of the war it seemed like every battle the Federation and Klingons were in they came out on the losing side. With the Dominion advancing deeper into Federation Space the Seventh Fleet were dispatched to the Tyra System in order to hold the Dominion off and prevent them from advancing any further. With 112 ships assigned to it, the fleet felt confident that they would be victorious, however they were not. Of the 112 ships only 14 of them, including the Dawnguard, made it back to Federation Space. The defeat rocked everybody in the fleet, Logan included but in war there are no days off. It was for this battle that he earned the Medal of Commendation.

Shortly after the battle, the Dawnguard was assigned a small number of Peregrine-class fighters and given the skill he had displayed, Captain Jennings had suggested that Logan’s skills would be better suited to flying one of those instead of the Dawnguard, a position that Logan took if it meant he could help win the war. Now officially listed as a fighter pilot, Logan found himself in plenty of skirmishes with Dominion Forces and while it was very different to anything he had done, Logan found that if anything this was far more natural and exciting to him than anything he had flown previously, including the Dawnguard.

Later that year the Fleet, now at half strength after battle in the Tyra System were sent to the Sybaron System where it would again suffer heavy losses. Logan managed to score a few kills before his fighter group was recalled, and the Dawnguard retreated with the rest of the fleet.

During his next encounter with the Dominion, his Peregrine was heavily damaged and running out of power, causing Logan to throw caution to the wind and set a collision course for one of the Jem'Hadar carriers. As he neared the ship on his suicide run, a torpedo from a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship severed his fighter's wing sending him into a spin. Managing to wrestle the ship back on course as best he could and despite the dangers, Logan opted to eject and narrowly avoided both being struck by both his fighter and the resulting explosion when both fighter and carrier collided and were destroyed.

Destroying the carrier turned the tide of the battle in Starfleet's favour. However, during the chaos of the battle, Logan was believed dead and floated adrift for several hours, eventually losing consciousness when his suit's air supply ran out. Luckily for him however, the USS Dawnstar picked up a faint sensor echo from his suit after the battle and rescued him. As word of his almost miraculous survival considering the circumstances spread throughout the Seventh Fleet he earned him the nickname Wraith, which he would later adopt as his callsign. Once he recovered he was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

In 2375 the Fleet was assigned to launch a counter-offensive against the Cardassians during which Logan lived up to and solidified the reputation he had earned as one of the best in the Fleet with a display of strafing runs, daring manoeuvres and overall piloting ability by out flying the opposition as he racked up kills or assists by providing a distraction for his fellow pilots, something he continued doing until the end of the war.

Post Dominion War

Logan’s reputation after the war had led to numerous captains wanting him on their ship, some as a fighter pilot and others as their chief helmsman, all wanting a pilot with his natural talent at the helm, and although Logan was certainly interested in several of the positions offered to him, he was also one of the pilots chosen for the newly created Tactical CONN Academy, and since he had adjusted to the life and thrill of being a fighter pilot, he knew that’s where he wanted to be.

Although he was essentially going back to school for another year, it was still a challenging experience, even for a skilled pilot and war veteran like him, quickly discovering that when they said they were looking for the best they really were, but he managed to make the cut. After graduating, Logan was assigned to the USS Typhon, flying one of the ship’s AC-205 Mk I Valkyries.

Logan spent almost a year on the Typhon until he was injured during a battle when his fighter collided with another Starfleet fighter during the confrontation, although he wasn’t sure how it happened. While an emergency beam out by the Typhon saved his life just before his fighter exploded, the other pilot wasn’t as lucky. Grounded by Starfleet as they investigated the incident, Logan thought back over everything that had happened during the battle and thought that he might have been focused on his target too much and not paying closer attention to his surroundings, something that no true pilot should ever do and as such he had failed to spot the other fighter and therefore was responsible, confessing as much to the investigators at his hearing.

Although listening to his confession, the investigation disagreed, saying that given the situation it was entirely understandable and that it was simply a horrible accident, an opinion which was supported by evidence retrieved from the wreckage and black boxes of both fighters as well as numerous sensor logs taken from the Typhon at the time.

Despite what the investigators and the evidence said, Logan couldn’t shake the guilt he felt at his part in the death of a fellow pilot. Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and extreme guilt over the accident, Logan had no desire to return to Starfleet and resigned his commission, returning to Earth where his parents had retired during the Dominion war.


His parents, welcomed their son home, happy to have him back and did their best for him as he underwent counselling.

By the start of the following year, Logan had mostly recovered from his PTSD but the guilt he couldn’t shake leading him down a dark path, losing a lot of his sense of humour and laid back personality as well as being unsure of what to do with his life. He’d retired from Starfleet and his parents had retired, the Sunrise having long since been sold, but he knew that he had to do something and felt the desire to fly again inside him, something he hadn’t felt since the incident.

Looking around he found a job as the helmsman of the SS Morning Star, a cargo freighter that ran the routes between planets on both sides of the Federation/Klingon border, an area he knew all too well. However he soon discovered that the Morning Star wasn't always running goods that were exactly legal, but for some reason he didn’t find himself caring all that much. It paid well and it got him back behind the helm of a ship, which was good enough for him. Being a smuggler meant that his skills as a pilot were always kept sharp as he had to avoid others trying to take their cargo as well as avoiding or outrunning both Federation and Klingon ships at the borders until he eventually brought a small cargo ship of his own that he named the SS Crimson Sunset, a rather ironic name he thought giving where he now found himself in life. In this short time Logen made some new acquaintances on both sides of the border.

Image: Logan during his time as a Cargo Runner.

He spent his downtime in the seedier bars on the seedier planets, getting into fights, drinking, gambling and doing everything he could to distract from the memories that haunted him, which was how the year went for him. He still heard from Eryn occasionally, now Chief CONN Officer on an Intrepid-class ship exploring the Gamma Quadrant but with the distance and the fact Logan was no longer the person he had been, eventually contact between the two stopped altogether.

The rest of the year Logan spent the way he had been the beginning of it, flying, fighting, drinking and gambling, although he started cutting down on the drinking when he noticed it had started to affect his flying.

Things would change for Logan in December of 2376, when he had an unexpected encounter on some backwater planet with Captain Jennings, his former commanding officer on the Dawnguard. The Captain, now in command of a Sovereign-class ship had been one of the Federation ships Logan had outmanoeuvred at the border once and Jennings had recognised the manoeuvres immediately and had tracked him down.

Jennings told Logan that a pilot of his talent shouldn’t be wasting it away smuggling cargo between borders but doing what he did best for Starfleet. Logan wasn’t particularly interested in it though, at least that’s what he told the captain. The truth was that he was too afraid to go back. Besides as far as he was concerned he had an okay life. He was flying, he didn’t have to answer to anybody in a chain of command, go where he wanted to, do whatever he wanted and few people that relied on him besides other criminals like he had become.

That said he would have been lying to himself if he had said that he felt... complete or even satisfied with that if he had truly thought about it. Jennings informed him that he would be leaving the planet in three hours and that Logan had a decision to make. Re-join Starfleet and try to pull his life back together or continue wasting away on backwater planets. It took a lot of thinking but three hours later, Logan was accompanying his former Commanding Officer back to Starfleet.

Test Pilot

Coming back to Starfleet was pretty easy for Logan and with his service record was even reinstated to his former rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, although he did have to go back to flight school temporarily to show he still had the skill and talent to fly, as well as a psychological evaluation that he requested, going so far as to admit that he still needed some counselling.

Despite the fact most of his post-traumatic stress after the accident had been dealt with, Logan wasn’t entirely confident in himself anymore, leading to a rough first month. Manoeuvres that he had pulled off before countless times in his old Peregrine and Valkyrie with ease without thought or hesitation, he now considered the ramifications of and hesitated in doing. His reaction times were also a lot slower than he knew they should be. These were also things he hadn’t had to do since he had left Starfleet, flying a larger, heavier ship and not needing to pull off such stunts during his days as a smuggler.

Still he was a proud pilot and didn’t want to admit that he had a problem and forced himself to ignore his thoughts and just do it, relying on his instincts, like how he used to fly and within two months was a lot closer to what he would call his old self. He couldn’t, however, shake the fact that he would find himself in combat situations again, a lot more than he ever did as a smuggler and he wasn’t sure he could do that again.

Talking with his counselor during one of his sessions, Logan came to the decision that he wasn’t ready yet to be put into a combat situation even though his skill was there, his mind wasn’t and it was on the suggestion of his counselor that maybe he could be a test pilot instead, with his skills he could fly the latest ships, ensure they were up to task for other pilots without being put into a combat situation.

With his old, fun loving, jovial personality starting to reassert itself around other people and being back in Starfleet, Logan knew that at least part of him was on the mend. Career wise, he also knew it was the best choice for him as it would mean he would get to fly the very latest ship designs and that was something few pilots got to do and soon found himself assigned to the base on Luna as a test pilot.

During that time, he test flew numerous shuttles, frigates, cruisers and the odd fighter and found his confidence slowly returning, although he knew he was far from cured, it was a vast improvement over the past. He did make progress though, coming to the realisation that he wasn’t afraid of dying in combat but that he could make the same mistake he had before and cost another good pilot their life. At least being a test pilot meant that the only person he was putting at risk was himself.

Soon he would hear talk about a new type of fighter being developed by Starfleet, and that it was most likely going to be tested at Luna base, and had to admit that he would have loved to be a part of that project.

Valravn Project & Active Duty

Logan 03 by auctor lucan-dcbjsm5.png

A few weeks later Logan found out he had indeed been selected as a test pilot for that rumoured project, something called Project Valravn which thrilled him. Being a part of the White Wolves, he spent a year with his fellow squad mates testing the AC-477 Mk I Valravn, putting it through its paces, and had to admit it was an impressive fighter, the response times alone were better than anything he’d flown before, and for someone with a natural talent for flying it almost felt like pilot and fighter were one, at least that’s what it felt like to him.

During his time with the Wolves at Luna, Logan felt more and more like his old self, both in terms of his laid back, jovial personality as well as his self-confidence at the helm. Although he got along with most of the Wolves, Logan’s closest relationship was with Alessia Garcia, callsign "Angel", the two developing an almost sibling like relationship. Whether it was caring for and supporting each other or making fun of the other and bickering about sometimes the most meaningless of things.

Things would change however when in November 2380 orders came in that the fighters they were testing were to be put into field duty, and as the only pilots to have ever flown them, Logan and the White Wolves were commissioned to the Vesta-class USS Orcus. They were assigned to hunt down the USS Theurgy, a ship and crew accused of betraying the Federation and defecting to the Romulans. Although his anxiety about being part of a team again slowly started to return the closer they got to the Orcus, Logan vowed that he would be better and not let another accident like the last one happen again.

Settling in on the Orcus after so much time away from a Federation starship came easier to Logan than he expected, although maybe part of that was because not much had really changed in that regard.

Thus, Logan was one of the pilots involved in the Battle of Starbase 84, a fight that would deal multiple blows. The first that the Orcus was destroyed, second that the Theurgy evaded capture and would continue to be a threat to the Federation and third, the worst of all from a personal point of view, that several of his fellow Wolves turned traitor and joined them. This, including Alessia, something that shocked him to his core. With the Orcus destroyed, Logan was assigned to the USS Dauntless as part of the Black Wolves Squadron.

He ended up defecting to the Theurgy in the events to come, following the reasoning of the other White Wolves, but he was put into medical stasis after the Battle of the Apertures. He was thawed a couple of days later, finding that the Theurgy was in drydock at the Aldea Prime Shipyards.

Personality Profile

Logan has been described as very much the irreverent fly-boy. Good-humoured, slow to take anything seriously, laid-back and with a streak of an ego. Despite these traits however, he cared about the people he served with and even more those he flied with. His overall light-hearted nature could be infectious as he tried to keep spirits light and his peers socialising, valuing the importance of humour in the face of adversity and bonding.

A superior pilot, Logan had broad experience in a variety of vessels of different sizes, ages, and capabilities. He was also a seasoned navigator, knowledgeable in matters of stellar cartography and phenomenon, and their role in effective Starship operations, movement and battle strategies.

But while he displayed all the strengths of a typical pilot, he also showed the weaknesses too. He could be impulsive, not always thinking his choices through before making them while also experiencing moments of self-doubt based on past events although he usually hid behind his ego or his humour in those moments. His time working on Luna base, being part of the Valravn project and the Wolves had restored some of the self-confidence he had lost after the accident.

When he wasn't flying, Logan had a love of 20th Century Earth music, specifically Rock music from the 1980’s and could often be found listening to it in his free time. He had also been known to have some playing in the cockpit during his pre-flight checks, which he often claimed was to help focus his mind. His love of the genre inspired him to learn to play the guitar, which he had began during his time at the Academy.

He was also an avid mountain biker, something he had picked up while away on a trip with his friends during his time at the Academy. However being a born in space and at the helm his preferred home, most of his time was spent on the Holodeck and not in real woods when he had the time.

Logan 02 by auctor lucan-dcbjh2h.png

Physical Profile

Standing at an average height and build for a Human, Logan’s projected personality more than made up for his stature. His hair was usually kept on the scruffy side of regulation much like his facial hair and he had a light scar over his right eye, the result of one of his bar fights during his time as a cargo runner, although it was barely visible to most people until they were right up close to him. Logan was injured in combat where parts of his skull were fractured beyond repair, as a result he had to have a metal plate surgically grafted to his skull.
On his left arm he wears a tattoo in honor the lost pilot who died in the accident.

Special Notes (Optional)

Logan had a tendency to form emotional bonds with fighters he flew, a trait not uncommon among pilots and could often be seen giving his an affectionate pat after every successful mission, even more so after particularly tough ones. He has also been known to talk to it.


Writer: Nero

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