House of Duras

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This House was founded by General Ja’rod of the First Fleet, who led the Empire’s first campaign against the Tholians. One of the support ships in his fleet was commanded by his son, Captain Duras, and the day was won due to Duras dying gloriously, sacrificing his ship to achieve victory. The Tholians were defeated and retreated, and from that day forward, the House of Duras became one spoken of in reverent tones. Over the centuries, the House remained powerful. A member of the House of Duras made contact with the Romulans to exchange technology in the wake of growing Federation influence, and those ties remained – Commander Ja’rod betrayed the Empire to the Romulans by giving them access to the Khitomer outpost to destroy it, and his children, Councilor Duras, Lursa, and B’Etor, conspired with the Romulans to destabilize the Empire after Chancellor K’mpec’s death (which they may have had a hand in). After fomenting a civil war, the House was discommendated.