Tristan Kendrick (KIA)

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Personnel FileR-o6.png
Name:Tristan Kendrick
Position:Commanding Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:New York, USA, Earth
Weight:250 lbs
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Emerald Green
Played by:Tom Welling
Writer:1) Triage 2) Masorin
Flora & Fauna
Spending Time With Family
2361-2363: Starfleet Officer Training
2363-2366: B.S. in Medical Research, Starfleet Medical Academy
2366-2367: B.E. in Mechanical & Computer Engineering, Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2365-2366: Lieutenant JG, Research Assistant, USS Durable
2366-2367: Lieutenant, Researcher, USS Steadfast
2368-2374: Lieutenant Commander, Medical Officer, USS Wickersham
2374-2375: Commander, Chief Medical Officer, USS Resolve
2376-Present: Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Resolve
2375: Karagite Order of Heroism
2376: Starfleet Medal of Honor & Star Cross

Tristan Kendrick was the Commanding Officer of the USS Resolve. He died valiantly in the Battle of Starbase 84 after saving his crew from Captain Ian Hawthorne. Before he died, he had his crew evacuated to the USS Theurgy, and killed Ian Hawthorne by ramming the Executive Offices Complex tower inside the Recreational Dome of Starbase 84. He did this with an Aerowing shuttle before succumbing to radiation poisoning, having stayed on the USS Resolve despite her critical warp core failure.


Outside of Starfleet, very little was known about Tristan's past, save that he came from the city, but grew up in the countrysides. In Starfleet however, the man was on the fast track for multiple career opportunities. He excelled in medical research, and began to pursue a career there. Lacking an interest in command, the man was content to spend his life in the labs, studying and inventing cures. Fate, however, had different plans for him. When he was serving on board the Resolve as a medical officer. In 2375 during the Battle of Ricktor Prime the Resolve was heavily damaged when it attempted to rescue the USS Grissom. The Resolve’s main bridge was hit, and Tristan Kendrick had become the last surviving ranking officer. Taking command of the ship from the auxiliary bridge, he made a cautious approach, retreating to an asteroid field to enact repairs, he then returned to reengage the enemy, and this time, took victory, rescuing the crew of the Resolve and two hundred more lives on board a refugee ship. This act earned him the Karagite Order of Heroism award upon his return, and his promotion to captain of the ship he had rescued from destruction.

He defined himself during this time, and earned a Starfleet Medal of Honor and a Star Cross for multiple deeds of valor and heroism. Being a man who valued and saved lives, Tristan frequently came into odds with command requirements over doing what he believed was right, and found himself having to do more and more deeds that he deemed to be utterly wrong, even if it preserved the ideals that the Federation stood for. He was to be even more greatly tested when he and his ship vanished after encountering a spatial anomaly, and he found himself stranded and lost. The next few years had him fighting his way through space, looking for a way home. While he kept most of his crew alive, and his ship relatively intact, during the final leg before they'd reach more familiar territory, Tristan was involved in the most climatic and violent battle of his life, and it was here, he was beginning to question his ability to command any longer. He had helped to develop a unique mode of communication that was taught to the entire crew, using subtle hand signs and gestures, along with movements of the head and eyes, could allow them to speak without detection, since it was developed by the crew themselves.

He then slipped through Romulan space, and made their way to Starbase 84, where he hoped to surrender command of the Resolve and retire from Starfleet. But he was unable to do so, when he was caught in the arrival of the USS Theurgy. His sense of responsibility and capacity overcame any doubts, and he returned to his still badly damaged vessel, bringing back the crew, for one final battle, with his closest friend, the young Krystal Tancredi leading the oddly named Tribble Squadron of combat shuttles to aid him. But something about the entire matter seemed off, and perhaps it was just the stress getting to him...

Personality Profile

Tristan was generally a peaceful and quiet man. Introspective. He fancied himself more of a man meant for peaceful and quiet times, but he had shown that he was capable not only of command and combat, but when necessary, he could be downright merciless in his executions of orders. His loyalty was first and foremost to those he deemed family. At the point when the Resolve returned to Federation space, that was his crew. He also was quite a just person, and liked to hear both sides of the coin before making a judgment call. Moreover, he didn't always agree with all policies or ideals of the Federation, not when it contradicted itself or provided loopholes that justified or allowed criminal activity, or when it prevented him from doing what he perceived to be the right thing. He held strongly to the belief that morality should not be compromised, and often, he found the law compromised morality, and as such, he encouraged people to adopt free thought and voicing of opinions, and he made choices based on the majority of opinion, along with that of his own.

Physical Profile

Tristan was particularly impressive man with a natural presence that could be both invisible or ever-present if he so chose. He was a well built man with somewhat rugged looks, and natural tousled dark hair, intensely green eyes, and a strong jawline. He visibly worked out quite a bit and at his height, it suited him well. Despite his imposing potential, he had a naturally calming expression that put a person at ease when they looked at him. His gentle demeanour added to the effect.