USS Seeker

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The USS Seeker
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The USS Seeker was a Federation Intrepid class starship serving in Starfleet in the 24th century. Sar-unga Neleo, the Asurian spy served aboard the Seeker as a security specialist with the rank of petty officer second class under the alias Dyan Cardamone from 2369 to 2374.

After the USS Theurgy discovered the conspiracy that compromised Starfleet and fled Federation space, the Seeker was selected to be part of Task Force Archeron and ordered to hunt down and destroy the errant multivector dreadnought.

In March of 2381 the Seeker was disabled by Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent’s "Soup Sandwich" virus, but a week later had recovered sufficiently to participate in the Battle of Starbase 84.

Later in March of 2381, it was searching for the Theurgy in the Azure Nebula when it - along with ten other ships in Task Force Archeron - encountered the Borg. They fought valiantly in protection of the Federation, meaning to halt the invasion, until the ship was destroyed. The crew of the USS Allegiant NX-80978 found parts of its wreckage on their sensors, scanning the debris field left behind after the battle.