USS Jeraddo

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Vessel Name: USS Jeraddo
Registry: NCC-80256
Starship Class: Luna-class
Starship Type: Multi-Mission Explorer
Status: Active
Purpose: Exploration & Scientific Research
Constructed: San Francisco Fleet Yards & Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Commissioned: March 12, 2378
Dedication: ”Even in desolation, there is hope"
  • Length: 450 m
  • Height: 80 m
  • Width: 205 m
Mass: 3,000,000 metric tons
Decks: 17
Standard Crew Complement 350
Maximum Cruising Speed

Warp Factor 8.5
Warp Factor 9.975 for 12hrs

Standard Cruising Speed Warp Factor 7.5
  • (x13)Type X Phaser Beam Arrays
  • (x4) Torpedo Launchers (2 front & 2 aft)
  • Standard Deflector Shield
  • Duranium microfoam and Tritanium Hull composite
Auxiliary Craft
  • Type 8 Shuttles: 3
  • Type 9 Shuttles: 3
  • Type 9A Cargo Shuttles: 2
  • Type 18 Shuttlepod: 2
  • Workbees: 2
  • Aerowing Shuttle

Sean Tourangeau

3D Model:

The Light Works

Luna Class Rear Ventral.jpeg
Resolve 4.jpg
Luna Class Rear Dorsal.jpeg

The USS Jeraddo is a relatively new Luna Class Vessel currently undergoing a 5 year exploration mission towards the galactic core. Her namesake comes from one of the energy productions moons of the Federation member planet of Bajor.

Starship Demonstration 01

Starship Demonstration 02


After initial space worthiness tests of the Luna-class in 2372, Starfleet Command moved forward with production of the vessels. The Dominion war had, however, left a toll on active starships and the mindset of ship designers. With a need to press more active ships into service, many ship classes were given a variety of experimental designs. At the time, many of the Luna-class ship were produced with concepts that where removed in the later models.

Launched at the beginning of 2378, the Jeraddo began it's final shakedown cruise in Axanar space, but problems were soon identified with the navigational array, and the impulse engines necessitating a return to space dock for repairs. These would be completed in early 2378 and the ship was launched with Captain Threross zh’Ptrell commanding. The ship and crew completed several relatively straightforward scientific surveys in Federation space that helped to work out any remaining kinks in the ship's systems.

Final shaking down was declared complete by her captain at the end of 2378. The ship was tasked on a 5 year exploration mission towards the galactic core, specifically to identify new potential colony sights and locations for new starbases to be built as a springboard for future expansion.

Aerowing Shuttle

Mounted on the underside of the saucer section, the Aerowing rests in a recessed hatchway just aft of the ventral sensor array. The craft serves in the capacity of a runabout aboard larger ships. In fact the Aerowing’s technology and design is based, in large part, on the Danube class runabout.

The Aerowing provides a large secondary craft, long-range travel, and the protection, armament, and sensor capabilities beyond that of a standard auxiliary shuttle.

Facilities include two sleeping bunks and a standard runabout passenger cabin. A replicator and flight couches provide for the needs of the passengers and a two-person transporter allows for beaming of personnel or cargo when needed. Atmospheric flight capabilities allow this shuttle type to land on planetary surfaces.


Commanding Officers

  • Captain Threross zh’Ptrell

Command Crew

  • Executive Officer
    • Commander T'Vanu
  • Operations Officer/Second Officer
    • Lieutenant Commander Nikos Melendropolous
  • Chief Tactical Officer
    • Lieutenant Ikohraol Th’raaqes
  • Chief CONN Officer
    • Lieutenant JG Lee Suk Ni
  • Chief Engineer
    • Lieutenant Commander Lena Boemont
  • Chief Medical Officer
    • Lieutenant Jose Fillamoni, MD
  • Chief Counsellor (Acting)
    • Lieutenant Warr
  • Chief Science Officer
    • Lieutenant Keleema Wilkens

Disclaimer Notice

Images of the Luna-class starship on this page were made by the creator of the ship, Sean Tourangeau and rendered by the Light Works.
Luna patch used with permission of Unusualsuspex - granted Dec 8, 2016