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This page is for planning events during the Aldea Prime Anthology, which takes place between Seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek: Theurgy. Each day will have a bullet point list of events including the time in which the events occur. This, to aid all writers in orienting themselves around what their characters might be doing before and after each event. Here, the surgeries of the abductees can be scheduled, with cosmetic surgery taking 1 hour, and DNA re-sequencing taking 8 hours (plus one full night's sleep). Away missions and major events can be listed here as well. This Calendar is available to be edited by everyone, so please make sure to add relevant events! Just remember to use past tense, like in the rest of the wiki.

The Aldea Prime Anthology begins on the 11th of March 2381, and more days will be added as the weeks are opened up for story development. Here you may find available Story Objectives to be fulfilled if you have no plot ideas of your own for your characters.

Day 01 - March 11, 2381

  • 0000 hrs. | 6 hours combat patrols are started from USS Theurgy Respective flight leads Ravon, Havenborn, Renard, Walton.

  • 0230 hrs. | The USS Theurgy docked with the Aldea Prime Shipyards.

  • 0400 hrs. | After damage assessment was done, the Theurgy split up and moved to separate docks.

  • 0800 hrs. | Senior Staff Meeting (Aldean Dawn)

  • 1000 hrs. | The Inside Man, Part 1: After having decrypted the real Simulcast, the Head of Covert Operations in Starfleet Intelligence offered aid in a recorded message delivered to Captain Ives. (Link)

  • 1200 hrs. | Bridge officer tests & promotion for Cross & Kai Akoni

  • 1430 hrs. | Cross & Kai Akoni announced as CTO and CSec on the intercom (Link)

  • 1700 hrs. | The Inside Man, Part 2: The message from Admiral Andersson was played for the Senior Staff. Reply planned for Day 03.

  • 1900 hrs. to 2000 hrs. | Cosmetic Surgery of Cross, preformed by V-Nine

Day 02 - March 12, 2381

  • 0900 hrs. to 1010 hrs. | V-Nine performed a minor surgery on Khorin Douglas, correcting his taste buds

  • 1200 hrs. to 1230 hrs. | A Memorial Service was held, transmitted from the Memorial Terrace (Coming Soon!)

Day 03 - March 13, 2381

  • Entire Day | V-Nine corrected what the Savi did to Hi'Jak, restoring his hybrid DNA and fitting him with a prostethic arm and eye of Federation technology standard. The procedure takes the whole day, and Hi'Jak remains in the Recovery Ward for observation through the night.

  • 1115 hrs. | Market Value: K'Ren's shopping trip planetside is interupped when she is kidnapped by Orion Slavers. Deacon rescues her but only after the Syndicate Agent injects her with nanites.

  • 1700 hrs. | The Inside Man, Part 3: Away mission start. Instead of recording a reply to Rear Admiral Andersson, Captain Ives decided to speak with the man directly through the subspace buoy, and the Allegiant was launched. The Allegiant was fitted with an Aldean visibility cloak and transponder to avoid detection, and hopefully there would be no incidents on the way.

Day 04 - March 14, 2381

  • 1600hrs. | Jubilant Memorialization of Fortuitous Nascency: K'Ren surprises her mate Deacon with a 21st birthday party.

Day 05 - March 15, 2381

  • 0900 hrs. | Weaponizing Innocence: Attempts begin to utilise Heather McMillan´s diminished abilities as a Radiant, amplifying her transphasic light by scientific means. (Link)

  • 1200 hrs. | The Inside Man, Part 4: Reaching the set destination, the Allegiant established communication with Admiral Andersson, and requested aid in the form of new recruits that the Admiral could vouch for. The recruits would begin to make their way to Aldea the following day. The Allegiant also carried encrypted messages to the crew's friends and kin, which the Admiral would deliver somehow without compromising himself.

  • 1707 hrs. | Scrying through the Storm Front: In Captain Ives' absence from the Theurgy, Nicander was interrogated by Commander Ducote and other officers in Medical and Science. Nicander was convinced to discern whether or not there were other Infested aboard or in the vicinity of the Epsilon Mynos System. (Link)

Day 06 - March 16, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 07 - March 17, 2381

  • 1700 hrs. | The Inside Man, Part 5: Captain Ives and the Allegiant returned after its away mission and docked with the Theurgy at Aldea Prime Shipyards.
  • 2000 hrs. | New Hope Rising: Captain Ives calls the Senior Staff to an informal evening briefing about the events on the away mission. (Link)

Day 08 - March 18, 2381

  • 1425 hrs.| The Silver Shadows Part 01: Anomaly Detected - Lieutenant Carrigan Trent has discovered a reoccurring anomaly coming from one of the Aldean ghost cities and has assembled an away team to investigate it. (Link)

  • 1900 hrs.| The wedding between Commander Ranaan Ducote and Lieutenant Commander Blue Tiran, officiated by Captain Jien Ives and witnessed by Lieutenant Commander Cross. (Link)

  • 2200 hrs.| The Silver Shadows Part 02: Searching For Ghosts - With Lieutenant Trent monitoring from the Theurgy, the away team begins its search for the anomaly. (Link)

Day 09 - March 19, 2381

  • 0500 hrs.| The Silver Shadows Part 03: Ghostbusters - After encountering a hostile force, a rescue operation is organised to free the captured members of the away team. (Link)

Day 10 - March 20, 2381

  • 0800 hrs. | The Inside Man, Part 6: The first recruits arrived to Aldea, stepping aboard the Theurgy to serve Captain Ives and the mission. Only former Starfleet Intelligence Officers, no currently active ones.
  • 2034 hrs. | Lads Night Out: Adam Kingston, Seren, and new recruits Erev-Sae-Reyanad Xan and Avi are kidnapped by Aldean pirates. (Link)

Day 11 - March 21, 2381

  • 0900 hrs.| The Silver Shadows Part 04: Welcome Aboard The IKS Kut'luch - When a Klingon scout ship goes missing, Captain Ruzaxo organises for the Theurgy to assist in his search. (Link)
  • 1258 hrs.| With Malice Aforethought - The murder of Lt Carrigan Trent is revealed to the senior staff. (Link)
  • 1345 hrs. | Murder, He Wrote: Carrigan Trent's murder is investigated and the perpetrator, Lt JG Brett Hansen, arrested. (Link)

Day 12 - March 22, 2381

  • 0830 hrs. | Unidentified Flying Object in the Beyond: An away team encounters the Savi in the Beyond, where the unexpectedly alive Echtand qi Versant seeks equally unexpectedly to cooperate with the Theurgy on its mission to end the threat of the Infested. To begin with, their reasons are not entirely clear.

Day 13 - March 23, 2381

  • 0030 hrs.| The Silver Shadows Part 05: Shadow Dance - The Kut'luch arrives in the Fey'Chora system and begins its search for the missing scout ship. (Link)

Day 14 - March 24, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 15 - March 25, 2381

  • 1500 hrs. | Quantum Slipstream Burst Drive: A Delegation fromt he Theurgy beams up to the Erudite for a demonstration of the Quantum Slipstream Burst Drive that the Savi are offering as an olive branch and beginning of an alliance against the threat of the Infested.
  • 1530 hrs.| The Silver Shadows Part 06: (Untitled) - The Kut'luch arrives back in the Epsilon Mynos System..

Day 16 - March 26, 2381

  • 0930 hrs.| Yacht Party! - With the opinions of the Theurgy crew improving, the Aldeans have allowed the crew the use of a large ocean yacht for a day and night of relaxation and frivolities. The offer could be answered by any (group) in the crew who has shoreleave and/or a reason to celebrate something. It could be a wedding, a birthday or a Department Head taking some of their officers on a pleasure cruise. The yacht is crewed by Aldeans with the right security clearance that allows the crew not having to pose as Aldeans. Details surrounding the ship and the accommodations aboard is up to the writers, but it could be a good idea to have the yacht fitted with UV shield tech since they are outside of Aldea Prime. The party ends, whenever the writers want, with a deep sea creature threatening the yacht. This Objective should foreshadow the Objective named "Aldean Kaijus Rising!". (Link)
  • 1000 hrs.| Flag Bridge Repairs - After the Savi took Thea's positronic brain from the Main Computer Core - which also serves as the Flag Bridge on the Theurgy - her brain might have been reinstalled, but the area still suffered a firefight involving both phasers and graviton rifles. Upon the repairs of the area being concluded, the idea to re-purpose the area for a future Diplomatic Council might form, and the suggestion is passed along to the Senior Staff. (Link)

Day 17 - March 27, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 18 - March 28, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 19 - March 29, 2381

  • 2100 hrs. | Oceanside Dress Party - First Appointee Radue of the Aldean Defence Committee, leader of the Aldeans, have invited the Theurgy crew to a closed off, seaside dress party down on Aldea, in the outskirts of Aldea Prime city. The futuristic and luxurious palace is guarded by Klingons to keep out any unwanted guests that doesn't have the security clearance to know the true identities of the Theurgy crew, meaning that those attending from the Theurgy will be able to be themselves and also wear the Starfleet dress uniform. The occasion celebrated is how the Aldeans managed to isolate the bug in the Gestalt Program with the help of the Theurgy crew. (Link)

Day 20 - March 30, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 21 - March 31, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 22 - April 1, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 23 - April 2, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 24 - April 3, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 25 - April 4, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 26 - April 5, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 27 - April 6, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 28 - April 7, 2381

  • High Chancellor Martok arrives at Aldea on the IKS Vor'nak and the IKS ChunDab, having travelled all the way from the Azure Nebula, or what was left of it. Link

Day 29 - April 8, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 30 - April 9, 2381

  • With the Flag Bridge repaired after the Savi caused damaged to it, the area is dedicated to the Diplomatic Corps and any affiliates/stakeholders in the future diplomatic efforts.

Day 31 - April 10, 2381

  • With new crew coming aboard and filling out vacant Department head positions, the senior staff are conducting a social mixer to get to know one another, something that will become a weekly event (though each meeting won't necessarily be written out in character) Link

Day 32 - April 11, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 33 - April 12, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 34 - April 13, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 35 - April 14, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 36 - April 15, 2381

  • The Mk II exosuits for Tactical CONN and Security were finished and replaced the Mk I suits in both Departments. After downloading the replication patterns from the backdoor the Theurgy has to the Federation database, Engineering and Ops installed the dampening technology of the Savi suits, which allowed the wearers to mask their life-sign from sensors - allowing for a sensor stealth feature. While energy-consuming, it was a short-term solution for infiltration assignments. Upgrades also included slightly better specifications than the Mk I exosuit.

Those are the currently available days in the Aldea Prime Anthology!