USS Hravishran

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USS Excelsior-D.png
Vessel Name: USS Hravishran
Registry: NCC-38986
Starship Class: Excelsior-class
Starship Type: Heavy Cruiser, Explorer
Status: Active
Purpose: Exploration & Scientific Research
Constructed: Utopia Planitia Fleetyards
Commissioned: December 27, 2358
Dedication: "No great victory comes without sacrifice."
  • Length: 511.25 m
  • Height: 195.64 m
  • Width: 86.76 m
Mass: 2,350,000 metric tons
Decks: 29
Standard Crew Complement 750
Maximum Cruising Speed Warp 9
Standard Cruising Speed Warp 7
  • 10 dual-emitter Type-VIII phaser banks
  • 6 single emitter Type-VIII phaser banks
  • 6 torpedo launchers
Defenses: Standard Deflector Shield
Auxiliary Craft Federation Shuttlecraft
Design David Carson and Nilo Rodis
3D Model Industrial Light and Magic
Dedication Plaque USS Hravishran.png

The USS Hravishran was an Excelsior class starship in service for most of the 24th century. The ship was named after Hravishran "Shran" th'Zoarhi, one of the first Admirals in the Federation Starfleet.


Despite it's classification as an explorer, the USS Hravishran was a ship that did little exploring. Their normal assignments included patrolling border regions and diplomatic, repair, supply runs inside of Federation space.

In 2370, The Hravishran was patrolling the Federation side of the Demilitarized Zone. The diplomatic corps, including newly minted Ensign Nysarisiza zh’Eziarath, were tasked with talking down the Maquis to maintain the treaty with the Cardassian Union. Few people on the ship believed in their assignment, and sympathies for the Maquis were commonly heard. Nearly a year later, Ensign zh'Eziarath was transferred off the ship.

Senior Staff

Commanding Officer

  • Captain Ishremia sh'Zaorerh

Command Crew

  • First Officer
    • Commander Synen
  • Chief Engineer
    • Lieutenant Commander Sara Adroi
  • Chief Medical officer
    • Lieutenant Nesim Radha
  • Chief Operations Officer
    • Lieutenant Commander Tarv bav Zuttuss
  • Chief CONN Officer
    • Lieutenant Neza Oabu
  • Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer
    • Lieutenant Hakrut Navar
  • Chief Science officer
    • Lieutenant Commander Shathan ch'Evialrirh
  • Chief Diplomatic Officer
    • Lieutenant Commander Arden Chen

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