USS Dawnguard

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The USS Dawnguard
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The USS Dawnguard was a 24th century Federation Intrepid-class starship operated by Starfleet. During the early 2370’s, the commanding officer of the Dawnguard was Captain William Jennings.

In 2372, Ensign Logan Hale was assigned to the Dawnguard as a flight control officer. Logan Hale would serve aboard the Dawnguard until 2375, and was promoted to lieutenant (junior grade) and reassigned as a fighter pilot in 2374.

Although originally assigned to the Beta Quadrant, in January of 2372 the Dawnguard was reassigned to the Alpha Quadrant when the Klingon Empire became convinced that the new Cardassian government had been replaced by Changelings and launched an attack on Cardassia Prime. When the Federation refused to support that action, Chancellor Gowron , pulled out of the Khitomer Accords ending the peace between the Federation and the Empire. Before the month was out, the Dawnguard was defending Deep Space 9 against the Klingon incursion that would later be known as the First Battle of Deep Space 9.

In the summer of 2373, the Dawnguard was part of the emergency battlegroup fighting the Borg’s surprise attack on Earth. During the attack, the Dawnguard was crippled by enemy fire and sustained permanent casualties. After the battle, the Dawnguard was towed to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for repairs.

In December of 2373, the Dawnguard participated in the Second Battle of Deep Space 9 in an unsuccessful attempt to defend Deep Space 9 from the Dominion.

After the battle, the Dawnguard was assigned to the Seventh Fleet. In 2374, during the early months of the war it seemed like every battle the Federation and Klingons were in they came out on the losing side. With the Dominion advancing deeper into Federation Space the Seventh Fleet were dispatched to the Tyra System in order to hold the Dominion off and prevent them from advancing any further. With 112 ships assigned to it, the fleet felt confident that they would be victorious, but they were not. Of the 112 ships only 14 of them, including the Dawnguard, made it back to Federation Space.

Shortly after the battle, the Dawnguard was assigned a small number of Peregrine-class fighters and several flight control officers, including Lieutenant (junior grade) Logan Hale were handpicked by Captain Jennings to become fighter pilots.

Later in 2374 the Seventh Fleet, now at half strength after battle in the Tyra System but still including the Dawnguard was sent to the Sybaron System where it would again suffer heavy losses and was forced to retreat.

During the Dawnguard’s next encounter with the Dominion, one of the starship’s pilots, Lieutenant (junior grade) Logan Hale managed to destroy a Jem'Hadar carrier at the cost of his own fighter, turning the tide of the battle in Starfleet's favor. Although Logan Hale was believed dead he had In reality been floating adrift for several hours and was recovered USS Dawnstar unconscious and in dire need of revival and medical attention. HIs miraculous survival considering the circumstances spread throughout the Seventh Fleet and earned him the nickname Wraith, which he would later adopt as his callsign. Once he recovered he was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

In 2375 the Seventh Fleet including the Dawnguard was assigned to launch a counter-offensive against the Cardassians during which its pilots executed a display of strafing runs, daring maneuvers, and overall piloting ability by out flying the opposition as they racked up kills and assists, something they continued doing until the end of the war.