Zrinka Agaixot, callsign "Honey Badger" (MIA)

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Name:Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot
Position:Fighter Pilot
Callsign:Honey Badger
Orientation:  Pansexual
Height:5ft 9in / 1.75m
Weight:139lbs / 63kg
Hair:Light Brown
Eye color:Black
Played by:Stana Katic
Flying fast...
Men. Women.
Playing with Bobo
Climbing (rock, mountain)
Extreme sports
Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
Parkour & Running
Guitar (electric & acoustic)
20th Century Heavy Metal Music
Exotic Dancing
2366-2367: Madam Cho's Dancing School
2367-2368: SFMC Academy - Basic Training
2375-2377: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2377-2378: Cadet, Starfleet Tactical CONN Academy
Service Record
2366-2368: Private, SFMC
2368-2370: Private 1st Class, SFMC
2370-2372: Lance Corporal, SFMC
2372-2376: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2376-2377: Cadet, Starfleet Tactical CONN Academy
2377-2379: Ensign, USS Vanguard
2379-2380: Lt JG, USS Vanguard
2380-2381: Ensign, USS Theurgy
2381-2381: Stasis, USS Theurgy
2381-2381: Ensign, USS Theurgy
2371: Commendation for Bravery Under Fire.
2378: Fighter Ace. First confirmed occurrence,
subsequent not listed

Ensign Zrinka "Rini" Agaixot, callsign "Honey Badger", was a fighter pilot serving aboard the USS Theurgy. Rini aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.

Background Story

Zrinka was born to a human father of Croatian descent, Gabrijel Medved, and a Betazoid mother, Lada Agaixot, on November 19. Her parents had met when Gabrijel had come to Betazoid as part of a private medical company to setup a facility, which would also be researching Zanthi fever treatment. Gabrijel had met Lada at a social event, and they hit it off, eventually marrying & Gabrijel stayed on Betazoid. Because the Agaixot family was powerful and Betazoid has more of a matriarchal society, Gabrijel was fine with the children taking the Agaixot last name - and well, Lada was quite... strong-willed.

By the time Zrinka was born, there was three boys and a girl, Elas, Tebim, Toacam and Kiavreh. As she grew, Rini, as she preferred to be called, had some very strong differences in personality to her siblings, and often got in trouble. She was very manipulative, and developed quite a devious nature. Often, Rini would get into physical fights and there was frequent clashing between Lada and Rini about all manner of things. Growing up, Zrinka was quite athletic and proved to be quite good at sport & running, having great stamina.

Just before she entered higher schooling, the family moved to Earth, picking San Francisco to be their new home. On the way, Rini spent a lot of time with the pilot of the transport, and was quite interested in how the ship worked. But Gabrijel sent her packing away from being a disturbance - temporarily stalling her future.

Rini loved being away from the Betazoids who could tell what you were thinking or feeling, and was quite popular. When she began leaning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at school from a teacher, her fighting became better. She also found out about the French-descended activities of parkour, and loved how it helped her push herself.

When Rini finished school, she went to study dancing at a famous school in San Francisco, Madam Cho's Dancing School, but it was only about 9 months later that she decided to drop out and enlist in the Starfleet Marine Corps after hearing a recruitment speech. Her parents were horrified as they had attempt to teach their children about how fighting was the last resort - something Rini had never accepted.

Heading to the Marine basic training, she did a year of training and proved quite good before being assigned to an infantry battalion under Foxtrot Company. Rini had a long-term but casual 'friends with benefits' relationship with a pretty human corporal from Mars, Hannah Levinstein. It was quite well known and became a bit of a company in-joke when hints were dropped at times, but there was no repercussions from it. Over the next four years, Rini was promoted to Private 1st Class, Lance Corporal then Corporal because she was a good Marine who did her duty well, albeit with a very wild streak in her, and showed good leadership skills as a fire-team leader of 4 marines. She never broke the 'no fraternization with officers' rule but others were fair game.

The Marines gave her family and friends that she never had really, and Zrinka was quite happy. However, it was during a mission that distinctly went sideways that laid the keel of a decision for Rini to leave the corps and find something else in her life. Zrinka had just been promoted to squad leader, commanding 13 marines, even though it was a job really for a Sergeant but done out of necessity due to a lack of others of that necessary rank - a common practice done by CO's who trusted their staff.

So as a new squad leader, Zrinka, her platoon and Foxtrot Company were drop-shipped onto a planet being attacked, and although they fought hard, they were overrun. Half of the company died, including Hannah, and Zrinka was dragged before the alien leader as she had taken over a stronger role under the platoon commander when other the officers were killed. After shooting the platoon commander, the leader had her stripped of her clothes, beaten and then his soldiers raped her for a long time while the others were made to watch. To make it more humiliating after a bit, the leader had her bound to a table, mouth held open and a liquid drug poured in before being left gagged as it went to work, leaving her body crawling & aching with desire as she felt shame. When the soldiers returned and ungagged her, she begged for more and Zrinka cried during it as she couldn't help herself making herself an active participant.

Eventually, a rescue team broke through and as their rescue pilot had died and the others were injured, she had needed to take over as pilot on directions from an officer, even though she hadn't been trained for it. But her Marine training took over and with directions relayed over a comm channel, she got the engines started & the dropship heading up towards space and safety. It had been lucky getting off and it had set something off in her heart - that she had found her true calling.

Following the incident, Zrinka had frequent arguments with her CO who tried to push her into getting counseling, but she fought against it with the coping strategies of minimization (pretending 'everything is fine') and suppression (refusal to discuss it). He also noted that she had one day shortly after changed her appearance radically by using a combat knife to cut her long hair down to a short style.

A month later, Zrinka realized that she was not feeling well and Medical confirmed that she was pregnant. She would be relegated back to desk duty which she hated, and so, it was with a heavy heart that she decided not to renew her enlistment in the Marines that was due in a week when her service time came up as one of the things that Rini had been exposed to during her service was how flying a vehicle was exhilarating & she could not really see the Marines being a good way to get into it.

The Marines gave her an honorable discharge, and the day after as a way of changing her life, Rini to a doctor's office the day after and had the 'mistake' canceled. It was never anything that she regretted, and went on with her life.

Now that she was free, Rini booked a flight away from Earth and headed out into the galaxy. After a month of restless wandering and missing purpose in her life, Zrinka finally decided to seek out what made her happy - and she begun looking into various ways that she could get into flying - starting with doing some courses at a civilian flight school.

Even that didn't really help, so Zrinka decided that she couldn't cope with civilian life and decided to join Starfleet. It was on her Marine service record that she got into Starfleet Academy on the Tactical Conn track. Even though she was older then some of the other cadets, her Marine training helped her get an edge and she pushed herself hard. One of her instructors believed she had natural talents that had never been discovered. As a cadet, Rini was a rather strange mix of efficiency and rebelliousness. She developed quite a reputation because of her open & uninhibited nature and very liberated way of looking at sexuality, and enjoyed the company of both men & women freely. Plus, Zrinka got into trouble more then a few times.

A few years in, Zrinka began having trouble with regret of her life choices and it took a fair while for her to finally be forced into counseling again. It was also with the help of a female Vulcan cadet, T'Mir, that she got through, and the pair developed a casual relationship during their time at the Academy. Overall, she managed to get through the four general years without being booted. From there, Rini headed to Tactical Conn Academy, where she was immersed in everything about combat flying.

Following on after that year, her first duty assignment was to the USS Vanguard, a Sovereign-class vessel with a contingent of AC-307 Mk II Valkyrie fighters. She did quite well, and her CO accepted her quirkiness. Over the next three years, Zrinka got her first confirmed fighter ace for combat kills, and her CO promoting her to Lieutenant Junior Grade eventually.

However, Rini's own passions helped to throw a temporary derailment into her career during a transport & diplomatic mission a year later. It took Admiral Decour awhile to realize that his very pretty blonde wife might not be totally faithful but when he found the blonde in bed with Rini, all hell broke lose - ending with Zrinka being demoted to Ensign for 'gross misconduct' and transferred to the USS Theurgy in early 2380, where she was assigned to the Lone Wolves fighter squadron. To this day, Rini will explain that mostly, it seemed to be out of anger from the slight that Rini turned his wife into a strongly-committed lesbian.

The benefit she did find though was that she got to fly one of the new prototype AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie fighters, and it was amazing. Zrinka did miss the need for an RIO, but well, the tactical link-up library software system more then made up for it.

Shortly after coming aboard, Zrinka bought and smuggled aboard a rainbow-colored tribble that she named Bobo. It had been given an op to ensure it wouldn't breed, but she is still careful with it's diet.

It would be in November that Rini stood by her captain and became one of the outlaw crew that was hunted down for two months across the Alpha Quadrant by Starfleet. Being a black-sheep meant it wasn't as hard for her and in a crew the size of Theurgy, Zrinka found plenty of possible friends and lovers.

During the time, two of the crew became infected with some sort of parasite that caused rampant deviant behavior, Zrinka was caught up in it when she got corned in the shower by a group of infected guys, who she could definitely tell wanted her body for pleasure. The abuse that happened during the failed mission during the Marines led Rini to have a complete flashback and fought with martial arts but it wasn't working well, as the effects of the pheromones and scent produced by the virus caused her to become more pliant & less resistant. With the size of the group, her body and mind finally gave in. Throwing herself into wild abandon, Zrinka was finally cured like the rest of the crew and found that, unlike a lot of the crew, her memories of what she did stayed with her in vivid sensation. She didn't consider it rape because she thoroughly enjoyed it, knowing it had turned very much into mutual lovemaking once she was infected. The only real thing that she dis harbor regret about was that she later on infected another female crew member.

Later on, after the Ishtar Entity decided to paired up crew members in a plan for them to have little inhibitions, Zrinka didn't have any disgust or hatred, and found it quite outstanding because the guy she was forced with was really good.

However, it didn't last long as during the incident with the USS Calamity, Zrinka was severely injured during the battle when her attack fighter was badly damaged. She had become distracted when one of her squad-mates, Khorin Douglas, had his fighter hit in the Calamity`s initial barrage, and she didn't react fast enough when her own was hit. A piece of shrapnel tore into her body. Fire burned her as well before the fighter's suppression system and her exosuit managed to seal up the injuries & snuff out the flames. The dying half-Betazoid pilot got the fighter back into the bay before passing out. She was placed in stasis until a new pancreas could be assembled after being treated for the burns.

Zrinka was brought out of stasis after the Battle of Starbase 84 and had the new artificial pancreas implanted - one collected at the Black Opal supply depot - although she still had second-degree burn scars from the fire. After awakening, Rini was very happy that Bobo was still alive and that she was back in the cockpit.

Zrinka’s fighter went missing on a mission to the Ithacae system and she is currently listed as Missing In Action (MIA) on the Theurgy’s roster. Since her fighter went missing at the same incident that destroyed the IKS Hakkarl, Enisng Zrinka Agaixot is considered missing and presumed dead.

Personality Profile


About her

Zrinka preferred to go by a shorter version of her name, Rini, as it was easier for non-Serbians to pronounce or by her call-sign of "Honey Badger". She got that from her fellow pilots because she didn't take no $#!% from nobody. There was a wild rebellious side to her that was often misunderstood and she was considered quite eccentric. According to Gabrijel, Zrinka was a Scorpio-Sagittarius cusper due to being born on November 19.

One thing to make a note of when thinking about Zrinka was that she had always been the 'black sheep' of her family and took utter delight in it. She was never interested in the stuff Betazoid traditions of her house and thought her mother was a cruel spiteful witch. In some ways, sticking with the USS Theurgy and becoming a traitor was her biggest 'fuck you' signal to her family.

Rini was very passionate, fun-loving and dynamic with a lot of energy, and was quite adaptable & resourceful. She considered it important to be able to control as much as possible - to be out of control was very threatening, even dangerous to her psyche as when she controls, she felt safe.

Although she was a Scorpio and didn't actually feel like she needed people, Zrinka did really enjoy socializing, coming from her Sagittarius side, and well, she found that she enjoyed being promiscuous & around people. She was always seeking excitement and often did risky activities in her down-time. Zrinka had an encouraging, positive nature and a kind heart that would do anything to make sure a friend was happy. If someone was suffering, you could expect Rini to go and check in on them. Rini was an excellent conversationalist with a good sense of humor, although often to the raw truth, as she would speak her mind and not hold anything back.

Her ideas of romance extended to pretty much anyone breathing, and she didn't have a monogamous bone in her body - she never considered commitment and loved to experiment. She considered sex to be a total emotional and physical experience with passion and intensity, & often quite long experiences. Rini liked to make it known that when she was in her exo-flight suit, she'd be essentially naked inside it due to the liquid layer.

Zrinka had a really curious quirk about her. Her memory for anything flight-related is absolutely top-notch, but for anything else, she was very absent-minded and scatter-brained. Zrinka was very good at multi-tasking and tended to also work on a 'be prepared for anything' mentality. There was always a survival knife in her boot.

Why she fits in as being a pilot so well

Zrinka would score very low on the neuroticism scale if tested, meaning that she was very cool, calm and collected in times of stress, and was very confident in her ability to handle a difficult situation, which was a critical trait for pilots to have, especially during an emergency.

However, saying everything clearly and transparently resulted in a very difficult task to her. To Zrinka, it seemed to put make her feel naked in front of others and this made her feel too helpless & out of control - which was bad. Whether it was for a form of self-protection, to a desire to influence others, or to a need to control her environment, she had a strong tendency to try to "bend reality" to a more favorable version for her.

Although it wasn't really taught much to pilots, she took classes and learnt how to do basic and even some more difficult maintenance tasks on fighters, which helped her to be able to ride the envelope closer.

She was definitely cocky, egotistical and just oozed self-confidence to a high level, which caused issues with others. Although there was lot of bravado there, she was also a fear of failure, which she kept hidden. Do not ever expect Rini to fess up about it or share a tale with anyone like her not winning, however, because this showed signs of weakness and Rini always won. She was always the self-proclaimed best!

Why she sometimes has issues with others

So, Zrinka certainly did not feel particularly uncomfortable in lying and especially in omitting - meaning that this half-Betazoid was very capable of hiding her true feelings and motivations, and often has ulterior motives or a hidden agenda. That didn't go well with some people.

Zrinka had a tendency to mask unwanted feelings with humor, sarcasm or anger, and had difficulty revealing, expressing, or even recognizing feelings - and definitely doesn't care about them. She wasn't exactly autistic, but has tendencies leaning that way.

Like her callsign, Rini was very impatient, intense and potentially obsessive, with nobody being able to stop her once she decided to do something due to a strong sense of stubbornness in her. She didn't back down easily - which led to lots of physical fights as she grew up. And well, she had an obsession to get to the bottom of things, and share that knowledge with others - whether it was a good idea or not.

A curious mix of intense socializing and privacy-seeking

Although Scorpios like Zrinka were not really social butterflies, it was Zrinka's bold Sagittarius active side that meant she had found that it was something that she enjoyed. She was very much into socializing, intimate activities, gambling in any form, wrestling, and well... exotic dancing.

She was very generous person, and very much enjoyed jokes & humor. Rini was very much a team player and very loyal to her squadron mates & her current crew-mates, who she made time to be around - they were like family to her & she would be the first to volunteer or suggest some wild party or activity. Without it really being part of her job now, Zrinka was always watching out for the rest on her squadron. A lot of this belief and behavior came from her time as a Marine. If you disrespected or actually hurt one of her squadron mates, she would literally punch you in the nose.


However, she very much also needed to spend time alone for her own mental well-being, and had a number of private hobbies - playing a guitar, mountain-climbing on planets or in the holodeck, parkour and yoga. Her prized guitar is a replica 1960's Gibson Hummingbird Vintage acoustic guitar.

Current Condition

Upon awakening from stasis, Zrinka was suffering essentially the equivalent of post-traumatic stress disorder from the series of three incidents of unrequested sexual abuse that she had suffered since leaving the Marines and coming aboard. She had managed to mostly recover from the first incident and putting it behind her, being close to the reorganization phase, but then things went fubar and she has had a lot of things happen in a short time which had left her in a mental place that was not very good - being stuck right back in the underground stage.

There had been a number of physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms that she could be categorized with. Since coming aboard the ship, her sense of personal security or safety had been quite compromised, so she had set up various traps and detection methods for her quarters - thieves beware. And lovers who might visit during the night.

Zrinka had had sleep disturbance issues in the form of insomnia, vivid dreams & recurring nightmares since at least early in her Academy days. As a pilot, her condition was watched and she tried not to use sedating medication. She tended to sleep quite lightly and had a tendency 'overreact' to loud & unexpected noises. She often caused people to think she was very jumpy because she was always very alert & watchful. Zrinka reacted really badly and aggressively with accidental contact.

A counselor believed that Zrinka had become more promiscuous following the attacks as a way to reassert a measure of control over her life. Zrinka had gotten in trouble for substance and alcohol abuse, and got quite aggressive when forced to think about it.


2366: Reprimanded for excessive force during training. Broke another private's nose.
2372: Reprimanded for physical assault, when she knocked another cadet unconscious after he grabbed her ass in the bar one night.
2373: Reprimanded for breach of curfew. Zrinka was caught in the dorm room of another cadet late one night.
* Record does not mention the lack of clothing
2374: Reprimanded for lewd behavior.
2380: Reprimanded for 'gross misconduct' and demoted one grade. Seduced an Admiral's wife.
2380: Reprimanded for smuggling a desexed tribble aboard. Bobo the tribble was allowed to stay, and was cared for while Zrinka was in stasis.

Physical Profile


Zrinka was a quite tall brunette woman with mixed human and Betazoid heritage. From her Betazoid mother, she had inherited blackish-pupiled eyes, and from her human father, she had inherited an Eastern European Croatian face with well-defined cheekbones and slightly square. Her ears were pierced in the lobes, and so are her nipples. As a tramp-stamp, Zrinka had a black sheep tattoo - an in-joke for herself.

As a way to cover & improve the look of the fire scars on her back from when her fighter was damaged in the Calamity fight, Zrinka got help from an enlisted guy she knew in Security to have a tattoo of a phoenix emblazoned on her back. For her, it symbolized that even near fatal injuries won't keep a 'Honey Badger' down.

When she was not in her flight exosuit but on duty, Zrinka preferred the skirt version of the standard duty or dress uniform & a white undershirt because she found it amusing to show off her legs and well, there wasn't always anything underneath. Actually, pretty much never.

Her personal style off-duty was very much casual and skimpy, with bare mid-riffs & the like, plus necklaces or hoodies. She had a sense of the thrill in her and quite flirtatious. Zrinka really had a Betazoid view of modesty and public nudity was something that she was completely comfortable with - regardless who was around.

Due to her injury, Zrinka had been given an artificial pancreas, which also had an additional feature of allowing an ampule of liquid to be slipped into a special external access port on her side and slowly released into her bloodstream. This was needed as some of the hormones produced by the natural one were difficult to reproduce in small-scale, so had to be supplemented. She made sure to keep some spares with her, and she was slightly worried about the ability of third-parties to use it against her. Should it run out, there could be numerous medical consequences, including tiredness, lethargy, loss of consciousness, seizures or worse.

On her attack fighter, Zrinka had a number of 'kill markers' that she upgraded, and was quite proud of her record.

Special Notes

  • Rini was quite limited in her mental Betazoid abilities - she had no telepathy at all and her empathic talents were lacking, with no formal training. She could sense strong emotions as flashes or maybe a little more when she concentrated. She wouldn't have much in way of defenses against any intrusions.
  • Zrinka could speak a fair number of languages - Croatian & English that she learnt from her father, Betazoid that she learnt from her mother, Hebrew and 'Martian' from Hannah and Bajoran, Klingon and Andorian that she learnt since her time in the Marines & Starfleet.

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