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Personnel FileY-o1.png
Name:James "Jimmy" Mariner
Position:Security Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:San Diego, California
Weight:185 lbs
Hair:Light Brown
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Chris Pratt
Holonovels (Action/Historic)
Photo Opportunities
Music (His own playlist)
Spontaneous Humor/One-liners
"Showing off"
DIY Arms & armor
Daredevil Stunts
Ancient West/WWII/3 Simulators
Martial Arts
Strategy Games (PaDD & board)
Getting away with breaking some regulations
Self-taught, Homeschooling, Rowdy Developmental Years
Graduated From Midway High School
Starfleet Academy (Never Formally Graduated)
Service Record
2370: Midway High School, Athletic & Historic Clubs
2372: Enrolled in Starfleet Security
2373: Posted on USS Hornet for Training Cruise and Extension Courses
2375: Left Academy immediately after the Breen attack on Earth; Formally Joined USS Hornet, Security Officer
(Never formally graduated from the Academy, but never stopped taking lessons during his wartime deployments)
2378-81: Security Officer, USS Resolve
Several citations and commendations for bravery, but doesn't care for medals, only glory.

James "Jimmy" Mariner was a Security Officer on the USS Resolve, but transferred to the USS Theurgy as of the end of the Battle of Starbase 84. Mariner aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Raised by his family all over the Pacific Rim of Earth, Mariner (Prounounced: Mare in Err, not Ma-Reen-urr) was born in the United States, but proudly considers himself Australian, son of a shuttle pilot and a video documentarian. Pete Mariner (Whose family descended from MACO war veterans) and Sandra Mariner both home-educated their son to lead an independent lifestyle and stay together, but in his adolescent years, Mariner took to visiting bars and pubs all over the globe, so long as he was home in time for supper, but he tended to wind up staying overnight, regaling tales of his (exaggerated and holodeck-inflated) exploits. The adventures landed him in holding cells and hospitals as often as it did into bedrooms. Still not satisfied, Jimmy became infatuated with an alien female Starfleet Cadet, who impacted Mariner's decision to join Starfleet, or at least take some accredited courses, which Jimmy enthusiastically passed.

At 18, Jimmy took shuttle piloting certifications, but he still followed the family tradition of keeping the old MACO banner in the family, he took its modern equivalent in Starfleet Security, to the pride of his father, but during one of Jimmy's leisurely flights around Earth, It was during one of these adventures that Mariner was forced to watch the Breen attack on Starfleet Headquarters, seeing the bombardment from over the horizon as he was visiting Hawaii.

When the invaders were driven back, Mariner wasted no time in aiding with the rescue. After some paperwork and a tour of volunteer service in the planet's recovery, Mariner would eventually undergo his Cadet training cruise aboard the Galaxy-Class Carrier Refit, USS Hornet, along with XO Marquez, who bailed the young man out of a fight one week into his new posting. Tensions were high, friends and family on the crew were lost and missing, and not everyone was prepared for the wisecracking Australian or his sense of humor.

The firm but fair mentor, Leon Marquez, decided to commission Jimmy Mariner as a provisional Ensign for his exemplary bravery in rescuing people from devastated buildings on and around Starfleet Headquarters, so long as Mariner proved he earned his place. Mariner made it his sole purpose on the Hornet to do so, many times biting off more than he could chew in taking the paperwork off of the Security Chief. His enthusiasm, however went largely overlooked throughout the war, but soon, the eager Ensign had his chance.

Mariner was also noteworthy in his foolish bravery: During one encounter with a Jem'Hadar battlecruiser, Mariner was the last conscious security officer within comms range aboard the USS Hornet, which was taking heavy fire and boarding parties while most of the crew was containing the intruders, who were almost ready to secure the wounded Galaxy-Class carrier and scuttle it while its fighters kept the enemy vessel occupied. So, Mariner, by his own account, "Decided to beat them at their own game."

Mariner abandoned his post guarding a corridor, near the torpedo bay, sealing himself inside, and then he used a less-reliable but fully operational cargo bay transporter to beam himself and two hover-carts carrying two manual detonator-rigged photon torpedoes onto the enemy battlecruiser, fully expecting to die.

When unauthorized transporter use was logged on the bridge, XO Leon Marquez immediately tracked and beamed Mariner back to the Hornet, just as his torpedoes were manually detonated on the enemy vessel, instantly turning the tide against the Jem'Hadar, giving the Hornet's fighters the right opening to destroy the enemy and prevent more boarding parties. Mariner passed on the Medal of Valor he was offered, asking only to have his provisional Ensign rank elevated to a full-time one. Captain Xan, recognizing the young man's talent and friendship with Marquez assigned him as his XO's security attaché, largely to keep "such foolhardy bravery alive."

However, it is this foolhardy bravery that kept him close to a superior officer who could keep him in line, as Mariner could be impulsive and brash, but knew how to direct his energy and his aptitude. In fact, he was actually a good dancer at parties and had an unshakeable trait for asking female officers to dance. In addition, Mariner was also surprisingly clever in some aspects: he picked up on Chess and beat a Vulcan Officer at the game, which was attributed to Mariner taunting the Vulcan's passive strategy into making a mistake that set him up for the ancient 'Three-move-win' maneuver. Unofficially, the Vulcan was returned to Captain Sobok's ship, but Mariner allegedly had emotionally compromised that officer back to Sobok's vessel, "What, I didn't hurt your feelings, did I? Is embarrassment an emotion? Need some analgesic cream for that... burn!?" However, in a fair fight, he was susceptible as much as any individual, so he tended to fight indirectly to tilt the scales in any firefight he'd be engaged in.

For all his capabilities, Mariner never formally graduated the Academy, content where he was in the galaxy: away from classrooms, obstacle courses, harsh graders and away from it all. Mariner loved life out in the stars and never really looked back.

Mariner fought in the Dominion War with honor, and it was he who was forced to arrest the Emotionally compromised Captain Xan during the fight, upon him allowing the Romulan Flagship to be destroyed when he could have saved them. Xan had been taunted by the Romulan Admiral about the death of Lieutenant Talas, in an ancient and seemingly-forgotten Ushaan that the Andorian had taken bitterly, more so when taunted by the Romulan in this regard one time too many. When the lead warbird was destroyed due to Xan's refusal to aid the flaship, a scuffle ensued, and Marquez assumed command for the remainder of the mission, continuing to support the Romulans.

However, Admiral Ross, knowing full well what had happened had dispersed most of the Hornet’s crew, transferred Lieutenant Commander Marquez and certain officers to the USS Resolve on a scouting mission as a way to keep the story hidden from the Romulans. Unfortunately, there were some casualties on the Hornet, including the Chief of Security, who's pit bull had just given birth to a litter, and only one puppy had survived. Jimmy Mariner adopted the puppy, nicknaming him "Sharky", and has exhibited remarkable paternal instincts toward the by-then waist-high guard dog, who keenly knew the difference between "Good Alien", to which known species are friends or crewmates, and "Bad Aliens", such as Reptillians, in which case, even in the holodeck, Sharky was trained to disarm and confound hostiles; Sharky remained Jimmy's pride and joy as long as the two were together. Unwillingly cast across the Quadrant away from home and the benefits of being in friendly space, the three years of Mariner's career aboard the USS Resolve were somber, but Jimmy himself made the most of the voyage. Raising Sharky, then a three-year-old waist-high guard dog was a particularly educational experience.

Having spent some time working together with Romulans during the mostly-diplomatic project Operation Eagle, Mariner and some of Hornet's Crew had keen insight into Romulan ships, tactics and even ways to elude them and watch for telltale cloaks, neutrino emissions and singularity detections. During off-hours on Resolve, Jimmy was usually the one instigating the parties at happy hour, exaggerating the importance of mundane events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other coming-of-age rituals for alien crewmates. Never formally serving as Morale Officer, Jimmy imposed himself as such. Despite being a Security officer, he was alleged but never formally charged with fraternization by his CO, Captain Kendrick, but Executive Officer Marquez knew better than to let one of his best Security officers get caught and locked in a holding cell for too long, as Jimmy Mariner's ability to get the drop on enemy boarding parties and turn tides could not be understated.

Finally home after the three-year voyage in Romulan space, Jimmy was caught in a long-range communications booth attempting to get in touch with Marquez's sister, who agreed to introduce Sharky to a compatible mate, but rather than establish a communication line, two of the Starbase's security personnel "asked to speak" with Mariner in the EOC. Seemingly annoyed by Mariner's light-hearted insults, the security officers restrained and unceremoniously deposited the Australian ensign into a holding cell. In defiance, Jimmy kept his spirits up by singing and dancing old earth rock and roll into the cell until he was beamed up to the USS Resolve, where he manned his post until his vessel was attacked by Starbase 84. During the evacuation order to abandon ship, Jimmy risked his life to help rescue trapped crewmates, back up data rods, and small level valuables from the last three years before he was rescued by the Theurgy's transporter chief. Although he was later shaply scolded for risking his life to save material items instead of his own life, Jimmy did manage to save three of his crewmates's lives, as well as Sharky's, as fires consumed the vessel and Jimmy didn't complain about his new home; he managed to save his favorite holodeck programs after all.

Personality Profile

"I'm a go-getter, not an are-we-there-yetter." - Ensign Jimmy Mariner

Mariner was a comedian, a hotshot and a show-off, but when the offer of an exciting mission was ever on the horizon, he tended to be less rebellious and more regulation-conformant in the hopes of 'seeing some action'. An irredeemable thrill-seeker, he knew enough not to take risks that might get himself killed, or worse, end his days of adventure. As a combat operator, Jimmy Mariner was well-trained, preferring pistols. Often, Jimmy would fight with one pistol in each hand, per his 'Sod-regulations, let's give 'em the old one-two punch." approach. Jimmy's biggest fear was being cooped up, either in a holding cell or on corridor patrol duty for too long... or someone finding his collection of holoprograms he confiscated during his career in security.

When Jimmy Mariner wasn't getting into trouble with his chief or his CO, he was usually found in the gym working on his athletic but war-scarred physique, or spotted socializing at the crew bar where he tended to join or incite dances. Sometimes, Jimmy would be in the holodecks, where he used one of the many holoprograms he confiscated or "legitimately obtained" during his eventful security tour on both the USS Hornet and USS Resolve. Mariner's department chiefs however did make note of his frequent tardiness, which some attributed to his fraternization habits, or as Jimmy himself claimed, "Sorry, rough workout, overslept", idly implying his known hobbies, which also homaged his passion for adrenaline-seeking. While he was a competent shuttlepod pilot, he'd never get into a warp fighter, as he claimed, he'd "Rather risk [his] life to a gun than a jet: fewer moving parts."

Mariner's use of Australian colorful jargon characterized him in conversation, along with his unflappable tendency to insult his enemies as shot back at them. His friend and Executive Officer, Leon Marquez introduced Mariner to Ancient West holonovels, and Mariner religiously spent many hours practicing his gunmanship there and at the USS Resolve’s phaser range. Unlike most security officers, he was somehow a terrible shot with a rifle-- his most apparent weakness, yet he seemed to have no trouble with pistols, either in one or both hands. For practicality's sake, Jimmy holstered one to keep his other hand free, but soon thereafter opted for akimbo; Mariner idolized the brief but inspiring career of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, whom he role played during Ancient West holoprogram adventures.

+ Unflappable, Virtually always in good humor.
+ Dogged and determined to complete the mission.
+ Brave, known to take personal risks to pull teammates to safety, despite the odds.
+ Seasoned Combat Operator, used the environment and tool kits to his advantage.
+ Proven Guard Dog trainer, Sharky the Pit Bull was both an effective sidekick and tracker.

- Impulsive, tended to think on his feet short-term, rather than longer-term unless kept in check by a superior officer.
- Hot-headed, never lightly took losing teammates well and could easily be blinded by anger and emotion.
- Arrogant and cocky; "Glory-Hound".
- Tended to talk to his pet as if it were sentient, which some crewmates considered 'wierd.'
- Lengthy incident report file, mostly for Barfighting, Fraternization, Petty Theft (Holo-programs), Misuse of Starfleet Equipment Appropriation... and Canine Littering, but no charges were ever able to stick (aside from a night in a holding cell now and then).

+/- Loyal to his friends and crew, rather than the mission, unless otherwise explicitly ordered; He sometimes defied this philosophy to save his friends over his 'hunch' instinct.
+/- Had a tendency to taunt enemies who later tended to exact karma on him.
+/- Followed orders he didn't agree with, however begrudgingly.
+/- Made many Holo-film references and in-jokes; few if anyone one else seemed to comprehend.
+/- Tended to get cocky in combat, and inflicted collateral damage, usually in his "I meant to do that" attitude.

Physical Profile


Mariner was attractive and he knew it, allowing himself a non-regulation 5'o'clock shadow beard on his jawline; Jimmy was almost always caught smiling, smirking or wearing a knowing regard, he claimed to attribute to his latest score in the range.

Mariner was an experienced combat operative and spent hundreds of hours in holodeck combat training simulators. He had a well-toned body marked by several noticable battle scars from Kar'Tarkin blades, Jem'Hadar rifle shockstrikes and fists, but he always managed to get up and fight until complete physical exhaustion. Jimmy's experiences, he'd never admit, motivated him to be a determined body-builder to never be perceived as 'weak' or 'mammalian' ever again, so he had a dogged hatred toward bullies, particularly reptilians. Also, he knew how to attract female attention, this is why he usually rolled up his sleeves when off-duty to show off his muscular arms and his encyclopedic knowledge of dance moves and mid-20th century music. Due to his devotion to weight lifting and abdominal exercises, Jimmy was capable of lifting his own bodyweight, and did so to show off, even if it was not necessary.

Special Notes

Jimmy Mariner and Leon Marquez were best friends and almost considered each other as brothers, with a shared affection for Sharky the Pit Bull, and each had a sworn commitment to the well being of the dog. The two would alternate shifts and off hours taking Sharky on Holodeck exercises, to keep the energetic young animal active and trained for any dangerous incident they might have experienced both during the Dominion War and during USS Resolve’s voyage home.

The dog was trained to play 'dead' then on command, sneak up on hostiles enough for Mariner or Marquez to spring to action or counter their enemy's plans. Sharky also could smell either of his masters' scent, or that of any USS Resolve crewmate in the event anyone was lost or possibly abducted; The Resolve crew watched Sharky grew up, and he grew to familiarize himself with them over those three years. It was also not unheard of to equip Sharky with a specialized harness and communicator on the rare event when he was suggested as an away team asset. But Sharky preferred the safety of Marquez's or Mariner's quarters. While not overly-intelligent, Sharky could follow basic commands via combadge, ranging from sniffing out missing crew or through disarming bites against armed opponents.

Sharky himself was known for a playful and jubilant personality, but when commanded to, or by instinct, he was also known for a distinctive booming bark and a mouthful of sharp teeth. Thus two commands were particularly noteworthy, "Good Alien" ("Friendly/Sit/Shake-hands"), and "Bad Alien" ("Get 'em", usually as an in-passing term, rather than a direct command) respectively.